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RT, the global news network, broadcasts from Moscow, London, Paris and Washington studios to over 100 countries.

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Su-35: - armed with internal 30mm cannon - has 12 hardpoints with a combined capacity of 8,000kg - can reach a max… meter-long worms taking over French soil she tells you her parents aren’t home! traveler’s nightmare'Once they have a compromising video of you, that is enough for blackmail' derails after colliding with truck in northern Italy, near Turin, 2 killed, 18 injured on US-led coalition strikes on Syrian Army positions 'not consistent with reality' - Russian military source can still JOIN the photo colorization challenge! @Romanovs100 @marinamaral2 #Romanovs100NASA: Houston, we have a GO-PRO-blem! arriving for ‘demanding dialogue’ with Putin, but France is in poor position to dictate terms…'Nikki, Nikki can't you see? You are on a killing spree!'! pro-life campaigners accused of foreign interference in Irish abortion referendum 1: What are we gonna do with all these extra manhole covers? WORKER 2: … witnessed historic antimatter blast by flying into category 5 hurricane hits truck in Italy, leaving 2 people dead (PHOTOS) expels 2 top Venezuelan diplomats in tit-for-tat response two should get a room…!'Abnormal sound': US govt worker injury in China prompts comparisons to Cuba 'sonic attack' footage suggests something moving in Loch Ness (VIDEO) out! Desperate parents win lawsuit against 30yo son who refused to leave home Russia test launches four ‘Bulava’ ballistic missiles from an underwater position in the White Sea ‘alien’ worms taking over French territory coalition warplanes have bombed several #Syrian army positions in the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor…'Europe must buy our oil’: Iranian leader lays out demands for Europe to keep nuclear deal goes your deadline…! meets with families of MS-13 victims as media look the other way pro-life campaigners accused of foreign interference in Irish abortion referendum ‘disinvites’ China from Pacific Rim 2018 naval exercises over ‘militarization’ GRAPHIC! A crane SWINGS into an oncoming truck killing the driver and injuring a biker in China! opens WTO dispute over US steel & aluminum tariffs The airstrikes near the city of Al-Bukamal were reportedly coordinated with anti-government militants coalition warplanes have bombed several Syrian army positions in eastern Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor - SA… Suicide blast kills at least 4, injures 15 in Baghdad US-led strike hits government targets in Syria – state media blazing in Hurricane Patricia blasted antimatter at the Earth train pulling into station sparks panic (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) Nessie finally been filmed? Eerie footage shows Loch Ness activity (VIDEO)‘You sign off on genocide’: Protesters attack Haley over Palestine (VIDEO) blasted by police for ‘Inappropriate’ Manchester bombing documentary Musk's ‘Pravda’ to rate credibility of journalists & publications it a whistle, or…? This ‘special’ World Cup matryoshka is causing major blushes! joins Chemical Weapons Convention and 2 UN agencies despite threat of US funding cuts… 1,000 underage girls forced into sex slavery by migrant traffickers – Dutch report can’t block critics on Twitter, says federal Judge are suddenly defending conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren. Here’s why. she tells you her parents aren’t home! mouth and palling with Putin: The bizarre reasons Democrats want to impeach Trump dramatic emergency landing of A320 during heavy rain, strong wind Pentagon report raises alarm that US industry can’t support war for much longer'The amount of arms held by right-wing extremists and Reich citizens remains extremely worrying' student booed at graduation, chronicles 'harassment' at liberal college Houston, we have a GO-PRO-blem!
Predatory worms feast on earthworms and are all clones that reproduce asexually'...doesn't feel/look like path to war at all' - @NeriZilber‘Don’t be evil?’ RT explores fallout from Google’s new Pentagon partnership (VIDEO) Israeli Security Cabinet set to meet in underground bunker... to prevent leaks – reports… MEDIA: Polar bears rushing to learn Russian, create own hockey team - anonymous sources claim train, 11hrs & closed windows: RT heads to witness closure of North Korean nuclear test site… taxes on poor is a 'good thing' for 'those people' – billionaire Michael Bloomberg does #UCLFinal has to do with the UFC? Find out here...
Retweeted by RTSend us your nudes: Facebook’s strategy for fighting revenge porn 1: What are we gonna do with all these extra manhole covers? WORKER 2: …’re ‘light-years ahead’ of Obama admin on Russia - Pompeo'Let them go to a thousand thousand hells' - Israeli govt minister to EU protests in #India spark suspension of copper smelting plant’s expansion'...piercing the atmosphere from top to bottom with high-energy radiation' #antimatterNessie’s back! New footage appears to show ‘monster’ splashing in #LochNess (VIDEO, POLL) will ‘vanish from history’ & US will be ‘defeated’ - Iranian leader groundskeeper with terminal cancer set to become the first person to take #Monsanto to trial… fishy?: Peter Schmeichel sails the Baltic Sea at #WorldCup2018 host city Kaliningrad 🇷🇺🎣⚽️🌊 @Pschmeichel1
Retweeted by RTUS will end like Saddam Hussein did if it attacks Iran – Revolutionary Guards question US worth in Taliban fight as Pentagon watchdog admits ‘lack of progress’ two should get a room…! diplomats must be allowed access to Yulia #Skripal to know she’s not held forcibly – embassy… ‘united’ in decision to stick to Iran nuclear deal – German FM tries to bully the world into attacking Iran (Op-Ed by @RaniaKhalek ) US Middle East strategy has failed to win over hearts and minds'My President screams 'WITCH HUNT!' in the mornings, what does your President do?'