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http://t.co/4DtcchfoMr is a GAY PORN Blog run by a guy who watches too much GAY PORN. [NSFW]

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I'm curious... What are Your Go To gay porn blogs? I like... @QueerMeNow @theswordcom @Str8UpGayPorn. ;-) Any others as good?
Retweeted by Queer Me Now📷 Shoot w/Noel Daganta and David Kimmerle Photo-bombing me! 🐰 💢 http://t.co/KlsCBnkRBq 💢 #bunnyears #hewillgetit http://t.co/WsJ6LxoYnb
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Retweeted by Queer Me Now@QueerMeNow @BoomerBanksXXX good interview! And this may come across strange but You have a very compassionate voice!
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OMG! Look at that big bubble butt! @AUSTINWOLFFF @KurtisWolfe @randyblue -- http://t.co/x0DdiNCpSX -- http://t.co/HXMM1HOF5j@BrunoBernalXXX Well said!Just "refused" 2 bareback shoots today,and Im not planning to do it.(I respect my co-works,studios,& fans that do it) http://t.co/wdWf22xosj
Retweeted by Queer Me Now@Ewald_Krog @ScottHunterXXX I'm with you!@Iwanrunner Though I can empathise, taking these photos in a Lock in Scotland with water ar 4ºc was tough! :) http://t.co/kG2kgMmfNg
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