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Curator of the art, history and fiction of things we once discarded. No work shown is my own: it's all on the web somewhere. See my pinned tweet for details.

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More 'Pulp Artists Explain...' another time. no 45... no 33... no 31.. no 28... no 26... no 24... no 19... no 15... no 14... no 6... no 4... no 3... for our occasional series 'Pulp Artists Explain...' Today Frank Kelly Freas explains some of the 48 Laws of P… Raymond Chandler another time... Long Goodbye, by Raymond Chandler. Ballantine Books, 1971. Cover by Tom Adams., My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. Pocket Books, 1940. #l Lady In The Lake, by Raymond Chandler. Ballantine Books, 1971. Cover by Tom Adams. Gas, by Raymond Chandler. Black Mask, June 1935."I like smooth shiny girls, hardboiled and loaded with sin." Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. Penguin, 19…"I'm not a young man. I'm old, tired and full of no coffee." Playback, by Raymond Chandler. Pyramid Books, 1968."The room was empty. It was full of silence and the memory of a nice perfume." Trouble Is My Business by Raymond C…"You can have a hangover from other things than alcohol. I had one from women." The Big Sleep, by Raymond Chandler…"She smelled the way the Taj Mahal looks by moonlight." The Little Sister, by Raymond Chandler. Houghton Mifflin,…"It was a black police Colt, a .38. I had no argument against it at the moment" Killer In The Rain, by Raymond Cha… in pulp... a bit of Raymond Chandler.'s open door no 9 on on our pulp #Advent calendar...
Hawk the Slayer is certainly a movie you should watch once, not least to spot how much it foreshadows the fantasy m… sequel has been in development hell since 1981. And despite rumours of a Hawk the Destroyer movie in 2015 (with R…'s lots of spaghetti western touches too: close ups of twitching eyes and hands ready to draw. It's a fast-pac…'s score was equally bizarre: disco synth! But despite its critical panning, Hawk the Slayer is still held… effects were very low-cost: ping-pong balls were used for fire bolts, silly string acted as a mummify spell… filming took place in Buckinghamshire, with painted mattes used for background buildings and dry ice liber… is provided by taciturn elf archer Crow (Ray Charleson) and crossbow fiend Ranulf (Morgan Sheppard). Betw… recruits a band of mercenaries including a not-tall giant (Bernard Bresslaw), a not-small dwarf (Peter O'Farre… goes on an evil rampage across the country, finally kidnapping nuns and demanding a huge ransom for their re… is given the mindstone by his dying father, which fits in the hilt of his now-magical flying psychic sword. If… partly in flashback, Hawk the Slayer is a revenge story: Voltan kills his own father to try and gain control o… Terry was chosen to play Voltan's brother Hawk - even though he was 30 years younger than Palace! He kept an u… they set about casting the movie. Jack Palance was their big hire as the villainous disfigured Voltan, a… had an idea for a fighting fantasy spaghetti western, and he and Robertson soon worked this up into a script… 1979 writer Terry Marcel and musician Harry Robertson (of Hammer horror and Lord Rockingham's XI fame) were work… the early 1980s there were a slew of B-movies cashing in on the Star Wars phenomenon, but it took cinema much lo… band of fearless rebels, a glowing sword, a mysterious 'force' and a masked baddie. Sounds familiar? Well the yea… that's it for our visit to 1980! Play the music... with Bob... *shudders* Dateline advert, 1980. and the Daleks, by David Whitaker. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980 #Japan Day of the Daleks, by Terrance Dicks. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980 #Japan Spearhead from Space, by Terrance Dicks. Hayakawa Bunko SF, 1980. #Japan Beyond The Stars (1980). George Peppard and Robert Vaughn's epic reimagining of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Po… vampire weekend starts on #Saturday! Sexy Vampiro. Edifumetto, 1980 it #Luxembourg. Just. Stop. It. Papa Pingouin by Sophie and Magaly. #Eurovision 1980. involve typing 5318008... Adventures With Your Pocket Calculator, by Lennart Rade and Burt A Kaufman. Pelican…"You shall not pass!" The 1980 Honda Hobbit moped. 100 Dr Who records from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Tracks include: - Dalek Disco - Adric's teenage poetry -… Fett accessories include: - knee darts: for playing arrows down the pub - camel view: for, erm looking at ca… rubbish! Hawk the Slayer (1980)"A bit less food and a bit more exercise..." Health Education Council poster, 1980. you sitting comfortably? John Carpenter. Cinefantastique, June 1980. is leg day: don't skip it... Ere Comprimee. Issue 5, 1980. Cover by Richard Corben. and Dragons tried to reach a new audience in 1980: bingo players! the turtle's head. Spunk magazine, 1980., and disco is Not Dead! But it needs your support..., what? Stewart Copeland is the poster?! Zigzag (1980). in leather pants... What's Another Year, by Johnny Logan (1980). Level (Ronco, 1980). What could be more New Wave than loitering in an underpass? mum, can I have a Noel Edmonds designer t-shirt? (1980) in pulp I head back to 1980 - quite a year!'s open door no 8 on our pulp #Advent calendar...
More 'Pulp Artists Explain...' another time! #FridayFeeling #TheMoreYouKnow Emshwiller explains: apeirophobia! Emshwiller explains: ebulliophobia! Emshwiller explains: necrophobia! Emshwiller explains: porphyrophobia! Emshwiller explains: gelotophobia! Emshwiller explains: apolithomaphobia! Emshwiller explains: kypselidaphobia! Emshwiller explains: anemistiraphobia! Emshwiller explains: phagophobia! Emshwiller explains: barophobia! for our occasional series "Pulp Artists Explain..." Today Ed Emshwiller explains phobias!'s tweets were brought to you by the letters W and X...) the next time you find yourself doodling in a meeting why not try some calligraphy from the Kunstrichtige Schrei… the 17th Century the art of writing was a genuine art: it was intended to add weight and importance to the words… the last example in the book - a capital 'F' - is a daunting and towering accomplishment of fine penmanship. letters appear as a thicket of calligraphy in the Kunstrichtige Schreibart... the 'Q' has a stunning recursive pattern. the 'F' becomes a symphony of elaborate pen lines and embellishments... complexity of the lettering techniques in the Kunstrichtige Schreibart grows and grows as you progress... exploring some exceptional ornate flourishes to your lettering. and illustrated by Paul Franck the Kunstrichtige Schreibart starts with the basics of letter formation... full title translates as 'The Proper Art of Writing: a compilation of all sorts of capital or initial letters o… of the most impressive guides to beautiful handwriting is the Kunstrichtige Schreibart. Published in 1655 it se… is a sign: the author cares enough to put pen to paper. If you want to really influence someone it's st… good is your handwriting? Well let me help you improve it... #FridayThoughts dystopian synth pop another time. Being your flags and your hair mousse... our pop dystopia no 1 is: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, by Ultravox (1984). Midge Ure makes beautiful love on… no 2: Life On Your Own, by The Human League (1984). Phil Oakey plays The Omega Man in a deserted London after th… no 3: Supernature, by Cerrone (1977). This made it to no 8 in the UK charts after some heavy rotation on The Ke… no 4: Atomic, by Blondie (1980). This homage to great grooming during a nuclear winter made it to no 1 in the UK…