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Badger Books didn’t last long and their books were hardly classics, but they embodied the three main features of pu… for the writers John Glasby continued his career at ICI, eventually becoming head of Public Relations before ret… Angelo, former editor of Classics Illustrated, produced four titles for Spectre, mostly macabre horror tales s… Books was a formidable publishing machine, run on a shoestring but at its peak turning out a new book every… Badger books were translated into German, Italian and French and issued by other publishers to fill the needs… focussed more on the westerns and war stories, producing over 160 WW2 novels and an almost equal number of w… Stories was the only digest magazine Badger Books kept going, producing over 100 editions including no… of Fanthrope’s stories were barely-disguised retellings of Shakespearian plays or Greek myths set in space. Ot… result was a unique stream-of-consciousness repetitive prose style: “He was disarmed, demobilised, defenceless,…’s approach to writing was to cover himself with a blanket and then, armed with a thesaurus, dictate his s… also had a unique method of commissioning work. A book cover – normally painted by Henry Fox – would be sent… mask their lack of authors Badger used a huge range of house aliases: Victor La Salle, John E Muller, Karl Zeigf… Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe sold his first story to Spencer aged 17, and in between various other jobs he produce… Glasby was a research chemist for ICI, carrying out research on detonators and rocket propellants, when he beg… meant publishers like Badger needed stories – lots of them! They needed to publish a range of new titles every… as important were the hundreds of thousands of demobilised servicemen who had grown used to having cheap books… Books existed to fill a need: an insatiable desire for something cheap and original to read – preferably in… in 1954 Spencer tool the plunge and set up its own range of original paperback novels: Badger Books. Run from sm… Spencer focussed on story magazines in digest and pocketbook form: Tales of Tomorrow, Out Of This World a… Spencer and Co was founded in London in 1946 by Samuel Assael and specialised in publishing original fiction,… in pulp I’m looking back at one of the many 1950s British imprints who rode the post-war publishing boom: Bad…
Just time for a quick look at the papers..."Contains all the fibre of the Old Testament but with only half the calories..." mood... that's it for my pulp trip back to 1975: a time when we didn't hold back on explaining the facts of life to chi… did start families younger in 1975.. Bay City Rollers eat some sausages. 1975 Topps trading card. think he did tinker with the story ending. Disney's choice... did those books... guy...'s Song Of The South, adapted by Guy N Smith. NEL, 1975 Yes, THAT Guy N Smith... @PulpLibrarian During the making of this film, Wayne visited Harrods in an unsuccessful attempt to buy a rope ladde…
Retweeted by Pulp LibrarianThe Expendables series by Richard Avery. Fawcett Gold Medal, 1975. Cover art by Ken Kelly. these bands, all these shows, now lost like tears in rain... Look-In, 5 April 1975. #memoryhole Africa's hero with super powers! (1975-77) Art by Dave Gibbons and Brian Bolland. #comics #Nigeria Archileos's cover art for the #DoctorWho Monsters Book (1975). Tom Baker looking very happy there... this cover artist could not draw legs... The Penetrator: Northwest Contract, by Lionel Derrick. Pinnacle B…, by Budgie (1975). Album cover art by Patrick Woodroffe. This is an avian rock opera take on Planet Of T…, the days people wore a tie to go the pub... Brannigan (1975). Poster by Bob McGinnis. Cooper and Vincent Price. Disc magazine, April 1975 Space Dust. This was the first legal high sold in Britain and basically acted like 'ludes. I'm assuming it's… Fairy in the kingdom of the mole women (1975). I think that adequately sums up the plot... the pony: Confessions From An Escort Agency, by Rosie Dixon. Futura, 1975. dessert in a tin (1975). Best served warm from the cupboard... #FridayFeeling Man From Planet X: The Devil to Pay, by Hunter Adams. Pinnacle Books, 1975. The parrot makes this cool... Kung-Fu - Le Dragon Blanc, by Gérald Moreau. EPP, 1975. Is she about to strike, or Do The Hustle..? Marksman* no 15: Die Killer Die! by Frank Scarpetta. Belmont Tower, 1975. (*cross-eyed?) Cop no 3: Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert, by Paul Ross. Popular Library, 1975. Never optioned for TV...