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National nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers to the timely and effective treatment of severe mental illnesses.

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Mental Illness in the News - May 22 - 26, 2017 - No Awareness Without Data
With patients waiting, new beds stay empty at Cherry Hospital’s Law lives to fight another day in #SantaBarbara House and Senate pass bill on mental health provider `duty to warn’ County applies for grant to help create a Mental Health Court
Mental illness within the #Nebraska prison and jail system service available for people suffering from substance abuse, mental illness in #Kentucky mental health services is bankrupting our healthcare system 2: A broken mental health system's biggest problem #Texas falling short on police safety during mental health crises health chief says mentally ill would suffer under House budget County making progress in reducing jail population supports long-term effects of antipsychotics for schizophrenia
How can you tell if your area needs more psychiatric beds? Senate gives initial nod to plan to add mental health beds hospital faces backlash against plan to close psychiatric beds #aBedInstead1 in 3 New Orleans inmates take mental health drugs, jail monitors say Iowans can step up to help fight mental illness Court keeps the mentally ill out of jail patients desperately need housing. We’re failing them's Office taking role to help county's mentally ill mental illness linked to much higher risk for cardiovascular disease
The mentally ill make up about a third of the population at Cook County Jail, and says Dart: "We’re going to treat…
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrElizabeth Sinclair knocking the part of our pitch out of the park! #mhiz
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrTeam brainstorming - audience members help finalists refine ideas before final pitches. #InnovationNation #APAAM17
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrAt #APAAM17 @APAPsychiatric? We are here! #MHIZ
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtr#MHIZ pitch by @JohnSnookTAC, Elizabeth Sinclair Queuing Theory to Solve a #MentalHealth Crisis @TACResearch
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrUnleash lightening in a bottle @JohnSnookTAC at @psychinnovation #MHIZ
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#ICYMI: Trump nominates Elinore McCance-Katz to oversee federal mental health services via @TeenVogueLaw enforcement training aims to help defuse crisis situations health advocates are working to improve services for inmates with mental illness Lt. Gov.’s wife treated for mental health issue health awareness: Needs often don't translate into funding often first resort for mental health patients still sending mentally ill people to homeless shelters #aBedInsteadPrison wrong place for Darren Rainey, others with mental illness #aBedInsteadMental Illness in the News - May 8 - 19, 2017 'Lightning in a Bottle' County mental health resource unveils new location
Mental illness increases the risk of homelessness. Homelessness makes mental illness worse:
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrStruggling to find help: A Knoxville man’s struggle with mental illness and the law psychiatric hospital for Milwaukee area to get review suburban father's troubled son cycles through the criminal justice system #aBedInsteadPatients see gaps in treating both a mental health and substance use disorder study reveals how lithium treats bipolar disorder No evidence of long-term harm Dix: Redefining mental illness look for answers in policing the mentally ill with mental illness at increased risk for homelessness, incarceration you in San Diego @APAPsychiatric? Grab a front-row seat for our @psychInnovation 'shark-tank' style talk May 21. #MHIZ
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No place in system for severely mentally ill, so they’re locked away in nursing homes New Haven Hospital offers hope for severe mental illness's no better time to stand up for #abedinstead. March on May 20 @JGoreTreatSMI
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrWe need to fix this! #mentalillness #abedinstead
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrNAMI Shelby is thrilled at the growing interest in mental health among law enforcement. #abedinstead #stopstigma
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrThere are many ways to support the Treatment Advocacy Center. Learn more here #WebsiteWednesday
#NewHampshire must stop conflating mental illness with criminality place for the mentally ill #aBedInsteadMental health and the criminal justice system: Can #Minnesota do better?
Mental health care: A look at resources available say emergency rooms struggle while helping mental health patients mental breakdown: #Iowa’s mental health crisis wait for mental health bed not uncommon #aBedInsteadSan Diego County to start program aimed at helping mentally ill inmates pilot study of deep brain stimulation in treatment-resistant schizophrenia outpatient treatment enters the mainstream
Smaller jail with fewer mentally ill people is the answer #aBedInsteadCathy Costello addresses mental health and Labor Commissioner Mark Costello Act lawmakers reject bulk of Sandoval's proposed mental health cuts illness often strikes at an early age, but lack of access to care, stigma delay help’s 1st mental health court turns 20: Time to end criminalization in mentally ill LA jail inmates leads to new policies’s pick to run mental health is poised to shake things up. Even some liberals can’t wait via @statnews
Retweeted by TreatmentAdvocacyCtrCIT training de-escalates mental health crisis situations health expert: Identification, intervention key who lost son works to get mental health care for others
Crisis negotiators maintain focus on mental health students seeking mental health care, help can be weeks away
Mental Illness in the News - May 1 - 5, 2017 AOT has entered the mainstream
CALL Congress NOW - Vote NO on the American Health Care Act!