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Spirit of Hindutva @_Mauna_ Bengaluru, Hindusthan

Definition of Hindutva - Hindu politics in the service of Hindu Nation & Minorities within the realm of Hindusthan that is Bharat.

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Dhume, Taveleen and Tufail have totally lost any sense of proportion or rationale after Yogi became UP CM. Lol, it is almost comical 😹
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaTamil Nadu : The Land of Vedas reviewed by @Koenraad_Elst
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaGreat job. Congrats Dr. Karnal Singh Dir. ED who Chidambaram threw to North East because he refused to toe PC on te…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaKudos @dir_ed 4 nabbing #ShivaniSaxena (Ex-journo) whose firm helped distribute $28m(of 70m) #AgustaWestland bribe.…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaAnyone interested in finding out how fake stories are peddled to discredit a regime pl read this thread.…
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @bluephantom7 @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi Hindus cannot compromise solo. Reciprocity is key. Liberals… @bluephantom7 @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi If Liberals really want Bharat to stand for Liberal values… @svaradarajan Authorities demolish *illegal* huts of *illegal* domestic workers who protested *alleged* illegal det…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaPeddle ONE Lie...Get one FREE.. 1) There was NO illegal detention ...2) Settlements were ILLEGAL too.. @svaradarajan
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @bluephantom7 @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi All progressive countries are suffering the consequences of… @m_samran__ @sundarsoumya That was the Prophet's lesson.
Woooooo! Amazing flexibility!!
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @ShrimanYogee What second majority Bhai? Yeh Kya hai? If they are second majority, pls demand Urdu as third official language.Nailed it. These are actually not philosophical debates but legal ones with concrete real world effects.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaTurkey drops evolution and starts teaching jihad instead
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaYes. Motives of these agitations hardly rest on philosophical divergences. @devduttmyth When was "Hinduism" underwritten by this rule of "accepting the Vedas"? This entire notion of acceptan… self-made man from a humble background triumphs over dynastic politics and those born into privilege. No wo…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaI live in Greater Noida but am not aware of any such 'ban'. Just returned from the store.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaNo they just recognise a fraud when they see one
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @devduttmyth I agree = fan, I disagree = troll, I strongly disagree = bhakt, You are misquoting = Sanghi
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe Islamic world in general has these laws. KSA is a stupid analogy Liberals like @TheJaggi like to trap themselve… @rakeshkamat And Malaysia legally protects its Majority. All good examples for Bharat to follow. @rakeshkamat Did not know Israel and Malaysia had final solutions for minorities. In any case, Israel has Arab judg… @GauravGogoiAsm @SachinPilot Influence of RG visible. eg 2cr - 1lakh = 1 lakh BJP - 161 MLAs, Oppn - 39 MLAs Kovind…
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @rakeshkamat And like Malaysia, we will seek a Bhumiputra policy which safeguards the National Majority's status. @rakeshkamat "Hindu Pakistan" is a red herring. For Bharat to be a Pakistan, we should reduce minorities to <3%. Ma… morons are biggest reason that we have so many problems today
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @_Mauna_ At the same time Compare crime graph of SA with India, portray SA as heaven...
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @anuragbakhshi It's not illogical at all. Liberals just can't face their own logic.Liberals will put the most shameless hypocrite to shame 😂Oh btw, we are borderless Liberals. Fuck! India is my country. I have passport to show. I care only about India. My country. 😂We are a Democracy & Secular so Hindus shouldn't assert themselves. Don't ask me about Muslim World. They are not d… again, good folks of Twitter.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi Nothing random about the Liberal thought process. @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi Don't be an Islamophobe pls. The Muslim world functions pretty much similarly. @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi Never knew there were islamophobes amongst Liberals. You hate the Muslim world so much? @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi You don't crib about food restrictions elsewhere. You should be more tole… @anuragbakhshi @sundarsoumya @RazdanNidhi You are perhaps the only Liberal who doesn't care about the world. I thou… @sundarsoumya No. 9 - Always call out the Hypocricy of Liberal scoundrels. Remember. To be Liberal is not a virtue. @sundarsoumya No. 8 - The Muslim World has successfully ensured primacy for Muslims in their countries through such… @sundarsoumya No. 7 - Liberals cannot have it both ways. They can't remain silent/supportive wrt Muslim World & for… @sundarsoumya No. 5 - When Bharat strts emulating Muslim World, we ensure reciprocity. No. 6 - If Liberals dn't lik… @sundarsoumya No. 3 - Muslim World in general don't tolerate non-Muslim displays of culture/religion. Not just the… @sundarsoumya You did not phrase it properly. No. 1 - Never sound apologetic. No. 2 - Liberals have a soft corner for the Muslim world. +The Abrahamisation of Hinduism is threatening the pluralist ethos of India: | Interesting but more about state power
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaIntolerance is rising.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaGracious & confidence building speech by President-elect Kovind. Disappointment to media chors who are eager to dub him Modi's Pratibha.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaExploiting the vacuum caused by an imploding ADMK, a Nazi type hate campaign has been unleashed against Tamil Hindus
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThere are 10 routes from Nizammudin to T2. Kanwarias are allowed on 1. But telling lies is part if the DNA.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaLiking Aadhar to farm Compensation due to crop failure is probably the best thing Govt has done in decades.
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @Flyfiddlesticks @TheSignOfFive @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Oh.. Haven't tried this then.Han nationalists have problem with Hindu nationalism. 😂
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaNaresh Agarwal says he merely repeated what he read on a wall. Next time he will mouth everything he reads on wall of public urinal, I guess
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaHan nationalism is bedrock of China. All other (including communism) 'ism's are mere tools for them. Han hegemony ultimate dream.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaHe is not a farmer. He is a sand mining chieftain.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe present Icon of Bengal....
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Shavige isn't deep fried as far as I know. @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll This looks like shavige all rolled up. They make sweet shavige too. @a_muglikar @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @aliceonaroll I wouldnt mind that actually 🤗 Heard it stinks though @Flyfiddlesticks @TheSignOfFive @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Could be 😂 @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Pheni with badam milk, sugar etc. @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Pheni is sweet. What you shared looks like chakli of som… @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Frying. Not boiling @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Has that sandige been cooked? Looks uncooked. It usually… @TheSignOfFive @Flyfiddlesticks @a_muglikar @aliceonaroll Aralu sandige in the pic. It's sister from another mother… Chinese diplomat outlines three options for India at Doklam | How about stony silence with finger on trigger?
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaImportant thread on media & reporting. Relevant parties, please take note
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe other side of cow protection: Attacks by meat mafia on animal activists, common citizens @ShivanChanana
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaHigh time schools start actually educating kids rather than preparing them to be employees., no. RaGa is going to hold special maths class tuition shortly 😁😂
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @gauravcsawant If he would have said any such thing about Mohammed...he would have been lynched by Muslims. It's ti…
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaMotorcycle chariot race, Australia 1936
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaLutyen's Rasputin in trouble
Retweeted by Spirit of Hindutva @_Mauna_ If war breaks out China need 9 soldiers to tackle 1 indian soldier.China is at loss that's why it is bitching so much.
Retweeted by Spirit of HindutvaThe world is used to seeing an other worldly, hair splitting, self denying Bharat. Not anymore. Someone in China blundered big this time.Hindu Nationalism supplies a purpose for the country. It seeks internal cohesion as well as external power. This is bound to upset others.When the Chinese say the border standoff is a result of Hindu Nationalism, they might be using it as propaganda but it's a fact neverthelessRead and RT widely please. Put it on whatsapp and all other social media.