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This is an archived site now. No work shown was my own: it's all on the web somewhere. Sic transit gloria Tuesday...

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(Update: if you're missing your daily fix of oddities I have another account - @ModemTimes - that collates the geek…
And that's it. I hope you learnt a few fun things from this account, but for the sake of my health I must now bow o… correction - on a couple of tweets I've confused LCD with LED. Thanks autocorrect! Rule of thumb - if it's r… the Casio G-Shock DW-5000C. Designer Kikuo Ibe had been heartbroken when his first digital watch fell and s… the years we've tried to cram everything we could into a digital watch: radios, video games, computers, GPS, h… in 1982 Seiko launched the incredible T001 TV watch - a TV on your wrist! James Bond had one of course, but so… the 1980s both Casio and Seiko continued to make LCD watches smarter. In 1980 Casio launched the Game-10… comparison Seiko had fully automated its watch production, diversified into quartz analogue as well as LCD digit… 1977 Texas Instruments, a recent entry into the market, cut its price for LCD watches to under $10. As a vertica… 1976 the US had reached peak LCD: over 70 manufacturers were providing digital watches in a wide range of design… US hit back with its own innovation: the digital watch calculator. Pulsar and Hewlett-Packard released models w… 1975 Seiko launched the 0634: the first digital quartz watch with a chronograph that could measure to a tenth o… in 1974 Casio made the move into digital watches with the Casiotron. Using the new twisted nematic LCDs from i… launched their first LCD watch, the 06LC, in 1973. A field-effect liquid crystal display showed six digits of… crystal doesn't emit light but it can block it. Put it between two polarised filters and apply a current and… had been a pioneer of quartz controlled timekeeping: their quartz clocks were used at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic… Commodore, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola and Intel all joined Pulsar on the LCD bandwaggon. By 1975 America was do… The LEDs were so power hungry it could only show the time if you pressed a button. It also cost more than a… in 1972 the Pulsar Time Computer launched to a rapturous reception: it was so futuristic! A quartz timebase sign… Pulsar chose to use light emitting diodes for their watch display, just like many calculators did in the e… ran with the idea, and in May 1970, on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, they unveiled the future of t… Hamilton Watch Company had already collaborated with Stanley Kubrick to develop digital clocks and futuristic w… so it was with the wristwatch. Electronic quartz watches were already a thing by the 1960s: an analogue movemen…'Digital' is a magical marketing word. Like 'laser' or 'turbo' it suggests progress, mastery and the future. People… the 1970s a fascinating engineering battle took place between America and Japan for control of the future. The p…
What shall we tweet about tomorrow: philosophical zombies or digital watches? I'm happy either way tbh... all thought it was a joke when I named my pigeons Beelzedove and Coocifer...
Retweeted by Pulp Librarian"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..." Farewell 1976, you mad, crazy year of my youth!, Jane and Freddy. Or was it Matthew? Was he before Roger? Or after original Bungle left? #SoManyQuestions... (1…, Hell. You know, that whole connection... Pigeons From Hell, by Robert E Howard. Ace Books, 1976."For graduates of Sesame Street." The Electric Company Magazine: Mystery Issue, October 1976. That's a lot of Hard… greatest film never made: Lucha Lubre, 1976. and trout... Perry Rhodan 801: Sirenen Des Alls (1976). late!"It's a Frenchman! Shoot him before he starts playing the accordion!!" #UFO Flying Saucers. Gold Key comics, 1976. Cage is still working hard... The House Of Hammer issue 6, December 1976. Boyette's artwork for Space:1999. Charlton Comics, November 1976. hair is dangerous. Health and safety guidance, 1976. 1976 Solo Electra moped. The electric moped is an idea that comes and goes but for some reason never sticks... I've been to Grimsby. It's mostly like this, except it's either drizzling or about to drizzle... Grimsbys Schw… he need the helmet? Really? If you think about it? Der Rächer mit dem Totenkopf, by Cedric Balmore. Pabel Vam… 1976 Philips Hipster. Denim Blue too! Nice... today* have too much screentime!