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I love these picture from Beirut's Corniche taken by Nabil Ismail. Beirut is really a city for everyone.
Retweeted by Timon DiasAsked Conor McGregor yesterday if he has an anger problem that needs to be addressed. His response:
Retweeted by Timon DiasAn Israeli father, 46, and his two children, a 20-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter, are in serious condition…
Retweeted by Timon DiasI think a lot of folks assume they are hated for their sexuality/race/gender when in reality they are just unlikable cunts.
Retweeted by Timon Dias"He ran away for that first round, Ariel. He didn't throw a punch." @TheNotoriousMMA tells @arielhelwani he wants…
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s’ Avonds de tuin in en vleermuizen tellen: ’Ze zijn heel lief en zacht’
Retweeted by Timon DiasVeel beterschap. Influencer heeft motorongeluk
Retweeted by Timon DiasWelcome to the #ScottishTwitter Visitor Centre, all welcome (except yer da).
Retweeted by Timon DiasConcerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website
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For too long, America has been content with low-Earth orbit & missions focused on the Earth, instead of aiming for…
Retweeted by Timon DiasAnd here's @RT_com just 7 months ago defending Pepe the frog, you absolute tools. insanity; calling HK-protests "xenophobic violence". "Protesters have been seen brandishing Pepe meme, the…
Morning Report: Manager: Jorge Masvidal wants to fight Nate Diaz in Nate’s backyard (@jedkmeshew)…
Retweeted by Timon DiasA dancing instructor lost in the music gets a big surprise after firefighters quickly rushed out to perform their d…
Retweeted by Timon DiasA game of inches.
Retweeted by Timon Dias @Jake_Hanrahan @HKaaman @Indiegogo Backed. Go get em champOver alligators gesproken, die draadje over een pretpark waar kinderen met alligators konden spelen bevat een aanta…
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🏆 vs 🏆 at #UFC242!!
Retweeted by Timon DiasI've been working 7 days a week on Popular Front almost singlehandedly for over a year now. We've done loads, but w…
Retweeted by Timon Dias @thijspost📸 #WorldPhotographyDay Shout out to the best photographers in sport!
Retweeted by Timon DiasCoach ziet open deur vooral als mogelijkheid - ‘Je kan er door naar binnen, of naar buiten’
Retweeted by Timon DiasHolloway hits you in the feels with his message to “big brother” DC #UFC241 (via @BlessedMMA)
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🗣️ "I'm defending the baddest ************ in the game belt." 🏆 @NateDiaz209 #UFC241
Retweeted by Timon Dias“I’ve been a father for years...” 🤣 @NateDiaz209 holds court at the #UFC241 post-fight press conference
Retweeted by Timon DiasSomeone dressed a Pomeranian dog up as Paddington Bear and now the world seems a slightly better place to be in tha…
Retweeted by Timon DiasUFC: Nate Diaz sloopt Pettis, Stipe Miocic KO't Cormier en herwint zwaargewicht-titel
Retweeted by Timon DiasHow does @NateDiaz209 vs. @GamebredFighter sound? 👀 #UFC241
Retweeted by Timon Dias @thijspost Centimeter?
Nick made it
Retweeted by Timon DiasAntifa versus a shortbus.
Retweeted by Timon DiasExtreme versie van Fawlty Towers. Waanzinnige beelden van Albanese restauranteigenaar die liggend op motorkap groep…
Retweeted by Timon DiasJapanese researchers say this robotic tail attached to the waist with a harness could help unsteady elderly people…
Retweeted by Timon Dias @Jake_Hanrahan Did you happen to catch this? door een Kaapverdiaan in Rotterdam, met medewerking van een Turks grillrestaurant, en nu verkrijgbaar i…
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RT if you're ready for @NateDiaz209 👊 #UFC241
Retweeted by Timon DiasPETTIS vs DIAZ!!! #UFC241 TOMORROW on @espn+ PPV at 10pm ET
Retweeted by Timon DiasIt’s been 3️⃣ years, so let us remind you… @NateDiaz209 #UFC241
Retweeted by Timon DiasIf you want to understand the narrative on the Hong Kong protests that is propagated by mainland Chinese state medi…
Retweeted by Timon DiasMy sister has devised the wonderful idea of the anti-podcast, which is where comedians, political commentators and…
Retweeted by Timon DiasI forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Batman movies and then asked it to write a Batman movie of its own. Her…
Retweeted by Timon DiasUSAAF P-51 Mustangs intercepting Fw 190 F-8’s carrying Junkers Ju 88 "Mistels" packed with explosives. In the end…
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*BREAKING NEWS* President Donald Trump commissions Navy expansion with 11th nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft c… ligt het ook nog onder water
Retweeted by Timon DiasJeffrey Epstein's bodyguard, Igor Zinoviev, on his former boss's suicide: "Somebody helped him to do that"
Retweeted by Timon Dias @BartNijman @Mowikan Ik geloof alles en vooral als het elkaar tegenspreekt @CarolLeonnig @byaaroncdavis >>>> Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures, which can be caused by suicidal hanging -- but a…
Retweeted by Timon DiasThis thread of Diana talking to an army of Amazon corporate propaganda accounts is SERIOUSLY WEIRD.
