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First Generation Entrepreneur ☺Proud Indian❤Proud Hindu❤Believe in Satyamev Jaayte.Will stand only by righteousness RTs are not endorsement

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#TrackingCMYogi Adityanath announces Rs 1 lakh subsidy for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Har har Mahadev🙏't it a shame people like @ShekharGupta who have no idea of our cultural heritage lecture us on what is Hindutva @TheArvindDhar
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RituRathaur 😂 If 'Priest' was for Allah or Jesus instead of Ram, then Constitution would've been strengthened, right @ShekharGupta & Fali??
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @DineshR1511 they r scumbags of worst kinds .....thoo on them @ShekharGuptaI take pleasure in once again repeating myself These r exactly the kind of people we have middle fingers😊 Two hoots… @MixedRaita @RoflReporter100% true Ramayana happened bcz of Seeta Mata Mahabharata happened bcz of Draupdi Indian women's nd to stay away f…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerMillions of Hindus were killed during Islamic invasions across Hindu Kush -the killer of Hindus. Read my piece 👇
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerStunning achievement @PiyushGoyalOffc ... Couldn't have been possible without eradication of the Horror of CORRUPT… faults with Yogi if there are mistakes or lack of governance.. NOT because he wears saffron.. if you do.. Im your biggest enemy...
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerIf people can give up subsidy on cooking gas on PM's appeal, why can't on Haj? If they don't give up voluntarily, G…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerWd hv appreciated more if U commented on Barbaric Rapes in UP in 21st Cent thn ques steps taken to stop thm But th…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerKaise ho @RanaAyyub? 🌷 Poorani Dilli main Karim's par authentic Mughlai Cuisine milta hai...Pasand hai aapko? @arvindkrajiwal @RituRathaur
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerGirls molested..women harassed.. Women raped is not a problem...But Tunday Kabab is "CULTURE & HERITAGE" for morons like @KapilSibal @Bdutt
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerसर जी टुंडे कबाब पर इतनी चिंता थोड़ा ध्यान अगर टुंडे दिमाग़ वाले पप्पू पर लगाया होता तो आज @INCIndia की ऐसी हालत ना…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerAt the rate on which you all are popularising Yogi soon BJP will get its heir for 2024 elections Lage raho 👍👍
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @kapil_kausik what a low life this>> @sanjayuvacha is These guys are not able to digest even sarcasm now @UnSubtleDesiWhats Up Buddy @sanjayuvacha "My Mother is not a cow" @RituRathaur @UnSubtleDesi Remember? If not get nostalgic 👇
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerMuslim Approval not Needed Do you want @myogiadityanath as your CM? Or @MamataOfficial ? West Bengal is close to… Muslim Approval Not Needed ? 👆 is a good article MC @mediacrooks PS I read it here 👉
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker> @sanjayuvacha u r such a frustrated loser that now endorsing tweets of abuse agnst @UnSubtleDesi ! To abuse u wu…
@sunilppatil here u go @RanaAyyub @RitaG74 LOLOL...yehan toh cricket ki team tyar ho rahee hai...😝 @kapil_kausikMa'am @RitaG74 U stand like a rock that helps "Viru" Ritu @RituRathaur & at times me also to play my strokes🌹🌹🌹🌹
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerयोगी ने जितने जानवरों की जान 3 दिन में बचाई है उतने तो @PetaIndia सारी जिंदगी में नहीं 😀 @RituRathaur @kapil_kausik @RitaG74
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @mediacrooks Even I hv fallen for such approvals from muslims. When we know v r right we dont need approvals. @RituRathaur @abdullah_omar
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RohitkrSh 😂😂😂 @SirArnabG @DrShobha @shilpitewari @Modiarmy @mvmeet @HinduDefense @hindu_blood @SirArnabG bheji hai na... gaye toh nahi 😝 @DrShobha @shilpitewari @Modiarmy @mvmeet @HinduAmericans @HinduDefense @hindu_bloodWhy Muslim Approval Not Needed ? @mediacrooks articulates it brilliantly in Trending now.… @savanisri that's precisely the point @mediacrooks is making...😊Third rate pig @Abdullah_Omar who made Hindus ZERO in Kashmir.. Talks about Yogi.. Muslim approval NOT needed…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerblockbuster article by @mediacrooks, worth to read these kind of articles instead of watching stupid TV debates.
