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Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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Savitri Era: Hindutva obscurantism pushed India a century back #SriAurobindoPeople of all religions and all castes including migrants try to speak the same language within a State. Granting nationhood is most logical1) Indian Constitution has outlived its utility 2) Peoplecentric worldview instead of grandnarratives 3) Linguistic nations are best optionArmed with knowledge and technology, when Indians were on the cusp of claiming equality, Hindutva obscurantism pushed people a century back.China is under a totalitarian regime but their commitment to liberty as for lifestyle choices is perhaps much higher than Hindutva adherentsTODAY"S INVISIBLE HAND NO 8
Retweeted by Tusar SirThere are 160 countries in the world with less population than Delhi. But hugeness of India implies obesity is a virtue and matter of pride.There are two kinds of stocks: those that trade above book value and others which trade below. STT should be much higher for former category @gopimaliwal @pbmehta Peter Heehs has similarly been interrogating the life & legacy of Sri Aurobindo through his b… votaries love to teach; want others to obey them and their ideas set by tradition; allergic to modern and independent thinking men.People feel close to their own State and own language. Central Govt is a fictional imposition by the Constitution that needs to be discardedNo wonder, most vibrant Democratic mobilisation of people is seen during Panchayat and local bodies elections. Real grassroots involvement.In many parts of India people are still emotionally attached to old kingdoms, their past rulers, and legends about them which is nationalityEach State involving local leaders and their shifting allegiances is a different picture. Modi's attempt for a pan-Indian hold is a failure.Politics in India relies on charisma and therefore we see a plethora of modern day kings and queens sprouting. Genuine Democracy is far away
Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Granularity of space-time is an outstanding issue #SriAurobindoEveryone on Twitter is an unelected virtual MP; some even MPs of multiple nations. Vishwa Manava was Kuvempu's idea. are forced to learn 3-4 languages leading to dilution of cultural purity and arresting of creativity due to flawed linguistic proficiencyAn abnormally large country like India facilitates jobs at distant locations thus uprooting people and gradual disintegration of family tiesBeing in a country of 1.3b people, Indians are forced to worry way too much like an extended family. Sovereignty to States is the solution. @Memaaradhya Dwindling political relevance is likely to take Marxism on a road downhill. Better to pay attention to… Era: Sri Aurobindo is the greatest brand By Tusar Nath Mohapatra, SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, UPCollege and University teachers keep the Communist flag flying but self-interest will sow seeds of discord in their ranks and create rift.Now that Hindutva is firmly in the saddle, Marxists will display their intellectual and artistic skills in denouncing like the cold war daysI'm waiting for the day when someone enterprising is possessed by the sense that with Sri Aurobindo he has really struck gold & ventures outSurfeit of Media, Management, and Marketing experts here but my regret is that they lack insight for spotting value, talent, or opportunity.Many fume at my overdose of hyperboles but I'm either repeating or paraphrasing what I have read about Sri Aurobindo from different sources.Sri Aurobindo offers the best explanation on mystery of creation and science of consciousness; indicates the most plausible political courseSri Aurobindo migrated to Puducherry in 1910 to keep himself away from public but a tangle of conspiracies have banished him after his deathI'm fully convinced that Sri Aurobindo is the greatest brand the world has produced and so it will steamroll all rival political ideologies.Occasion for laughing up my sleeves when Marxists take RSS fans to the cleaners. When Hindutva retaliates with scorn, it fills me with glee. @ssavitri115 @hemantkumar2910 The Mother's views on significance of flowers are a good pointer to Sri Aurobindo's S… Humility Gratitude Perseverance Aspiration Receptivity Progress Courage Goodness Generosity Equality Peace forces tend to build gigantic organisations and accumulate awe-inspiring knowledge. So, material success is often suspect and vile."A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." However, amassing all wisdom but not returning to Sri Aurobindo futilePraying for future turning in one's favour is natural. Side by side, knowing whether it is in consonance with the Evolution is also crucial.[THE PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - M Kozłowski, Warsaw University: ...Evolution of Universe is... by parabola in time (Dark blue)... Aurobindo][VALUE EDUCATION TOWARDS BALANCING THE IMBALANCE IN YOUTH - R Sathya, MP Thenmozhi: 2016...Sri Aurobindo formulated integral transformation][Cultural U-turns in understanding mental health N Tobert - THE JOURNAL, 2017 ... please credit NAMAH, Copyright Sri Aurobindo Society.][SWADESHI AND BOYCOTT IN BARAK - S Roy: ...Bengal, having been partitioned in 1874, the partition of 1905 ... Aurobindo's Bande Mataram]No means to clearly identify hostile forces today but propensity of deceit and lack of transparency can be taken as basic defining criteria.Trouncing Hitler was high point of 20thCentury. