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The National Alternative: Initiative by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director Savitri Era Learning Forum. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

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Marketime: All States of India must be granted nationhood @NathTusar @tufailelif
Karnataka Election results prove that the Constitution of India has become infructuous. All States of India must be… Varna provides an alternative vision to sameness and diversity @NathTusar Hindutva bigots have built a constituency of obliging dunces @NathTusar
Marketime: Distinguishing violent crimes from hate crime @NathTusar @IndiaSpend This mire m… Ekta Kapoor's unadulterated regressive trash @NathTusar @BucketheadCase This mir…
Marketime: Kampili and Vakrangee, Sucheta and Shefali @NathTusar @suchetadalal @ShefVaidya We remain indebted to Shourie for true scholarship @NathTusar @auldtimer This mi…
Marketime: Westerners are cultural & religious supremacists @NathTusar @viryavaan
Marketime: Hindu sphere yet to produce a coherent alternative @NathTusar @i_contemplate_ Th… The freedom you use is itself a cultural product and non-universal @NathTusar Th…
Marketime: Golwalkar decimated our prejudices @NathTusar @MakrandParanspe @shantprakash Thi…दलित शब्द के इस्तेमाल पर RSS ने रोक लगाई दलित शब्द का इस्तेमाल नहीं करेंगे स्वयंसेवक भाजपा नेता शांत प्रकाश जाटव…
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party @tufailelif Each constituency electing one man and one woman is the best formula for deepening of Democracy and dep… New autocrats maintain a façade of democracy @NathTusar @ashoswai
Marketime: Humans may not care much about making rational decisions @NathTusar #Tagore This… Terrorism has always relied on the highly educated @NathTusar @pratyasharath Thi…
Marketime: Deleuze suppressed references to the Platonic tradition @NathTusar This mire mus… of Possible Development of a World-Union of Free and Independent Nations
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyMarketime: We respect power and make a big show of respecting goodness @NathTusar #SriAurobindo #SavitriEra
Marketime: Democracy is about largest minority #SriAurobindo @NathTusar @SwapnaUdayana Remembering Tagore, Ashok Mitra, Bhagat Singh, and Hannah Arendt #SriAurobindo @NathTusarMarketime: Hindutva intellectuals continue to ignore Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the Veda @NathTusar
Marketime: Gandhi, Jinnah, Marx, and Taleb Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar, Direc…
Marketime: India needs Gandhian nuance and sophistication Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra… Failure to see multiple contexts simultaneously Savitri Era Learning Forum, Ship…
Marketime: We have to see Gandhi in his own context Savitri Era Learning Forum, SRA-102-C S… The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's spiritual power behind Churchill Savitri Era Learni…
Marketime: Some deep and seismic change has to take place Savitri Era Learning Forum, Shipr…श्रीअरविंद जी ने उनकी God's Labour कवितामें अपने कार्यकी झलक प्रस्तुत की जिसे पढनेसे पता होता है की महर्षि श्रीअर…
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyMarketime: Indians are the most collectivist group of people #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa
Marketime: Shourie, Mehta, Yadav, Ansari, and Elst #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa #FiveDreams Idea of World-Union As an Alternative to a World-State
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartySavitri Era Religious Fraternity: How yoga should be a part of our being 24x7 Savitri Era L… Mirabilis: Locating the most authentic source is a crucial task #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Open Forum: Vivekananda is the vital link between Bankimchandra and Sri Aurobindo… @IndiLover1 @davidfrawleyved I have tended to look at Aurobindo, RL Kashyap and to an extent Vidyarthi. And Vamadev…
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party @Auro_Mere @Sanjays81301051 @SheelaRawal @omram1206 Sri Aurobindo had the mettle to reduce me from a hyper-intellec…
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Liberalism in #India – a reading list #liberty
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Savitri Era: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo signify Evolution and Revolution #SriAurobindo Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005): Gnostic Centre, Savitri Bhavan, SACAR, SAFIC, and Esalen courses…
