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Russian-Turkish ties should not be harmed, #Turkey's Foreign Minister says as Ankara and Moscow continue to coopera… The lack of donors and specialist transplant facilities has led to a boom in human trafficking, where d…'s hardliners have barred many moderate candidate from running in the country's parliamentary elections. How optimistic are you about the future of #Kurdistan Region?Trump calls on #Russia to end its support for the #Syrian regime’s “atrocities” leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah calls on #Lebanese citizens to boycott products made in United States as p… If Baghdad pushes ahead with buying reconnaissance aircraft, this could be another indicator that #Iraq i… morning from #Kurdistan Region! A brown bear on Gara Mountain, just 50 kilometers (31 miles) northeast of…’s Bashar al-Assad vows to take control of all Syrian territories as forces loyal to the regime make signific… death toll from the coronavirus epidemic in #China has surpassed 1,700, with more than 70,000 people infected —… President of United States Donald Trump has thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a telephone conve… leaders at the Munich Security Conference launched an oversight committee that will ensure pledges for an arm… Students in Tahrir square continued their strike against the Iraqi government on Sunday morning, Bag…
Kurds, Sunni Arabs fear exclusion from Iraq’s new cabinet At least one Kurdish Kolbar killed, 6 injured by Iranian border guards This is a developing story protesters rally for one of their own to become PM analysis by @pauliddon: Has Iraq’s military ‘gone Russian’? shortages haunt #IDP camp in northern #Syria caused massive spike in Iraq’s poverty rate latest from @lawkGhafuri interested in developing relations with KRG in energy sector: PM Barzani FM @MevlutCavusoglu describes his meeting with #KRG PM @masrour_barzani on the sidelines of #MSC as being… cold heaps misery on #Iraq, #Kurdistan Region’s neglected #IDPs triple divorce (-talaq-i-bid’ah) is a controversial Islamic practice whereby a husband can end a marriage b… Region’s Prime Minister Masrour Barzani convenes with Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu at the #MSC2020, discu… winter places extra strain on already basic medical services in northern #Syria! Talaq! Talaq! SDF denies involvement in recent skirmish in #Syria’s Idlib, Halab and surrounding areas — affiliated ou… Heavy snowfall over the past month has turned the mountainous areas of Erbil province into a winter won… Katyusha rockets land inside #Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone are collapsing under heavy snowfall, IDPs in #Kurdistan Region face freezing conditions with little help morning! Sarkapkan valley in #Sulaimani's Ranya district. February 13, 2020. 📸 Mohammed Mrad Akoyi
Tents belonging to protesters set ablaze in #Iraq’s Tahrir Square, Baghdad (📷 @laithjarala)., daughter and advisor to the President of the United States @realDonaldTrump looks graceful as she vi… of Iraqi ISIS fighters to be moved to Nineveh from Syria’s Al-Hol: official“I repeatedly told him ‘I only have you in my life. Please come back and stay by my side’. But he did not agree. It… Reimagining and modernizing Kurdish education: responsibility and hope request to sing in #Kurdish on #Turkish TV sparks pride and pain. #OSesTürkiye Read more:… or development: Can Kurdish cement boom balance both? Washington fed up with #Iraq? athlete braves #snow and icy waters contestant in a singing show asks for permission to sing in his mother tongue, attracting widespread debat… Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reveals plan to promote gender equality in the country with 30% of administ… Region’s Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and Russian FM Sergey Lavrov convene on the sidelines of the Mun… When we try to report the weather 🤦🏽‍♀️ First coronavirus fatality in Europe as #France confirms death of Chinese tourist — French media. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and #Kurdish Prime Minister Masrour Barzani convene on the sidelines of the Munic… Turkish delegation will attend Moscow talks on #Syria — Turkish FM cars glide above Korek mountain, 90 kilometers east of #Erbil. February 15, 2020. Turkish Atlas Global Airlines has filed for bankruptcy, rendering all of its flights cancelled — TCAA. PM Barzani warns of ISIS threat in the region while meeting with senior White House officials death toll for coronavirus outbreak in #China exceeds 1500 — AA. #Valentine’s Day in #Iraq, a country where religion is often used to restrict freedoms morning from #Kurdistan Region! Nature of Qaradagh area in #Sulaimani province. February 14, 2020. 📸 Amanj O…