** Something MUST be done etc... (*1976) (**monochrome) 1976 RCA SelectaVision VHS recorder. It was the future, once.."I'm Ma Baker: put your hands in the air and ginmie all your money..." Custom Car, September 1976. Little Professor. Released by Texas Instruments in 1976 the Prof would set various 'fun' maths problems for you… Streets, by Michael T Kaufman. Award Books, 1976.'s only a matter of time... The MAD Star Trek musical. MAD magazine, October 1976. #NorthernPowerhouse. Trouble At The Rovers, by H V Kershaw. Mayflower, 1976. #corrie, time to pop into the pulp time machine and head back to 1976! This may contain bright colours and polyester st… Peter... @BeigeShiba @Fletchervand I may do a thread on the Hard Problem of consciousness in pulp lit in a few weeks..Whatever the answer to Fermi’s paradox, lets try and avoid the Singularity: a self-aware AI robot that upgrades its… alien life finds the rest of the universe dull and prefers to live in cyberspace instead. Or we could be in… could think much faster or slower than us, making communication difficult. In Dragon’s Egg by Robert L Forwa… course Earth could be in a galactic backwater where ‘intelligent’ life is actually pretty dumb. A Fire Upon The… novels involve aliens secretly watching and judging us: in Robert A Heinlein’s Have Space Suit Will Travel (19… Greg Eagle’s novel Quarantine (1992) aliens surround Earth in a force field to prevent us harming others, whilst… books suggest aliens avoid contact with some planets until they become more mature. The Small, Still Voice of… Stanislaw Lem novel, Fiasco (1986), is about alien life that simply refuses to communicate with us - despit… Lem explored the problem of communication with alien life in many of his novels. Solaris (1961) is a plan… may also be unable to detect alien life because it’s so alien: it may communicate in ways we cannot comprehend l… no Great Filter is insurmountable, we may be blind to alien life because it’s just too far away. In C. J.… And The Pit by Nigel Kneale (1959) is about another Great Filter: the idea that advanced intelligent lif… worryingly the Great Filter may be ahead of us: there’s something that prevents most intelligent life ever rea… Great Filter could mean we’re the first, or even only, intelligent life so far in the universe. In Ursula K LeG… may be many Great Filters to intelligent life, so the odds of getting there are slim - evolution doesn’t care… theory involves the Great Filter: there are stages in the evolution of life that are very hard to pass through.… to the Drake equation vary, depending on the probabilities you assume. But arguments about the Fermi parado… Drake built on this in 1961. The Drake equation examined the probabilities of how many stars and planets coul… 1950 Physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael Hart were chatting in the Los Alamos canteen when the topic turned to U…“Space is big. Really big,” as Douglas Adams observed. So why haven’t we seen any alien life yet? Odds are a big…
Current mood...'t be this guy. His life is seriously weird... time for a quick look at the papers... @ultraaviolettas Here you go... @pamordaunt Best to write to Playboy...But for now let's relax: there's surely nothing to fear in your house. Except that strange laughter from the attic,… the gothic romance make a comeback? It's a remarkably robust and flexible genre that's capable if great depth… hundred different gothic romances were published during these boom years, and though the stories were diffe… Holt, along with Dorothy Eden, Joan Aiken, Marilyn Ross and a host of other authors were leading a gothic revi… believed du Maurier had written the book herself. Actually Mistress of Mellyn was penned by prolific British a… in 1960 Mistress of Mellyn, by unknown author Victoria Holt, became an overnight publishing success. The story…, a 1938 play written by Patrick Hamilton and later made into a film, also effortlessly blended the Noir an…, like the gothic, has its own tropes and character arcs, but both have characters trapped and often doomed in… don't think it's coincidence that Rebecca was a success at around the same time that another pulp genre - the noi…“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” The manipulative first Mrs de Winter haunts the novel and the hous… in 1938 all that changed: the gothic received a hefty jolt of life when Daphne du Maurier published her novel R… the supernatural gothic turned towards vampires and etheric creatures. Gothic mystery and suspense were in,… the 19th century psychological and scientific gothic horror began to make its mark: mad creations of man… is a story of great ambition, terror and pity. It is a love story as well as a revenge tragedy. But it… second gothic branch emerged earlier, and seemed poised to be the more successful. Frankenstein; or The Modern… of the Brontë themes recur in subsequent gothic romances: the Byrinic anti-hero, the governess who finds love,… Eyre, published the same year by Charlotte Brontë, is a harrowing story of a heroine treated cruelly by almost… Heights, published in 1847 is an ur-text of the gothic romance genre. Emily Brontë's novel of cruelty and… the 1800s the gothic romance had begun to develop along two distinct paths. One was forged by the Brontë family.… Lewis's 1796 novel The Monk took the gothic supernatural to new heights; demonic powers, witchcraft, a Blee… was a huge success, and was followed by many more gothic tales of love. Ann Radcliffe published The Mysteri… of course flees the castle, and her father arrives seeking retribution. But what sets this up as a gothic… it has a long pedigree. Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto (1764) is usually acknowledged as the first…