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Press TV is the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.

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Paris suburb tries to stop Muslim street prayers Charles blamed 'European Jews' for Mideast crisis: Leaks rolls back rhetoric on Russia meddling after criticism #TrumpRussia’s abandonment of refugees unacceptable: New Zealand yet, Saudis claim they are helping #Yemen!
Retweeted by Press TVThe United Nations has accused #SaudiArabia of blocking urgent humanitarian aid to #Yemen, also warning that millio… wheat cargo reaches Afghanistan via Iran #Saudi #KSA @UN @HRW @Amnesty @UNICEF @EmmanuelMacron @realDonaldTrump University under fire for threatening to cancel anti-Israel meeting power purges and high-profile arrests shake the kingdom. It is about consolidating power, but at what…
Retweeted by Press TVI'm with US agencies on Russian meddling: Trump offers to mediate in Vietnam-China territorial dispute At least 7 Iranian pilgrims die in car crash in Iraq’s Dhi Qar province
Retweeted by Press TVUK sixth fattest nation in the world: Study IN: At least people 15 killed, injured in US airstrikes near Syrian city of Hasakah
Retweeted by Press TVMass graves discovered in Iraq’s Kirkuk province could overpower humans: Stephen Hawking states, cities defy Trump, pledge support for Paris accord #ParisAgreement boss? These expats & tourists in #Iran tell us what they think about that whole subject. #PressPlus
Retweeted by Press TVBody of US soldier killed in Niger bound, likely executed: Report's 'America first' policy turning out as 'America alone' stance says partial removal of Saudi blockade not enough to help Yemenis #Yemen general points finger at #Iran over Yemeni missile fired against Riyadh #Yemen MP calls for Queen to release financial records amid scandal protest in #Barcelona for release of leaders #Catalonia Formula One team robbed at gunpoint in Brazil warplanes destroy 10 arms-loaded vehicles of militants on Libyan border: Army rejects France’s proposal for #JCPOA renegotiation’s Asia trip fails to gain support for war on #NorthKorea: Analyst shows #SaadHariri waiting in a queue to welcome Saudi king upon his return from Medina to Riadh #Lebanon forces unearth mass graves of 400 Daesh victims in Hawijah: Official should fire 20% of employees: Kushner yet, Saudis claim they are helping #Yemen! urges South Korea to resume talks with North #NorthKorea to give 'unprecedented' response to Saudi possible attack on #Hudaydah #Yemen removal of Saudi-led blockade of #Yemen not enough: UN
Lebanese president says #SaadHariri has been 'kidnapped': Official says claims of Russian intervention in US presidential election mere 'fantasies' INTERACTIONS AT APEC WATCH: Putin says despite brief exchanges with Trump at APEC Summit, Russia coope…, Israel furious about big anti-terror achievements in Middle East: Rouhani’ad Hariri's 'mysterious' resignationJoin #PressTVDebate now on Daesh has cost Iraq $100bn: Abadi Lebanese President confirms Saudi Arabia 'kidnapped' PM Hariri #SaadHariri a moment imagine your kids were in place of these terrified Yemeni children crying for fear of Saudi Arabia bom… Every time Putin sees me he says, ‘I didn’t do that’ army says shot down Syrian drone over occupied Golan Heights Korea says Trump begging for ‘nuclear war’ during Asia tour forces wage offensive to liberate last Daesh-held town denies Russian media meddled in election campaigns says Moscow to retaliate US sanctions on RT Korea views US regional drills as rehearsal for invasion Arabia halts oil exports to #Bahrain due to huge pipeline explosion in Bahrain
Retweeted by Press TVSaudi Arabia is the cradle of terrorism, says Iran aide Flynn plotted to kidnap Turkish dissident: Report force must be formed to secure return of Rohingya refugees: Analyst #ActionOnRohingyas delivers second F-class turbine for #Iran power plant, Trump meet briefly, agree to maintain contact in Syria to ease military mobility amid tensions with Russia President says Washington's pressure on state channel @RT_com to register as a foreign agent in US was "an… pres. tells foreign ambassadors that PM #SaadHariri has been "kidnapped", must have immunity
Retweeted by Press TVCatalans to rally for release of jailed leaders forced to declare harvest emergency, as the state sees more economic woes. i@PCraigRoberts…
Retweeted by Press TVLebanon's Aoun: PM Hariri is "living in dubious, mysterious situation" in Saudi Arabia
Retweeted by Press TV‘Trump's foreign policy confounds Deep State’ of Lebanese Hezbollah movement delivers speech on situation in country, region
Retweeted by Press TVNo negotiations until US stops 'hostile' threats, North Korea envoy to the UN do #Saudi weapons used in #Yemen come from? @SaudiArabia #HumanRights @amnesty @HRW gunmen attack army personnel in #Lebanon’s northern city of #Baalbek. #SaudiArabia #Hariri
Retweeted by Press TV#Putin says disappointed at US restrictions on #Russian media in US territory.
Retweeted by Press TV#Putin says joint statement with @realDonaldTrump on #Syria extraordinarily important.
Retweeted by Press TVAustralia PM in minority after 2nd deputy quits in citizenship row calls for vigilance against new plots in the region. @HassanRouhani : The situation in Yemen has become unbearable for its people. #Iran @HassanRouhani : Days of #terrorism in the Middle East are numbered; terrorists no longer occupy cities in th… #Messi, #Zidane, Kaka, Alonso, Podolski unveil #WorldCup2018 ball. #Swedish radio station plays #Daesh recruitment song claims to have shot down unmanned aircraft at #Syria border. richest Americans wealthier than the poorest half of US: Study Protesters clash with police in the #Philippines over @realDonaldTrump ’s visit. says #France disagrees with #SaudiArabia on #Iran