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Pres Obama will go down in history as being the best President ever!

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Ex-Medicare head: GOP using "sabotage, speed and secrecy" to pass ObamaCare repeal
Retweeted by cyn#FACT: The pork industry kills piglets who aren’t growing fast enough by slamming them headfirst onto concrete floo…
Retweeted by cynIn His Worst Defeat Yet, Court Rules Trump Actions On Muslim Ban Violated The Law via @politicususa #p2 #ctl
Retweeted by cyn @Mikel_Jollett @kurteichenwald Uh hey Idiot Ivanaka THIS happened in MY Kentucky City to a disabled Friend of mine… TRUMP: There's a level of viciousness in Washington I did not expect.
Retweeted by cynThe facts are the facts!
Retweeted by cyn @ElGuardianAngel @politicususa #Trump & especially his followers knew instinctively how to accomplish inhumane brut… @ElGuardianAngel @politicususa Fascism is BRUTAL Look #Trump TOLD EVERYONE Vlad PUTIN in #RUSSIA Would help #Trump
Retweeted by cyn @ElGuardianAngel @politicususa Fascism is BRUTAL Look #Trump TOLD EVERYONE Vlad PUTIN in #RUSSIA Would help #Trump the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling on President Trump's revised travel ban:
Retweeted by cyn.@dccc hits Gianforte (metaphorically though, not the way he choke-slammed that reporter)...
Retweeted by cyn#Breaking: Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte sentenced to 40 hours of community service for assaulting reporter…
Retweeted by cynThis is *unreal*. Senate has a bill but won't show the public. They're going to *send their secret bill* to the CBO
Retweeted by cynFor President Donald Trump "winning justifies everything," says @FareedZakaria
Retweeted by cynTrump “exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress” to oversee immigration, the court rules…
Retweeted by cyn#Breaking: Ninth Circuit upholds block on Trump's travel ban
Retweeted by cyn @funder @StillLes4Hill Hey #Trump Idiots We in USA REFUSE to become #COMMUNISTS like YOU and Your #USA HATER DAD W… Trump Jr met w/banker who launders Russian money, blocked me on Twitter for finding it. #TrumpRussia
Retweeted by cynMy heart is with the loved ones of the 49 people killed at Pulse, the city of Orlando, & the LGBT community.…
Retweeted by cynWhat I had retweeted were the 26 reasons not to air the Alex Jones interview #shameonNBC. Please RETWEET, & remembe…
Retweeted by cynIt's like we took the express route to becoming North Korea.
Retweeted by cyn#ResistGOPCare #TheResistance #UniteBlue #healthcare
Retweeted by cynTrump Thinks Executive Orders Are Legislation As Not Well President Holds Cabinet Meeting via @politicususa #ctl
Retweeted by cynWell...
Retweeted by cynAnd the taxpayer pays for it all Special! November 6, 2018 Is National Take Out The Trash Day VOTE THEM OUT !!…
Retweeted by cynTrump is making his Cabinet adore him on National TV - just like Kim Jung Un does. @_EPluribusUnum @MemphisJohnny1 @Charenity @Pupp_Will
Retweeted by cynSenate Republicans Say It Would Be Stupid Of Them To Let You See Their Health Care Bill via @politicususa #p2 #ctl
Retweeted by cynIvanka: 'There's a level of viciousness that I wasn't expecting'. The Trumps need to learn you get what you put out…
Retweeted by cyn @RawStory My 💓 breaks for @IvankaTrump didn't expect the level of viciousness her father fostered during the campai…
Retweeted by cyn"Level of viciousness" @IvankaTrump
Retweeted by cyn @MemphisJohnny1 @Charenity @painterprinter @Pupp_Will @josiehollon @musicgabbi @TylerMurphyKY @kyvirginaj @Wary12 Oh you are priceless.
