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Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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In the absence of effective communication much that happen remain in the zone of speculation. RSS somehow prefers this hush hush functioningDo you notice how diehard Modi supporters have suddenly woken up against Yogi? It's all sponsored by Modi camp to ease him out or discredit.What a read. Choice of Indigenous would b decided by Golwalkar or Aurobindo ? Must read
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Retweeted by Tusar sir @tufailelif It's merely showing the double standards that secularists have towards the Hindus. Please dont take it personally.
Retweeted by Tusar sir @dhume Who says they didnt expect criticism or wanted to avoid it? Is there ever anything that is not criticized by someone or the other?
Retweeted by Tusar sirReligious teaching belongs to the past and arrests progress. #TheMother #IntegralYoga #Religion #Spirituality
Retweeted by Tusar sirThe Constitution of India doesn't make any Religion a necessity or value judges them. But a section of population is out to impose on othersYogi is a sadhak, not a politician. He won't compromise like Ramdev or resort to sleight and like V.P. Singh will resign on slightest slight
Retweeted by Tusar sir @ThinkersPad @tufailelif I do not understand what Tufail ji has said wrong. Why outrage. Religion must be away from governance.
Retweeted by Tusar sirRSS wishes to reinforce the Monarchy model by bypassing Parliament, Judiciary, and Elections. Everything can be settled through "consensus."People in general have no idea as to what exactly role of an elected representative is. So no one bothers about qualities or qualifications.Strangely, no rebuttals or clarifications from SAES ! [Savitri Era Open Forum: Mist persists on Mirambika imbroglio] was General Secretary of BJP before being offered CM's chair on a platter in 2001. He didn't earn people's mandate; was a manipulator. @TrueIndology @SanjivDas74 Sri Aurobindo was born in Kolkata on August 15, 1872; was an accused in Alipore Bomb Case Modi RSS was admirably wary of personal charisma and focused on agenda. Surrendering ideals to political expediency will prove costlyYes @dhume 's support was unconditional. He asked no questions, just worshipped at the altar. He mislead with docto…
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Two MPs of Odisha are fighting as if they were responsible for BJD retaining power all these years. They forget that they are just ciphers.Tweets of Modi supporters are superfluous for all practical purposes. Ear for those few independent voices outside echo-chamber is essential @dhume I respect your scholarship and judgement but disagree with perception on Modi. Country needs your critical views once in a blue moon. @dhume Hope, you are saying it in earnest. Btw, your support for Modi has misguided thousands of people and that's perhaps the original sin.Belonging to a particular Religion may be a legal description but given human nature what it is no person really remains confined to a faithVenom against Islam is common on Twitter but when it comes to ground realities, it's hard to find a Muslim conforming to those abstractions.Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hegel's lifelong fascination with India assumes that everything has already been told in the past and there is nothing to add. This stops creativity, ingenuity, and will.SM facilitates dissemination of opinion and access to dissenting voices. Blocking such critical views is like living in a windowless room.Intellectuals mortgaging their brains to the ruling party and abdicating their duties to instruct the public ring alarm bells for Democracy.Winning elections won't make any difference to the country unless higher education becomes common and reasoned arguments replace propaganda.Hardly anyone in the Hindutva camp who has studied philosophy at the undergraduate level. Reason why Critical reason is in such short supplySocial issues are not good or bad electives; involve diverse ramification and complexities. Looking at them through religious lens is flawed
[Please find attached a web-banner and a link to Facebook event page: Hegel's India: A Reinterpretation, with Texts] to proactively vote for first-timers so that new blood and new enthusiasm is infused into politics leading to genuine nation-building @murlignosis @kalisbrood Critical comments: High flown English, Weighed down by negatively towards the West. Too many concepts for newcomer.[pseudo scientific community of healers have to be questioned for their understanding of how medical sciences work.]