Turkish army deploys reinforcements to its troops positioned inside #Syria as President Erdogan issues threats to B… you’re a weatherman ❄️ in #Kurdistan Region, expect the unexpected! two met for the first time on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, before which US Secretary of Ene… buy and sell teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons for #ValentinesDay in Tehran - despite Iranian media re… @KarwanFaidhiDri 's interview with Syrian Democratic Forces spokesperson Mustafa Bali here:… The helicopter's downing comes days after another regime chopper was shot down in neighboring Idlib provinc…"I did not tell him that I was blind ... I swear by Allah he is a liar" government helicopter downed in rural area west of Aleppo – Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency reports Asli Erdogan was an occasional columnist for pro-Kurdish newspaper Ozgur Gundem, which Turkish authorities… losses are estimated by the dealers to be anywhere between $400,000 and $500,000."Mustafa Bali, spokesperson for the SDF, told Rudaw English on Thursday the Kurdish forces do not have any formal r… bylaws adopted by the PUK's Leadership Council include a requirement that women occupy at least 25% of decision… fired at Kirkuk military base hosting US troops thursday night: security sources
Interview: SDF has ‘understandings’ with Syrian regime, not relations, Mustafa Bali tells @KarwanFaidhiDri Security forces searched the area and discovered a launch pad containing 11 unfired rockets women march in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square to demand equality #Iraq’s establishment parties must back Allawi’s new cabinet Kirkuk’s K1 base hosting US troops comes under rocket attack, US security official tell Rudaw Security Conference: #ISIS poses ‘continued threat’ says PM Barzani candidates start campaigns for parliamentary elections North London GP practice closes due to coronavirus. women march in solidarity with anti-government protests that have been ongoing for months in #Baghdad (📷 soci… Turkey’s minister of defense Hulusi Akar says his country is prepared to use force against ‘radicals’ no… militants kill Peshmerga soldier, Iraqi army soldier and one civilian in latest attack feminist women march in #Baghdad against institutional corruption, waving flags, chanting nationalist slogans.'s opposition IYI party's deputy chair resigns, claims expectations of activating Turkish nationalism fell s… up: Rudaw's @HemenAbdulla reports from Jerusalem, inside the al-Aqsa mosque, segment highlights Donald Trump… Peshmerga's 80th Command Forces graduate from training sees Krekar as a threat to its national security but refused to return him to #Kurdistan Region on the ground… migrants freeze to death on #Turkey-#Iran border first case of #coronavirus has been confirmed in London, bringing the total number of cases in United Kingdom t… morning! Heavy snowfall blankets #Duhok province this morning! 📸 Rudaw States has granted #Iraq a 45-day sanctions waiver enabling the country to continue importing vital Iranian… province government offices are closed today due to snow - Duhok's city mayor cites safety of employees as re…
Iraqi army launches new anti-ISIS op – without coalition or PMF backing does London’s Iraqi diaspora think of new PM Allawi? blames #Turkey for recent #Syria regime clashes in #Idlib group urges northwest #Syria truce to avoid ‘bloodbath’’s FM has blamed Turkey for not adhering to the 2018 deconfliction deal between Ankara and Moscow on Syria —… FM: “Sweden and the EU have expressed to #Turkey on several occasions the fact that journalists and human a… military convoy comes under attack from civilians and militias loyal to President Bashar Assad’s regime in… immersed in rural #Kurdish culture on #Rudaw's 'Bloom' States military vehicles pelted with rocks as they pass through the countryside in #Syria’s Khirbet Amo vill… has twelve observation posts in the northern province of Idlib, some of which are now surrounded by Syrian… threat unabated in #Diyala province’s ‘security vacuum’: #Kurdish officials Syrian media outlets report United States carrying out multiple raids on villages in the Qamishli countr… is a weekly Rudaw show which introduces young people from the #Kurdistan Region and across the globe to Kurdi…