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Happy birthday to my very sexy friend @Diamondlou702 everyone go wish him a very happy birthday!
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Retweeted by TeenlustI think the guy who invented ties was trying to commit suicide then he saw himself in the mirror & thought... "Wait, this looks nice."..
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A female orgasm is a powerful painkiller (because of the release of endorphins). Headaches are actually a horrible excuse not to have sex.
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#truth http://t.co/5QR9SgniNh@Teenlustxxx @KendraLynnXXX WTF Both of you? http://t.co/aQCjsUBeGS
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Come say hi Im live now :) for the first time in a while :) http://t.co/a3zCgSlBww@FedeLynch aww thank youCam time in just an hour see you soon Twitter babes!😘 #myfreecams
Rear View #sexysunday http://t.co/nvg4KgJJkG
Retweeted by Teenlust"@TheUnrealPeterG You mean your fellow cam models or your fans?" Fans of ccourse:) I'm going to spend much more time on cam nowYou can "rewire" your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you're grateful for each day for 21 days.
Retweeted by TeenlustThis year has been crazy, and I have been neglecting my cam friends; but I have decided for the rest of the year i'm all yours. ;)The first #baby #shower I hosted was for @BelladonnaENT :-)
Retweeted by Teenlustwhenever people say "atm" I know they mean "at the moment" but I can't help but read it as "ass to mouth"....#camgirlproblems
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I miss all of my myfreecams friends.. but, I'll be back shortly :)
Rocking my Utah pride chillin at my nieces shoot! @moxxyminx @Teenlustxxx http://t.co/NDcCkdoS8r
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Watch me LIVE at the Pornstar Camhouse shortly at 8:30pm pst http://t.co/Jjf1EITuRd http://t.co/fsd3Rn9Il7
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Retweeted by TeenlustHoping my Master @moxxyminx @teenlustxxx has tons of new scenes from her L.A. trip so I can buy all of them.:-)
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