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First Generation Entrepreneur ☺Proud Indian❤Proud Hindu❤Very Proud Rajputani❤Believe in Satyamev Jaayte.Will stand by righteousness RTs are not endorsement

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Lord Shiva is d Great Deep,one which so silent,so of NOTHINGNESS wid many centres&circumference nowhere,he is witho… Dear Nationalists see the 3 tweets of @ArvindKejriwal fr Eid / Xmas / Shivratri n think is he wished Shivratri…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerमैं कल नहीं मैं काल हूँ... वैकुण्ठ या पाताल नहीं.. मैं मोक्ष का भी सार हूँ.. मैं पवित्र रोष हूँ... मैं ही तो अ…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerHar har mahadev #MahaShivaratri #shivratri
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerThat awkward moment when Cheerleaders called you an IT cell of ISI and then blocked you before you replied to them…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerFragments of one of the oldest manuscript on Indian math.(>1500 yrs old) written in Sharda script & found frm Bakhs…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerCase no - 73 "SUJI HAI??" @_VijayYadav suspended for being severly abusive. Beware abusers. #ETF is watching.
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerPoor Congress. @OfficeOfRG @mediacrooks @RituRathaur @RitaG74 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#MahaShivaratri is also d night when Lord Shiva Drank the POISON to save world from destruction! He is 'MahaBhinsh… we lose one more young brother, we realize that Dalit is not Dalit enough if he is a BJP leader killed by Marxis…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerSir @PiyushGoyal Thanks for showing confidence in me & also bringing my electricity bill down by providing Hi-Q/Lo…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerPlanetary position on #Mahashivratri is such that it helps d sadhak to fasten process of "Awakening of Kundalini" @radharaju18 LOl! Yes John Dayal is another Dork ... Many more like him! @RituRathaur Ron Banerjee hai...stupid converts r the 1st line of defense fr the ROL...haha..The converts are more Christian than the orignl
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerOh My! Only a Hindu Man cud have had guts to expose muck in Islamic Prayers....‼️ A must watch...🔻🔻🔔 (atleast not me ☺️) @135_ravi kudh mahakaal kudh moksha hai aur jo aghor hai.....ussey ye tucch gogles nahi chaiye😝 @DEVESHMATHUR21 same to u...Happy Meditation.. Har har mahadev @SKSk785 thank u sir....🙏 @RituRathaur God Bless you kid
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#MahaShivaratri Is also the day to celebrate d eternal Aspect of Shiva within ur own Consciousness' The divine ind… calls made to a Maj Gen (R) living in Gurugram? House 80+m* from main road & 110+m* local market? * = Aria…
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#महाशिवरात्रि के पावन दिन पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।💐💐 🌹🌹ॐ नमः शिवाय🌹🌹
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerप्रधानमंत्री @narendramodi आज #MahaShivaratri पर कोयंबटूर मे भगवान शिव की 112 फीट ऊंची मूर्ति का अनावरण करेंगे
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerशुक्र है महादेव का जो ऐसे प्रधानमंत्री दिए हैं जो #महाशिवरात्री पे देशवासियों का अभिवादन करते हैं😊महाशिवरात्रि के इस पावन पर्व पर देशवासियों को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#MahaShivaratri Today is the day we celebrate in ode to Lord Shiva, the incomprehensible ,the zero not zero,The Des… greetings to fellow citizens on the occasion of #MahaShivaratri
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#MahaShivaratri Hindus worshipping Devo ke Dev Mahadev & we Sickularon ke Sickular MahaSickular r working fr MilkLe…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @safimichael what a biased article! Did u check the credentials of the writer of the book? Do you know she herself…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @DineshR1511 they have nothing left to do..shld go gracefully @RanaAyyub @BDUTT @sardesairajdeep @sagarikaghose @ShekharGupta @RituRathaur Burkha Daitya Khaajdeep Sardesai Kana Ayyub Daagrikaa Ghose Rubbish ko-maar.... & many more 😀😀
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @dwivedijispeaks they cudnt life an honorable life, we shld wish honorable End for them 😊.@RituRathaur 👏👌👍 Great tweet... If presstitutes have some dignity... they sud commit suicide immediately. Not Jauhar word suit on them.
