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Sidney Starr VH1 @Sidneystardance The Unique Hip Hop Girl

Im a beautiful Transgender Female model, HipHop Dancer! I'm Soon to Hit @VH1 Stay Tuned! #GirlsLikeUS Child Of God Bookings at Sidney.favors@yahoo.com

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I can see @Sidneystardance being well perceived over seas as hell the takeover is immanent!!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@markyfresh216 she's well alive working on a reality show produced by tyra banks witch will be out early 2015 stay tuned @sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
@Sidneystardance I think you're beyond cute.
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance so cute!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@TiffanyPollard & @Sidneystardance
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I need to invite my good friend @TiffanyPollard out to hang with me :)@YaBoiG_Hill sexi ass@Sidneystardance y was yesterday so crazy omg 😂😂
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@LucciVee omg g I knowwwwwwwwww lol I'm still in shock g! lol smh@Sidneystardance loving the new pics!! Flawless :0)
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Just seen @Sidneystardance 😩😍😘
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance follow back love.... I saw you earlier 😘😘😘
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1#PlatinumModelSociety💎💎💎 http://t.co/sS07DHJhso
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance get yo ass up... Its time for filming #vh1 🎥🎥🎥🎬🎬🎬
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The one thing about life is nobody gets out Alive :-(
Me Today :0) http://t.co/YmYq8LA3ngEverybody Go Press "LIKE" on my facebook fanpage! :)> https://t.co/bphtDxWyZGEverybody follow my Facebook fanpage :) > https://t.co/bphtDxWyZGFollow me >> http://t.co/B9UYa3Fahd
@giselle_envy @power92chicago yessssssss very soon!!! 😁😁😁😁😁Ready ready ready to hit these tv screens early 2015! yall ready for me?@JerzeyboyWes its HER!! Not Him.
@Sidneystardance sydney starr is the turn up queen LMAO
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance So Fine
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Sidney Starr - Runnin Life (Video Official) @Sidneystardance http://t.co/xBREjnZV12 via @imlarge411
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Thanks for the follow @Sidneystardance and congrats on your show I can't wait to watch
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Good Night - Shout Out To @Sidneystardance That's My Bitch Go Follow Her She Has A Show Coming Make Sure You Watch It!!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@ebonie_camille thank u sooo much sweety!FineAss @Sidneystardance Makes me want to do naughty things to myself when I see pics of her 🙈😜. Fine as fuck. http://t.co/vrd6CBmvn1
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I miss my bae @Sidneystardance 😘 I'm sooo proud of her tho 🙌
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@tomaswish its about us 7 transgender women and our lives! It will be interesting. Stay tuned!@lizzblack yes me and @judijaikrazi are still friends@Sidneystardance you so fine
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@tomaswish its already happening, I'm going to be on a nee reality show on @VH1 early 2015 stay tuned its produced by @tyrabanks stay tuned
@Sidneystardance @VH1 I'll be waiting
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@ItsDr1zzy early 2015 stay tuned ! :) xoxosx @VH1Grind Mode in progress!! And still going!!!My heart goes out to the people in the 9/11 tragedy. This is a day I will never forget, I hope their souls are at eternal happiness with Godfollow me on instagram right now!! >http://t.co/B9UYa3FahdS/O to @Sidneystardance . #LGBT Taking the industry by #storm!!! Turn UP
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@missnatalienunn you and @Sidneystardance Need to come back to Ohio, we need to tuuuuurn, AGAIN!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
Me today on set with @VH1 looking pretty! Stay tuned yall I'm coming to ur tv screens early 2015! Lets Go http://t.co/3kfkpoVgrdGRIND MODE!!!@Sidneystardance girl when u gon get your blue check. U certified to me me booooo #VerifiedTwitter
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance I'm proud of you love !
