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Violet @VioletVaughn Paris in a Poem

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ Nietzsche Humanist~Art~Poetry~News~Vanilla

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Act not Re-ActSeeks Shelter... @OrgasmsMindtrip Good luck.. ::SignedAgreementDisappears:: @OrgasmsMindtrip Good luck with that. #jsK. You win. #GOD @mbsamaya :::: El Shaddai:::::
Retweeted by VioletOur greatest strength comes from the gentleness and tenderness of our heart.*.*
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Retweeted by Violet"...I don't like what he is doing..." Is that so hard to understand?!
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Retweeted by Violet"Betrayed" by Wodke Hawkinson excerpt. Adults only please #books #suspense
Retweeted by Violet @StrikerGolfGPS @VioletVaughn @gulfwarvet11 @QBDAD @MarkRWheeler2 @heidi_striker @Tim_Auger that is beautiful really gorgeous
Retweeted by VioletThink it is my favorite too @Tim_Auger @gulfwarvet11 @QBDAD @MarkRWheeler2
Retweeted by VioletLol RT I'll see your f 18, and raise you an f4... RT @gulfwarvet11 @QBDAD @MarkRWheeler2
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Retweeted by Violet«@TheRealRoseanne WOMAN JUDGE IS A WHORE:» MT @assholeofday
Retweeted by Violetshe sits alone on the beach watching the flight of the sea birds she dreams of him as the warm sand caresses her toes #orjay
Retweeted by Violet @VioletVaughn @marina8893 be blessed with the light of Source :)
Retweeted by Violet @marina8893 @donnie_20 Wow! TY! @mhicallyU TY for follow! #LOVE @VioletVaughn u are so nice thank u
Retweeted by VioletSHOUTOUT TO ♡♡@mhicallyU
Retweeted by Violet:::::YAWN::::: #TCOT @TactiComp Fiend. You can either be gone now or stop wasting bandwidth with idiotic pictures. #TeaParty #lnyhbt #GOP
Retweeted by VioletMe gusta tu avatar @Laodiosaesta
Retweeted by VioletGood Night Friends & Acquaintances…
Retweeted by Violet"@brian66robert: @DoMeHard_69" i don't mind ;)
Retweeted by Violet @AnnCoulter LOL! #LOVE @JohnRLottJrAmazing. Chart of insurance premiums before and after Obamacare (via @JohnRLottJr):
Retweeted by VioletThe Kingdom of Heaven is w/in us, it's called our soul,whosoever seeks to know the core of themselves shall find it.
Retweeted by VioletCall your girlfriend in the middle of the night and say "I just want to say I love you".
Retweeted by Violet @marina8893 #LOVE You had me for a minute there. #js :D @Eagle_Vision @VioletVaughn lol, I love Clint Eastwood my old time favorite actor
Retweeted by VioletWe never met But we know Each other Already. Quite well actually. #micro poetryThousands urge Senate Finance Chair @RonWyden to abandon Fast Track for the #TPP #StopTheTPP
Retweeted by VioletTeddy would be proud! This makes me smile! RIP Teddy RT @TheObamaDiary: Smiling down tonight.
Retweeted by VioletA kind reminder: adding "fuck it, send" still does not increase the quality of your tweet.
Retweeted by VioletLil Ed ♡♡
Retweeted by Violet“@thelindalord: Yes,please remember the ladies!” TYVM!Missing someone you have never met is a weird and helpless feeling, but I'm pretty sure it's a thing.
Retweeted by VioletYou had me at tubes tied.
Retweeted by Violet @elton1937 @d_starman I never said that. ;D @ageless_vintage @aetherconfab @ageless_vintage @aetherconfab @d_starman Why do you imagine our views are mutually exclusive?
Retweeted by VioletTELL @UPS: Firing 250 workers for protesting unfair treatment of a co-worker is wrong. Join 80,000 people in protest!
