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RT, the global news network, broadcasts from Moscow, London and Washington studios to over 100 countries.

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‘Man who saved the world’: Tillerson praises Stanislav Petrov who averted nuclear war‘Death Wish Coffee’ could actually kill you, company recalls product approved plan to resettle foreign citizens of Russian extraction back to #Russia #malaria spreading rapidly in #Asia bomb vs. atomic bomb: What’s the difference & why does N. Korea crave thermonuclear?…
Art agents of Kremlin? Beware of ballet, one of the main weapons of global influence Evacuation orders come via text message & Facebook, target US military and their families… military receive fake evacuation orders in South Korea @RT_America Both N. California quakes very shallow, amplifying their effects - report @RT_America 2nd quake of 5.6 hits N. California closer to shore – USGS 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes N. California – USGS
Retweeted by RT‘Powder, sharps, threats in poor Arabic’ sent to homes of Angela Merkel, other politicians Briton faces prison in Dubai for flipping middle finger in road rage incident.
Retweeted by RTAgain? American protester beaten at Erdogan event in NY as Turkish president looks on READ MORE:…
Retweeted by RT‘US increasingly an observer rather than important participant’ in Syrian conflict (Op-Ed by Charles Shoebridge)…'Women have quarter of a brain, don't deserve to drive’ - Saudi cleric residents have been instructed to “seek higher ground” as buses evacuate the two coastal towns
Retweeted by RTURGENT: ’Move to higher ground now’: #PuertoRico dam failing after #Hurricane Maria
Retweeted by RTLIVE: Pro- and anti-Catalan independence protests in Barcelona like you’re in space without leaving home: RT to bring you 1st-ever 360-view video from open space bans Spartak Moscow fans from away tie after rocket stunt - Liverpool match unaffected #LFC ⚽️🚀
Retweeted by RTWorst role he’s ever played’: Morgan Freeman declares war on Russia (Op-Edge by Neil Clark) influence in America: The evidence right under our nose on Kim Jong-un: ‘Madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people will be tested like never before’… touching footage of 3 puppies being rescued from a TAR PIT European Commission bury report on copyright piracy? Pirate Party MEP thinks so If Iran nuclear deal fails, it will be wrong signal for N. Korea. LIVE: women can wear burqa, I’ll pay the fines - French-Algerian millionaire UNSC must invite states it discusses. LIVE: N. Korea crisis: Who is the ‘evil menace’?,‘Teaching her a lesson’: Refugee who set wife on fire jailed for 10 years in Estonia Global relations suffering due to low in US-Russian relations. LIVE: Accusations are evidence enough for Americans. LIVE: DNC leak was inside job, but this was quietly forgotten LIVE:… If US has problem with Iran, special format exists. LIVE:’re not kids in kindergarden, Russia will continue working with China on reasonable approach over N. Korea, not e…‘We need to cool hotheads down’: Lavrov urges diplomatic solution to N. Korea crisis. WATCH LIVE:… War on Korean peninsula unacceptable. LIVE: Russian FM Sergey Lavrov holds press conference on #UNGA sidelines tracking of cellphones unconstitutional without a warrant – US court
Retweeted by RT‘Sibir’ icebreaker powered by 2 nuclear reactors to plow through ice fields up to 3m thick‘World’s biggest & most powerful’ nuclear icebreaker launched in Russia clothes literally ‘GROW’ with your kid nuclear carrier conducts naval drills with Japan as N. Korea threatens H-bomb test #JamesComey was hired by Howard University to give five lectures on several topics
Retweeted by RTBREAKING: Ex-#FBI director #Comey heckled at historically black college
Retweeted by RT‘We’ve killed 3,000 ISIS fighters… and not 1 civilian’ - British military closer to infinity without leaving your armchair with RT’s upcoming 360-view video from open space…‘Macron is killing farmers’: Protesters block Champs-Elysees over carcinogenic weedkiller'Black Cab taxi drivers are doing somersaults': Londoners react to #Uber losing its license.
Retweeted by RT‘Repression ships’: Catalonia dockworkers refuse to serve Madrid police vessels Premier League club West Ham to auction match shirts in aid of Mexico earthquake victims 🇲🇽⚒️
Retweeted by RT'NATO is trying to restore the climate of the Cold War' - Russian FM to UN #NATO #ColdWar lists US planes & missiles that Russian-made S-400 SAMs ‘can eliminate’ Kirkuk simmers, Kurdistan about to hurl Iraq into turmoil over ‘independence’ referendum (Op-Ed by @MartinRJay)‘Decapitated body’ Halloween display sparks panic in Tennessee, police congratulate homeowner on creativity… Russian sub has destroyed several targets in #Syria with #Kalibr cruise missiles, the Russian MOD reported… Air Defense Force shoots down Israeli missile – report (VIDEO) Theresa May lays out #Brexit plans in Florence, Italy
Retweeted by RTDETAILS: Israel missile strike leads to fire at Damascus Airport, no casualties or disruptions reported… Israeli planes target #Hezbollah ammunition facility – report Polish and #NATO troops kicked off a massive exercise in northern Poland warplanes strike near Damascus airport – reports'I kicked his ass - it felt good!’ Swiss football president viciously attacks TV commentator (VIDEO) ⚽️🇨🇭👊…
Retweeted by RTTake a spacewalk with astronauts: RT to bring you 1st-ever 360-view video from open space plunging under pressure of Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown‘There’s nothing better than cats!' Watch Yandex's AI chat with Putin Ahmed Hassan, 18, charged with attempted murder over Parsons Green bombing >>
Retweeted by RTIran far more progressive state than many of US so-called ‘friends' (Op-Ed by @ShakdamC) of @PetroSoviet1917 executive committee consisting of SRs & Mensheviks resign in protest over rapid Bolshevizat…
Retweeted by RT‘Assassination’ of Ukraine by its own leaders: Ex-Crimean prosecutor wants to testify against Kiev offiсials…‘I will eat your liver in front of you’: Duterte’s most bizarre quotes & warnings's last stand: 4 things to expect from UK PM’s make-or-break #Brexit speech.
Retweeted by RTBREAKING: Russia hoax continues, now it's ads on Facebook - Trump
Retweeted by RTWhy life made me go through so much in so little time? To see if I withstand hard times? To see what I was made of? For experience?#1917LIVE
Retweeted by RTBREAKING: Madman Kim Jong Un will be tested like never before - Trump
Retweeted by RTMORE: Missiles hit assets of terrorist groups which attacked unit of Russian Military Police earlier this week - Mo… Uber loses its operating license in London >>
Retweeted by RTBREAKING: Russian submarine launches #Kalibr cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria – Russian MoD…