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European Court of Human Rights hears case of jailed Kurdish leader Selahattin #Demirtas"This was an Iranian attack." US Secretary of State Mike #Pompeo arrives in #SaudiArabia to discuss response to wee… names hostage negotiator O’Brien national security advisor“The #Saudi attacks are not acceptable and impose threats on the entire region,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guter… #SaudiArabia shares evidence linking #Iran to #Aramco oil facility attack US President Donald Trump orders government to 'substantially increase' sanctions on Iran President meets KRG leaders to 'guarantee rights' for Kurds in Baghdad elections body rejects 'Kirkuk is Kurdistani' name for joint Kurdish party list factories seek financial support from KRG to build on Iraq market motorists blocking paramedics on their route to an emergency cause delays that can be life-threatening heads to Saudi Arabia after US blames Iran for drone strikes
Mending fences: #Iraq’s President Salih leads #Baghdad delegation to #Erbil tensions could raise oil price ‘dramatically’: analyst #Russia, #Damascus regime take aim at northeast #Syria’s autonomy Kurds dispute Turkish plans to resettle ‘non-indigenous’ refugees want #ISIS captives to face international tribunal on Syrian soil Sex industry grows in #Iran’s Kurdish region under US sanctions Region’s President @IKRPresident attends ceremony for unveiling the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. motorists endanger lives by obstructing ambulances Supreme Leader rules out any negotiation with Washington President @RT_Erdogan serves figs to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President @HassanRouhani‘You live’: Kurdish woman founds suicide prevention org after losing teenage son leader al-Baghdadi announces move to ‘benevolence and fairness’ in new speech Mural Festival: Changing the image of the troubled town of #Dersim, southeast of #Turkey morning! #Kurdish nomads traveling with their herds to the snow-topped Qandil mountains on the Iraq-Iran borde…
Russian, Turkish, Iranian leaders say political solution for Syria ‘in our power’ at Ankara summit As the world shifts towards renewable energy, so should Kurdistan sue French foreign minister over children stuck in Syria artists pay visit of homage to veteran actor Omer Chawshin SEE MORE: 📸 Mohammed Sh… Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today arrived in Baghdad for talks with the Iraqi government and the leader… mull joint list for #Nineveh provincial elections Muzur Mural Festival: Changing the image of a troubled town industry grows in #Iran’s Kurdish region under US sanctions #Iraq PM Abdul-Mahdi takes phone call from US Secretary of State #Pompeo after Baghdad denies attack on… #Turkey-#PKK peace talks would bolster #Syria security: ICG’s farmers find lifeline in low-cost sesame crop #farming #agriculture ‘locked and loaded’ after #Saudi attacks as oil prices surge morning! A herd of wild goats in #Erbil's Barzan area. 📸 Sabr Dri
UPDATED: An SDF response condemns the Syrian government's "unfounded accusations," says the letter seeks to "mislea…, Rouhani, Erdogan to discuss Syrian crisis in Ankara SDF operating as part of US, Israeli ‘schemes’: Syrian gov't to UN parliament speaker calls on presidential push for long-awaited constitution first, Iraq signs deal to plug into Gulf power grid Nemrut in Bitlis pulls in tourists from Europe and beyond SEE MORE: 📸 AA denies attack on #Saudi #Aramco facility originated from its territory strikes deal to renovate two ruined power stations #Syria’s farmers find lifeline in low-cost sesame crop S-400 purchase could severely limit #Turkey’s future airpower Drone attack on #Saudi #Aramco oil facility was not launched from #Iraq: PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi Photo: Pl… #Iraq’s Health and Environment Minister resigns, says media campaign and corruption allegations made posi… engineer becomes famed woodcarver in the Kurdish city of Saqiz in #Iran's #Kurdistan province… camps in Sulaimani closed as families return home Arabia: Drone attacks knocked out half its oil supply Photos: AP morning! This photo was taken by Sidar Can Eren/ Anadolu Agency in the Kurdish province of Dersim, southeast…
In the election, the party’s General Council and Executive Body were also reelected. Ali secured the post of party…"Hamza bin Laden, the high-ranking al-Qaeda member and son of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a United States counte… ‘unequivocally’ expects Baghdad to implement Iran sanctions: Treasury official gas and electricity payment mechanism yet to be finalised: official rebukes Turkish government's ‘black propaganda’ against the party Saqiz engineer becomes famed woodcarver, China, US are options for Iraq air defense system boost: MP airstrikes in Qandil kill 2 PKK fighters: local sources Sayid Ali was today re-elected General Coordinator of Change Movement (Gorran) during the party's local electi… attacks strike major Saudi Aramco facility, oilfield morning! Nature of Balakayati area in #Erbil province. 📸 Mohammed Murad Akoyi
Ex-Turkey premier promises new political party #ISIS plans to seize Iraqi cities: Kurdistan Region VP How could the #PKK modernize its forces? The scorecard since 9/11’s al-Nuri mosque restoration to begin early 2020: UNESCO Iraqi displaced no one wants
Roadside bomb kills at least 4, injures 13 in Diyarbakir province: official overflights continue in northern Syria as Erdogan threatens to act unilaterally border crossing to reopen after nearly 30 years's gourmet grilled fish reels in #Kurds from across Iraq-Iran border MP Firsat Sofi elected first new Erbil governor in 15 years Timing of 2020 census bodes ill for Kurds in Iraq organises Iran visit to 'assess preparations' for female fans PUK official wants to make #Kurdistan 'green' blocked Wikipedia in April 2017, accusing it of being part of a “smear campaign” against Turkey, after the w… morning! A Little Owl (Athene noctua) in the Kurdish province of #Diyarbakir in Northern #Kurdistan, Turkey.…
Iran urges US to ‘put warmongers aside’ after Bolton firing delegation to head to Baghdad for 2020 budget talks Once Upon a Time in Westminsterwood?'s gourmet grilled fish reels in Kurds from across Iraq-Iran border fires at unidentified drone above one of its Saladin headquarters for KRG-Baghdad revenue handover deal running out: Iraq oil minister PUK official wants to make Kurdistan 'green' US sanctions target Iran, ISIS, others Most Americans don’t want their troops to leave Syria Morning! A young boy beats his chest and back as elders do during a procession on the tenth day of Muharram, w…
US-led coalition forces hit 37 ISIS targets in Saladin in crimes against humanity, Iran’s chief justice ushers in climate of fear court backs earlier judicial ruling to free Demirtas conditionally Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr met today with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and Quds For… high-profile Gorran leaders resign, claim party has deviated from its ideals dead, over 100 wounded in Ashura ceremony stampede in Karbala US President Donald Trump has fired National Security Adviser John Bolton, as Trump and other White Hous… female soccer fan dies after setting herself on fire governor Nawzad Hadi steps down, former MP assumes post