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Curator of the art, history and fiction of old paperback novels. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See our pinned tweet for how we work.

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No tweets tomorrow, I'm spending the day reading... Pulp Français another time... can read these editions of Police Magazine online, at France's Museum of Criminal History:… Crimes De La Légion Noire. Police Magazine, November 1936. #Science En Guerre Contre Le Crime. Police Magazine, April 1939. Passager Du Polarlys, by Georges Simenon. Police Magazine, April 1938. L'Assassin De Kitchener? Police Magazine, June 1932. Crimes De #Brighton. Police Magazine, July 1934. Parisiens. Police Magazine, January 1936. De Mademoiselle X... Police Magazine, October 1938. Bande Des 5. Police Magazine, November 1936! Police Magazine, February 1935. for some Pulp Français now, as I look back at some editions of Police Magazine. happy birthday to Mozilla Firefox*, launched today in 2002! (*file photo) birthday #Nintendo, founded today in 1889! @PulpLibrarian In the '80s my aunt had a TV that could display news stories this way, and even print them on thermal paper.
Retweeted by Pulp LibrarianCeefax came to an end on 22 October 2012, when 625-line analogue TV broadcasts in the UK ended. Its job was done...… BBC Ceefax Telesoftware service let you view teletext via your home computer. Alas it was discontinued in 1989.… the early 1980s teletext was a must-have for any household: from holidays to football to quizzes it had it all!… 1979 onwards the BBC began using teletext to provide subtitles, helping to make TV more accessable.… Peter explained how teletext worked in 1975: #NationalTeletextDay News soon saw the advantages of teletext, and began using it for breaking news: 23 September 1974 the first teletext service started in the UK: Ceefax on BBC, and Oracle in ITV.… if you're celebrating #NationalTeletextDay you'll certainly want to check out the online Teletext Museum:…'s #NationalTeletextDay today! Let's look back at the analogue internet on your telly... it looks like it's not the end of the world today. May hang the washing out... @ejhchess Andrew North was an early pen name of Andre Norton, so I can live with it... @PulpLibrarian Oh no ..not the number 15 bus !!! How will I get home ???
Retweeted by Pulp LibrarianDaybreak - 2250 AD, by Andrew Norton. Ace Books, 1961. Cataclysm, by R C Sherriff. Great Pan, 1958. The Rain, by John Bowen. Ballantine Books, 1958. Big Wave, by Conrad Voss Bark. NEL, 1979. Ways To Destroy The World, from 2000AD."It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..." Mort En Catastrophe. Elvifrance, 1976 Great Prophecy Of The End Of The World (scheduled for 1881) Mother Shipton pamphlet 1863. 2419 AD, by Philip Francis Nowlan. Panther Science Fiction, 1976. to watch worlds die... Armageddon Rag, by George R R Martin. La Découverte, 1985. Cover by Eric Provoost is apparently the end of the world (see the internet for details). So let's look at some suitable books... in the papers again...
@sugar_now The tape box?More vintage home #tech another time... master's voice: Magnetic Film & Tape Recording, October 1955. in music: Hi-Fi Tape Recording, January 1957. stereo: a miracle in sound. Hi-Fi Tape Recording, September 1959. With Tape Recorders, by Terence Dwyer. Oxford University Press, 1971. (Musique Concrète and #DoctorWho:… IS he showing her? Tape Recording For Everyone, by F C. Judd. Blackie, 1962 Tape Recorders (1958) "The only recorders with a hysteresis synchronous motor in their price class!" I thi… man is serious about tape recording. Really, really serious... new quadruplex TV tape recorder from RCA (1964). No need to take the valves out... dad gets a new hobby... More Fun With Your Tape Recorder and Stereo, by Lee Sheridan. Trend Books, 1958 if you do like your reel to reel, you'll certainly want to check out this online museum: to get reel now, as I look back at the world of reel to reel tape recorders!"Enjoy the benefits* of gentle massaging action from waist to knee." (*Visit the toilet first. Or not, I'm not jud… @TheOdalisque Not an October issue alas... #Kickstarter. Ever! that's it for our October-fest in, er, September - although October means 'eighth month'. I'm confused..., #geeks or both? Radio News, October 1947."For graduates of Sesame Street." The Electric Company Magazine: Mystery Issue, October 1976. bridge too far... Stitchcraft, October 1940. can you name them all? Mum's Army. Punch magazine, October 1976."All babes are wolves." Eyeful magazine, August 1949. @SteelRaz Been there, done that:"Mars Peopled by One Vast Thinking Vegetable!" The Salt Lake Tribune, October 1912."About California And The West." Sunset Magazine, October 1902."Hope Springs Eternal" The Masses magazine, October 1913."The competition's coming..." Today's Secretary, October 1960."Calypso: Is It Pornography In Sound?" Gusto He-Man Adventures, October 1957."Wine, Dine and Die!" Special Detective True Crime Cases, October 1950. - always with the poor trigger discipline... Short Stories, October 1930."Alarming Experience Of Fair Bathers Who Are Attacked By An Octopus." The Illustrated Police News, 17 October 189… down Friday options... The Saturday Evening Post, October 1925. Art by J C Leyendecker - for no logical reason - I'm looking at magazines published in October... #TheWayIRoll Space Pope... Astounding Science Fiction (British edition) October 1951"Millions of Sex-Starved Women!" New Physical Culture magazine, October 1948. and Robin. Films and Filming, October 1966"The Laughter Of Toffee." Harold McCauley's original cover art for Imagination: Stories of Science and Fantasy, Oct…"Tiger Woman of Shadow Valley." Harold McCauley's original cover art for Amazing Stories, October 1949.… Bowie and Noddy Holder. Disc and Music Echo, October 1969."Beware, polyester fabrics are driving you insane!" Official UFO, October 1978