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Should #Bristol prove to be Ground Zero for a mass outbreak of coronavirus in #Britain, then the day Greta… left’s insistence on pushing #drag culture on children will only create resentment towards #queers - Sophia Nar… from inside #Fly540 plane shows pilot nail #emergency landing with just ONE ENGINE MORE:… failed in its effort to get #NATO support in #Syria, #Turkey is now left with the Hobson’s choice of retreat… day before signing historic deal with #Taliban, US sees ‘significant reduction’ in #Afghan violence…💪 Cheerleaders help the legislative assembly of Leningrad region warm up before a meeting
Retweeted by RTSo now we have NATO’s propaganda wing defending Ukraine’s neo-Nazi ‘Azov Battalion,’ using a piece written by a man… fire breaks out near iconic #Paris train station #GareDeLyon MORE: Large blaze erupts near a #Paris train station MORE:😳 I mean it's impressive... but why?!
Retweeted by RTUntil recently, many of us earthlings were blissfully unaware that our planet had gained a second moon MORE:…'Idlib escalation': Shelled #Turkish troops were among 'terrorists' in #Idlib - Russian MOD MORE:… bumps #coronavirus threat assessment to ‘very high’ global risk MORE: Checklist for #Turkey amid Idlib crisis: Condolences ✅ Solidarity ✅ Military aid ❌ #WHO bumps #coronavirus threat assessment to ‘very high’ global risk MORE: epidemic has also triggered vast epidemics of ideological viruses: fake news, paranoiac conspiracy the…👀 Deontay Wilder EXPOSED!
Retweeted by RT'The Voting Dead' might not make for great TV, but with the possibility it could sway an election, people need to t… of UNSC resolutions' demands is 'an uncompromising fight against terrorism in all its forms' & Russia 'cannot p… disinfects streets of #Ahvaz amid #CoronavirusOutbreak as death toll rises to 34 MORE:… 388 cases of the #coronavirus have been confirmed across #Iran British man who was on board the #quarantined cruise ship ‘Diamond Princess’ has died in Japan. It’s the first Br…
Retweeted by RT#BREAKING #BREAKINGonRT Iranian parliament suspends its work over #coronavirus spread“For the last 6 years, the population of India have been put under communal stress...the Modi government has prosec…
Retweeted by RTSyrian refugees run towards European border as #Turkey will no longer stop them. This is one of the country’s react… of Russian #gold abroad jumped eight-fold last year to $5.7 billion, with almost all of that volume purchased…
Retweeted by RTDozens arrested in #Ukraine over attack on Zhmerynka city council‘Admiral Grigorovich’ & ‘Admiral Makarov’ are on their way the White House is bought: No money, no run at the presidency Liverpool NOT guaranteed Premier League title if government order sports events cancellations due to coro…
Retweeted by RTThe current situation in #Syria is almost ripe for the #US foreign policy establishment, which has been dreaming of… & #Erdogan agreed 'to intensify relevant inter-agency consultations'⚽️ #UEFAEuropaLeague Round of 16 Draw: 🇹🇷 Istanbul vs. Copenhagen 🇩🇰 🇬🇷 Olympiacos vs. Wolves 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Ra…
Retweeted by RTAsylum-seekers march towards #Europe after #Turkey declares it will no longer hold them back…'We have fought #Russia 16 times in the past & we will fight it again' – #Erdogan’s adviser who is 'casual racist' now? NYP reporter @ebonybowden mocks veteran Indian journalist while sitting at #Trump m…👊🏼 Umar Nurmagomedov will join cousin Khabib at UFC 249! He faces unbeaten American Hunter Azure! 🔥 #UFC249
Retweeted by RT'It’s like there’s no upside ... in doing the job we’re supposed to do, which is to speak truth to power' – #ABC co… of Turkish soldiers killed in #Idlib airstrike by Syrian military MORE: pandemic?'Are you the real Putin?' Russian president debunks theories of him having a double, although once this topic did p…'s 'hope that #NATO would come to its defense seems groundless' – Russian senator group apologizes for parading as Nazi officers & concentration camp prisoners. The organizers claim they w… troops’ behavior in #Mali ‘makes people afraid, it makes tongues wag’ refugees run towards European border as #Turkey will no longer stop them officials will be spending their next two weeks at resort in an isolated mountainous area of the country… accepted! Taking down ‘would-be enemy’ in the darkness of night! continue protesting against migrant camps in #Lesbos comes after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed during