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Curator of the art, history and fiction of things we once discarded. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See my pinned tweet for details.

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@BeigeShiba @Fletchervand I may do a thread on the Hard Problem of consciousness in pulp lit in a few weeks..Whatever the answer to Fermi’s paradox, lets try and avoid the Singularity: a self-aware AI robot that upgrades its… alien life finds the rest of the universe dull and prefers to live in cyberspace instead. Or we could be in… could think much faster or slower than us, making communication difficult. In Dragon’s Egg by Robert L Forwa… course Earth could be in a galactic backwater where ‘intelligent’ life is actually pretty dumb. A Fire Upon The… novels involve aliens secretly watching and judging us: in Robert A Heinlein’s Have Space Suit Will Travel (19… Greg Eagle’s novel Quarantine (1992) aliens surround Earth in a force field to prevent us harming others, whilst… books suggest aliens avoid contact with some planets until they become more mature. The Small, Still Voice of… Stanislaw Lem novel, Fiasco (1986), is about alien life that simply refuses to communicate with us - despit… Lem explored the problem of communication with alien life in many of his novels. Solaris (1961) is a plan… may also be unable to detect alien life because it’s so alien: it may communicate in ways we cannot comprehend l… no Great Filter is insurmountable, we may be blind to alien life because it’s just too far away. In C. J.… And The Pit by Nigel Kneale (1959) is about another Great Filter: the idea that advanced intelligent lif… worryingly the Great Filter may be ahead of us: there’s something that prevents most intelligent life ever rea… Great Filter could mean we’re the first, or even only, intelligent life so far in the universe. In Ursula K LeG… may be many Great Filters to intelligent life, so the odds of getting there are slim - evolution doesn’t care… theory involves the Great Filter: there are stages in the evolution of life that are very hard to pass through.… to the Drake equation vary, depending on the probabilities you assume. But arguments about the Fermi parado… Drake built on this in 1961. The Drake equation examined the probabilities of how many stars and planets coul… 1950 Physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael Hart were chatting in the Los Alamos canteen when the topic turned to U…“Space is big. Really big,” as Douglas Adams observed. So why haven’t we seen any alien life yet? Odds are a big…
Current mood...'t be this guy. His life is seriously weird... time for a quick look at the papers... @ultraaviolettas Here you go... @missannabiller That explains it! I typed this in only the other day..., I think I've made myself less sensitive now... fingers crossed! Q: on my phone all my tweets are coming up as 'contains sensitive media.' Now I'm a person, but is Twitter d… @usablelearning I'm getting that too! Not sure why, I can't seem to stop it... @pamordaunt Best to write to Playboy...But for now let's relax: there's surely nothing to fear in your house. Except that strange laughter from the attic,… the gothic romance make a comeback? It's a remarkably robust and flexible genre that's capable if great depth… hundred different gothic romances were published during these boom years, and though the stories were diffe… Holt, along with Dorothy Eden, Joan Aiken, Marilyn Ross and a host of other authors were leading a gothic revi… believed du Maurier had written the book herself. Actually Mistress of Mellyn was penned by prolific British a… in 1960 Mistress of Mellyn, by unknown author Victoria Holt, became an overnight publishing success. The story…, a 1938 play written by Patrick Hamilton and later made into a film, also effortlessly blended the Noir an…, like the gothic, has its own tropes and character arcs, but both have characters trapped and often doomed in… don't think it's coincidence that Rebecca was a success at around the same time that another pulp genre - the noi…“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” The manipulative first Mrs de Winter haunts the novel and the hous… in 1938 all that changed: the gothic received a hefty jolt of life when Daphne du Maurier published her novel R… the supernatural gothic turned towards vampires and etheric creatures. Gothic mystery and suspense were in,… the 19th century psychological and scientific gothic horror began to make its mark: mad creations of man… is a story of great ambition, terror and pity. It is a love story as well as a revenge tragedy. But it… second gothic branch emerged earlier, and seemed poised to be the more successful. Frankenstein; or The Modern… of the Brontë themes recur in subsequent gothic romances: the Byrinic anti-hero, the governess who finds love,… Eyre, published the same year by Charlotte Brontë, is a harrowing story of a heroine treated cruelly by almost… Heights, published in 1847 is an ur-text of the gothic romance genre. Emily Brontë's novel of cruelty and… the 1800s the gothic romance had begun to develop along two distinct paths. One was forged by the Brontë family.