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National nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers to the timely and effective treatment of severe mental illnesses.

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Not to mention outdated federal laws limit states in using #DSH for inpatient care - a major need.'s @germanrlopez cites @TreatmentAdvCtr research on dangers of nontreatment for both those w/ SMI & police.'s @JohnSnookTAC quoted extensively here. We're proud to be working in Colorado, New Hampshire and across natio…
#Schizophrenia linked to threefold increase in death risk local #Washington state law enforcement is trained in mental health
#Virginia estimates $1.2 billion hit to Medicaid program under latest Senate health plan another study reminds us of dire needs in mental health care remembers man killed by Stow police, says death was avoidable mental health crisis intervention training course for officers underway in #Missouri a #Minnesota program could become the new standard in crisis intervention training for mentally ill inmates to open in Joliet, #Illinois's proposed budget includes money for Mental Health Center in #Alabama health treatment should be part of corrections system
Four states received the best grade in our newest study: #Hawaii, #Maine, #Missouri and #Oregon intervention training aims to give cops more options programs can reduce the risk of re-arrest for SMI individuals in the community from an average rate of 40%-60% to 10% or less#UCLA to offer free mental health screening services to new students state received an A grade in our newest report. Read all about it here. evidence-based treatment to reduce re-arrest of individuals with SMI who have a history of violence. SMI has higher risk of re-arrest after release from jail/prison or discharge from a forensic hospital.’ve been teasing it, and the full report is out today. Check out Treat or Repeat TODAY: New Report by Dr. E Fuller Torrey
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Treat or Repeat: A State Survey of Serious Mental Illness, Major Crimes and Community Treatment @TACResearch’s newest study comes Sept. 19thMarijuana may produce psychotic-like effects in high-risk individuals
Suicide attempts on the rise in US, finds study more people seek mental health help, wait times to see counselors increase's happening to rural mental health center is sickening'We don't talk about suicide nearly as much as we should’ matter of and life death: What’s being done to break suicide’s deadly grip in #California jailing those accused of low-level, non violent crimes before trial care: Issues impacting cost and coverage calls: Law enforcement training for mental health emergencies in #Tennessee
Program could halt 'revolving door' of jail facing those with mental illness deaths increase in Sedgwick County, #Kansas's happening to rural mental health center is sickening. Iowans deserve much better. via @DMRegister
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Mental health crisis is not a crime. @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats Fully Fund AOT- Vote YES on amendment 155 #abedinstead @RepJohnDuncanJr @TreatmentAdvCtr @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP YES on amendment 155! Tennessee needs AOT desperately! #abedinstead #aot4TN
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrThanks @TreatmentAdvCtr 4 supporting my amendment to fund Assisted Outpatient Treatment to help patients & families…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtr“We can continue to throw people in jail, or we can use this opportunity to save lives.” Crisis is not a crime. @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats“Does AOT work? The answer is yes.” @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats Fully Fund AOT- Vote YES on amendment 155 #abedinstead“This isn't new spending, it's existing SAMHSA funding.” @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats Fully Fund evidence based AOT - Vote YES on amendment 155 @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats Vote YES on amendment 155 #abedinsteadFully fund AOT- the program that reduce homelessness, incarceration, arrests and hospitalizations..@TreatmentAdvCtr celebrates the life of Senator Pete Domenici, a champion for serious mental illness care.
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrNo state receives an “A” grade in new report by @TACRESEARCH Don’t miss this groundbreaking new study released Sept. 19th!Victims of mental illness, victims of the criminal justice system
HAPPENING NOW: I'm on the House floor pushing for #AOT funding for #TreatmentBeforeTragedy - tune in:
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtr‘Hearing voices’ in schizophrenia may trace to specific brain region #Wyoming Mental Health implements new grant programs inmate talks about experience, mental illness develops due process plan for mental health patients weekly: 'Mortality gap' for serious mental illness widens, check out our sneak peek of Treat or Repeat and get ready for the full report September 19th. in #chicago today for expert panel meeting on treatment adherence & serious mental illness with the…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrThe Big Story: Unfit for trial Health #Colorado addresses crisis at mental hospital, state needs, check out our sneak peek of Treat or Repeat and get ready for the full report September 19th.
Bill would require more mental health screening for some state convicts in #California returning from swearing in of new HHS Asst Sec. McCance-Katz by @SecPriceMD. A new day for #mentalillness care!
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrMontgomery County mental health court celebrates first anniversary #Missouri targets mental health care County mental health court cutting down on days spent in jail Fresno Police taking new approach on mental health related calls
Alameda County sheriff's deputies formally charged with inmate mistreatment shows contrasting long-term cognitive effects of psychiatric drugs in schizophrenia associates schizophrenia with defective processing of messenger RNA in cells
Scientists discover and target brain area in patients with schizophrenia who 'hear voices’"10–10–10" My thoughts on the promising 1st meeting of the #ISMICC & the sea-change @ SAMHSA on mental illness care.
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrHouston County mental health court cutting down on days spent in jail Fresno Police taking new approach on mental health related calls Could lack of nutrients in pregnancy be a cause? rates higher in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and the mentally ill: Finding a new approach toward antipsychotic treatment among patients w/bipolar disorders & their clinicians: a systematic review intended to help mentally ill avoid jail in #Tennessee
Crisis Intervention Training helps police deal with mental health calls ill lack treatment options in rural #Minnesota state of contradictions, especially if you are mentally ill tiny device could change how cops deal with mental diseases and disorders