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KOAT Action 7 News Anchor Live at 5, 6 and 10pm. Native New Yorker. Proud New Mexican, Siena College alum. Albuquerque, NM

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Hawks attacking local college students. At 10, what's happening at @nmsu. #nmsuThe #cellphone price wars are on! At 10, how it could save you $$! #cellphonebills#Update #TaylorRanch neighborhood still told to stay in their homes. The latest on thev#lockdown at 6. #abq #koatSCHOOL LOCKDOWNS: @BernCounty deputies conducting perimeter search near Taylor Ranch and Golf Course. #KOAT
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoLive video -- Sky 7 over #APS school lockdowns. Click or tap here: http://t.co/T1F3XsVyZA http://t.co/0RRDU8GXQ0
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando#Lockdown at 3 @ABQschools . Chamiza Elem, Lyndon B Johnson Middle, & Marie Hughes Elem because of police activity in the area. aps #abqChamiza Elementary School on lockdown http://t.co/4odiIIqgJA via @KOATLiveUpdatesHappy Birthday @daviekumd !!! :)
@Doug_Fernandez7 dared me to do the forecast on my head. I came close! @KOATLiveUpdates http://t.co/uYj3MGXcJ1
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando@FOX35Glenn HaHa! It wasn't long ago I was back in #Otown to show you how to party like a #Floridian :) http://t.co/KthddHTRfz@FOX35Glenn Hellooooo there!:)A new fight underway to find out why #WinstonBrooks resigned from @ABQschools. At 10, @MHowertonKOAT tells us who's joining the push. #APSTrending: WATCH: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul reunite in viral video http://t.co/jclCKStT8s http://t.co/QaM9rGaftc
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando@UNM professor looking into the minds of violent kids. How research is helping #Sandyhook parents. @NancyLaflinKOAT has the story at 10.@TyOrtega Aw... Thx:)At 6, The big reveal.....Some exciting new additions at the #Sandiatram. @ToddKurtz_KOAT takes you on a tour to check it out #nm #tourism#Update Maggie Cordova Elem just gave the "all clear." Kids are free to meet up with parents outside the school. The latest on #koat Ch7#BreakingNews Noone is being allowed in or out of Maggie Cordova Elem School in #RioRancho right now. A live report in minutes on #KOATA daycare burglary in #ABQ #caughtoncamera. At 5, the bizarre items a thief took from dozens of children. http://t.co/gef0LuwLppDo u drive through one of the most dangerous intersections in #Abq? At 5, @KirstenKOAT has a live report and explains what's being done at 5So sad to learn that #ALSIceBucketChallenge pioneer Corey Griffin has passed away at 27. http://t.co/mXsFPafB9n
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando
A #NM inmate claims he hired hit men to kill #JustinBieber. At 10, @LauraThoren investigates the latest new letter she received.At 6, What's being done in #NM to make sure the #greenchile you're eating is 100% #NewMexico certified. #madeinnewmexico #newmexicotrueAt 5, The latest on the post office shooting in #Abq. Plus, what #UNM hospital is doing after possible case of #Ebola.MT: 1 in custody after gunshot at ABQ post office via @koatliveupdates
@marksapir @DMKBurgerBar @jribando Ouch!! Not true! Well... Maybe the ND part;) don't tell @jribando !!@marksapir @DMKBurgerBar @jribando That's awesome! The Ribandos know good food:)@ShellyRibando @DMKBurgerBar I will sure do, usually @jribando gives me burger tips, seems it runs in the family!!