Tension between the individual and society is well recognised to which Democracy and Modernity add a third dimensio… Bhavan: May 2018 Sun 10.30–12.00: Savitri Mon & Tue 3-4pm: Jai Singh Tue, Fri, Sat 4-5pm: Gangalakshmi Tue…[Maqbool Hasan Khan (1938-2018) lived and breathed Shakespeare. He considers Iqbal that of the exalted self. He als… Psychology - online course starts on 2nd June 2018 - Sign up NOW (
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Outstanding piece Josh Marshall on Ulysses S. Grant and fine writing:
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party[Alphonso Lingis: “Go outside on a starry night and get a sense for the vastness of the universe...Your brain is wi…
[As for the playlet, The Ascent to Truth, it grew out of a painting made by the Mother of the Hall of Aspiration. (… 24, 1920: The Mother returned to Pondicherry to help establish the Sri Aurobindo Ashram on November 24, 1926.…
Many on Twitter dole out the impression that they have better understanding of things since they are inheritors of… for greatness of a past civilisation is so great that people are almost blind to present imperfections. For… @sanjeevsanyal Sri Aurobindo thought about this a century back and created a body of knowledge available today in 3… and spiritual elements occur in all religious traditions and The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are appreciative of…
Kuhn said, [science itself evolves and is far from absolute; must be understood the context in which its theories a… Mother's works span over thirty volumes, yet none of our intellectuals (including women) find anything of value… @SavitriEraParty All those who lament about being under a false and overrated image of Gandhi don't muster courage…
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyA century before 1992 when Babri Masjid was demolished to make way for proposed temple for Ram, Sri Aurobindo start… Aurobindo marshalling Vedic hermeneutic as a firm substratum for ethics and aesthetics has unearthed millennia… The Basis of Life
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyMythology fosters anachronism, hagiography, and a retrograde mentality. Science has no clear explanations for mysti… women are doing admirable and valiant jobs on Twitter but often seem overenthusiastic and shrill. Obviously, e…
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party[arithmetic is far beyond all effective theories. It is important to understand that mechanism is a vaccine agents…
@SavitriEraParty Kireet Joshi was Educational Advisor to Gujarat CM during 2008-10 and today, one can conceive of M…
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyWelcome developments, if true. Criticism on this score by the leftists and being lax on Hindutva front by the hawks… well read and well meaning persons use such obscure usernames and repulsive DPs that their tweets suffer from… Mother & Sri Aurobindo seek to repair the human imperfection; the problem is universal and the solution they ga…[Relics installation day, Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018: Sri Aurobindo Adhyayana Kendra, Rajgangpur (Odisha) and Matrubih…
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party[A bridge between Romanticism and Modernism, Matthew Arnold (24 December 1822 – 15 April 1888) was the son of Thoma…
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[Writing the village, becoming the nation: The work of Manoj Das. M Ratti - The Journal of Commonwealth Literature,…
Retweeted by Savitri Era PartyI added a video to a @YouTube playlist 03 Richard Hartz_AVR-SACAR_Vedanta–In the Light of Sri Aurobindo
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party @Sanjays81301051 @AuroSociety Please check facts about The Mother booklet; it's a compilation. [Written in 1927 and… @ely_sad @vagheesh @Danethy2 @Yggdrasil_Norse @VogonPoem @Bhikshuu @SirJambavan @Indosphere @kkdr611 @Hiranyareta
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party[Sri Aurobindo’s Vedic understanding of reality as evolving consciousness provides a fascinating perspective. In th…
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party[Julian Huxley (22 June 1887 – 14 February 1975): evolutionary biologist and internationalist. His brother was writ…
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The beauty of Democracy is that despite conceding political power to one who has been elected by the majority, it v…[Erasmus (28 October 1466 – 12 July 1536): Prince of Humanists] [Erasmus Darwin (12 December 1731 – 18 April 1802):…
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Panel discussion on Protest Music dovetails into opposing political leaders and it's interesting to hear politics i…