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo remind that such forces are still dominating and need eradicationAnti Evolutionary forces like intellectual lethargy and clinging to superstitions are active. Crushing them with ruthlessness is necessary.Being in the middle of Evolution, the world is sure to move towards Harmony. No one has better credentials today than Sri Aurobindo to lead.Human civilisation has progressed through creativity, invention, and innovation. Sri Aurobindo frames the story by Involution and Evolution.[Cultivate a physical aesthesis. Try and develop your form into some mould of beauty... rhythm in movement.][Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Nithyatha, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 am, Madurai Today]
@ssavitri115 @hemantkumar2910 Reciting "Savitri" one or two pages a day can be a very rewarding affair. One can do… @lalitadvani @sinezero Hope, you are aware of this reader-friendly online treasure trove with search and dictionary… @GabbarSanghi Sundargarh-Jharsuguda in Odisha is centrally located in terms of rail transport and has plenty of lan… in the same issue of Karmayogin Sri Aurobindo wrote "Yoga and Human Evolution" Aurobindo underlines, not "forgetting the ultimate aim of evolution" and outlines how to "rise to the higher synthesis, God in humanity"As early as July 3, 1909 Sri Aurobindo writes, "In India we do not recognise the nation as the highest synthesis..." draw satisfaction by discussing about Army or Bureaucracy but the real challenges are in the unorganized domains like election campaignMonarchical and Colonial vestiges are everywhere and therefore entire processes of India's Democracy industry must undergo complete overhaulIndians are not independent yet; haven't tasted real Democracy. Political parties have done everything to deprive people of their equality.Savitri Era: Ashtavakra, Nagasena, Chaitanya, and Mahesh Yogi #SriAurobindoIt's agreed that we are far away From any semblance of a solution This should mean as a very sobering attitude In the face of human finitudeWhat one learns in school or collage and from profession or religion shouldn't mould one's worldview. Sri Aurobindo's philosophy guides wellWhile science provides a sense of certainty and authority, role of philosophy is to clear cobwebs of misconception by posing right questionsAn intellectual shelter or Ontology, nevertheless, is important and the safest proposition, at the moment, on this score is by Sri AurobindoPhilosophers and scientists have tried to make sense of it but it vain. All we have today is speculations, approximations, or plain fiction.Earth is rushing forward in its orbit around the Sun at about one lakh kms per hour and Man has been inhabiting it for almost one lakh yearsSEP is fighting against: 1) Ruling dispensation 2) Ashram establishment 3) Devotees wedded to Hindutva 4) Religions, Rituals, and Mythology.Platitudes abound but remembering that Modi, despite his moderate record, is anti-Evolutionary and hence joining issue with him is binding.The Mother & Sri Aurobindo thought and theorised about whole humanity where parochial criteria as nation or religion collapse like balloons.Savitri Era Party is in the quest of citizens' equality by abolition of reservations and Sovereignty for States by abolition of Central GovtPeople are so conditioned now they can't imagine any alternative beyond the Congress, RSS, or Leftist narrative. Sri Aurobindo is the answerNot an ounce of sympathy for the deprived on the part of the well-heeled who smugly perorate on hollow nationalism and civilisational pride.Middle class may celebrate but nothing has changed for the poor who are outside the radar of those who are comfortably saddled over Twitter.Investigating consciousness via science & mathematics can never be satisfying because of the subjective nature of t… @Srichand01 It's 50m and not 5m. There are around 200 countries in the world with less than 50m population. India,… @Srichand01 Eradicating poverty and expanding the scope of participative Democracy should be the focus. Tourism wil… @Srichand01 5m population forming an administrative unit is the optimum size in the present world. Shedding pastbag… and deprivation are out of nationalist discourse. Sovereignty to States is the only recourse to alter narrative and apply correctiveIndependence of the States of India on language basis is necessary for Democracy, Development, and Governance reaching people's doorsteps.Abandoning all bookish isms and grand narratives, what is most urgent is to grant Sovereignty to the States by abolishing the Central Govt.
Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): We are just spending time writing words that make our worlds comfortable don't compare, domains vary Pushing names a political game Leibniz is lionised, Gödel waiting for Godot TM and Vedic Unified-Field