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando@marksapir check out @DMKBurgerBar Lakeview for the hatch green chile:)Nice to see even restaurants in #Chicago know #NM has the best #greenchile! #realgreenchileismadeinnewmexico http://t.co/EPZ2ocyCfeHangin in #Chitown w/ my old friend from #Otown http://t.co/fW2ybIqgfL
So glad I finally got to try this #ChiTown restaurant @RPMItalian w/ @MaggieCarlo Yum http://t.co/M4Xcq6AoMZStorms coming through #abq. Be careful! @NatassjaL_KOAT @ShellyRibando #nmwx Awesome!! Pic out my front door. http://t.co/RlauZWHDsG
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando
Winston Brooks resigns as APS superintendent http://t.co/QGSUKT090O via @KOATLiveUpdatesSome people really do read the safety instructions ! #TravelSkills http://t.co/D8AVT6AwUA
Don't avoid mom's calls! An #app created by a mom to control her child's #cellphone! How it works up next . #Moms #parenting #IgnorenomoreTweeting while on tv and watching @JoeDiazKOAT forecast. #KOAT :)#BreakingNews A person is dead after a shooting near Canyon Road in #Santafe. The latest in 10 minutes on #koat @KOATLiveUpdatesComing up at 10.... http://t.co/4tkM7BZhI0@NewMexicoFilm @abqstudios From Variety's special report on #NMfilm... http://t.co/OEsDfplaf8
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoA #NM worker at the country's only nuclear waste dump is suing #WIPP claiming he was injured on the job. At 10 @MeganCruzKOAT talks to himFines for #Texting while driving are doubling in #santafe. What it could cost you at 6.Unique changes to the #chile crop in #NM. At 5, the impact our #nmwx is having on this year's harvest. #hatchWife: Robin Williams had Parkinson's disease http://t.co/BHrlnW4RX8 via @KOATLiveUpdates
Mmm this is in our newsroom right now. I can't stop smelling them!!! #hatchchili #nm #greenchile http://t.co/SHmqdJ5kuyNew #surveillance video and 911 calls from a violent rampage involving BCSO. @NancyLaflinKOAT has the video that shows how it started at 10The #NM Gas Co is a step closer to being sold. What it means for our bills at 10. #money #UtilitiesBusy day in #nmwx. @abqfire rescues person from arroyo. @KOATLiveUpdates reporters all over the city & @JoeDiazKOAT w/live coverage at 5.Today at 5, @ToddKurtz_KOAT undergoes a brain scan. What @UNM doctors found and how it can help protect #studentathletes. #UNM@ShellyRibando - check this out. #sienacollege “@SienaCollege: Siena Named College of Distinction http://t.co/m2DFBTyyC5
Retweeted by Shelly Ribandohttps://t.co/oRpUOhQKP7 Go @SienaCollege ! This should be my lead tonight! @SienaAlumni #SienaSaints #Siena@lbjconsulting @SienaCollege Love it! It should be named that every year!! I was just talking about #Siena on the news the other night!
A death investigation closes down roads near Montgomery. A live report in 20 minutes from the scene on @KOATLiveUpdates at 10. #abqAt 10, #backtoschool 101. A quick lesson on the Phone #'s, dress code, and meal prices before kids head back to school in the morning.Looking for a #vacation spot? At 10, why a national newspaper ranked #Taos as the best place to visit! #travel #nm@JoeDiazKOAT and I getting ready to bring you the 5. See you in a minute! #koat http://t.co/3nyQzGejSV@AaronHilf_KOAT Huge smiles here at KOAT today for you!!!!!! Love your latest post:)Back to the chalkboard tomorrow for most #abq kids. But with a bus driver & teacher shortage, is #APS ready? At 5, @RoyaleKOAT finds out.
Touching story of an #mma fighter who uses his celebrity to help a sick child in need of blood transfusions. That story coming upAt 10, The #APS brd meets for hours over controversy concerning Sup't Brooks. We'll have a live report. Plus, remembering #RobinWilliams.Freshmen at #UNM at highest risk for sexual assault in the next few weeks. At 10 @LauraThoren talks to @UNM about how students can stay safe@GermanGtzOVO Aw,,, thx for watching!Sad news today. Robin Williams dead at 63. What we are learning at 6.#BetterCallSaul fans! At 6, @KirstenKOAT shows us the preview from @AMC_TV, & talks to fans and tour co @Breakingbadrvto #BreakingBadBREAKING: Statement from @robinwilliams wife on his apparent suicide at age 63 #RIPRobinWilliams http://t.co/2GQG0x7qwU
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoWe're live in 5 minutes: Home invasion shooter still on the loose in #Abq. And #Aps meets about "serious personnel issue" w/Winston BrooksWill campus be ready for students at #unm next week? At 6, the clean up project underway after recent storms and what it means for classesDon't fall for the new #facebook #scam. How to make sure you don't expose your #smartphone to malware. Join us at 5! #socialmedia
A #nm county to start random urine testing on repeat drunk drivers. @MeganCruzKOAT has details at 10.Searching for stuff that's been stolen? At 10 @LauraThoren explains how local #pawnshops are helping police track down crooks. #FBIIt's #SupermoonSunday! How to get the best view at 10! #supermoon2014 #supermoon #koatBack to work today! Hope to see you at 5:)@JoeDiazKOAT That is so awesome!!!