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerMuslim Approval not needed Don’t ask wat will hapn2Muslims undr a Hindu Leader Ask wat will hapn2HINDUS undr Muslim! ask what will happen to Muslims under Hindu.. Ask what will happen to Hindus under.. Muslim approval not neede…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @AaghoriBaba same to u have a blessed day @RituRathaur Hi Sis. Hope Your Day Started With Lots Of Blessings.Take Care Have A Beautiful Day
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerCongratulations Ma'am @RitaG74 🙏 for 40K+ followers who regard U as 👇 THE WALL of RW Community Ritu @RituRathaur 💐
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RitaG74 many many More to come.. @kapil_kausikCongos di > @RitaG74 for 40k...🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 A match winner Rahul Dravid as aptly described by @kapil_kausik ji May u win many matches for us❤️विशेष सूचना:"अल्लाह हो अकबर" कहने वालों से मार्केट और ट्विटर दोनो जगह बच कर रहे नहीं तो कब दुनिया से और ट्विटर से उड़ जाओ पता नहीं चलेगा 😂😂
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @Rasraj 😁🙏 @RanaAyyubThank u bro @Mandyslaria ... Let's together make sure that all our kids have a safe future so that our Nations futu… @Mandyslaria har har Mahadev🙏 @ravi3591 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👏👏👏👏👏 @RanaAyyub @Mandyslaria...😂 @RanaAyyub @manis_kumar 😝😝 @RanaAyyub @iAkshay8 YES 😊 @BhardwajSkand @RanaAyyub @angshguds 😁😁😁😁😁😁Nandlal teri taraf thuken bhi na @RanaAyyub ...😄 Chedna toh bahut door ki baath hai.. Shakal ayene mein dekh aur… @CMOfficeUP Grab these scumbags by their collars... These dogs thought they r Untouchable... Kudos! @RituRathaur @BDUTT 30k illegal slaughterhouses in India No one knows hygiene levels, animal cruelty, diseased meat But #TundayKabab is 1st!
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerWhile Media is whining over Kebabs news coming in⬇️ Agro Min,UP Surya Pratap has promised that d 1st step will be 2 Waive off Farmer Loans!Is hypocrisy same as Sanskrit 'Dhoorta'? Ok,if so😏. Somehow English is a feeble medium when it comes to correctly d…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerTunday Kababi is more important to @BDUTT bcoz it's run by a Muslim but not brutal murders of Hindus in Kerala&WB..… the tundey Kebab story is over. I recommend they start with a story on tangdi kebab.followed by burra kebab etc etc etc.
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @ShefVaidya LOL! So many stand naked and exposed as the idols of Khujrao😄 @tavleen_singhThis woman is sounding increasingly bizarre! Going the @DeShobhaa way @tavleen_singh? Sigh, what an epic fall!
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerSanatan Dharma is at risk. Are we now prevented from practicing our own rituals & rights? Must Debate.…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerCongrats Sheetal @sheetal_tweets for 15K 👍👏 Keep Shining 🎉🎉 Keep Smiling 🌹🌹 Way to go 👍👍 @RituRathaur @RitaG74
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerCongratulations @sheetal_tweets for 15k followers....🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Rise and Shine 😍😗Muslim WAQF holds properties worth 1.5lakh cr just in 6 metros But Hindus shld give up #RamTemple land 4 a Hospital?
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerI too am very disappointed! Have loads of respecr for @tufailelif but his prejudice for Yogi ji is unacceptable..! have strong shoulders. We have let many a people use them to elevate themselves. Tufail seems to be the latest case. So disappointed
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerWhat is with @TwitterIndia @Twitter why nationalist @barotchetan99 account suspended now 😡😡😡😡😡
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerKebabs are part of Lucknows culture bcoz its made of beef.. But Ram is not a part of our culture bcoz he is Hindu P…
I know u @KapilSibal own one of the largest illegal Slaughter House of Asia which is about to be closed,So u are frustrated & pedalling lies
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @SunandaMBal well said mam..👏👏👏These days most political parties use students 4 their dirty tasks and vitiate their minds.SM guilty too.sports and…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseekerसिकुलर जितना राम राम कर रहें हैं आजकल, लगता है राम मंदिर बनते बनते इन का उद्धार भी हो ही जाएगा। #राम_मंदिर
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerDon't be taken in by #RamMandir opinion poll please. It's a private poll, cleverly shown as #UP govt poll. Regrets
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerWho created such faith? where killing is religion temple land is selfempowerment 4Muslim leaders & when Ram temple…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @RituRathaur #AdarshLiberals ishrat Jan encounter :we should wait until she kill CM Anti Romeo squad: we should wait until they molest girls
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerAcc 2 Property Acts , Land belongs 2👉 OWNER n not👉 ENCROACHER Enuf archaeological evidence tht Babri masjid built…
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/TruthseekerThat time libfarts were happy to run rape and Molestation stories and earn money via TRPs 😊 Our children R d future of this country&they shld b concentrating on their studies than wasting time @arvindkrajiwal yes I know @kapil_kausik @Nationalistweet#TrackingCMYogi UP Govt orders 24 hrs Power supply during Navratras Small things but no one ever cared 4 Hindus b4! 😂😂😂 @RituRathaur @Nationalistweet @nvshandilya @Gen_VKSingh @Swamy39 @SinhaPune
Retweeted by सत्यसाधक/Truthseeker @SinhaPune all doing of General.... @RohitkrSh @Nationalistweet @nvshandilya @Gen_VKSingh @Swamy39