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Curator of the art, history and fiction of old paperback novels. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See our pinned tweet for how we work.

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Just time for a quick look at the papers... so we bid a fond farewell to 1962. More pulp another time..."A mysterious bag holds the secret to an outlaw's past…" The Rifleman issue 10. Dell, Jan-March 1962. Twilight Zone, issue 63. Gold Key Comics, 1962. To Come: the official publication of the Science Fiction Book Club, July/August 1962. Cover by Virgil Finlay. King Dickie Wild and his juvenile jukebox cult… Rock Me Baby! by Greg Randolph. Intimate Edition, 1962."She wrestled with sin - and got pinned." Lady Wrestler by James Harvey. Midwood Books, 1962. Cover by Paul Rader"Their ART was an excuse to indulge themselves in lewd orgies!" Artist Colony, by James Rowe. Playtime Books, 1962."Unspeakable Experiments" Mars Attacks! 1962 trading cards. Art by Norman Saunders"A monumentally moral descent into the hell of narcotic addiction" Naked Lunch, by William Burroughs. Grove 1962."Swearing! What it does to a girl's reputation!" 'Teen Magazine, October 1962. Segways. Never caught on... Domenica del Corriere, December 1962. girls with machine guns: True* Adventures, February 1962. (*who are we to doubt it?) Keel machine guns a Triffid (1962). Nicole Maurey dodges the cartridge cases... No, by Ian Fleming. Shoecase Comics, 1962. They nearly gave it to Jack Kirby to draw..."Look For Somebody Who Sniffs Glue." Found her!! Official Detective Stories, May 1962. do you handle a ticklish virgin? Ballyhoo: The Bachelor's Home Companion, June 1962. Case Against Satan, by Ray Russell. Pan Books, 1962. can see a few flaws in this plan... True Crime ("All Top Thrillers") September 1962. in pulp we head back to 1962. A carefree time...
Just time for a quick look at the papers...'s end with one of the unsung heroes of #punk: "One man was so furious that he kicked in the screen of his £380… @tsw_JEvans @Derail_Nagelfar Hmm, that implies you have a second favourite pulp librarian... To Look Punk (1977). Belinda Carlisle is on the cover...'t laugh, this look is coming back… Punkshot by Konami, 1990. blame Top Cat... The Young #Punks, edited by Leo Margulies. Pyramid Books, 1957. do we want? AGGRO! How do we want it? IN A KID'S COMIC!! Action, 18 September 1976. #punk Stiff, 1977. @aHEM_again, March 1978., Aug/Sept 1979. where's Catflap? Slits. Zigzag, August 1977.' Glue. Issue 11, July 1977. Shout out to the Rubber Bandits there..."Punk is dead!" International Times, 1977. "Anybody who says punk's dead, will be!" Gizzard Puke, 1983 Affair - they hate the punk 'elite'! Smash Hits, October 1979 in Newcastle. Always rammed with tossers. Used to sell Viz Comic though... Ulster issue 8 (1978). May contain The Undertones... Magazine's Punk Rock Group of the Year: "Johnny Turd and the Comodes!" (June 1978). CyberPunk... and punk attitudes: Knuckle Girls, by Richard Allen. New English Library, 1977. out - he's got a plastic fork! Punk Rock, by Richard Allen. New English Library, 1977. in pulp... punk rock!
More 1920s motivational advice another time. Chin up now..."Who Wants A Soft Job?" Mather & Company workplace motivational card, 1927."Programme Wreckers!" Parker workplace advice poster, 1927. #projectmanagement"Knock That Chip Off Your Own Shoulder." Mather & Company workplace motivational poster, 1927"The Loafer is No Friend of Yours." Mather work incentive poster, 1927."Prospects will not bite, punch, kick you or take your money." Parker Holladay motivational #salestraining poster,…"Say it with snap! Get to the point." Mather & Company workplace motivational poster, 1925."Control Your Temper." A 1920s Parker-Holladay workplace motivational poster."Criticism Is Necessary." Mather & Company workpla e motivational poster, 1925."Life's Too Short For Groping." A 1920s Parker-Holladay workplace motivational poster."Be a Tightwad! Own Something!" Mather & Company motivational workplace poster, 1925. for a few work motivational posters from the 1920s. "I didn't get where I am today etc..."
Tomorrow in pulp... the happiness industry! time for a quick look at the papers... adverts another time... god - mercury tilt joysticks! The Philips Videopac G7000 console. "The Atari-killer!" 1976 Philips Hipster. Denim Blue too... to the bone: the 1974 Philips N25-10 compact casette player. Three band graphic equaliser with backlit faders!… happened to driving gloves? And do you really need them in an automatic, or is that just showing off? Phil… Alan Partridge hates Noel Edmonds: Padbury demonstrates the world's largest vacuum cleaner: the 1970 Philips Nobo Sprits. Comes with a 'Boudica… love the idea of being able to cover half the TV with a door. You could literally catch just half of a programme.… me to put a lock on that lavatory door... 1957 Philips Radio Fridge. How did this not catch on? Philips Pavilion at the 1958 World Fair, designed by Le Corbusier. Igert's outstanding 1954 design for Philips light bulbs. Clear, bold, clever #marketing. the 1933 Philips Superinductance 634A radio set. Yours for sixteen guineas... 1915 Philips Arga light bulb. Very different marketing for women snd men... 1919 Philips light bulb catalogue. Illuminating... 1925 Philips Duplo car light. Poster design by Louis Kalff. 1927 Philips Miniwatt radio valve. Yours for a song... in pulp, a few vintage adverts from Philips. Sit back and relax... birthday #Wikipedia, 17 years old today! You made so many other things obsolete...
About this 'long-eared mule' you sold me... - they knew how to party back them... Skin (1970).Poster by Wiktor Gorka.