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@DarthZiel we're on the same page then @Pranjultweet are you breaking up with us? @yoondeinert We were hoping so that it could turn into a big chat @Vasiliki_Vsl Thanks for making the first move @mimamicheal We're a perfect match @neighbours_wifi is there someone else? @FabDeminizer We did! Did you give us the wrong number... @Badicalz oh we actually meant to say "we like you" @VishalSatra1 In that case, ignore this Tweet @theTHAKURAIN_ Giving you the confidence you need @Maryftaddoh he told us to Tweet this @TheEARTH123 to the moon and back @mindspacemafia 👍 You've got us for next year too @prof_pius still waiting for someone to DM us the plan @misconstruedude us too, before we send them @zynapsed You pick the place @Orafaded Rejection? Today of all days? @Tonerozic But you love it @MehvishSyed10 Low blow on V-Day @CodeSwiftUI And if we meant as more? @exceptioniall love you so much that we're speechless @Xura_rit Didn't know we were at that level yet @3Keeyys THOSE SCREENSHOTS WEREN'T REAL @tobesolonelyyy_ This is a conversation, here's a 💙 Sent you conversational hearts @my_name_jeff69_ intros complete, let's get dinner @PescaraCalcio we're always in the cards @henrytwittts Real and true @DanielSambar How can we show you? @jared_brecher If you'll have uswe LIKE like you
@azureenicole going ✈️ @AlexisRenG writer's block on Twitter hits different
@annabel_meschke thank you @toolzbabe Twitter @vantaepedia who needs a study break alarm when you have BTS on push @iadoreyovibes It can't have been that important @J1muni what's Twitter? @misschrizza Reminder you have exams @HozierNation This is your Groundhog Day @YGALYSSA_ What if the tenth time's the charm @itskeyon humbling
@RazanDahmash It’s a medical mystery @Rushiss123 "friends" @prettyxkitten Tell 'em @maamoun_yousef time to meet your mutuals @JoyAndESStacy IF THEY DON'T GET TWITTER THEY DON'T GET YOU @Billie_oh decade of understanding @carkgirl Aquarius? @amymendezz they didn't teach us this in school @Havish_AF it's the circle of life @PopTartsUS is this the wild berry flavor? @Shnson_ You saved yourself a failed relationship @BuddyWeekends hard to understand someone with a filter @bcktdcmbr that's the tea @mrs_winch 🤝 @bluemeth123 always a mention away @jared_brecher quite literally @jehyunist wouldn't happen @unkonfined that Tweet has sailed @asterick_vivek we get youIf they don’t get Twitter, they don’t get youWhen @Twitter sends you a screenshot of your tweet on an actual sign in New York in the 8th Ave & 14th St. Subway S…
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@DaddyJew no swiping on this Tweet #LoveTwitter @Jesspicado now we're all laughing #LoveTwitter @ArfMeasures *holds up Tweet* #LoveTwitter @MatthaiosTBW one Tweet, no problem #LoveTwitter @usedwigs more time to Tweet #LoveTwitter @mmorgannash 👀 #LoveTwitter @AskMeWhatIWant 👀 #LoveTwitter @RyBrooks that goal got you far #LoveTwitter @WIFICUTE that's it, that's literally the Tweet #LoveTwitter @teaventi_ This Tweet's an 11 #Lovetwitter @roobeekeane we said yes! #LoveTwitter @joshweller follow us so we can DM you!
@alfaibrahim85 depends what the cuddle precedes @persiansoul94 making out IS hooking up @navjhinjr you know what else they call eye contact 👀 @quirkyhumour well actually kissing is not a relationship @Adjarho_Dee What if we don’t have a Valentine anymore 😢 @Jarshkay it WAS but look what it started @beeyitchhhh show us the rule book @HippoRBX oops guess we lied during never have I ever @AnamikaDhadwal yeah but a friendly one @IAruty You never forget your first heartbreak Tweet @_Becroft One cheek or two? @beingwaqasahmad please don't she doesn't even know we went out last night @bomiiiiie if so then co-existing is hooking up @SleekOnSocial people on the internet @VictorKagarama *do @NYCTravelGal tell us we don't need to regret it @The_Realist808 Two arms open wide @Baswa_ confirmed @jared_brecher It's ok to wait @PAULApogi can't Tweet their name it hurts too much @catsuisfatsu It's a Saturday isn't this allowed @jukatarry don't know if we have time for that @felikkse hugging is third base right @HiThisIsTriilan rejection is rejection :/kissing IS hooking up
ok it worked