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Travel advice from the U.S. State Department: @FoxBusiness urged Americans not to change how they live their lives, in the wake of Paris attacks.
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Chipotle E.Coli cases expand to 6 states @FoxBusiness News poll: @realDonaldTrump gains support after recent Paris attacks while @RealBenCarson slips. @FoxBusiness remains on the highest level terror alert @FoxBusiness's David Cameron urges lawmakers to back Syria airstrikes mergers this year: @FoxBusiness Pfizer and Allergan merging over high taxes with $155B deal
Fmr Secretary of Defense Robert Gates: "The U.S. can do more in the fight against ISIS" #CAVUTO @FoxNewsBen Stein on #refugee rhetoric dispute: "We do not, in this country, endorse free speech the way we used to." "This is basically a certification process that the vetting is done properly." @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto47 House democrats voted for bill pausing Syrian refugees. @FoxBusiness Debate continues over whether states can legally reject Syrian refugees. @FoxBusiness News: @TeslaMotors recalling 90K model S sedans to inspect seatbelts. @TeamCavuto $TSLA
Retweeted by Neil CavutoPresidential candidate @RealBenCarson files in New Hampshire @FoxBusiness White House criticized for not changing ISIS strategy after attacks. @FoxBusiness
#BREAKING: House passes bill pausing refugee plan with veto proof majority House passes pause for refugee program @FoxBusiness @FoxNews poll shows #GOP preference in New Hampshire following Paris terror attacks: "We were able to take the cost growth of Medicaid from 10% in my second budget to 2 1/2." @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil CavutoJOINING US NOW: GOV. @JohnKasich ON OBAMACAREPERLE: "We have to take this seriously or we will be subjected to what the Parisians saw last week." @FoxBusiness and Twitter take steps to address terrorism @FoxBusiness attempting to use social media as way of communication to stay ahead of authorities and hackers. @FoxBusiness "I can tell you firsthand that the system does not work as it was designed, even in Iraq." @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@johnpauldejoria on refugee program: "Delay it a little bit so you can get in order what extra protection we need." who have arrived in the U.S. since 2012: @FoxBusiness Awaiting House decision on #refugee vote @FoxBusiness "French prosecutors today saying yes, indeed, he was killed in that raid early yesterday morning."
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'Anonymous' hackers claim they have removed 5,500 ISIS Twitter accounts. @FoxBusiness "We shouldn't be terrorized by the terrorists. We shouldn't be calmed by the capture of a terrorist."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@RepLeeZeldin: "The best humanitarian victory that we can deliver is to wipe ISIS off the map." @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil CavutoFMR. VICE PRESIDENT #DANQUAYLE ON 2016 ELECTION: "I think national security will be more important as we go forward" VICE PRESIDENT #DANQUAYLE ON 2016: "It's a long process I think we'll have a little bit more clarity after NH." VICE PRESIDENT, #DANQUAYLE, ON 2016: "Trump has a very good chance of prevailing." @FoxBusiness US NOW: FORMER VICE PRESIDENT, #DANQUAYLE @FoxBusiness
Fmr Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on the terror attacks in Paris: We have just witnessed acts of war by ISIS #CAVUTO @FoxNewsFAA Statement: woman on British Airways flight tried to open an exit door, has been restrained at Logan Airport. called for a "pause" in Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#RudyGiuliani: We should set up a no-fly zone in Syria.They should be surrounded by NATO troops and be protected. Hannover Stadium evacuated for Germany-Netherlands game after terror threat. @FoxBusiness Passenger restrained on British Airways flight at Boston Logan Airport. Crew and passengers are all safe. Authorities at Logan Airport after woman attempted to gain access to cockpit on British Airways flight. White House to hold conference call with governors over Syrian #refugees @FoxBusiness Assad says there will be no intelligence sharing with France unless a change in policy carries out 128 more raids as terror suspect manhunt continues. @FoxBusiness SUSPECT HUNT UNDERWAY: French officials seek second fugitive directly involved in Paris attacks. @FoxBusiness Canadian Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau vows to take in 25,000 Syrian #refugees by January 1 @FoxBusiness states oppose bringing Syrian #refugees to U.S. @FoxBusiness @SpeakerRyan announce The House is drafting a plan to pause the refugee program. @FoxBusiness
.@JohnKasich on the Administration's refugee plan: at this point in time, the operation needs to be frozen. #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@RepMikeCoffman: Whether we want to declare war on ISIS doesn't really matter because ISIS has declared war on us. GORDON ON REFUGEES: We can't accurately vet these people, there's no screening process other than what they say releases new video that threatens to attack Washington @FoxBusiness "Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism." @FoxBusiness counter-terrorism leaders met before attacks on #Paris occurred. @FoxBusiness Suspected 'mastermind' of Paris attacks identified as a Belgian man. U.S. states to reject #refugees It's important that we do not "somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism." ON #REFUGEES: "Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values." Police raid areas of Brussels in search of terror suspect linked to Paris attacks.çois #Hollande says France's State of Emergency could last up to 3 months.
