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Looking down into Fort Valley. (@ Buzzard Rock Trail in Front Royal, VA w/ @pahlkadot)"Beyond better conditions, we need better #platforms." w/ @daspitzberg cc @rmchase @timoreilly #NextEconomy
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@C__T__W Three.Glenn Greenwald: Why the CIA is smearing Edward Snowden after the Paris attacks
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyTable for 30 in action! #Thanksgiving #BigIrishFamily heck of a #Thanksgiving table! And this is just one of 3 family dinners here in Front Royal #BigIrishFamily If you're with my giant family, do one of each!“My Grandfather the Oil Baron” @hankgreen As always, @hankgreen brings wonderful perspective. #Thanksgiving@timoreilly read your LIN post about United and your upcoming writing piece. check out this story - from @benhuh
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#StrataHadoop Singapore is almost sold out. Register now & be a part of the #bigdata movement #SmartNation
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThanks @NickHanauer: The Real Reason Wal-Mart’s Profits Are Hurting via @usnews @OURWalmart
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWe built our website team page to match our culture. Read @AlissaAmpezzan's insights in @ChicagoBlueSky:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA greying Silicon Valley starts to admit it makes it really hard for tech workers to be parents:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe Chancellor announced a £450m investment in @GDSteam as part of the #SpendingReview. Find out more: #SmarterGov
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"The single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer" our CEO Rose Marcario on @qz:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHow the border guards on the Eastern side of the Berlin Wall did facial recognition
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyJust 25% of Americans say that, “on the issues that matter,” their side has been winning more often than losing”
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@SusannahFox @timoreilly Another reason to strengthen the API requirement in MU3 so p2p access to #getmyhealthdata is under patient control
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@leonardkish @Farzad_MD @timoreilly That's an unrecognized surplus in health care, akin to the excess capacity of spare rooms a la Airbnb.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@leonardkish @Farzad_MD @timoreilly Also: there's a huge shadow economy of health info being traded among patients & caregivers.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLovely recap of one of my all time favorite books. @brainpicker even chose some of my favorite quotes. A must-read! perspective on how the taxi cartel set the conditions for @uber and @lyft to succeed
Everyone in government should keep re-reading bits of @timoreilly’s Open Government, and asking yourself “Are we being bold enough?”
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHere’s @om on the new @wordpress release goes on - post by @BenNadel - The User Experience (UX) Of Yesterday's Slack Outage CSS Print Design with Sass @sandersk adds to @OReillyMedia's history of publishing tools innovation.@mrlaserbeam in conversation with @timoreilly on wearables, augmented reality and #TheFutureofWork
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly.@leonardkish Yes! High HC transaction costs (TC) largely due to frag Generally, tech ⇩ TC; regs ⇧ TC @SusannahFox @Farzad_MD @timoreilly
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You think "networking" receptions suck because you've got the wrong mindset. Create more value than you capture, @timoreilly style.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMy Response to @timoreilly terrific @Medium piece on "Networks and the Future of the Firm"
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyReally looking forward to my conversation with @tfadell at @oreillydesign conference Great way to frame the convo!
Excited that @VivianBala will be keynoting #strataconf in Singapore, talking about #smartcities #smartnation Bible is Crystal Clear About Refugees
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGood background on the migration of DC insiders to tech companies. More of it than I thought.
#Founders primer: When push → shove, control lies not in % equity or board seats, but in access to new $$.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“The Art of the Interview by Cal Fussman” @loic Very good advice here, which I will take to heart.So depressing that anti-Muslim attacks in the UK have leapt by 300% since the #ParisAttacks. That kind of hatred really IS #WhatISISWant...
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGood example of how competition from @uber/@lyft is helping cities reset the bar for cab companies
@jeremiahfelt @bridgetkromhout @timoreilly I'd be tempted by 'Ops folk' or 'Ops bods' - don't underestimate the single syllable!
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWhen I hear "ops guys", I don't feel included; I feel erased. I want to wave and say, "Hello, sitting right here! I'm not a guy & I do ops."
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillySo many interesting (and incomplete) perspectives in this @KQEDForum episode... @timoreilly nailed it w/ #WTFEconomy
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Striking how little impact the fact that the Paris attackers were neither Syrian nor refugees is having on the Syrian refugee debate.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLessons from Square's IPO: all investors made a 20%+ return, and valuing companies is hard
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyEisenhower-era Batman’s shoutier about it, but he agrees with Eisenhower-era Superman.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyExtremely good CS183C session with Reed Hastings up from last week. He was terrific.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWhat a great piece, Esko! @ReidHoffman, @ev, @LaszloBock2718 you should read this too! @RedTapeChron "Gotcha capitalism" is a great term to describe @united business practicesVery interesting interchange between @hadip and @finkd about facebook and the filter bubble regarding #refugees details on my bad experience with @united last week #ThinValue #CustomerExploitationVideo learning paths have been a huge hit on They are available on @safari too of work Appalachian coal miners do a startup to teach coding. Now THAT'S Minecraft!