Retweeted by Violet @unStunned @MountainMole @GOP ~ JMO - Saint John said it best:~ :"even now many antichrists have come."That's #tcot's + #GOP + #evangelicals
Retweeted by Violet @kindcutesteve @Serpentine202 How can you resist such a punim?
Retweeted by VioletHey fellas...give her your attention or someone else will. Trust me on this one...
Retweeted by VioletWant to be a better leader? Lead with a servant heart. Lead with love. #leadership
Retweeted by VioletPete Rose Mike Tyson Michael Vick O.J. Simpson Lenny Dykstra Tonya Harding Dwight Gooden - A List of Pros & Cons
Retweeted by Violet"Mother don't know me!" -me to mother fuckers that don't know me
Retweeted by VioletDown To Earth makes me cry, Never Say Never makes me feel powerful, U Smile makes me happy, and One Less Lonely Girl makes me feel loved.
Retweeted by VioletHard to believe. How many Vets have committed suicide just THIS year?
Retweeted by VioletThank u A. Wang @BALENCIAGA and Philip Treacy for my #monsterstyle today! Let me see yours!
Retweeted by VioletIf I don't know any better, the cashiers in the supermarket would flatter me every time they ask for my ID when I purchase alcohol.
Retweeted by VioletIs it necessary to smash an elderly woman’s face into the ground, so you can “make it home to your wife and kids”?
Retweeted by VioletI feel weird. I think I need to smoke medicine.
Retweeted by Violet#GOP = Grand Overreach Party #UniteBlue #tcot #ccot #pjnet #opslam #dem #p2 #MakeDCListen #RedNationRising #GOPLOP
Retweeted by Violet @889Ron @bennydiego @VioletVaughn Umm- she quoted a study. If you don't believe her, look it up.
Retweeted by VioletPeople are gonna talk.. let them.. it's only when they STOP talking should you worry.
Retweeted by VioletForget Him. He was jealous of you anyway.
Retweeted by VioletIf you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
Retweeted by VioletI'm not perfect. I'll annoy you, piss you off but put all that aside, You'll never find someone who cares and loves you more than me.
Retweeted by Violet"Let's start with forever." - Twilight
Retweeted by VioletEverything worth having is definitely worth waiting.
Retweeted by VioletI get jealous..
Retweeted by VioletIt will happen....
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Retweeted by VioletTRUE!
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Retweeted by VioletThe best way to appreciate someone is to imagine your life without them.
Retweeted by VioletPlease understand, whenever I says "I'm okay" hugs me and says "whatever I know you're not". Sincerely, Girls.
Retweeted by VioletIm still waiting for a boy would say "take my hand and let's waste our time together".
Retweeted by VioletLet's do DB Cooper next. ;P“@BlueDuPage: Obamacare Enrollment Heading to 7 Million at Deadline #tcot #p2” TYVM!Original Oil Paintings Rest Stop
Retweeted by VioletThink it is my favorite too @gulfwarvet11 @QBDAD @MarkRWheeler2 @heidi_striker @Tim_Auger
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Retweeted by VioletOMG I was wrong!! *Said me never.
Retweeted by Violet"hola abril" no puede ser q en pleno 2014 la gente siga saludando a los meses
Retweeted by Violet @GreeGreece @VioletVaughn @VlanTrunk @wholden42 happy April & thank you for sharing the words & #SupportingTheArts
Retweeted by Violet#Syria #army retakes key post in #Assad’s home province
Retweeted by VioletCommission delivered over weekend. Oil on canvas, 60 x 70 cms
Retweeted by VioletMORE FOOD PLEASE - Kookaburra 2 Bird Photograph - Prints & Cards at:
Retweeted by VioletThousands marching to Parliament House over #edcuts @perthnow
Retweeted by VioletMillions of Americans have signed up for #Obamacare, even though Republicans said they would not & should not. #ACASurge #UniteBlue
Retweeted by VioletHow music theory explains the genius of Lady Gaga:
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