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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

Co-Director of Science House. Working hard to close the imagination gap. Futurist, writer, entrepreneur, advisor.

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Completely dazzled by almost unimaginable genius of Elena Ferrante. Starting over from the beginning. #ferrantefeverJust got even more Science House. House Scrabble.
How Einstein's theory of relativity changed everything
Retweeted by Rita J. King@adamclarkestes All of those symbols are glyphs. The word "foolproof" starts and ends with the glyph that symbolizes "unknown."@adamclarkestes the comment from HAL is about how perfect and foolproof his model is. He will never make a mistake.That comment from HAL (see last tweet) is about how perfect and foolproof his model is. He will never make a mistake. cc @Grady_BoochJust accidentally copied & pasted a comment from HAL 9000 in Imagination Age font. I feel closer to the singularity. The technium doesn't need that many people.For what grievous offense are the turkeys being pardoned?@WeizmannInst @WeizmannScience @edyong209 that's great! I'd love to see a link to the piece.
@Entrepreneur That title was given to me by NASA Langley's think-tank and it grew from there. I never would have "self-proclaimed" it. 2/2@Entrepreneur I love when you publish my work but please change "self-proclaimed futurist." 1/2I can't wait to read @brainpicker's review of ‘Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs,’ by @lirarandall! hours into a lecture about the history of software architecture at Science House. Wish you were here @Grady_Booch.Learning about "planning poker" in depth at Science House today.
Being a futurist for @SciEntEx is absurdly fun.
I can't help but laugh at how my father would have reacted to seeing this when I was a tween. @PixarInsideOut I agree. Inside Out is one of the best movies of all time.And above the Chrysler Building #nyc will check that out, thank you!@alexanderchee That sounds productive and efficient.@alexanderchee I can't believe it's 2015 and we still don't understand social media.This sounds like a vetting/hiring blunder with a social media manifestation. Not a "social media blunder." @JosephSteinberg "social media blunder" implies that the thinking is okay as long as he didn't tweet it.@Inc @JosephSteinberg that's a vetting/hiring blunder with a social media manifestation.Happy creative weekend, everybody.'s bold push into genetically customized animals (thanks @journal__club!) #crispr
This Is Why It's Hard to Recognize a Black Hole by @Summer_Ash
What makes a great team culture? TED UX Lead @aweyenberg tells us: and
#Radiation blasts leave most Earth-like planet uninhabitable @warwickuni
Retweeted by Rita J. KingFirst immersion in a giant data center makes me feel all singularity inside.@misitemd Thank you! I look forward to seeing you soon.Participating in a moment of silence for Ludo Boumbas, hero who took a bullet to save woman's life in Paris attacks client put this Churchill poster up at our workshop. Love it.
concert @echostage everyone All races, religions, tribes & walks of life. #SleepingWithSirens #alltimelow need more
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@hoffmanpaul let's go get @pickover sometime and bring him to Science House.@nytcorneroffice I would love to invite you to Science House. We specialize in visualizing culture and leadership development for orgs/teams@Penenberg @nytimes Yes, I agree with that. The rigor and discipline are extreme, but possible.@Penenberg @nytimes poor editing and slipshod reporting are also problems, but not the same problem as inherent bias, a human inevitability.@Penenberg @nytimes When Fukushima happened I consulted to many different media outlets because I understood spent fuel rods and more.@Penenberg @nytimes I covered the nuclear industry for several years with no prior experience. Had to learn from scratch how to "see" it.@Penenberg @nytimes I have mixed feelings. Sometimes familiarity can lead to habit and blinders.@authorsahunt @ScrivenerApp @GramrgednAngel @lisajanicecohen an error message told me to delete it and download it again from the App Store@GramrgednAngel @authorsahunt @lisajanicecohen thank you! I have accessed the backup.@BenedictEvans not just is a challenge to balance but it's partly because our ideologies, goals and realities aren't aligned.@BenedictEvans Twitter sometimes too short to convey context.@BenedictEvans yes, the point is that the communications were encrypted, not explicit. That's what I meant.@BenedictEvans interesting. Will read, thanks.@BenedictEvans of course. But the history of warfare tells us that explicit comms are uncommon and foolish.@BenedictEvans PS. I'm not saying I'm a crypto-advocate. Just careful about assumptions.@BenedictEvans How do you know who they are in advance? The assumption that they are being explicit in emails is a big one.@jackschofield that's what I ended up doing. No such thing as too paranoid when it comes to a manuscript. @ScrivenerApp@juliangough thank you for the info. Haven't solved it but also haven't lost my work so that's all that matters. @ScrivenerAppThank you, everybody who responded about @ScrivenerApp. I have accessed the files and I'm manually backing up the whole work.@GramrgednAngel @ScrivenerApp @IlanaCT @ScrivenerCoach thank you. This is a huge emergency for me and I need help.@ScrivenerCoach I don't know what to do and it's a huge emergency for me. Can you help?@ScrivenerCoach scrivener just crashed with my entire book in it and the error message says to delete it and download again from app store.Anyone who uses @ScrivenerApp? It just crashed and told me to delete it and my entire book is in there. I need help.@ScrivenerApp I'm having a huge Scrivener emergency. The app crashed with my entire book in it and says it's damaged. Need help right now.@JoyceCarolOates how do you choose from among the applicants?
