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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Game time! Let’s get it ON and whip some Vol ass! #GoDawgs@TVandDinners ahh. I used to go there (Buffalo) for biz all the time & they’re the most college-esque pro fans I’ve seen@TVandDinners Buffalo Bills? On Saturday?Look I hate the Vols and alt unis most of the time, but honesty compels me to say not bad UT, not bad@NerdyAyna my god it’s full of starsBack on the Best Coast sports schedule. Nothing like bourbon for breakfast. #GoDawgsOver/under on @djohnstonuga first “PYYYYLLLLE!” tweet?@ladydi7182 I grew up in Ga but on the border and hate UT as much or more than any Dawgs rivalKind of having a moment of way too much excitement #daredevil #jessicajones #lukecage #nycc
Retweeted by Shan@djohnstonuga Allowed 8,467 yards rushing to a dead-man-walking alum as coach?@patman23 @JesseJacksonDFW @castofkings That, and Jaime/Cersei/crypt are issues where consent/tone were bungled for me.I just realized what might be going on with Ben Carson: he's actually Glory Carson.
Retweeted by Shan@KrisiTweets Go Dawgs! Enjoy the luxurious amenties of that upscale palace lol.@JesseJacksonDFW @patman23 @castofkings I've talked about that on the pod before; better book portrayal IMO. More consensualIt looks like the gauntlet of Ohio State's schedule is finally catching up to them.
Retweeted by Shan@saalon Different model, different budgets. That's why I said US.@saalon Yeah you need those economies of scale. Even on network, Once Upon a Time frequently does 20+ eps broken into 2 pods for story.@saalon "extended pilot" like S1 of FTWD or WD. But 6 ep seasons in total not good business for the net or studio.@saalon Financed as longer, regular season (like Mad Men, and split Walking Dead seasons). Aired in blocks. It works like that, or...@saalon @artincircles It's a LOT of fun. Hilarious.@saalon Perhaps better in some cases for story, but US networks can't really make that short order economically viable@moryan Lol, I love Saul. I think I would like the tone of Jane, but it hits too many of my personal "nopes" to give it a shot@lafergs Put Mystic Falls Under a Dome@moryan Better Call Saul is also a good example of that. Funny as hell, but great character/morality tale too.@JesseJacksonDFW @patman23 But rightly (for actors & story) aged up for the show
@Sockmonkey666 this Braves fan is really enjoying the Falcons start@lafergs the guy is a charismatic actor but his plots have been in the dumpster.@Sockmonkey666 sorry about your Jays, brother. Hang in there.Heard the VT band playing Game of Thrones theme. Wonder if that’s a commentary on sibling relations in Blacksburg.@patman23 groovy babyWelcome to our family, Reggie Austin 😍
Retweeted by Shan@TVandDinners I thought that too. That’s all you’re gonna do with it? They usually have more personalityTime to expand your vocabulary is great. I bet thsi is a terrific coffee table book'm watching 46 shows this fall for a total of 500 hours 56 minutes. via @Vulture Coens! New Coens!
Bourbon, steak, and last night’s CW shows. This seems like a reusable tweet.The NFL's hypocrisy on domestic violence, exposed in a devastating 3 minute monologue
Retweeted by Shanspice up your life #jamesDarcy @EnverGjokaj
Retweeted by Shan@hollye83 Happy B-Day!This is great #GoDawgs #MyGodAFreshman12 Monkeys is one of those has no rights to be this good shows. You guys need to catch up on this.
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@potentialcast thanks, all, for seven great season of my favorite show(Shut your mouth… 🎶). ttps:// oh god she would be GREAT on that#TheBastardExecutioner is really hit and miss but I truly enjoy the Vampire Bill all you can eat scenery buffetI just realized the score is Star Wars themed. #nerd
Retweeted by Shan@saalon the Dark Knight encounters his greatest foe: anatomyAn SI writer discovered the beauty of SEC football for the first time in Athens, Ga.
