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President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly to bring these violent animals to justice. Here is… to be in New York for the day. Heading back to the @WhiteHouse now, lots of work to be done!
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Trump Lambastes MS-13: “They’re Animals, Animals.” Read more in tonight's edition of West Wing Reads: Cuevas and Evelyn Rodriguez's daughter was brutally murdered by the animals of MS-13. Their story: Mickens and Elizabeth Alvarado lost their daughter to the animals of MS-13 and they thanked President Trump… gangs, such as MS-13, take advantage of our porous borders and seek to use our current immigration sy… on Long Island, we were all moved to be joined by families who have suffered unthinkable heartbreak at the ha…
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Trump’s Administration is fighting back against MS-13, by taking a wide range of actions against the gang… is a transnational gang that has committed horrendous acts of violence in communities across America. Preside… are the parents of two girls chased down and brutally murdered by MS-13. Watch live as they join President Tr… Trump participates in a Roundtable on Immigration. Watch live: many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13’s animals. President Trump is f… Donald J. Trump will visit the Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, New York, for a roundtable… you @SBAList! #SBAGala
Retweeted by The White HouseBeating the deadliest drug crisis in history will require nothing less than the biggest response in history. That r…
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Trump and @SecPompeo have made it clear that the United States stands with the people of Iran and that th… York Post: "House overwhelmingly passes bipartisan prison reform bill"“While Democrats in Washington are resisting progress, my administration is delivering progress for hardworking Ame…
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"As long as we have faith in our citizens, confidence in our values, and trust in our God then we will never ever f… the first time since Roe v. Wade, America has a Pro-Life President, a Pro-Life Vice President, a Pro-Life House…
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Trump delivers remarks at the Susan B. Anthony List 11th Annual Campaign for Life Gala. Watch live ➡️… B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser: "Trump Takes Taxpayers Out of the Abortion Business" Read m… Trump’s policies are ending taxpayer support of the abortion industry. Norman writes in Gallup: "Optimism About Availability of Good Jobs Hits New Heights" House passed #RightToTry today on a BIPARTISAN vote. This important policy will give hope to the those who need…
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Trump hosted President @moonriver365 at the White House today for a productive bilateral meeting and work…, it was my great honor to welcome President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea to the @WhiteHouse!🇺🇸🇰🇷
Retweeted by The White HousePresident Donald J. Trump hosts South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House to discuss recent development…, President Trump welcomes President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea to the White House. Trump Proclaims May 22, 2018, as National Maritime Day. Today we honor our merchant mariners for their co…
President Trump and his Administration will continue to work with Congress to achieve important prison and reentry… Pappas in Fox News: “Gina Haspel sworn in as CIA director” These and other articles we are reading today:…, President Trump welcomed @NASCAR Cup Series Champion @MartinTruex_Jr and team to the White House! Trump supports prison reform legislation to reduce prisoner recidivism rates. Read more about how this c… President has called on Congress to help former inmates who have completed their sentences have a second chance… to swear in Gina Haspel as @CIA director at this morning’s ceremony with @POTUS. With her leadership and un…
Retweeted by The White HouseToo many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13’s animals. What you need to kno… LIVE as President Trump hosts the NASCAR Cup Series Champion Martin Truex Jr. and Team:… Trump is listening to America’s agriculture community and fueling the economy through pro-growth policies… White House hosted a summit on prison reform last week. “Prison reform is an issue that unites people from acro… LIVE as President Trump participates in the swearing-in ceremony of the Director of the @CIA:…
Under the guise of being pro-immigrant, “sanctuary” jurisdictions privilege a small group of criminals at the expen…’s action punishes those who enrich themselves on the backs of the Venezuelan people. Sanctions need not b…
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At a roundtable with President Trump, community leaders spoke out against the sanctuary policies that are jeopardiz…’s immigration challenge does not end at our doorstep. Because of “sanctuary city” jurisdictions—many recent… to have our incredible First Lady back home in the White House. Melania is feeling and doing really well. Tha…
Retweeted by The White HouseHappy #ArmedForcesDay to our GREAT military men and women for their selfless service to our Nation!
Retweeted by The White HouseOn #ArmedForcesDay, we pay tribute to the extraordinary men and women who serve our Nation with valor and distincti… is a time for every American to show our profound gratitude for the courageous men and women who ha…
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America is a Nation that believes in the power of redemption. America is a Nation that believes in second chances -…
Retweeted by The White House"We grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horr… shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!
Retweeted by The White HouseMy heart goes out to Santa Fe and all of Texas today.
Retweeted by The White HouseWatch LIVE as President Trump delivers remarks at the Prison Reform Summit: #Yanny? We hear Jerusalem!
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Read more in tonight's edition of West Wing Reads: #Yanny? Or... was my great honor to visit with our HEROES last night at Walter Reed Medical Center. There is nobody like them!
Retweeted by The White HouseTalking trade with the Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Liu He.
Retweeted by The White HouseCongratulations to our new CIA Director, Gina Haspel!
Retweeted by The White House"...we have six of the biggest news outlets in the United States promoting the narrative that Trump called illegal… first 12 seconds, below - that magically went missing in newsrooms across America — regarding POTUS comments on…
Retweeted by The White House🚨Happening Now: Expanded Bilateral Meeting with the Secretary General of @NATO, the @Cabinet
Retweeted by The White HouseYesterday, President Trump met with local officials from California who spoke first-hand about how sanctuary polici…, President Trump met with local officials who spoke first-hand about how these sanctuary policies jeopard… and other sanctuary jurisdictions are openly obstructing Federal efforts to take custody of and remove c…
Today, President Trump met with mayors, sheriffs, and local state leaders from across the state of California to di…'s edition of West Wing Reads: Haspel is one step closer to leading our brave men and women at the CIA. She is exceptionally qualified and th…
Retweeted by The White HouseA sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit @WRBethesda & to all who have send good wishes & prayers! I am feel…
Retweeted by The White HouseCommunities are coming out against reckless sanctuary policies and in support of our Federal immigration laws that…, it was my great honor to welcome President Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan to the @WhiteHouse!
Retweeted by The White HouseThis morning, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted to recommend Gina Haspel's confirmation as CIA Director to th…"Trump supporters across America: The president is delivering on his agenda", President Trump will welcome President Mirziyoyev of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the White House.
Tonight's edition of West Wing Reads:"When danger came, when darkness fell, when destruction loomed, they did not flinch. They were not afraid... They l… number of public officials have put country above party to support Gina Haspel’s nomination for CIA Director. Mor…
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