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Spirit of Hindutva @_Mauna_ Bengaluru, Hindusthan

Definition of Hindutva - Hindu politics in the service of Hindu Nation & Minorities within the realm of Hindusthan that is Bharat.

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Mahamana Express connects Varanasi & Vadodara, both vibrant cultural centres as well as Varanasi & Surat, both vibr…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaPrime Minister Narendra Modi visits Tulsi Manas temple in Varanasi
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaMore people in Press Club of India to escape heavy rains than stand united to condemn killing of a journalist in Tripura. Tragic reality.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe inside story of how the surgical strikes were authorised, what preparations went into actual cross-border raids
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAustralia: #Rohingya refugee, Nur Islam,22,set fire 2 bank as "act of retribution" 4#Islam against Western values.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutvaदेखो शांतिप्रिय #Rohingya धमकी देरहा-अगर शरण न दी तो न हिन्दू होगा और न हिंदुस्तान की जमीन,हिन्दुओ को नाम सिर्फ ता…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaIndian Muslim claims Muslims r a peaceful ppl. They'll wipe out Hindus & India if #Rohingya not helped via @ppanks_g
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaFormer PM Mannu bhai’s media advisor.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaSince Mr. Kharge is not above using one of the best known innovation platforms to make a Princetonly pitch for powe…
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @lals131999 @ShefVaidya ObviouslyToo perfect. Simply, too perfect. Made to order. The entire scene in this video is like reading today's debates on… photo of a versatile, talented, master of drama, action and comedy meeting Kamal Haasan.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva10 days Vipassana. Then sojourn to Chennai to have gossip session with a over the hill actor. When does Dilli CM do actual work?
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaIn this, @_YogendraYadav is looking like the Khmer cadre. Of the Khmer Rouge. Of Kampuchea. Of Pol Pot. @PrannoyRoyNDTV left no stone unturned to malign Modi. He’s all set to be taken over by man who coined Abki baar Modi Sarkar. Poetic.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAwww, now commie Brinda Karat is defending Devi worship. Now I have seen it all!
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaSpiceJet’s Ajay Singh set to take control of NDTV
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva
@VikasSaraswat Sharp observation Sir 👍Anyone noticed that editors have stopped fishing for Muslim victimhood stories ever since the #RohingyaCrisis cos agenda will hamper d cause
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaGoons of the sanctimonious and preachy @SitaramYechury - led CPI(M). Understandably, #MSM loves him, so does…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaPlease leave the AcArya alone..He was simply 1 of the most influential commentators of all time till everyone start…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaTo call @JantaKaReporter a media house would be shaming the fraternity further.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaNamed after the dreaded deep sea predator Tiger Shark, the INS Kalvari is the first indigenously built submarine in…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaDhoni is a legend. That stumping was unbelievable. Like Congress politicians he watches the feet; only and only the…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaA must read--"Islamic Invasion Of India: The Greatest Genocide In History"--
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaMuslim cleric says fathers can marry off their newborn daughters
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaIf the person is a degenerate with no sense of the sacred, attack the person himself/herself.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAttack whatever the person holds sacred.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaDo not try to 'defend' or justify murti puja. In doing so, you have lost the frame already.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaFinally, Tirupati laddu gets FSSAI clearance, TTD gets food safety licence
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaStrong family ties are a positive value. It's misuse would be to build a mafia network.Secondly, nationalism per se is never wrong. We often confuse positive values with how they may get manipulated.This is a misreading and over simplification. Mussolini never reviled the flag and army when they were in his contr… divisive order has been struck down by High Court. Minorityism and vote-bank pandering hurt Bengal. Wish she wou…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaRohingyas have got terrorist links& a grave threat 2 d security of our country We can't afford such massive risk…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaBjp supporters shud focus and prepare for LS 19 rather than castigating rahul g. #Request
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @barbarindian @ahlade Else, leave it to the whim of societal sanction. If it tolerates, ok. If not, bad luck. These… @barbarindian @ahlade Sounds crazy but this is what any such law or legal framework will have to deal with. No % of… @barbarindian @ahlade Inter religious marriages ought to have a no-conversion clause. Children ought not to be desi… @TweetinderKaul @suhrith Incidents and circumstantial evidence. Azad Maidan, inflammatory jihadi speeches in their… @suhrith @TweetinderKaul In any case, Bharat won't deport these people to Myanmar. It will be to Bangladesh itself. Perhaps finance it too. @suhrith @TweetinderKaul The Rohingya and their handlers have ruined their case in Bharat. There is no sympathy. Th… HC allows Durga idols immersion till 12am on all days incl Muharram,asks Police to ensure routes r designated fr immersion & Tazia.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva**Takes a deep breath** Ok everyone!! Watch this!!
