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Weather Network StormHunter, adventurer, meteorologist, father, husband. I have an odd life.

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An absolutely massive multi tier, ground scraping shelf cloud coming off of Lake Erie towards Leamington, Ontario h…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @rexroth7wxyz Here on the south end of Windsor, looking east towards Tecumseh/Lakeshore/Lake St.Clair...fair amount…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @ONwxchaser @southernon_wx @ECCCWeatherON I saw a lot of really low hanging scud today that could have easily been… a lightning strike. It’s a good day. North of #Barrie @Onstormtracker #ONStorm
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN coming in fast @TweetLeamington
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonGood evening storm in kingsville @StormhunterTWN #ONStorm
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonStorm building here in tilbury Stoney point area. Frequent lightning. Still at a distance can see the shelf moving…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonSweet! storm moving through Chatham @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonWe used to have a cottage on the east side of Lake Simcoe, South of Lagoon City. It was fun to watch storms come ac…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonVery broad rotation in the storm east of Barrie. Little chance of a tornado, but it does indicate a very strong sto… #ONStorm #onwx @weathernetwork @IWeatherON
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
NW #barrie, 7:35pm #ONStorm ⁦@weathernetwork⁩
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonLooking North towards HorseShoe Vally/Hwy 11 from Barrie #ONStorm
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonWife and kids in Georgian Mall and dad be like "I'll catch go ahead" #onstorm @StormhunterTWN @IWeatherON
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonThe storm north of Beaverton is really spinning. Take shelter if you’re in the path. @weathernetwork #onstorm of a rainbow on the back side of the Orillia storm complex! #Onstorm @ONwxchaser @southernon_wx
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @ONwxchaser @southernon_wx @weathernetwork @ECCCWeatherON Same storm from TWN; you can see the overshoot well. Low… out this textbook overshooting top on a rapidly strengthening storm in Orillia 114km from my location at Lori…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork From Craighurst a few minutes ago. Headed down to Old Barrie Road to try and follow…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonSome rotation with the storm heading to Orillia. I can’t make it there, so if you’ve got pics, I’d love to see them… will be a busy day for us at @weathernetwork and @StormhunterTWN and anyone in Southern Ontario and Quebec…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonStorm is now heading into the GTA and I can’t follow it. Losing some of the organization that it had earlier as I s… moving into Toronto doesn’t have lightning, but some really interesting features. @weathernetwork #onstorm too exciting yet. I’m near Acton atm. @weathernetwork #onstorm’m back at work and it’s a chase day! Heading north and slightly west. @weathernetwork #onstorm
Cell over Lake Ontario looked like it was trying to drop a wall cloud. Radar indicated brief rotation at the time.…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonToo close for comfort. #lightning struck across the street #Onstorm 10:15pm west of #Orangeville @weathernetwork
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
#ONStorm @weathernetwork @cstclair1 Summer thunder storm hitting Halton Hills @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonIncoming in Woodbridge ! @AnthonyFarnell @gtaweather1 @StormhunterTWN @vaughanweather @miawgordon @michellemackey
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonSome sizable hail with this supercell N of Lake Simcoe. Did not see a funnel cloud but lots of impressive storm mot…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
Had a fun drive up to the cottage lol, big time hail highway 11 north of Barrie (didn’t t get out to measure some,…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork Just got blasted with lots of hail in Oro Medonte
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN And then, the calm after the storm!
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN Does under a hot dog cart umbrella count? Just me and the condiments hanging out
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonTornado warning for this cell near Pefferlaw. Dangerous storm and it’s heading towards Port Perry. #onstorm min time-lapse showing some broad rotation still.
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonThere’s our #ONstorm moving over Lake Ontario.
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonSorry - wrong hamlet. It was the next one to the east. Oro Station.