Retweeted by cyn------> I agree! @Charenity @painterprinter @Pupp_Will @MemphisJohnny1 @josiehollon @musicgabbi @TylerMurphyKY
Retweeted by cyn @graceslick77 @KelliSmith15 @birdieglad @Wary12 @JAMSRIDE (Birds of a feather, flock together)
Retweeted by cyn @graceslick77 @KelliSmith15 @birdieglad @Wary12 @JAMSRIDE ☺️😊☺️😊 GM G!
Retweeted by cyn#Trump Level VICIOUS in HATING our Beloved USA ! He Wants to turn us over to #RUSSIA #Trump KIDS so SHELTERED they…
Retweeted by cyn#Trump Level VICIOUS in HATING our Beloved USA ! He Wants to turn us over to #RUSSIA #Trump KIDS so SHELTERED they… @CBSNews @CBSNews Why does #Media keep PUSHING this HATER #TRUMP who wants to Trun USA OVER to #Russia ? Inform the…, D.C. and Maryland are planning to sue Pres. Trump for accepting payments from foreign governments:…
Retweeted by cyn @Michaelcware4 @KelliSmith15 @pannlewis44 @MarilynT4 @tess_tess2 @DLTrunnell @tcaLdarez @graceslick77
Retweeted by cynThis is the second Democrat, by my count, to withdraw from a race due to death threats. Really, really worrying.
Retweeted by cyn @birdieglad @KelliSmith15 All hate spewing/tuff talking/wangsta/buffoon can do is sell wolf tickets when surrounded…
Retweeted by cyn @RawStory Give us a BREAK! So Ivanka is quite alright that her FAILURE DAD pushing COMMUNISM & FASCISM on USA?… Trump complains to Fox News: ‘There is a level of viciousness that I wasn’t expecting’…
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews Old Communist Putin sure has the USA White guy fooled that #Russia has US best interest in mid, but #Trump"For the whole two years, I never heard him bad-mouth anybody," Oliver Stone says of his interviews with Russian Pr…
Retweeted by cynRETWEET TO AGREE @RepTedLieu: #Sessions should resign now
Retweeted by cyn
Survey Says: #Trump Fired Comey ‘To Protect Himself’ via @nbcnews Chicken #Trump #p2 @pannlewis44 @KelliSmith15 @stylistkavin @birdieglad @graceslick77 @Wary12 @DLTrunnell @Ireland0828 @Michaelcware4
Retweeted by cynWe were warned, but too many did not heed the warning!
Retweeted by cynWatergate prosecutor: ‘No question’ #Trump obstructed justice #p2DOJ: #Trump can accept payments from foreign governments #p2In which @xpostfactoid did the math more carefully than I (tho with a lower % cap than Feinstein is proposing). Wel…
Retweeted by cyn🐾Tia • Pit Bull • Adult • Female • Medium Stark County Dog Warden Department Canton, OH
Retweeted by cynIs this where I inject the big fat "I told you so?!!!" ...#justsaying
Retweeted by cynKarl Rove is done with Trump: He 'lacks the focus or self-discipline to do the basic work required of a president…
Retweeted by cyn😲😂 @abronxchick @birdieglad @graceslick77 @Wary12 @DLTrunnell @Ireland0828 @Michaelcware4 @MarilynT4 @JhwilsH
Retweeted by cynNEW Photos: Ivanka, Don & Eric Trump doing business in Russia-looking at real estate. Uncovered by @pacelattin
Retweeted by cynAn important source of funding for environmental projects is being curtailed. My latest, with @tatertatiana
Retweeted by cyn100's of hours were spent debating Affordable Care Act. Disgraceful that a "bunch of guys in a backroom” now decidi…
Retweeted by cyn
Retweeted by cynView from the Left: #Russia was ‘coming for #America’ and nobody told us #USA #p2
This just further proves what an asshole Ryan is.
Retweeted by cynNow Trump has to present tapes that vindicate him, or prove none exist, never existed, weren't destroyed. From 5/24
Retweeted by cynThe headline from this presser is already written. This soundbite will be everywhere starting immediately.
