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Curator of the art, history and fiction of old paperback novels. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See our pinned tweet for how we work.

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Death through reading in bed! The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 18 June 1892. and women: they do like different things in bed... Midsummer Night's Dream by William #Shakespeare, illustrated by Brian Froud. will buy your dreams! The Strange World Of Your Dreams, 1952. Eyes. Fantastic magazine, January 1961. Dreaming Jewels, by Theodore Sturgeon. Fantastic Adventures, February 1950. Cover by Bob Gibson Jones. Are Not For Sleeping, by Herb Roberts. Beacon Books, 1962. knew it! Thank goodness for my tinfoil nightcap... The Sleep Eaters by John Lymington. Macfadden Books, 1963. The Sleeper Wakes, by H G Wells. Amazing Stories Quarterly, Winter 1928. Cover by Frank R Paul. in pulp I visit the Land of Nod, as we take a look at sleep...
Tomorrow in pulp... I look at the world of sleep! time for a quick look at the papers... pulp cookery another time... Eat. Pork... Eat. Ham... Italiano: even I can make this... kind of party did you have in mind...?"Beef ring anybody?" (1979)"Dead cow walkin'..." (1891)"Plank my SPAM!" (1945) world war V-Meats: if you can withstand brains fried with gonads, you can withstand anything! YOUR ham and win a trip to Poland! (1979)."Bite size meat pies!" Chef Boy-Ar-Dee tinned ravioli (1961) them early with junior meat...Swift's Meats for Babies (1954) in pulp: I look at meat! Lots of it... @TScottBrave I stand on the shoulders of giants... let's hear it for pulp artist Will Hulsey. He could only draw one thing. But it was a great thing. And he drew i… 1973 the men's pulp magazine market was almost out of business: softcore sex and physical fitness magazines were… by the early 1960s pulp tastes had changed, and animal attack covers gave way to Nazis in torn red blouses. By… is a huge amount of male masochism in 1950s and early 60s pulp covers: men are trapped or bound, being flogge… why are they always in a swamp? Well, if you want the head and arms to be in the centre of the cover you have t… there would be a woman in a button-popping ripped red blouse. Bright red, like bright yellow, is a stand-out c… main male character in a Hulsey cover generally looks a bit like David Bowie. Artists would often use photos of… painting magazine covers is hard work, especially at speed, so many artists worked to a formula - often set out… some reason the most popular types of story in the late 1950s were tales of men surviving attacks by vicious an… a result the 1950s saw a raft of men's pulp magazines being published to tap into this market - almost 200 diffe… audience was ex-GIs: during WWII the US Council of Books in Wartime had given away over 122 million books to… little is known about Will Hulsey, but he worked on a number of men's pulp magazines in the 1950s and early 19… Hulsey was the undisputed king of the animal attack pulp cover. You name it, he'd paint it attacking you in a… readers have asked me "why do so many pulp covers feature women in ripped red blouses standing in swamps whils… in pulp: the Redshirts are coming! As I look back at the art of Will Hulsey. Librarian: filing stuff from one disposable medium into another. Look me up in Dewey: I'm in section 613.96...…
@ellinst @untravel @Green_Footballs Many pulp artists were influenced by cloudscapes when painting science fiction… #Royal news: Prince William pops to the shops... #royalbaby this tweet contains #Shakespeare spoilers! Happy #ShakespearesBirthday everyone... fizzy drinks news: New Coke was launched today in 1985. I loved it... in #history; 711 – Dagobert* III is crowned King of the Franks. (*file photo)
Oops - a couple of pulp corrections: - Bunny Yeager is, of course, female. - Rocketeer artist Dave Stevens played a… Page passed away on 11 December 2008, aged 85. Although much of her life was difficult, he impact on popular… Bettie sometimes posed nude, she never appeared in explicit sexual scenes. Her striking look was her calli… emerged from treatment in 1992 to discover she had become an icon, although she wasn't getting royalties for… Bettie didn't know it, her reputation as a glamour icon was being revived during the 1970s and 80s; artists… Bettie Page's mental health deteriorated in the 1970s; she suffered from depression and violent mood swings.… the 1960s Bettie Page attended bible colleges and tried to become a missionary, before working for a whil… then, in 1958, she quit. Different reasons have been put forward for her retirement, but her unhappy marriage t… Yeager met Bettie Page in 1954, an a year later shot his famous 'Jungle Bettie' photos in a Boca Raton wildli… also took acting classes a d appeared in a number of off-Broadway shows and TV episodes, as well as the burl… Page found her reputation as the "Queen of Bondage" slightly odd; she found the shoots a bit ridiculous and… 1952 Bettie was introduced to Irving Claw, who operated a mail-order business specializing in cheesecake and bon… 1951 Bettie Page began appearing regularly in men's humour magazines such as Wink, Eyefull and Beauty Parade. "I… was also responsible for suggesting Bettie cut her hair into bangs, as this would stop flashlight reflecting… Clubs were a way round the laws restricting the production of nude photos. Bettie Page worked with photogra… year later, whilst walking on the Coney Island shoreline she was approached by amateur photographer Jerry Tibbs,… Mae Page was born in Nashville. After her first marriagecended she moved to #NewYork in 1949, hoping to beco… Page was born today in 1923.Let's take a look back at her life... that's it for our pulp look at 1964 today. Optimistic times..., edited by Len Deighton. Town Magazine, 1964. Haunting Of Toby Jugg, by Dennis Wheatley. Arrow Books, 1964. Heels and Hose, 1964. don't need any more ideas thank you... Kitten With A Whip, by Wade Miller. Gold Medal, 1964 Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. Pan Books, 1964. money's on the Reverand Green... Who Killed Doctor Sex? by Carter Brown. Signet D2581, 1964. Cover by Robert Mc…"You're coming straight home this minute young lady! Fratenising with a Triffid indeed..." Les Monsters Verts. Sta…"Well I wouldn't start from here..." El Hobito, by J.R.R. Tolkein. Los Libros Del Mirasol, 1964. Cover by Luis V… Man Who Fell To Earth, by Walter Tevis. Urania, November 1964. Cover by Karel Thole. File No 3: Funeral In #Berlin, by Len Deighton. Cape, 1964. Cover by Raymond Hawkey."Eccentrics, beats and artists." Adrift In #Soho, by Colin Wilson. Pan X297, 1964 Labor Of Love, by Kimberly Kemp (aka Gilbert Fox). Midwood Books, 1964. Cover by Paul Rader.