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Curator of the art, history and fiction of old paperback novels. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See our pinned tweet for how we work.

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Kesha, by Chris Buzelli. Rolling Stone, 2017. Dylan, by Thomas Ehretsmann. Rolling Stone, 2015. Cliff, by Rudi Gutierrez. Rolling Stone, 2012., by Yuko Shimizu. Rolling Stone, 2005.' Kim, by David M Brinley. Rolling Stone, 2003., by Martin Ansin. Rolling Stone, 2012.é, by Jonny Ruzzo. Rolling Stone, 2016 Bowie, by Rory Kurtz. Rolling Stone, 2016. Cohen, by Thomas Ehretsmann. Rolling Stone, 2012.
More gothic romance artwork another time... Web Of Evil, by Lucille Emerick. Paperback Library #Gothic, 1965. Cover by Lou Marchetti. Of Evil, by Greye La Spina. Paperback Library #Gothic, 1966. Cover by Lou Marchetti. Of Golden Windows, by Elise Lee. Lancer Books, 1966. Cover by Lou Marchetti. #gothic #romance Mists Of Memory, by Catherine Marchant. Lancer Books, 1965. Cover by Lou Marchetti. #gothic #romance Many Midnights, by Alix de Marquand. Lancer Books, 1966. Cover by Lou Marchetti. #gothic #romance Heights, by Phyllis A Whitney. Ace #Gothic, 1960. Cover by Lou Marchetti. Finger To Her Lips, by Evelyn Berckman. Dell #Gothic, 1972. Cover by Lou Marchetti., The Unpredictable by Katheryn Kimbrough. Popular Library, 1976. Cover by Lou Marchetti. #gothic #romance illustrator Lou Marchetti was born today in 1920. So let's look back at his "Women with great hair fleeing go…'s it for our look at 1936. Night night!, by John Furnill. Nicholson & Watson, 1936. Cover photography by Howard Coster."They called her Brandy Flip." Scarlet Adventurers, March 1936. attack craft. Shonin Magazine, 1936. #Japan Nails, by Robert E Howard. Weird Tales, July 1936."What would Jesus do in the present crisis?" Liberty Magazine, October 1936. skiers should wear ties. Boy's Life, January 1936. Invisie Ray! Movie Action Magazine, January 1936. ankle fashioned white Oxfords from 1936. "Made by salaried craftsmen.""Injurious cake-soap rubbing." I's try to avoid that... Lux, June 1936. that's very French... (1936)"And that, sir, is why I take a daily vitamin..." The Progressive Grocer, June 1936. is really chasing ratings... Saucy Movie Tales, January 1936. hearted... Love Revels Magazine, April 1936. Cover by Zöe Mozert. cat: Players Cigarette cards from 1936 Witch Burn, by Abraham Merritt. Methuen, 1936."The White Dust From Hell!*" The Cocaine Fiends, 1936. Rage of America (1936) Russians: a Soviet fashion magazine from 1936. 1936 Olympics: coverage by the French satirical magazine Juvénal. back to our pulp look at 1936. I'm sure you'll see many familiar themes... Crimes De La Légion Noire. Police Magazine, November 1936.'s Fool: La Vie Parisienne, 1936. always with the crepe stockings... (1936)"With many develish illustrations!" Bed Manners and Better Bed Manners, by Dr Ralph Y Hopton and Anne Balliol (193… fear a #sewing related murder is about to happen... Home Arts, April 1936. Bazaar! (1936) Modern Boy (1936). He needs less screen time and more fresh air...'s pop into the pulp time machine and head back to... 1936! in the papers again...
Tomorrow in pulp... I head back to 1936: a time of sex, drugs and motorbikes! US and UK have different names for some shapes
Retweeted by Pulp LibrarianRowing Pluck and Luck, Sept 17, 1902, No.224 The Rival Boat Clubs! (or The Boss School at Beechwood), by Allyn Dra…
Retweeted by Pulp Librarian @annarenz Funnily enough I'm working on an Australian Women's Weekly day at the moment! Stay tuned... @PulpLibrarian my friend's father drew these comic book stories
Retweeted by Pulp LibrarianPost-script: let me know if you want more threaded stories on a particular theme. Always happy to oblige! Trigan Empire stands the test of time due to its high quality artwork and sprawling universe of stories. Do try… the Trigan Empire finally fell in 1982, when Look And Learn ceased publication. It had lasted 17 years and alm… Trigan Empire strips were translated into many languages, and old stories were re-published in the short-lived… artists worked on the Trigan Empire after Don Lawrence left Fleetway, including Oliver Frey, Ron Embleton an… Butterworth & Don Lawrence worked together until 1976, when a royalty dispute made Don quit Fleetway to work o… magazine folded in 1966 and the Trigan Empire story moved to the more cerebral Look And Learn, a comic that… Trigans look like Romans, & their city is founded on five hills. As they develop, the story grows into a scienc… Trigan Empire is Rome in space. 3 brothers - Trigo, Brag & Klud - found a city on planet Elekton and battle riv… Trigan Empire story starts with a crashed alien ship. Its records are eventually translated, and the history of… Empire stories were done in inks, a tricky medium to work with. Don Lawrence quickly mastered it, and the re… Butterworth was commission to write the Trigan story, and Fleetway paired him with illustrator Don Lawrence. I… Trigan Empire was the main strip in Ranger, "The National Boys' Magazine." Launched in 1965 by Fleetway it ran…"The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire" was one of the best drawn British comic strips ever. This is its story... an alien spacecraft crashes in a Florida swamp. Its crew are dead. But the ship carries a book; a histor… tinfoil hats and twitterstorms. anyone know Stuart Harcourt of Chesterfield? What did he spend his £2 winnings on? RTs appreciated: let's fin… @asphalteden That's Splash Gorton, the hippie swimmer. Travelled everywhere with a penguin... @PulpLibrarian Fleetway annuals could be educational as well as entertaining (e.g. this, from the 1978 Dalek Annual…
Retweeted by Pulp Librarian @PulpLibrarian Here some annuals from my childhood (sixties, early seventies), with many talendwd authors and illus…
Retweeted by Pulp Librarian @DonaldOgg2 Ro-Busters was the Starlord strip. it was Thunderbirds with cynical second-hand robots. Hammerstein was…'s it for Fleetway Annuals, but stay tuned for a special on Don Lawrence and the Trigan Empire later today... every Fleetway annual was a success, but it always meant your gran had something to buy you for #Christmas! relaunched in 1982 it was heavy on the photo-stories and the horror. Brought Dan Dare back from 2000AD. Best… Friend: started in 1919 it continued in one form or another up to its 1965 merger with June. Starred Bessie…