@ToddLewisGC Enjoy watching your reports this week! Remember you from our days in #Otown news :) My dad is always glued to the @GolfChannel!@OrlandoStyle Thx for the follow! Was back visiting #Orlando a few months ago! You have a great magazine:)
Lovin the @MyMenchies w/ Papa & Mimi even though it suddenly feels like winter today! http://t.co/QdHOW7iSUbBeautiful #Abq #golf for Papa's visit! As my daughter says, "buy a house in Albuquerque Papa Mimi!" http://t.co/oDxt9rg4mSLast day of swim class #pleasesummerdontend :( http://t.co/rFmzk04Rig
Enjoying the week off w/my girl! @JoeDiazKOAT was right as always...great #Abq weather for Mimi and Papa's visit http://t.co/z3CtfOEUTI
Why wouldn't u want to move to Abq dad... They don't have #golf like this in NY:) http://t.co/4LOnru7p0hDad sportin' the @KOATLiveUpdates #golf shirt in #Abq! I predict a 72 score :) http://t.co/s7K92jlF9K
@TyOrtega I know... this weather is perfect! Not too hot,, have fun!Great day for Papa to teach me #golf in #Abq! Mommy says it's training for my @SienaCollege golf scholarship http://t.co/5nXaVklhRp@JackieSandoval7 thank you so much Jackie! Great to meet you:)It was an honor to have @ShellyRibando come see us yesterday before our Breaking Bad Tour took off!@Breakingbadrvto http://t.co/KasVpa5QHf
Retweeted by Shelly Ribando
Authorities issue Amber Alert for two missing girls http://t.co/gDeRMBS1Cf via @KOATLiveUpdatesStopping by @Rebel_Donut_ABQ. http://t.co/Abzw3E77oIWhat a blast with the @Breakingbadrvto folks, helping me w/ my #breakingbad tour w/my parents!! Thank you!! #Abq http://t.co/QrBC916c3j
@erica_viking @BreakingBad_AMC @RjMitte @Coyote1025 That's awesome!!
@ShellyRibando Glad to hear, Shelly! Why not make your route suggestion official?: http://t.co/dmfphjECOY
Retweeted by Shelly RibandoYeah! Parents have arrived . Thx @JetBlue! Now please add more non stops from #NYC to #ABQ! Maybe we should offer flights on #Sky7 ;)Do u have a nickname? @JoeDiazKOAT @Doug_Fernandez7 and I take the quiz at 10. Results are funny & accurate. ;)Eat #fastfood lately? We've got the list of the most unhealthy #restaurants. 4 of them are in #Abq. Grab some chips and join us at 10.Crews still searching in #SantaFe tonight for 75 yo hiker. @LauraThoren talks to those who know the woman at 10.Suspected shoplifter stabs #Walmart employees. @MHowertonKOAT has the footage at 10.
You could be paying more than you should on your cellphone bill. At 10, bogus charges showing up & what to look for. #SaveMoney #cellphones@g0db3rry @BachelorABC haha! Or Better Call Bachelor;)Will the hit show @BachelorABC find romance in #santafe? The latest decision at 10 that could have an impact on #nm #tourism. #thebachelorA popular #ESPN analyst and 3-time #SuperBowl champ is in #Abq! At 6, @orlandokoat talks to him about his #hatch greenchile business! #nmFeeling forgetful? At 5, the beverage that could impact memory! Plus, if u shop or surf the web you could make fast $$. I'll show u how
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