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National nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers to the timely and effective treatment of severe mental illnesses.

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We're thinking that 95-0 and 34-3 are veto-proof majorities if #kyleg wants to save #SB91 #TimsLaw #kyga17
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtr#TimsLaw is a tool that Kentucky needs to help its most vulnerable citizens with mental illness. Kentucky must over…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrAnother reason to support #TimsLaw. #kyga17
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrThere has been BIPARTISAN SUPPORT for #TimsLaw. Call today. People are counting on this. #kyga17
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrMental health issues are often "hiding in plain sight." Join us for an intimate conversation with Doris Fuller from @treatmentadvctr (1/2)
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrOverride Bevin's veto of 'Tim's Law' | Editorial via @courierjournal
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrCalling on all Kentuckians to weigh in on @MattBevinGov veto of #TimsLaw. Make your voice heard! via @courierjournal
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrFrom @TreatmentAdvCtr: Health care debate not over, but current mental health system unacceptable:…
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Biggest takeaway of #ACHA being pulled - huge impact that #mentalhealth care played in vote count. More on Monday's @TreatmentAdvCtr blog.
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrJail is no place for the mentally ill #aBedInstead#Oklahoma ranks third in mental illness concerning state of health care shooting of disturbed #Connecticut man spurs training questions to @MaryFallin & OK on passing important bipartisan reform measures, including #mentalhealth decrimin.
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrJoey's Mental Health Recovery Fund
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrCounty awarded grant to assist with problem of mental illness in criminal justice system Illness in the News - March 20 - 24, 2017 There's an App to Prevent Tragedies would allow mental health care professionals to discharge patients in #Montana
#Minnesota county to close mental health clinic #Iowa hospital closes psychiatric unit mental health system needs rebuilding intervention could help psychiatric patients steer clear of the ER year after adoption, Kern County officials praise 'Laura's Law’ administration satisfies suit requiring #NewJersey find homes for mentally ill intervention training comes to Santa Cruz County
Marin officials step up efforts to find beds for mentally ill’s Law adoption in Marin set for summer doctor says state mental health system is ‘broken' to aid those with serious mental illness gets final OK develop a test for depression and schizophrenia cops: Madison police work with mental health professionals on sensitive cases to implement an Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program for FREE! Thx to @samhsagov + @TreatmentAdvCtr sign up…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtr @TreatmentAdvCtr's Frankie Berger on facilitating data availability to incr. state bed capacity…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrThanks to #NAPHS for having me in to present with @RepTimMurphy & @ChrisMurphyCT on #mentalhealth reform. Important moment in time.
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrSheriff explains new law could help jail overcrowding
Why Tennessee needs AOT, mental health courts & #abedinstead
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Sheriff explains new law could help jail overcrowding study identifies bipolar marker secretary for mental health is one federal appointment to watch Illness in the News - March 13 - 17, 2017 Replay Available - Our State of the Uni... undergo crisis intervention training hopeful for law to aid mentally ill in #Kentucky jail says it’s the biggest mental health provider in the county health 'crisis' demands more #Florida state money, lawmakers urge Sheriff's Office tackles mental health one conversation at a time
Bill expands mental health support for rural communities in #Colorado grant would help Santa Barbara County keep mentally ill out of jail mentally ill with police training and treatment, not jail #aBedInsteadMarin launches effort to reduce number of mentally ill in jail YOU Lindsay Gould & Aidan McKee running the Shamrock Half Marathon in Va. Beach 3/19. Help reach their goal! hopes new mental health center will help her son #Alabama prisoners getting the mental health care they need? looking to Benton County Jail to learn ways to improve mental health care County has new resource to help with mental health problems builds relationships between police, mental health agencies
Parents, advocates beg lawmakers not to cut mental health funding in #Florida governor approves money to build mental health facilities mentally ill should be hospitalized, not imprisoned to bar death penalty for mentally ill faces uphill battle in #Texas illness not unusual in horrific family crimes prisons revamping how they deal with mentally ill inmates officials say overcrowding source of many problems enforcement learns how to handle mental health issues officers receive special training to better understand mental disorders expands mental health support for rural communities
The hunt for better psychiatric drugs finds mental health treatment may help prevent suicide in #California county to the great advocates in #Marin County for all their hard work to secure a UNANIMOUS #LaurasLaw vote. Help is finally on the way!
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrMulti-county collaboration underway to get 'crisis' unit to treat mentally ill systematic review of reasons for nonadherence to medication in patients with serious mental illness and the mentally ill: 3 ways to improve the system #aBedInstead#Yakima tackles mental health issues in criminal justice system with $1 million grant can still dial-in to our State of the Union. Call 712.432.1212 Access: 523572276#Sandra Bland Act brings needed focus to suicides in #Texas jails braved the DC snow to give u an update on the state of serious mental illness reform. Join us in a 1/2 hour!…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrRiding with the Memphis Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team looks to reduce number of mentally ill in prison #aBedInstead
Time to focus on mentally ill at Multnomah County Detention Center, #Oregon hospital opens in #OklahomaCity, offering range of services