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance Makes me want to do naughty things to myself when I see pics of her 🙈😜. Fine as fuck. http://t.co/e7j3CIkIl2
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Follow me on instagram Sidneystarrbad
I have alot of future ideas hope they all come to life!@cakeysarah sidney Starr's fucking perfect http://t.co/Bdxr3RaMTj
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@dottionair muahhh!! xoxosS/o @Sidneystardance #NoDelays #GoGetIt
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@JoyPeyton yeap!@Katuwah_CompSci happy birthday!!@OmfgAnddy remember that day we spent watching @Sidneystardance videos on youtubes. lololol that was time well spent!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Im sooooo happy right now!
They should be happy that my presence is in this building tf!!!I gotta do wat I gotta do!!Im.....
@Sidneystardance love the AVI by the way!! 💁
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance You are on your way up, don't look down!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1So many people wanna see me fail....@Sidneystardance @WGCI we’re ready for you!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@UBRodriguez @WGCI yayyyyyyyyy :) xoxoxI didn't know Sydney Starr was a transgender. WOW!!!! http://t.co/zxI3jeNFIU
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1I am Sidney Starr get to know me, You all will soon I'm coming to @vh1 very soon! Stay tuned! >http://t.co/RUJbpwtYO5I'm hot to def > http://t.co/RUJbpwtYO5@Chayse_Bank i wish baby lolBig shoutout to my boy @UBRodriguez at @WGCI I cant wait to come back to ur show! Your my favorite! See ya soon! Keep doing ya thang! xoxos2015 should be no reason why I havent taken over!! Follow me on Instagram at > SidneyStarrBad >http://t.co/B9UYa3FahdI keep them talking ! Look at my new shoot!! My body is dangerous!!! http://t.co/8EIQuVLAoHSo last night I was watching @Sidneystardance on the breakfast club. I wanna hang with her. Plus I didn't know she follows me!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance Congrats Girl, Keep doing you... #BigSuccess
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1
Vh1's Sidney Starr is Coming to a city near you. Photo taken by: Mike Jue @Sidneystardance http://t.co/ijtmlNUEff
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Like my fanpage on Facebook everybody!! :) > https://t.co/1BavE5ACRjI'm a bad bitch http://t.co/tDyTbijZ7X@Sidneystardance GIRL I LIVE FOR U NOSHADE U EVERYTHING!!!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1IMA NEED EVERYBODY TO BE ON DA LOOK OUT FOR MY GIRL @Sidneystardance IN EARLY 2015 ON YALL TV SCREEN'S ON @VH1😀😉😘💙 #GirlsLikeUs
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance yesss boo!!! I cnt wait to see u on my tv.. I'm so proud of u.. We need to turn up for yo success! 😍😘🙌👏
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance looooove it!!!!
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Here's another shot from my NEW Shoot! Yall like?? http://t.co/B1BsqkFLymSupport My Girl Sidney Starr! @Sidneystardance #SidneyStarr #smokedigglera
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance I can truly say you are so beautiful stay strong because you have a lots of fans .
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@Sidneystardance new Avi! Is so gorgeous! Love it! 💁
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1Go like my fanpage https://t.co/qCS4KjpdL2@realbadboyparis thanks boo!
EVERYBODY GO LIKE MY FACEBOOK FANPAGE >https://t.co/qCS4KjpdL2come get you some baby!!Look at me!! My NEW SHOOT!! Do yall like?? I'm done honey!! http://t.co/yngkArbir5
I hair was laidddd today!!!! @Vh1 here I come!! http://t.co/4tlaYiXQGU@shawnnamusic hey boo !! check ur dm!!!
@Sidneystardance congrats love, show these people why you should NEVER give up on your dreams.... Anything is possible ❤️
Retweeted by Sidney Starr VH1@rkok2blueeyes I never gave up!@LamarrHD yes I will!! :)@EvieTheCool THANK U SOO MUCH LOVE! And u stayed supporting me too! muahh!I worked dam hard to get where I am! Ask @oxygen and @BunimMurray I stayed knocking on ther doors! Now @Vh1 @TyraBanks has given me a chancei will never take NO for a answer don't worry they will see me again shortly.. the people that told me no in the past i got a surprise for u
liveee ur dreams@SKYLERTALKSSHIT @tyrabanks early 2015@KingJWorld_ no we wont be living together!
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