Retweeted by cyn"It's hard to both say [Comey] was a liar and that he vindicated him," John Dickerson says of Pres. Trump's respons…
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews Hey #Trump YOU would demand a PLEDGE of all kinds of ppl! YOU must RESIGN in #Disgrace & go live in… "Would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of events?" Pres. Trump: "100%"…
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews Only #Trump DEMANDS people bow Down to him while he's READY to Destroy our beloved USA & Trurn it over to… denies asking for loyalty of Comey: "I hardly know the man. I'm not going to say I want you to pledge allegia…
Retweeted by cynWrecking the Ship of State Think of just how much damage this man has done on multiple fronts in just five months.
Retweeted by cynWrecking the Ship of State DAMAGE ONE BAD WRONG PRESIDENT CAN DO
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Retweeted by cynMath lesson of the day: "petty vindictiveness" + "sheer laziness" = President Trump?
Retweeted by cynCorrection: NO ONE (Except Hannity) is buying Paul Ryan's excuses for Trump & we'll never forget it. #TheResistance
Retweeted by cynFBI Notified After Sen. McConnell Exposed In $2.5M Money Funnel Connected To Putin-uncovered by @Funder #TrumpRussia
Retweeted by cynThe world belongs to all of us, not some of us.
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews @jeffpeguescbs Dang @CBSNews You print praise about #Trump BUT old FOOL #Trump doesn't know that we have… "didn't know" we have troops in Qatar. He should know what countries we have our military in. Important for c…
Retweeted by cyn.@jeffpeguescbs: "I think one of the big questions coming out of [Comey testimony] is whether there is a taping sys…
Retweeted by cynA president with no moral authority cannot call on the nations of the world to change their ways. Someone might want to tell Donald Trump.
Retweeted by cynLet's not forget DAG Rosenstein wrote an entire memo used to mislead American people that Trump fired Comey b/c he treated Hillary unfairly.
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews Oh come on #Trump HATES #America which is why he's turning it over to #Russia Com'on #Media DO YOUR JOB!!!…"In the meantime, no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker," Pres. Trump says when asked about Comey testimony:…
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews @ScottPelley Oh come on! Stop being STUPID! Comey has proven INTEGRITY in government-- Idiot #TRUMP has YO… Trump Promise Is Smoke and Mirrors as Infrastructure Week Comes to a Failing Halt via @politicususa #p2 #ctl
Retweeted by cynI used to be skeptical that Trump actually taped his conversations with Comey. But between Trump and his staffers, I'm not so sure now.
Retweeted by cyn3. Trump now praising the blockade and expressing his support. WTF.
Retweeted by cyn2. Tillerson, Trump's Secretary of State, just came out AGAINST the blockade, 90 MINUTES AGO
Retweeted by cyn1. Trump is creating another dumpster fire right now
Retweeted by cynOne of these two men is lying. I wonder if it's the guy who served 3 presidents from 2 parties or the one who said…
Retweeted by cyn @CBSNews Only Place #Trump intends to run the country is give it to #RUSSIA & the Rich! #Trump has NO CLUE how much… if tapes exist of his conversations with Comey, Pres. Trump says: "I'll tell you about that sometime, maybe i…
Retweeted by cynLegal experts say it’s not clear Mueller has a slam-dunk obstruction of justice case against the president…
Retweeted by cyn @timcorrimal @GottaLaff @RockyMntnMike @Marnus3 @withreservation @Wary12 @lipdesign @SueinRockville @T4booboo #FF
Retweeted by cyn @Charenity @tnequality @NotYerAvgChick I'm Honored! Thank YOU! 🌹#FollowFriday @Wary12 @tnequality @NotYerAvgChick top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (via
Retweeted by cynWe’re barely one-tenth of the way through Trump’s first term. The worst, almost surely, is yet to come.
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