Retweeted by ShanWorldwide treasure @HayleyAtwell is doing #RockyHorror dubsmashes now.David Anders on #iZombie Holy shit he’s great. The Spike the show deserves.I love cats. And Jonesy. But if the cat isn’t ready for the shuttle, sorry kitty. well, reel to reels and cassettes ARE state of the art
@HistoryofMatt get worked up about accents and such too.@HistoryofMatt lol I will check it out. How bad could it be? He’s done a lot of southerners though. And I’m sure others, like Bostonians@HistoryofMatt oh lord man thanks asking a lot of me. Love Dilahunt but would rather drink bleach than watch MindyI haven’t watched The Flash yet but it’s okay to spoil - did Cisco cut his goddamned hair?Not a fan of #TheLeftovers S2 new credits. Prefer the operatic, self important twaddle of last year’s@DerfelMacklin keep beating that drum, matey. You and I are the only ones I ever see talking about it.Freeform should have never cancelled BUNHEADS.
Retweeted by Shan@NerdyAyna I didn't know that! And too bad. I loved the pilot.
@KenFromChicago TV was obviously a tactic to distract us while they plan the invasionThis girl turned 11 last week. Also, I think she may be Zuul. to me, that’s usually “sees name in credits”Was on the plane and missed it, but so nice to see Gurley break out. #GoDawgs@feedly Hey, the feeds are loading SUPER slow this morning. Is something down?Thank you @HollyAnderson for doing the most important investigative work of a generation.finally! there is ANOTHER, TINIER POCKET sewn inside the hex pocket! we live in an age of miracles. thank you.
Retweeted by Shanand my favorite, 4) one staffer who didn’t even know it was a pocket until week 5
Retweeted by Shan3) at least one staffer (out of what I have to guess is hundreds) looking for a shallower dip can to fit there because it’s PERFECT for that
Retweeted by Shan2) one staffer who kept his keys in there until a player ran into him and he got a keys contusion
Retweeted by Shan1) [cont’d] but most coaches I talked to have phones too big to fit in it, so it gets used for other things. highlights of those other uses:
Retweeted by Shan1) it is SUPPOSED to be for phones (there’s a tiny hole to thread headphones through that doesn’t show up well on TV)
Retweeted by Shanthrough 5 weeks of discussing that tiny hexagonal sleeve-pocket with every Nike school I’ve met, I can now reveal the following stats:
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@HistoryofMatt lol. There may have actually been 8 in this. So a naked M&M and X tended familyThe airline peanut packs have gotten so small I think they are individually wrapped@lafergs that’s what I thought. I’m sure there was a video where she had the same sneakers as Joey Ramone.@lafergs punk? That Avril Lavigne right?@lafergs hit her with your One Direction lunchbox. (Actually I have no idea what teens do these days. Is Tiger Beat still a thing?)@artincircles too bad you’ll miss out on a lot of reheat in the microwave recipes@lafergs I binge caught up on it, and remember hating CA and Caroline at first. Then a couple of days later she was my fave.@lafergs well, that feels like I should just retire ahead of he game. 👍🏻@lafergs in flight movie seems to be Lowell Mather and Lorelai Gilmore play second fiddle to an Army dog. Time for another cocktail!We now interrupt your regularly scheduled bourbon with pink martinis for breast cancer awareness month donations. dinner options have both zucchini and squash. What is this torture? Guess I’ll be having Woodford as an entrée and side.Major hopes for the trip home: 1. The plane doesn’t crash. 2. They stocked enough bourbon.The flight attendant saw my tat and told me she was a little sister for my frat at FSU. Small world.Of course I do follow and read and consume a few things that drive me fucking crazy, if only to assert my own views.Personally I try to make all my life experiences - friends, media, daily existence - LESS annoying.People who are constantly whining & complaining & objecting to something on here - do you go out of your way to find things to annoy you?My phone tried to correct “jorts” to “Horta”. Siri knows me y’all. #LiveLongAndProsperGator fans on the train look happy. Despite the visors and jorts in their luggage.@ugakerri my flights a lil later but should be on time. Were y’all delayed?@ugakerri my weather app shows warmer and sunnier in Portland - PORTLAND! - than my beloved South.Just got a random #GoDawgs at the train station. Beaten but not broken, apparently@UnpluggedCrazy it’s really fun! Well acted, kind of lo-fi Boardwalk Empire@UnpluggedCrazy I had forgotten that. Now I associate it with Peaky BlindersWatching the Falcons today must be how Bama fans feel. I wouldn't know. #RISEUP
Retweeted by ShanThank you #Falcons for salvaging my sports weekend. (So far.) (Not trying to jinx anything.) #RiseUp
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