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wHeRe'S nAtE !? #UFC241
Retweeted by Timon DiasOh F***
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“I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968,” a woman tells Pete Buttigieg. “So you’re good luck?” he asks. “Not really—…
Retweeted by Timon Dias @BDSixsmith All the best to you and your family man..Americans will measure with anything but the metric system
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I watched this video last night and it's still freaking me out. A deep fake where Bill Hader *turns into* Tom Cruis…
Retweeted by Timon Dias @HansAckerNY @geenstijl Ja, heel slordig van me en fixed. Thanks!This hairdresser is recycling shampoo bottles and using them to 3D-print prosthetic limbs
Retweeted by Timon DiasThere's no video of Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide: sources
Grazie #Siracusa, grazie della forza che mi date! E bacioni anche ai soliti “democratici” compagni “carolanti” dei…
Retweeted by Timon DiasGuilty as charged. 🍕
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nothing to see here
Retweeted by Timon DiasHmmm.
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Retweeted by Timon DiasLate Capitalism: Taylor Swift over onrecht
Retweeted by Timon Dias"Jeffrey Epstein accidentally, brutally cut off his head while combing his hair..."
Retweeted by Timon Dias fights 18 wins 17 KOs Anthony Yarde is going deep into enemy territory to bring the world title back to the UK.…
Retweeted by Timon DiasWhy can’t this guy be the witness for everything
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@Wytsekoetse @Jimmyontherun Mooie man!!Nazis just blew up the home of an interracial couple in Ohio.
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Enig. Poolse 'Winged Hussar' parade-meisjes
Retweeted by Timon DiasTwitter is not real life In the real world people get excited to meet the president
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I will talk with brutal dictators anywhere in the world if I can prevent one of my brother and sisters in uniform f…
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Retweeted by Timon DiasRocket fairing falls from space & is caught by Ms Tree boat
Retweeted by Timon DiasGreat @ufc presser
@AlptekinAkdogan Oprechte vraag: vergroot dit Turkse empathie voor Westerse weerstand tegen Turkse diaspora? @AlptekinAkdogan Je bent zelf mooi!#easyjet beats @Ryanair to have backless seats. @IATA @EASA this is flight 2021 Luton to Geneva. How can this be al…
Retweeted by Timon Dias @akirathedon @naval Man, this video is next level!Video's! De grote DJ Matteo Salvini Beach Tour
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Ocean at night
Retweeted by Timon DiasБыл случай, когда мне сапог прокусила
Retweeted by Timon Dias @HMMvandenElzen Man het is al een wonder als ik m'n fiets van het slot krijgSo happy to see Catalan-Kurdish racecar driver @IsaacTutumlu and the Kurdistan Racing Team win at the ADAC Racing W…
Retweeted by Timon DiasMy favourite part of the "Turkmenistan president is alive" report is where one of his boys totally gutters a bowlin…
Retweeted by Timon Dias on my phone 5 seconds after waking up
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WATCH LIVE: During a police pursuit in Orange County, the motorcycle driver finds time to take out his phone.…
Retweeted by Timon DiasThis is a meeting at the Democratic Socialists of America.
Retweeted by Timon Dias🇬🇧#RoyalNavy Incredible and amazing sight!🙂 I couldn't imagine it 3-5 years ago.
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If you want me on JRE, go to this page and tell @mattstaggs to book me: Make sure to mentio…
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A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!
Retweeted by Timon DiasThat's not how this meme works.
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The game was rigged from the start
Retweeted by Timon Dias @HaraldDoornbos Gecondeleerd en veel sterkte gewenst champ..Boerka-kuil: Donateurs verlaten @Amnestynl, fotograaf eist archief uit 30 oorlogen terug
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