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Press TV is the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.

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South, North Korean leaders meet to discuss possible Kim-Trump summit dies of Israeli gunfire wounds in Gaza #FreePalestine“Chahkouh Canyon” is a natural attraction, located in Qeshm island of Hormozgan province, Iran. Saudi-led forces suffer heavily in Yemeni retaliation #SaudiWarOnYemen Muslims pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on the second Friday prayers of the holy month of Ramadan.… signatories serious in efforts to keep deal alive #IranDeal‘Trump beholden to Zionists who want another war’ has not performed well over the years. It has submitted to money and coercion. The wealthy Persian Gulf states…
Retweeted by Press TVYemeni media: Yemeni drones target Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region #BREAKING #SaudiWarOnYemen
Retweeted by Press TVRiyadh to exclude German firms from govt. tenders US Senate committee bars sale of F-35 jets to Turkey.
Retweeted by Press TVIs learning foreign languages still important, when technology can translate for us? raps Trump over Iran oil sanctions move #IranDeal #JCPOA US Senate committee bars sale of F-35 jets to Turkey. US billionaire arranged #Israel trip for embassy move just received a nice clip by an independent documentary producer. Reactions of a few young Iranians from differe…
Retweeted by Press TVPresident @realDonaldTrump ’s letter to North Korean leader gets graded “F” in social media for poor grammar skills. An #Israeli soldier killed near al-Am'ari Refugee Camp in #Ramallah in the Occupied #WestBank. Jong-un inspects tourist zone construction site wreaks havoc on #Saudi-occupied #Yemeni island border agents physically, sexually abuse migrant children in custody: Report is happening at an alarming speed! How can we protect mother earth? Six people killed in Yemen, Oman as Cyclone #Mekunu lashes the Arabian Peninsula. recalls its toy cars over risk of the wheels and axles detaching, saying it presents a risk of choking fo… Colombia to become first Latin American NATO ‘global Partner’ Lur lady riding a horse and shooting at the same time during spring festival. #WomenInIran
Retweeted by Press TVLook out #MarkZuckerberg! @HillaryClinton says she wants to be the CEO of @Facebook. warns oil to hit new highs, blames @realDonaldTrump says US in 'productive talks' over North Korea summit warns of 'firm' response ahead of Syria's anti-terror operation in Dara'a US warns Syria against violating the ceasefire between the government and militants in de-escalation zones. through the aperture Comment!’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri holds talks with #Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah. inmates in the US state of Alaska given pork during #Ramadan. is how the #Saudi Crown #Prince is corroding peace and stability inside and outside #SaudiArabia.…
Retweeted by Press TVRecently #EU activated blocking statute to neutralize US extra-territorial sanctions over #Iran. But can these regu…
Retweeted by Press TVSee how Donald Trump ruined the ambitions of this Iranian woman eases firing of federal workers, cracks down on unions, Turkey agree on 'roadmap' over Syria's Kurdish Manbij city soldiers injure 109 Palestinian protesters with live fire, tear gas in Gaza accuses Dems of spying on his campaign women killed, one injured in Saudi airstrike on #Yemen’s Amran province #BreakingNews #SaudiWarOnYemen
Retweeted by Press TVIMF to cooperate with #Iran's Central Bank chief despite US sanctions #IranNuclearDeal demonstrate against return to IMF loans jets bomb #Yemen’s Hudaydah province, killing at least one civilian #SaudiWarOnYemen #BreakingNews
Retweeted by Press TVHollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein arrested, charged with rape, other sex crimes House bans Trump from declaring war on Iran without Congress’s approval’s responsible for the collapse of Kim-Trump summit?
US sanctions on Hezbollah will have no effect, Nasrallah says edition of #PressTVDebate discusses failed U.S.-North Korea summit. explosions target Iraq communist party HQ in #Baghdad, three injured
Retweeted by Press TVA hundred Neapolitan #pizza makers in Italy set a new record for the world’s longest fried pizza device you swallow that could one day sense illnesses voices concern over decline in Yemen imports amid Saudi restrictions unilateral sanctions on Iran harmful: Russia's Putin International rails against #Nigeria’s army dozen militants slain as Iraqi forces thwart attacks in Kirkuk’s Lavrov says ‘no facts’ support accusations on #MH17 Morgan Freeman accused of inappropriate behavior, harassment: @CNN’s Deputy FM Abbas Araqchi says Tehran needs to receive legal and political guarantees from the European signat… leaves open possibility of June 12 summit with North Korea vows every initiative to protect firms against US bans on high alerts as cyclone Mekunu escalates to a category 2 storm on U.S. withdrawal from Iran deal: Unilateral steps dead-end, always counterproductive #JCPOA #IranDeal
Retweeted by Press TVPres. Trump pulls out of US-North Korea summit Saudi airstrikes leave six civilians dead in northwestern Yemen #SaudiWarOnYemen a caption for this photo! president sends congratulatory letter to Jordan king says US sanctions on airlines easy to manage @hrw urges US to halt arms sale to Bahrain over ‘dismal rights record’ scrambles aircraft as Chinese bombers fly round island finds no reason to explain US 'sonic attack' remarks pushes for EU guarantees as diplomats meet in Vienna Americans believes US is losing influence in Middle East: poll GAME OF THRONES VILLAGE Ghost town! Footage shows ancient abandoned village in Dagestan
Retweeted by Press TVSignatories to the #IranNuclearDeal hold a meeting in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to discuss the future of the ag… #Yemen conflict escalated restricting ‘humanitarian action, essential imports’. #HumanRights #Saudi
Retweeted by Press TVTaiwan sends jets to shadow Chinese bombers over island