an airstrike in #Idlib, medieval style! accomplished! The US finally tells the truth about its foreign policy - Darius Shahtahmasebi The airstrike happened when the Syrian Army was repelling a large-scale offensive by a terrorist group Hayat… the motherland! Comrade #Sanders and agent #Trump duke it out so Russia can reign supreme Turkish soldiers were together with ‘terrorist groups’ when they were hit by Syrian military – Moscow…🛢️ Black gold could lead to financial woes as one major bank predicts demand for crude will tank week since ‘08 crisis: #Indian stocks tumble as coronavirus fears grip global markets, plunging Sensex by ove… as much as politicians in the West believe #Putin is everywhere, he’s only in one place at any given time black hole causes biggest cosmic explosion in recorded history, leaving dent that could fit 15 Milky W… between 1.9 & 3.5 meters it wouldn’t have affected the tides, but for the past 3 years the Earth had a SECO…‘Aggressive designs’: #Pakistan blasts #India’s $3bn arms deal with Washington for ‘destabilizing already volatile… explosives with a hammer, what’s the worst that could happen? crisis is main security challenge for Europe - #OSCE chairperson-in-office Rama to RT media is wrong: #India isn’t losing its pluralistic ideas Op-Ed by Sagarneel Sinha… attack that killed Turkish soldiers was ‘also against NATO’, consultations to start tomorrow – #Erdogan’s pa… dive from the sky & gun down panicked enemy! Turkish VP says Damascus to pay ‘heavy price’ for ‘treacherous’ attack after 33 Turkish troops killed in…’s not the meteor of death people have been wishing for, but this footage out of #Arizona sure is pretty!… quack-checked! MSM dives for ‘Chinese duck army’ story as plague of locusts ravages #Pakistan air racing! 10 hours in the air, a distance of more than 400 kms at Nizhny Novgorod international festival, wi… misleading info causes #Italy more damage than the deadly virus itself - Italian FM'No longer in position to hold them': #Turkey says can’t contain Europe-bound #Syrian refugees amid Idlib flare-up… surgery: Patient plays violin during brain surgery to remove tumor, #London 5 or ‘Oh my gosh’? What will US do after #Turkish troops die in #Syria strike 33 Turkish soldiers confirmed killed in #Idlib airstrike as death toll continues to soar… of hands, who isn't going to be surprised if it ever gets revealed that #coronavirus is a bioweapon? Molson Coors shooter’s identity revealed: Accused company of racial bias, showed signs of paranoia before… tuk-tuk?! #Thailand's Bangkok got the answer!
The communists are angry, in other news, water is still wet. in social media BLACKOUT amid fears of all-out war in Syria helicopters strike targets near #Golan, injuring at least 3 #Syrian troops Turkey says death toll in #Idlib airstrike climbs to 29 other news, a wild fight breaks out in Kazakhstan National Park where two rabbits were filmed throwing pawnches…‘War of nerves’: #Turkey goes ‘all-in’ to stop Syrian advance in #Idlib but will it end up in all-out war?… keep getting richer, & the poor, poorer. Part of this is because of the financially incestuous nature… #Turkey says it's “responding” to the “illegitimate regime that has pointed the gun at our soldiers" wi… islanders strike for 2nd day over new #migrant camps as govt sees ‘no alternative’ author at Wired previously defended sex work, but now she lambasts those who watch digitized lewd content. Is it… adds fuel to #coronavirus panic by CANCELING 'in-person' part of developer conference… your breath! New Guinness World Record for swimming 180 meters UNDER THE ICE extremism or erasing history? 22 Turkish soldiers confirmed killed in #Idlib airstrike - governor… voila! A felony carrying a sentence of up to 10 years in prison turns into a misdemeanor with a term of only u… Turkish soldiers confirmed killed in #Idlib airstrike as #Erdogan chairs emergency meeting on #Syria wars. The US admits it wants other countries to fight while it maintains control of their resources - Darius… Russian version of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ is intense! insistence of #Amanpour that #journalists are some sort of special protected category betrays a fundamental mis…[Debate] Too woke for telly: Study finds minority groups are over-represented on television @TPointUK evidence of fraud in Bolivia’s 2019 election – MIT study the run up to 2016 @realDonaldTrump expressed his love for @wikileaks now he is preparing to throw its founder t… Mike have something to hide?