… Lewis's 1796 novel The Monk took the gothic supernatural to new heights; demonic powers, witchcraft, a Blee… was a huge success, and was followed by many more gothic tales of love. Ann Radcliffe published The Mysteri… of course flees the castle, and her father arrives seeking retribution. But what sets this up as a gothic… it has a long pedigree. Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto (1764) is usually acknowledged as the first… readers start here: what is a gothic romance? Well it's a romance story with strong supernatural themes, all ti… for our occasional series 'Women with great hair fleeing gothic houses!' And today I present a brief history o… Detective Fiction another day..., but deadly! The Park Avenue Hunt Club. Detective Fiction Weekly, 10 June 1939.'s a bit too much of this on #Twitter some days... Detective Fiction Weekly, 22 June 1940. #blamegames ball! Kill The Umpire. Detective Fiction Weekly, 21 August 1937. many times have I told you? DON'T fondle the Crystal Ball of Death! Detective Fiction Weekly, 3 August 1940."Throw the book at him!" Crime Goes To College. Detective Fiction Weekly, 6 July 1940 Camera Kills. Detective Fiction Weekly, 31 July 1937. To A Tenor, by Fred MacIsaac. Detective Fiction Weekly, 20 April 1935. Rides The Wires, by John K Butler. Detective Fiction Weekly, 20 November 1937. we do some Detective Fiction Weekly covers? I think we should... who's back, back again. Pulpy's back, tell a friend...
...but pretty soon I'll be like this!* (*except with a G&T and a book by Gide) I'm feeling like this... tweets for a bit folks as I'm feeling unwell. After popping my shoulder out before Xmas I'm now tapering off the…
...And I'll blast back into action on Wednesday! no tweets tomorrow, as I take some medicine to make it better... for the light tweeting today: my shoulder' s playing up... City and Design / The Wonders of Life on Earth - Isamu Kurita (1966) Designed by Tadanori Yokoo. #Japan #PopArt under #tallgirlproblems... La Corte Degli Automi, by Frederik Pohl and Cyril M Kornbluth. I Romanzi Del Cosmo…"Cat Woman Defeated" #Batman trading card (Black Bat series) from Topps, 1966. Art by Norman Saunders. Pub, A Pint and a Song* by Kim Cordell. Parlophone Records, 1966. (*later reissued as "A Fight, a Spew and an Ub… think she knows she's in the wrong film... Italian poster for Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD (1966) #DoctorWho"No sir, they're called mankles..." (1966) #mondaymotivation come on, did you ask ALL of Herman's Hermits? "Talent For Loving." Career Girl Romances, January 1966. in pulp... 1966 and all that!'s #MondayMotivation soundtrack is...
A teaser for my upcoming gothic romance gamebook "The Fires of Mandrake Hall" - Autumn 2019... bonus: Frank Frazetta's reimagined Flash Gordon from 1976...) Frazetta passed away in 2010. He remains one of the most influential commercial artists of the 20th Century.… range of artists Frazetta inspired is huge, and his output was incredible. It's almost impossible to imagine th… example in 2012 an original Conan painting was sold for $1 million; six years later Frazetta's Death Dealer wen… Frank Frazettra fan club was set up in 1969, and by 1992 original Frazetta artworks were being sold for huge su… that point on Frazetta was in demand: Edgar Rice Burroughs was another series of books that were a perfect mat… Books were republishing Robert E. Howard's Conan stories from the 1930s, and asked Frazetta to design the co… would go on to create a range of movie posters over the years, but as well as posters he was beginning to… 1964 Frazetta's career took another turn: United Artists had been impressed by a Ringo Starr spoof Frazetta had… was then approached by Am Call to work on his Li'l Abner strip, as well as working with Dan Barry on Flash Gordo… by the early 1950s Frazetta was working for a range of publishers: EC Comics, National Comics, Avon Comics, and… began working as a comic illustrator at the age of 16, initially for Bernard Baily, before moving on to St… eight Frazetta was enrolled in the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Michael Falanga. He lat… in Brooklyn in 1928 Frank Frazzetta (with two Zs) showed amazing talent even at an early age: his kindergarten… for our regular series The A-Z of Pulp. Today we reach the letter F... for Frank Frazetta!
Just time for a quick look at the papers... Dragons another day... Parkinson's cover art for Dragon Magazine #137, September 1988.