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Richard Feynman: The Difference Between Knowing the Name of Something and Knowing Something
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWelcome to the CfA network 2016 fellows and #government partners!
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyOur age of anxiety is the result of trying to do today's jobs with yesterday's tools"-Marshall McLuhan #leanstartup
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@davidjbland why surprising? We run in similar circles.and @phiden @vancematthews @msknee @WillTyner1. May you inspire others to put their talents to work building a better world.And thanks @iaranzadi @JazmynLatimer @jenningshanna @MissPaaj @codemestat @MathiasGibson @natashaisneat @nikzei @hamhandedly @TiffiAndrewsMore specifically, thanks @alexsoble @poormini @adschneider04 @bgolder @bsmithgall @CWReade @emmasmithayer @ErnieAtLYD @GrantRSmithLast day for 2015 @CodeforAmerica Fellowship class. Thanks for all you accomplished, and hopes for future impact! before @Snowden, NSA couldn't provide a single example of mass surveillance preventing a large domestic attack.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly.@OReillyMedia is doing @ignitetalks for their January UX/Design conference. Submit your idea this week!
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Here are the 2016 @codeforamerica Fellowship partner cities. Can’t wait to see the impact of these projects!Are you an engineer looking to work on a mapping app, helping 50+ cities? Now's your chance
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyFrom @thePeerJ: #Gluten-free food database: the nutritional quality and cost of packaged gluten-free foods too thought this was a brilliant piece. Worthy of @StephenAtHome!, making more sense in 7 tweets than all the media put together, as usual.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGlad to see mainstream recognition that the “gig economy” wasn’t created by Silicon Valley companies should be good! Some very smart folks, very important tech with big implications.
25 of America's worst charities—plus tips on how to avoid getting scammed to @brady on our deal for him to take @ignitetalks to the next level as an independent company refugees? Who's next: The tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free? #AModestProposal@NaThomson @brianthecoder @SusanShaheen1 @ndrc I have had more scary rides with taxis than @Uber @lyft - but data is better than anecdoteWish I hadn’t mentioned @KenJennings quote during the conference, sparking the @wsj title. Satya didn’t say that! @satyanadella’s perspective on AI and human productivity at #NextEconomy to pay fines shouldn’t mean the poor go to jail Amen to that, @nselby!Google Doesn’t Really Care Anymore Where You Went To School @StevenLevy interviews @LaszloBock2718 at #NextEconomy
US mobile phone fees 20 times higher than Europe; hurts low income Americans who depend on phones for access:
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@hfx_ben I have no idea what you are talking about. What ad,2 of the many good outcomes of @timoreilly's #NextEconomy event: new initiatives call for safety net for gig workers
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIf Google predicts your future, will it be a cliché? Wonderful #WTFeconomy piece by @kevinmarks@jack @warriors I love it when someone shows the rest of us how much more humans are capable of! Sheer delight!Americans own 42% of all civilian-owned guns on earth
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLeaves in New York. A fabulous photo set bringing the other side of the country to life! Thanks, Bill!My fave topic! Management. Talent. The connected age. @reidhoffman @skasriel @timoreilly #NextEconomy #futureofwork
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Cool to see my friend @martenmickos has joined @Hacker0x01 as CEO. Aims to Replace Taxi Meters With TaxiOS Platform Competition can make services better for everyoneIt’s always a big win when we solve arguments with data @uber/@lyft @ndrc @susanshaheen1 study environmental impactBeing at a loss for words, I feel that anti-ISIS and anti-Assad Syrian blogger, Nader Atassi, has it right...
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@united You couldn't make it harder to use the returned amount if you tried. Oh wait - you did try - to keep the money as long as possible.@united That's BS, and you know it. I don't know anyone else who doesn't take return or change fees out of the returned amount. #shamelessFrom March but just read it this AM; excellent and eye-opening journalism by Graeme Wood.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly#NextEconomy great paper on Uber drivers (goes w/ today's great conversation with lyft, uber, and cab drivers)
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyOne more way that @united has figured out to screw their customers: don't deduct change fees from refund. New charge, then paper voucher!RT @njunankar: @BlackGirlsCode @timoreilly #NextEconomy a picture that speaks a thousand words.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLove your post reporting on #NextEconomy, @SlaughterAM Thanks for being part of it!Top ten most retweeted from #NextEconomy more than ever, Frankl on why it's worth believing in the goodness of our fellow humans despite evil #Paris
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"When something bad happens, look for the helpers. You will always find people helping." - Mr Rogers
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"Silicon Valley has solved for convenience + efficiency. Now has opportunity to solve for equity” @palaknshah #NextEconomy #goodworkcode
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