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Press TV is the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.

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Iranscape: Lucy and Eline troops take control of Eastern #Ghouta's Kafr Batna's Suu Kyi greeted by protesters in Sydney over #Rohingya crisis president congratulates Merkel on re-election as German chancellor
Iranians are preparing to celebrate #Nowruz or the new Persian year on Tuesday. Each year, Iranian Americans in Los… parole board orders early release of soldier jailed for fatal shooting president says Putin’s election win result of 'outstanding performance' #PressTVDebate focuses on the tensions between the U.S. and China’s election win proves his popular support base: Analyst surprised with dream car in letter to UN has called as “illegitimate” Turkish takeover of its northern town of Afrin, says “invading f… condemns Turkish “invasion” of Syrian northern town of Afrin. shopping on the eve of the Persian New Year or #Nowruz that falls on Tuesday (21 March 2018). army forces arrest two senior Daesh terrorists near Mosul slams Turkey "occupation" of Afrin, demands withdrawal.
Retweeted by Press TV#Bahrain’s security forces arrest over a dozen youth in separate raids on houses of anti-regime activists. FM urges EU to adopt new #Iran sanctions to appease @realDonaldTrump policy in Syria has failed: Analyst leaders send congratulatory messages to Putin amid Western silence asks US to probe 'financial warfare' by #UAE bank Caledonia to vote on independence from #France in November thanks voters after landslide election win forces loot Syrian city after capturing it: Reports from #Afrin! Reports of widespread looting after Turkish military, allied militiamen marched into Afrin tow…, UK trade barbs over ex-spy poisoning from Eastern Ghouta harvests three silver medals at Karate 1 - Premier League Rotterdam 2018 trade groups warn Trump to avoid tariffs on China crown prince refuses to speak about his wealth Abe hits back over scandal as support plunges In the front seat with Assad as he tours eastern #Ghouta stomps Sierra Leone 4-0 in pre-FIFA World Cup warm-up #IranSport bushfire destroys homes, hundreds flee says over 35,000 people leave Syria's Eastern #Ghouta on Monday mark 100th day since Trump 'Nakba' move #FreePalestine tourist attractions in #Iran #BeautifulIran injured in fourth explosion in Austin, cause unclear selection of photos shot recently from around the world. warns Trump over firing Mueller, Trump calls his probe a ‘witch hunt’ are escaping terrorist held areas after realizing that the Syrian Army is advancing into the region: Pres… Johnson says Russia has stockpiled nerve agents for past 10 years President Bashar al-Assad has visited army positions and talked to Syrian forces in Eastern #Ghouta suburb o… Millions of Iranians gearing up to celebrate a 3000-year-old Persian tradition #Iran #Nowruz
Retweeted by Press TVGOPer warns of Trump anti-JCPOA move in gesture to Europe #UAE, known for its skyscrapers, now has an ambitious plan to compete with infamous spy agencies such as the…
Retweeted by Press TVIsraeli military marketing fake achievements: Hamas lawyer seeks $20 million damages from porn star chief warns US against trade wars will fail in dividing Europe scheme: Germany wins another six years at Russia's helm in landslide victory
Israeli forces kill Palestinian man over alleged stabbing attack, North Korean top diplomats end talks ahead of possible Trump-Kim summit’ Duterte urges nations to quit ICC forces to shift from direct confrontation to guerrilla tactics: Afrin official edition of #PressTVDebate discusses Syria’s advances against foreign-backed militants in Eastern Ghouta. show Abe’s popularity seriously hit after scandal poll: Putin wins fourth Kremlin term with 73.9 percent of vote these words from the famous persian poet #Hafez, I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating #Nowruz با كل…
Retweeted by Press TVFacebook suspends Trump campaign data firm is an exclusive footage of the Syrian army’s advances/attacks against terrorists in Kafar Batna in Eastern Gho… Korean nuclear-tipped missiles can reach Germany: German spy official Muslims reject Myanmar terms of repatriation #ActionOnRohingyas to hold elections in July, president says detrimental to all regional countries: Iran's president @HassanRouhani violence in Congo’s northeast displaces 60,000 mull moving embassy under Israeli pressure: Report to Russia: UK won't tolerate threat to Britons's president visits troops in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus's President Assad visits troops in Ghouta, Australia leaders press Myanmar over Rohingya crisis #ActionOnRohingyas 20,000 residents left Syria's Ghouta Sunday army says it has retaken 80% of Eastern Ghouta so far’s Petrochimi Bandar Imam shines in West Asia Basketball League TV: Govt. Forces have given militants in E Ghouta’s district till 3pm Sunday to withdraw TV: Govt. Forces have given militants in E Ghouta’s district till 3pm Sunday to withdraw suggest Britain should consider delay in leaving EU #BrexitSyrian TV: Govt. Forces have given militants in E Ghouta’s district till 3pm Sunday to withdraw least 4 dead in Philippine hotel fire, hundreds evacuated