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaHehe ... all self employed entrepreneur billionaires are idiots.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAppalling that most journos who rightly condemned #GauriLankesh murder have expressed little outrage over Santanu's…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaTrillion $ idea. Plus trillions of $ saved that are now spent on counter-terrorism globally. If it works in India,…
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @devyani21 @mediacrooks @OfficeOfRG What he meant was pak terrorists are crossing border to steal food. So if we ke…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAfter Aurangzeb, the secular & Alauddin Khilji, the lover, next up : Ghiyasuddin Balban, the man who introduced courtly etiquette to India.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @Ra_THORe Sir, please communicate a default position to BJP states. Anything that seeks to normalise invaders shoul…, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Bangla Islamists - all are backing Rohingya & threatening India. But you must pretend Rohingya have no religion
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaEnroute Court for Sunanda Pushkar Murder case hearing.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaApart from accusing Modi Sarkar of failing to create jobs and airyfairy 'intolerance' whine, Rahul could not accuse it of corruption. 2/n
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaNeither Rahul Gandhi nor his chosen interlocutors mention the massive corruption during Congress/UPA decade. Like, it never happened. 1/n
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaHave often said this. Opposition does not stand a chance until a scam occurs in Modi Sarkar aka central govt. a cop on duty is serious offence in most jurisdictions. In India political thugs can get away with it.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe high pitched selling of RaGa misses something critical. The Quality of the product is quite low. : Home Minister Rajnath Singh says Rohingyas are not refugees, nor have they taken asylum. They are illegal immigrants.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaGoswami's venture often descends to a shrillfest but Lutyens Media Mafia a greater danger with its narrative control
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaWas reminded of this recently when a publication refused to carry my book extract because editor hates me.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaDisclaimer:I've no detailed interest in electoral politics nor am I member of BJP or any other affiliate. That said it must be noted that in
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaRohingya population in Burma (Rakhine) 1869 : 5% Rohingya population in Burma (Rakhine) 2014: 42.7%
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaOh! Burn
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaRajdeep Sardesai trying to destroy image of Arnab Goswami. #ArnabDidIt
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @ArmchairPseph Blocked by Sardesai. Will check the other one. Thanks @ArmchairPseph What speech? @i_contemplate_ @SkandaVeera Let's see. IMO, it's not easy anymore. Scrutiny is too tight. @i_contemplate_ @SkandaVeera Doesn't work. We love gaming the system. Any system. I work in this sector btw. @SkandaVeera So you will never be able to break this vicious cycle. @SkandaVeera But you should define "honest men". We aren't politicians and can afford to be politically incorrect. @SkandaVeera The logic of easy access to currency. Your own argument. @SkandaVeera Please define "honest men". You and I? @SkandaVeera This reasoning is totally over the top. We should have had one of the cleanest economies with so much cash. Why didn't we? @SkandaVeera Yes, this will continue to happen but not at scales previously experienced. The cost of yhe old black… @SkandaVeera Incentivising how? @SkandaVeera It's not about cash economy as much as it was about how it's black possibilities were nurtured through currency manipulation. @SkandaVeera We have been fighting against black economy to such an extent that we had begun to accept it as ideal.… @visaraj What are those?I can't stop watching this
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