@stylinfunk @desireedawns that is *not* a current picture of Paris@KJP @Benioff that picture of Paris is *not* from tonight.
Social media truly reveals the full spectrum of the human condition during a crisis.The @WolframResearch code one-liner contest includes an honorable mention for a @nytimes word cloud. I love that you favorited that tweet.Graceland sells gold earrings with Elvis' personal logo, a lightning bolt and "TCB," (taking care of business). Wearing mine today.
@nytDeniseGrady @NYTHealth can a uterus be implanted into a man??Does this mean men can *finally* have it all too?"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the gathering of the Peabody ducks." Most real life Wes Anderson thing ever!
Christie's 'Artist Muse' sale nets $491.4 M., led by $170.4 M. Modigliani, 2nd-highest price ever at auction
Retweeted by Rita J. King$5.9 million *per square foot* Birthday to the one and only artist and inventor, #hedylamarr. magician and his dimples. @PrakashPuru, thank you for making Science House magical. I almost fell out of my chair. And can we talk about the title Gifted Hands?@MrClement I don't know why I stopped reading from Pocket. I should go back to it.@Grady_Booch I see what you did there@nachofiesta and the Eddie Munster hairline@nachofiesta my favorite part of the painting is the big firm hand on the shoulderThrilling news for amphorae lovers. else feel like reading articles on an iPhone is almost impossible now because you can't scroll past an ad without it loading?Once you learn about ants you'll see human leadership very differently! @CuriosityReviewI want to live on Mars now, thanks @mgsiegler! It's not a one-way love affair. The Met loves you back for bringing it to life in the imaginations of so many people.
A timeline of the revolution in higher education: @cetesse @flat_world @cshirky @pmarca @timoreillyAt @flat_world and @ScienceHouse, we did notice. Check out @cshirky @cetesse 2/2“The digital revolution in higher education has already happened. No one noticed.” by @cshirky /Medium 1/2@austinkleon is that a reference to Art Addict because it made my blood boil, starting off talking about Peggy Guggenheim's nose.@cshirky read and love your piece about revolution in higher ed! Did you see my @cetesse
@GloriaFallon123 my mother always says "wherever you go, there you are."
"If you don’t understand the heart-and-star reference, let me congratulate you on having a life...." Okay, @nytimes. can we learn new things and keep pace with the world? @RitaJKing explores: #futureready
Retweeted by Rita J. KingTwitter replaces favorites w/ likes because favorites was "confusing." It was one of the best things about Twitter.
Day two, readers from 50 countries! @cetesse @flat_world just happened @Tim_OConnell ultimate Mystery Jar: a deck of cards in a glass bottle. @PrakashPuru at Science House! friends: I have a couple of seats available for a private magic show at Science House this afternoon. Let me know if interested!@moorehn Ben Carson thinks most Americans are stupid. @diggThis is so great, @rossdawson! Top female futurists from around the world. makes me so happy to hear that...check out, published yesterday!
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