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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @markets. Fan of poker, chess, handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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*CHINA WEAKENS #yuan FIXING MOST SINCE AUG. 13 (a day after raising it by most since Nov...)
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@MooreMichaelJ that would be fun!Even if you think there's value in relitigating Lehman, there's about a 0% chance Bernanke will ever change his line on this.Hell is people asking Ben Bernanke about not saving Lehman for eternity hmm. So is the argument that the overall Eco will turn down cause housing isn't carrying its weight?@bySamRo I haven't read the report, but their argument doesn't seem that different than the bull case? Do they think it will turn down?There's a killer @A_Riley17 Q&A with Rosie in the Canada election Bloomberg Brief dropping tomorrow. Y'all are gonna love it.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal#Wednesday in #Asia & it's a big'un. #Korea job rate due with #China prices data, also #Japan PPI. #Singapore GDP too. Indo & Malaysia shut
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal"The credit system is the beating heart of a financial economy." @benbernanke
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal4 months from IA and NH, Bush, Rubio, Kasich, and Christie command a whopping 19% of the GOP electorate. Good luck!
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAnother return to August/September volatility is being predicted by basically nobody right now, right?Breaking: @BEVO_XIV retires, effective immediately, due to a cancer diagnosis.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalDon't miss Pablo Goldberg on @BloombergTV's "What'd You Miss?" at 4:40pm ET @adsteel @TheStalwart #emergingmarkets
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@CarsonSieving @IvanTheK not sure@IvanTheK yes, everything@toby_n @prchovanec yeah, that's the question.@JamesLiamCook @stevekovach Including me.@stevekovach @JamesLiamCook And I wanted to try that out (which I haven't yet).@stevekovach @JamesLiamCook Yeah. I don't care about verification, but there's some Facebook app that you can't get if you're not verified.Currency World Splits Into Winners, Losers on China Trade Woes via @business, @rachelevans_ny
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@stevekovach @JamesLiamCook lolAs @Hooper_Quant would say, peeps b freakin
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalLooks like the longest-ever streak of a declining VIX is about to come to an end.@boes_ Saying you don’t think you should believe in the Phillips Curve and wait for wage inflation instead is complete disagreement
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalSo the Phillips Curve is about to come back with a vengeance?Just wow. In the last 24 hours two Fed governors have spoken in public opposition to the Fed's chairwoman and vice chairman.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalIf you could take a pill and halt the aging process, what's the oldest age at which you'd still take that?"This is some outrageous inflation" according to the guy ahead of me at Tesco. No deflationary expectations becoming entrenched in SE11.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@DavidSchawel Yep. This is the good stuff.I'm particularly looking forward to talking about the Wu-Xia Shadow Fed Funds rate deflated by headline PCE inflation.So much interesting monetary policy news over the last 48 hours. Looking forward to having @boes_ on #WDYM today to break it all down..@Reganonymous on how banks have Silicon Valley envy these days. But in retrospect it's absurd. At the time it seemed plausible that they were birds of a feather.@BenDWalsh @calculatedrisk @zerohedge It was less weird in 2009, when @calculatedrisk was early to warn of the housing collapse.@MylesUdland, this was a great profile of @zerohedge mean, it would suck to go to a party and not be able to hold the hors d'oeuvre plate!This @tracyalloway post is a perfect rebuttal to this @tomgara post identifies 5 weird things (from a capital markets perspective) about Dell's big bid for EMC new Deutsche Bank FX strategist Sebastien Galy is out with what I believe is his first new call at the shop. He's bullish USDCAD.@t0nyyates Thank you@t0nyyates Walk through the specifics. Are people going to spend less and be less confident cause of falling gas/heating costs?Chinese investor stabs asset management firm’s chief executive after losing 300,000 yuan
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@lachlan I like how he clarified "Not to be sexist..."Why do people care that headline inflation in the UK went negative? Was Mark Carney supposed to do something about the oil crash?This chart really surprised me. Particularly #2 wasn't a good year for Ukraine I used to be the exact same.#Megabrew by the numbers. $106B deal in 4 charts.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalMy name is Lindsay and I'm a desk trash hoarder. This is my story via @FastCompany @FastCoLead
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThe new @bpolitics look is nice. @nycsouthpaw It's crazy that was already 20 days ago. What have I accomplished since then? The world's going by fast.New lows for U.S. consumer inflation expectations and plans for spending increases
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalOOF The story's been pretty widely reported. Are other CTPost stories also weird?This is the top. yes, the last line is just perfectHow can this be real? VIX is on a really impressive down-streak. On the verge of going negative again today. read.’s U.S. Economy in a Snapshot—Check out our concise chart pack. #nyfedsnap
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalDavid Folkerts-Landau would be a good name for a late-1800s classical music composer.FINALLY: Apple’s business model is validated, @TheStalwart
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalAmericans don't just want to vote for Donald Trump, they want to work for him too.
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalUnions, amirite?
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@zerobeta Probably.I agree with @dandrezner that Biden won't run. The U.S. Treasury won't allow bonds sold at negative rates at auction. via @mccormickliz and @kklimasinskaHere's @STS_News on the scientific studies conducted into the effects of driving while stoned. 2008 Woody Allen film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” inspired Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to get back into startups
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalLIVE on #Periscope: It's time for today's killer chart... Cuts as Much as 8 Percent of Workforce
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthaljack dorsey’s letter to employees.
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@hunterw you playing poker?@hunterw Fwiw, I try to stick to ET even when I'm in California@barnejek @julieverhage 45 seconds is generous, IMO.Deutsche Bank Economist: The Fed Is in Danger of Making a Mistake of Historical Proportions important thoughts from @timduy here. @julieverhage I doubt that will be a big problem for many people.Willem Buiter sums up the big topics that the smartest people in finance are all worried about. via @julieverhageGreat @timduy writeup of Lael Brainard's "policy bomb" delivered towards Yellen and Fischer. admit I'm starting to worry being a republican isn't more "libertarian" but joining a far right suicide cult...
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal"Most people don't KNOW if the Big Bang Theory is on CBS, or that Scandal is on ABC." The content IS the brand - Moonves @CNBC
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThis is interesting though. While tall people are generally happier, the very happiest people are actually short. One of life's small balancing out effects.@josephlawler Really?New Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton wrote a paper about why tall people are happier than short people (like myself) has a “shopping list” of what to buy if the global economy slides into recession next year
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@TheStalwart and @carney in the very early Clusterstock days. (FB says Joe and I have been friends exactly 7 years)
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal@nichcarlson @carney that's a good oneHome builders are facing both stronger sales and a labor shortage, via @KrisHudsonWSJ and @jeffsparshott
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal2/3 China import plunge says power, transportation, heavy industry, mfg key in weaker economy. Services not growing fast enough to offset
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal*PUTIN SAYS DOLLAR IS ONLY REAL RESERVE CURRENCY NOWYou should sign up for the @Markets daily newsletter. Here's my contribution to it today a busy morning already, get caught up here on the five things that matter in markets
Retweeted by Joseph WeisenthalThis is a cool chart. @Noahpinion writeup on Angus Deaton's Nobel Prize victory. shares trade as much as 11% below the price AB InBev agreed to pay
Retweeted by Joseph Weisenthal
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