Nariman's diagnosis may be a bit too alarmist but not without basis. He also brings Yogi into focus than a fake Modi. Up to Yogi to leverageBeing from UP & UK, Yogi can outmaneuver Modi and create an all-India profile. He is authentic, Modi is fake. But has to shed saffron robes.Yogi was never Modi's choice; was deprived of the honour of being CM candidate prior to the election, thus failing to earn popular mandate. @k_bhairav No leader can stand the way Yogi has started functioning. His wings will be clipped, sooner than later. Then cold war will begin.Yogi is a sadhak, not a politician. He won't compromise like Ramdev or resort to sleight and like V.P. Singh will resign on slightest slightGroundswell of support for Yogi must have unnerved Modi. May prod Yogi to make mistakes; then throw him out destroying his career for ever.BJP will be more responsible and civil in power than when in opposition. Being out of power is good for Congress to develop bones and brain.Modernity Is bad, West is bad, English is bad, Science is bad, Secularism is bad, Liberalism is bad, Scholarship is bad: Dangerous mentalityA tweet should be judged on its own right and technology allows ready dissemination by RT. Despite merit in content, the author is boycottedJealousy and false pride is so rampant in India that people are reluctant to follow (which is not following, in actuality) or share by RT. @TheAlohaSlav @yugaparivartan [Let your grand-daughter live in a hut in my village, tend goats all day & sing poems] and technology-aversion of Indians in the past resulted in foreign occupation for centuries. My tablet and Twitter are both foreign @vinod_sharma @Ymethink How long you will complain? We are eager to know what corrective steps have been taken by the Govt during last year.Being prisoners of local culture, vast sections of Indians have not tasted fruits of Modernity yet. Hindutva will further put the clock backBJP is in Govt and raising concern on minor matters is unwarranted. We are used to excesses in India and so waiting for a few years is fine.Those romanticise environment and village living fail to notice their hypocrisy. Similarly indigenous knowledge system of tribals is a hoax.A false notion Democracy feeds is what the masses say is right. Majority rule is merely an authorisation; can't be extended to every action.Airlines refusing to fly a person is arm twisting and outright fascist. Even a murderer can't be refused and a minister escorted terrorists.Young generation can benefit best by integrating the lead of MRP with YY. Anything less would be parochial, partial, and inconsequential.Gandhi-Nehru-Tagore-Ambedkar brand of Modernity has locked horns with Mythology-based Hindutva-bandwagon, but the solution is Sri Aurobindo.
Evolution sparingly adopts crooked means to achieve its goal. Democracy is helpless before such harsh vicissitudes. @LazyFatYeti Once upon a time there were two close friends: Ranga and Billa. Today, perhaps, their names would have been Taqiyya and Jumla.PM from RS remains the most brutal attack on Indian Constitution, even greater than the Emergency. BJP bypassing RS is like abacus fiddling. @AgentSaffron Calculation is not easy as actual Protein content in each type of food is different.V.P. Singh has been a victim of a vicious campaign against him by the upper caste people and political detractors...
Five to six persons, together, can form business firms or undertake affirmative action. But people are reluctant for joining hands, legally. @iManojSingh @ashokepandit @drsugandhakohli Please work for Savitri Era Party for building a better future for India Alfassa, The Mother, arrived in Puducherry, then Pondicherry, on March 29, 1914 and met Sri Aurobindo; an epochal event for mankind.Savitri Era Party current policies: 1) No Reservations, 2) Free Markets, 3) Sovereignty to States, and 4) No bowing to Mythology and RitualsThere is no major politician or public intellectual in India today who'd proactively push the ideal of Sri Aurobindo in policy or curricula.Three Rishis of India: Vinoba Bhave Jayaprakash Narayan V. P. Singh it Churchill or Hitler, or Subhas and Savarkar; best means to understand their historical significance is borrowing lens of Sri Aurobindo[In our psychological interpretation of the Veda we are met at every turn Truth as the path to Bliss.] Sri Aurobindo
Old supporters of BJP seem to be feeling let down and dispirited because hordes of fresh entrants are quite vocal and hugging the limelight.Plethora of mythological Yogis crowd our mind. Hopefully celebrity real-life Yogis straddling public sphere now will be able to replace them @SaffronWatch @DailyO_ अपने पैर पर कुल्हाड़ी मारे हैं[ARYA Vol.3. No 8—March 1917: The Integral Knowledge, Oneness, Sankhya & Yoga, PSD VIII, Second Hymn to Mitra-Varuna, IHU, & Heraclitus (4)] @ravikumarg14 This is an unsolicited advice. Reading Sri Aurobindo in some detail can impart the right frame of mind to sift truth from liesAs I plough a lonely furrow on Twitter, the soundness and validity of the political ideology I put forth is becoming more and more evident. @k_bhairav Poor Buddha fought against the Veda and had no clue to its wisdom. Sri Aurobindo gives the actual meaning of Go after millennia. @k_bhairav 1) My thrust was on meaning, 2) Your personal emotion is fair enough; and 3) State must not interfere in matters of food choices.India is too large for an individual aspiring for top Constitutional positions which means negation of Democracy and conspiracy led politicsWhen supporters of ruling party uphold each and every move of the Govt and shoo away detractors, a sense of disquiet sets in as to goings onIf only those heading गोरक्ष पीठ could understand the real meaning as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo: Not, cow protection but nurturing light.