… flashbacks time... The Castle, by Franz Kafka. Penguin Modern Classics, 1975. #FridayMotivation, by Sven Hassel. Corgi Books, 1975. This series, along with James Hadley Chase, pretty much kept Corgi… Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast (1975). Art by Alan Aldridge. happened to string vests? Confessions Of A Long Distance Lorry Driver, by Timothy Lea. Futura, 1975."This is the dystopia liberals want..." After Things Fell Apart, by Ron Goulart. Arrow Books, 1975. Mind Of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs (NEL, 1975). Original cover art by Bruce Pennington., by Frank Herbert. Oh hang on... The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch, by Philip K Dick. Manor Books, 1975.… have no idea what's going on in this cover... Confessions From A Package Tour, by Rosie Dixon. Fututa, 1975. fish assassins wear no knickers... Goldfish Have No Hiding Place by James Hadley Chase. Thriller Book Club 19…"The hard-crusted adventurer." Pepperoni Hero no 1: Sandwiches Are NOT My Business, by Bill Kelly. Zebra, 1975."For every mood..." The 1975 Ultra Latex catalogue. Hurt and Quentin Crisp. Publicity still for The Naked Civil Servant (Thames TV, 1975). Peacock (1975). The nude skydiving is quite something... #californiaforall Unisexers (1975). It only lasted three weeks, but what a time it was to be alive! Man escapes from Colditz (1975). Includes forged documents... the 1975 prequel."Do it!" Do The Hustle (1975). in pulp I head back to 1975, to see what was on our minds back then... #FridayFeeling
#YouAreOfficiallyOldIf your sedative of choice is cheese. you still think the 90s was ten years ago. you call the internet New Media. #NationalBurgerDay everyone! it all off with a quick bundle on Phillip Schofield and your #AllDayRave is complete! Are you on one matey?… of course a cycling cap! problems with the law... bizarre shapes to throw... DJs... dog on a piece of string... Roland or two... Happy Mondays... a tube dress... Joe Bloggs... @BBC6Music's #AllDayRave you will need the following...
That's it for my look back at Baen book covers. I hope you daw something you liked! at No 1 is my all-time favourite Baen cover - and a great read too! John the Balladeer, by Manly Wade Wellman… cover No 2: Soldiers, by John Dalmas (2001). Art by David Mattingly. You don't know man, you weren't there... cover No 3: Crygender, by Thomas T Thomas (1992). Art by Stephen Hickman. Serious cheekbones! cover No 4: Bug Park, by James P Hogan (1997). Art by David Mattingly. Worst. Park. Ever! cover No 5: Fangs For The Mammaries, edited by Esther Friesner (2010). Art by Clyde Caldwell. I see what you… cover No 6: Rogue Berserker, by Fred Saberhagen (2006). Art by Kurt Miller. Proportion in art can be so overr… cover No 7: Virgin Planet & Star Ways, by Poul Anderson (2000). Art by Clyde Caldwell. Some chicken! cover No 8: Janus, by Andre Norton (2002). Art by Larry Elmore. Oh there's a lot of subtext in those looks... covers No 9: I, Martha Adams by Pauline Glen Winslow (1986). Art by John Melo. Don't blame Canada! cover No 10: When The Bough Breaks, by Mercedes Lackey & Holly Lisle (1993). Art by Larry Elmore. Not sure a… I do the Baen Top 10, here's a few covers that didn't quite make the charts... cover No 11: Mother Of Demons, by Eric Flint (1997). Art by Larry Elmore. The mother of all beetles! cover No 12: Operation Chaos, by Poul Anderson (1992). Art by Larry Elmore. I doubt the cat is that much hel… covers No 13: The Eagle & The Nightingales, by Mercedes Lackey (1995). Art by Darrell K Sweet. Do eagles eat… covers No 14: Winning Colors, by Elizabeth Moon (1995). Art by David Mattingly. That font! That kerning! Oh… covers No 15: 1636 - The Kremlin Games, by Eric Flint et al (2012). Art by Tom Kidd. Better fit snowchains... covers No 16:  Retief and the Warlords, by Keith Laumer (1986). Art by Wayne D Barlowe. The cocktail glass is…