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @NavalBhardwaj1 .😂😂Time for Presstitutes to commit mass Jauhar to save honor of truthful Journalism? 😂😂😂 @RituRathaur @ShekharGupta Shame on you. You gloated too fast. BJP HAS WON 82 VERSUS 84 OF SS. HARDLY ANYTHING TO CROW ABOUT?
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerPooh Pooh...! Delete your tweet @ShekharGupta 😂! & you> @_sabanaqvi r so disappointed about it Infact ur whole clan must be wanting to Bang it's head on the Wa… This universe is a reflection of the Supreme Shiva. #Mahashivratri @krushnapriya93 @sandipkashid9
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#MahaShivaratri Let's spread the Spiritual Knowledge N Have Bliss ! @RituRathaur
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerIs 👉 BlackFace Ravish 👈 by MC👈👉@mediacrooks 👇 👆 about 👇 RUBBISH whose relative was in news…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @kamleshrv1 mother too 😊 @135_ravi @priyankac19 they have rejected your @OfficeOfRG 1st accept this graciously than ponder on anything else ? @RituRathaur @UnSubtleDesi
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker#DonationGate Diary frm Congi MLC,Blre home says Crs paid2 AICC MVora AP SGoffice RGoffice Media Bhukamp arrives😈
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerLol! "Graciously accepting" means respecting the verdict of people and not calling them fools miss Einstein
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @135_ravi settled😝 @135_ravi waah😊 @mariopuzo901 thanks Uma😘 types 😄 @135_ravi u forgot the to add brains😒 @135_ravi 😂😂😂😂 u r smart Ravi....LOL ! You got it 😂 @135_ravi 😡😠@priyankac19 @bhs7rocks 😂😂😂 @135_ravi and who exactly is d beauty here @priyankac19 @bhs7rocks lol!Learn to have grace especially in Defeat @priyankac19 ‼️ Yr party was the one to RUIN India hence being thrown out… gained 15-20 seats . मैडम अगर अभी भी समझ नहीं आया तो राजनीति से सन्यास ले लो चूल्हा चौका करो परिवार में ध्यान…
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Very poor target @ABVPDelhi ! Learn peaceful stone pelting from @Shehla_Rashid 's Kashmiri brothers. See the diff…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerManamohan Singh visited Babars grave in 2005 but ignored Prithviraj chauhan's & stinking congis blame Namo4appsmnt🔻 Ravish by> @mediacrooks is a severe slap on d face of repulsive @ravishndtv His HYPOCRISY is nauseating! @kamleshrv1 thanks 👍 @narendramodiThe first Census in India was conducted by Britishers in 1872.. Only objective was to DIVIDE HINDUs in d name of ca… @RajeshTamret @RituRathaur I congratulate ABVP for not allowing anti national activists to disturb peace in Ramjas and DU.Keep it up guys!!!
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @bullllaa😂😂😂 baba maaf karo 🙏 @AnkitLal @kamleshrv1 wow....will WA uA class (worst) act of hypocrisy by same bunch of people those support Kashmiri stone pelter youth calling them voi…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerAny excellent LOGO designer here?Fake feminism or True womanhood my views
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @DineshR1511 best suited for him @ndtyagi1955 and imagine it was bcoz of outrage on SM that made them cancel Teestas lecture in IIT BLR ! @HRDMinistrySirs @HRDMinistry right under your nose Anti nationals like Umar Khalid are being promoted in govt universities! Wh… against US-based online companies over ‘Om’ on shoes, ‘Ganesha’ on beer bottles
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerIs it fair that the Indian govt confiscates Hindu temple donations and funds mosques and Churches. @dhanyarajendran
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerMy Brother Farhaan was in Shishu Mandir. Now he is Squadron Leader in Indian Air Force Madarsa cd hv made Terrorist
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @GenNxtIndian maybe Ishanath went into state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and his re awakening probably is referred as Resurrection 😊 @bchisnall
How can Babar loving seculars led by Congress digest PM @narendramodi speaking about Hindus' rights? My take👇👇👇
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @GenNxtIndian that's why I asked him to get educated first 😊 @bchisnall @bchisnall @RituRathaur Show me one credible evidence to prove Jesus really got resurrected on d 3rd day after his crucifixion.
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerGet ur self educated first , then ask for evidence 😊