.@ChrisChristie: I think #JenniferLawrence is wrong about Republicans #CAVUTO @FoxNews.@ChrisChristie on @realDonaldTrump's comments: It never helps to call people who you want to vote for you "stupid" #CAVUTO @FoxNewsWhat really happens during the #GOPDebate commercial breaks @latenightseth Lawrence speaks out on 2016 presidential race and #Trump: CHRISTIE: "If I was running I would continue to hammer and say the #Obama economy hasn't worked." @FoxBusiness"Student #debt has crippled over the past 10 years." - Richard Goodstein, Democratic Strategist @FoxBusiness "They are lying to themselves if they think it's any different than medicaid and social security." a bad day? At least Jeb Bush never Tony Soprano’d you during a debate. @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@DraftKings sues New York State over fantasy sports ban. #DraftKings
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Check out Strange Inheritance with @JamieColbyTV weeknights 9P & 10P ET! @StrangeFBN @FoxBusiness protest for the top 1% of earners to pick up their college tuition tab @FoxBusiness CEO: "We're above the minimum wage now in all of our company-owned restaurants." @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@GerriWillisFBN: Estimates of cost for government to sponsor college tuition for all: About $70-80 billion a year.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@McDonalds CEO: "If we can attract, train, & retain a motivated workforce, ultimately the customer benefits."
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.@Carl_C_Icahn: "With a divided #congress you will never get a comprehensive #tax #reform." @FoxBusiness out these great moments from @FoxBusiness/ @wsj #GOPDebate It's a red herring to say let's have comprehensive tax reform now. You'll never get it at this time. "These inversions are terrible for this country." @FoxBusiness GOV JOHNSON: "We do need to balance the federal budget, that does mean reducing military spending" @FoxBusiness GOV JOHNSON ON #GOPDebate: If you did well in the debate, you're going to do well in the spin room. @FoxBusiness’ll be speaking with @TeamCavuto today at 1:40pm ET on @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoBLACK ON DEFENSE SPENDING: Deal with it not extravagantly but adequately and then you focus on reducing the deficit on #Republicans: "They say one thing to get elected. They do another thing when we put them in office" ON #GOPDebate: It's not personal. This is about who is willing to go to D.C. and fight for us. time sitting down with @TeamCavuto after the #GOPDebate.
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What do you think about the @FoxBusiness @WSJ #GOPDebate so far?! Tune in: #GOPDebate happening now! Here's where you can find it: says that the GOP is better for the economy. #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@RealBenCarson: I have no problem with being vetted. What I do have a problem with is being lied about. #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@tedcruz: “Obama economy is a disaster, IMF saying this is new normal and it doesn’t have to be” #GOPDebate.@marcorubio: "Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers." #GOPDebate "The economy is not providing #jobs that are paying enough" #GOPDebate I would not raise the minimum wage #GOPDebate "#Not sympathetic to $15 #minimumwage, have to leave it the way it is, would not raise" #GOPDebateBeautiful debate open shot by my talented @FoxBusiness colleagues. #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Neil CavutoHappy Birthday, @USMC! Our military deserves our gratitude for serving our great country. #GOPDebate #SemperFi
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto8 GOP candidates take the stage in 5 minutes! Tune into the @FoxBusiness @WSJ #GOPDebate! minutes until the @Foxbusiness @WSJ 9p ET #GOPDebate! Here's how you can watch:
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