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MORE: N. Korean launches pose risk to air traffic in the area - Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary… Combat war with N. Korea would be 'catastrophic' - US Defense Secretary James Mattis S. Korea’s President Moon Jae-in orders NSC Standing Committee in less than an hour - officials… #Pyongyang launches suspected ballistic missile – South Korean military'Personal Rescue Enclosure': #NASA expected 1970s astronauts to crawl inside ‘beach ball’ escape pod…
Animals can teach people a thing or two... 😒
Retweeted by RTNo more dependence on allies, Europe should take its fate into own hands – #Merkel after #G7 19yo man arrested in connection with #manchesterblast 13 people now in custody – police…
Retweeted by RTIn three months of spring 1917 number of defectors has reached 85,921, against 195,130 in 2.5 years of war before t…
Retweeted by RT'Marches of Dignity': Thousands march against government austerity policies in #Madrid Borneo is finished: Pollution reaching epic proportions (Op-Ed)'Happy to hysterical in seconds': Witnesses recall #ManchesterArenaAttack
Retweeted by RTReady for summer? 😎 😜
Retweeted by RT'CNN introduces new definition of suspicious activity: Dating Russians' - @27khv. (Op-Edge)
Retweeted by RTCan the heart be hacked? 8,000 security flaws found in pacemaker software's foreign trip: The most bizarre moments (VIDEOS).
Retweeted by RTThis granny deserves Michelin star: her menu will make your mouth water!
Retweeted by RT‘The Square’ wins Palme d’Or at #CannesFilmFestival Russian director, Andrey Zvyagintsev, scoops #Cannes festival jury prize for ‘Loveless’… am not concerned by the #fakenews @ProvGovt_1917 is trying to spread about me & the Bolsheviks #1917LIVE
Retweeted by RT#TheresaMay twists Corbyn’s words on Manchester attack to grab a few extra votes (Op-Ed by Danielle Ryan)… bank sues #BuzzFeed over controversial Trump-Russia dossier #AlfaBank of #Manchester bomber network may still be on the loose – UK home secretary
Retweeted by RTHot pursuit: Rampaging elephant chases down tourists in Indian national park Axe? Sword? 7 unconventional ways to get a haircut (VIDEOS) releases footage of air defense missile test & his team ‘blab too much,’ might be a security risk for West – German MP @gmpolice latest update
Retweeted by RTManchester police raid house, arrest suspect in connection with suicide bomber
Retweeted by RT'My patriot heart is wounded': #CharlesdeGaulle gravestone vandalized in ‘despicable’ attack @ProvGovt_1917 launches investigation into @VLenin_1917's alleged ties to @Kaiser_1917 #1917LIVE
Retweeted by RTGreenland ice loss aided by ‘gigantic invisible wave’ - NASA study’s Kaiser Wilhelm is a bloodsucker. Making separate peace with him is out of the question #1917LIVE
Retweeted by RT8 killed in #Mississippi mass shooting
Retweeted by RTWhite House fails to recognize Luxembourg PM’s gay spouse in official G7 photograph
Retweeted by RTEU ministers approve plans to force social media companies to tackle hate speech.
Retweeted by RTRussia’s new civilian airliner takes off on maiden flight #MC21Recreational #cocaine users get addicted much earlier than they think – study joins race for cheaper batteries with new gigafactory dad accused of touching son’s genitals in latest United Airlines scandal girl jumps into turbulent river in attempt to complete ‘#BlueWhale’ suicide challenge in Russia…‘Guided rockets’ used during op targeting #ISIS-linked militants in besieged #Philippines city… police publicly steamroll 100k bottles of booze as Ramadan gets underway Professional hunter crushed to death by falling elephant split on #climatechange, Merkel ‘dissatisfied’‘Terrorists will not be safe’ – Egyptian FM to RT after Cairo’s retaliation #strikes on #Libya #EgyptJustin #Trudeau left out as G7 leaders huddle cry sexism over exclusion from women-only #WonderWoman screening Jong-un observes test & orders mass production of ‘next-gen air defense system’ workers cut open corpse to steal hidden #drugs in #Tanzania linked to 52 ‘smart genes’, scientists discover,000 migrants rescued, dozens drown trying to reach Italy from #Libya this week glass of wine or beer a day increases breast cancer risk – study‘Many intl problems can’t be resolved without Russia’ – Macron $100 in bitcoin in 2010 now worth almost $73 million’s largest optical & infrared telescope to peer into deep #space with enormous 39-meter wide lens… always leads to catastrophe. Only way to avoid disorder is to concentrate all reins of power in hands of…
Retweeted by RTJack Ma teaches tai chi to entrepreneurs for $15,000 chessboard & total surveillance: 10 quotes by the late Zbigniew #Brzezinski pair caned in #Indonesia as crowd cheers & takes pictures in Buddhist monk attire watching porn on Thai bus goes viral urges UN to immediately halt US coalition strikes, which ‘spread chaos & benefit terrorists’ death toll mounts as ‘#Libya revolution hero’ #clashes with UN-backed govt forces court upholds death sentence for disabled man ‘tortured for confession’ – rights group capable of carrying 1-ton cargo part of Alibaba rival’s grand project tool allows deaf-blind people to independently 'watch' TV'Psyche' asteroid full of iron and nickel estimated at $10,000 quadrillion, ‘could transform global economy’… Clinton super PAC complaint over Sanders accepting ‘excessive’ $7,462 of contributions dismissed…
Retweeted by RTTripoli death toll mounts as ‘Libya revolution hero’ clashes with UN-backed govt forces'To spoil enemy’s wild dream of air supremacy': Kim Jong-un orders mass production of ‘next-gen air defense system’'Army of killer cells': Scientists create viruses that send lymphocytes to identify and destroy cancer Pornhub releases viewers' dirty-minded habits in celebration of 10yrs online‘Russian threat': #NATO kicks off news round of Baltic drills on Russia’s doorstep (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)…‘Stop offending Christ’: Poles scuffle outside performance of 'The Curse', Catholic themed sex play, in #Warsaw locked kids in car trunk and went shopping – police'Buddhist monk' watching x-rated movie in public goes viral police release photo of #ManchesterArena bomber on attack night, find device ‘assembly place’… dad accused of touching son’s genitals in latest United Airlines scandal in French army spreading. Over half of divisions on Western Front affected. Soldiers refuse to obey orders &…
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