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonView from east Woodbridge of the storm in the T Dot ⚡️@stormwx1 @gtaweather1 @weathernetwork @AnthonyFarnell
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN View looking west from Main & Danforth #onstorm
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonThe storm in Toronto and the one is Barrie are powerful and rotating. These are not to be taken lightly. Get to she…
Very quick time lapse of Cottam, Ontario cell as she spun and gained strength. #onstorm #onwx @Onstormtracker
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonA Gorgeous cell entering Cottam, Ontario #onstorm @Onstormtracker @weathernetwork #onwx
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonClassic supercell signature on the storm heading into Leamington. Take shelter now! @weathernetwork #onstorm
Standing atop Eagle’s Nest in Bancroft. I’ve actually caught a storm up here a few years ago. Now, it’s beautiful s…
@MphoAK I’ve seen healthier 85 year olds.Up at the cottage on holidays for a beautiful weather week! @weathernetwork @jwhittalTWN cell was absolutely beautiful, went from a tiny speck on radar to full beast mode as it made its way between I…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
The winds are picking up and the sky is getting dark in the Hammer #onstorm @weathernetwork @MeiDayTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonVery nice. Hard to say without video, but looks very much like an inflow region.’m finally on actual vacation this week. Beautiful weather with no thunderstorms in Ontario this week. .... I hope…
Textbook back-sheared anvil on distant CB yesterday over Oshawa seen from above escarpment in Grimsby! These occur…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonGorgeous marmalade sunset this evening over Lake Erie. @LakeErieNorth
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonLooking east from Spencerville #onstorm #ottweather
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonNear Oxford Station, ON, just south of #Kemptville #ONstorm #ottweather
Retweeted by Mark Robinson“Northern Wonders” ✨ July 29 @RestoulePP @OntarioParks @OntarioParksNE @explorersedge @treetanner @dartanner
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
Cobourg beach right now. Cobourg, Ontario #ShareYourWeather #onstorm @weathernetwork @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonDay 3 of the waterspout outbreak over the Great Lakes continues. Will there be a Day 4? :)
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @Patrici51213233 @weathernetwork She’s a Schnoodle, half Schnauzer, half poodleA new @weathernetwork mascot? Basically, Hobbes (the puppy) is a cloud with teeth. Sharp little puppy teeth. special guest came into work today 😍🐶 @WeldonAmanda @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork #DogLife #wx #dogsoftwitter
Retweeted by Mark Robinson#onstorm @weathernetwork Brief but crazy rainstorm. Sadly our app had ‘partly cloudy ‘ ☹️ @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonHail and downpour in Baysville, Ontario right now. @weathernetwork @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonHow to shut down all work at @weathernetwork: bring in a puppy. 😆
Ok, I’m still going to throw ice at you. @CAlexMasse And yeah, a bunch of Nurgle machines (and Mortarion). I have a full Deathguard army. @CAlexMasse Oh man, I’m impressed. Didn’t think anyone could pick out what they are. It’s a converted Baneblade (Imperial!). @StormhunterTWN @hailpdr @PtboCanada @weathernetwork @IWeatherON @caleybedore @CanonCanada @Sigma_Photo Nicest one…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @hailpdr @caltek79 @PtboCanada @weathernetwork @IWeatherON @caleybedore @CanonCanada @Sigma_Photo Yep. Couldn’t qui… @StormhunterTWN I-99 Blossburg PA now...
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonStop catching all my storms! You’re not leaving any for me., @StormhunterTWN! @mariebilodeau and I are chasing the edge of the storm that's moving over #Ottawa! Woot!…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonThat looks like a classic ridge cloud while looking east in south Whitby. That’s what it’s called right…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @IanSim17 I was, yes! @DerekKunsken Does it count as lightning if I hit you with a taser at @CanConSF ?I may have to kill everyone associated with this picture.... 😉's a couple pictures of the storm cell just north of Russell that merged into the main line of storms. #onstorm
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonAt the end of the day, as the storms lose their energy, some anvils are decapitated as their base evaporates.…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @caltek79 @PtboCanada @weathernetwork @IWeatherON @caleybedore @CanonCanada @Sigma_Photo Does that not drive you nu… nice #onstorm rain makers that decided to split at the hills & go around most of @PTBOCanada late this afterno…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonI told you I’d get you! 😆 Robinson is sending bad weather my way as I write... @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonTimelapse of the gust front sweeping toward Ottawa-Gatineau. (Sorry for the shake, it was me vs strong winds!)…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonChasing south of Ottawa @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonLots of thunder coming from this storm. Probably gonna go north of Hamilton but we'll see 🤷 #onstorm @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonNice little shelf moving in on us over Bellville. Some lightning on this part of the line, but not much.…, not bad! Front edge is bowing or over us now. Time to head east to Kingston. @weathernetwork #onstorm west of Trenton now. System is picking up a bit, but looks pretty disorganized atm. @weathernetwork #onstorm through the line. Should emerge close to Trenton. @weathernetwork #onstorm into Couburg on the 401 #onstorm @weathernetwork chasing today, but the possibilities are limited. Kingston is the target. @weathernetwork #ONStorm #ldnont Via station. @StormhunterTWN
Retweeted by Mark Robinson
Look around, you already have everything you need. It’s up to you to see the beauty of everyday things. 🌳🌈…
Retweeted by Mark RobinsonLittle detour after work today to chase some #onstorm clouds SE of @Ptbo_Canada towards #Keene Shot w/…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @caltek79 @Ptbo_Canada @CanonCanada @Sigma_Photo @weathernetwork @IWeatherON @caleybedore @southernon_wx @Stormymaryann Ooooo, nice!
Continuous line of storms along the south side of the lake over St Catherines to Grimsby. Severe warning in place.… @StormhunterTWN @castlerock22 @weathernetwork Unreal rolling thunder over Grimsby Beach. Non stop!
Retweeted by Mark Robinson @StormhunterTWN @weathernetwork Some beautiful views from North York this morning, some thunder and lightning follo…
Retweeted by Mark Robinson