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New cattle slaughter rules may not save many cows but it will lead to slaughter of many Indians -- @aakar_amnesty
Drought PIL in SC pointed out this discrepancy. Can we have a govt so callous that it lets ppl suffering drought to… each speech of the PM talks abt tech interventions in farming, the truth is far from speech. #3yearsofModiGovt are at most an emotive issue, but their state does not change despite lofty claims. #3yearsofModiGovt always held that people's power is indisputable in a democracy. When people rally as a movement, Govts are bou… Farmers' Rights Yatra focusing on TN Droughtv was an eye-opener. Glad that our efforts have made a mark.… Minister Rana Gurjit's cook wins sand mining bid of Rs.26 crore Wow!Need to quit my job & apply to b a minis…
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavFarm Loan Notices Revoked!! Power of Peoples Movement of TN Yatra unleashed by Swaraj Abhiyan & Jai Kisan Andolan.…
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavI grew up thinking Nehru was over-rated thinker&PM. Now appreciate his role as nation builder. No doubt greatest PM so far. #NehruJayantiIn Bundelkhand, acute water shortage and heat wave cause distress, forced migration
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavनितिन गडकरी ने उत्तराखंड सरकार को धमकी दी कि राजमार्ग निर्माण मे हुए घोटालों की जाँच ना करवाएं। वरना आगामी प्रोजेक्…
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavYes, but what about his promise of a loan waiver? is bizarre! CBFC now wants film makers to get NOC from CM and PM if mentioned in a documentary. @Devinder_Sharma on how this govt has let down the farmers in the last 3 years BJP govt completes 3 yrs, we assess how far it has fulfilled its promise of creating 10mn jobs #3yearsofModiGovt
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavPM Modi is popular without having performed substantially: Yogendra Yadav, Founder, Swaraj Abhiyaan #Modi3Years
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadav3 Years of Narendra Modi Government. He still has 2 Years to bring all the Growths to Negative
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavThis article is by a retired army officer who raised and commanded RR battalion in J&K. Hope he is not accused of a… Modi, the political grandson of Indira Gandhi has stumped her biological grandson -- incisive and insightful an…'s 3 yr record: Jobs down,Lokpal down, Kashmir in flames, but Goondaism, chest thumping &jingoism up. And Opp down,Modi's popularity up!
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavHow Modi who came to power on the back of the anti corruption campaign, betrayed it & has become it's biggest enemy
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No sir, please check your facts. Here is a scholarly book from official think tank of Indian defense establishment… sure. For soldiers, Indian army (but not Navy/Air Force) continues to follow British practice of region+caste+re… you notice this news? Reminds us that Indian army still has caste-religion quotas, but no reservation for SC/ST you! question I dont have a good answer But I know human shield is not the answer Those who believe Idea of India…'s 'Hackathon' was bound to fail as both parties wanted an assured victory before the test. What would be a fair… mood of Modi@3 Modi critics must accept: he is popular Modi bhakts must accept: he is yet to deliver surveys on Modi@3 I still trust CSDS survey for @abpnewstv Good sample, careful questions, nuanced report milk samples fail in #Haryana, a land of milk and honey. Every 2 out of 3 people are drinking adulterated milk.
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavअच्छा? SC Plan जो 16.75% दलित आबादी के अनुपात मे होना चाहिए, उसमें तो आप ने 2015-16 मे बजट का मात्र 2.95% खर्च किया!
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavThis one is priceless! @CartoonistSan
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Apologies for typo. I meant Dalai Lama Lama:when I meet modern Indians I feel I am more Indian than them. They don't know their traditions True! he face something no army officer has faced before? I am only asking if he should be awarded for what he di… last week we were arguing in ICJ that even an enemy soldier on spying mission has inviolable rights. Were we wr… like the expression 'keyboard warrior'. There are too many of that kind these days! Have repeatedly offered solut… is an example. This person has not read first para,has no idea that @KaranThapar_TTP is no leftist,is a staunc… sir. Indeed happy to debate. Trolls are those who start pouring abuses without reading a word of what I am f… award for Major Gogoi lets down India, Indian constitution and Indian Army. To trolls: Please read before begi…
My proposal for resolution of Punjab Haryana river water dispute. Pl read and forward if you agree. agree with @AzmiShabana on Triple Talaq. Time to move forward.
Unless the Urban Youth understands the pitiable state of Rural India & brings it to the centre stage, the divide sh… is photography
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavBela Bhatia, the indefatigable fighter but a regular victim of abuse.
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavHappy Birthday Erapalli Prasanna Most Test Wickets as an off spinner for India before Harbhajan arrived Part of I…
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavThanks @Devinder_Sharma Calling interns to spend one week in a drought affected village. This is real nationalism. are all connected and there is no escape. On the WhatsApp phenomenon and its social consequences :
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavवो इंतज़ार था जिसका ये वो सहर तो नहीं for many responses. May I request you to please read the letter, not just response to tweet summary.… a hand risen in help, probably many risen to kill, and probably some to photograph this abominable trophy moment
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavMy open letter to Kapil Mishra A request: full disclosure A suggestion: stop daily press conf against Kejriwal
Surprised. I have repeatedly said we have to be doubly fair to an adversary.Cant endorse any and every allegation a… @Ajeet1212217 @_YogendraYadav जव आम पार्टी सत्ता के शिखर पर थी तब योगेन्द्र जी प्रशांत जी आनंद जी के सामने दो रास्…
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavTheek baat blog by Ravish on Jharkhand lynching झारखंड में शक के नाम पर हत्यारी होती भीड़, हिन्दू भी मारे गए, मुसलमान भी
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavक्षमा मांगने वाले को माफ़ कर देना चाहिए! लेकिन क्षमाप्रार्थी को भी योगेंद्र प्रशांत को निकालने की साज़िश की सच्चाई सबके सामने रखनी चाहिए।
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavबिलकुल. एक सपने कि मौत देखी है हमने. उस दिन का पूरा सच सबके सामने आना चाहिए जिस दिन सत्ता ने सच को लताड़ा था.
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavNothing personal, @KapilMishraAAP Apology due to all volunteers. Best to put all facts about that episode in publicइस नाचीज़ से क्यों, माफ़ी तो सभी कार्यकर्ताओं से मांगी जानी चाहिए। उस पूरे काण्ड का पूरा सच जनता के सामने आना चाहिए।
TamilNadu suffers worst drought in 140yrs, yet as directed by SC, children don't get mid day meals. #TNDrought
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Compliments to @SushmaSwaraj and the Indian legal team for a job well done. Hope we get favourable final verdict as… detailed and disturbing report by the excellent website on attacks on the press in India:
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavMiddlemen bought #Tur Dal at low rates frm Farmers& sold at MSP to Maharashtra Govt😡@Devinder_Sharma @kiran_patniak
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavAnil Dave's untimely demise is tragic. Spoke to him on Sunday re GM mustard.Gave no indication of being unwell. My…
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavपानी के लिए तपती सड़क पर लेट गए लोग - Metro - Navbharat Times via @NavbharatTimes
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavस्वराज अभियान नेता पंकज पुष्कर ने दिल्ली में जल-भ्रष्टाचार का किया भंडाफोड़
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavWorth reading, this statement of Shri Anil Dave's last wishes. Condolences and Respect.सहारनपुर में हुई जातीय हिंसा सामाजिक समरसता को तोड़ने की साज़िश, स्वराज इंडिया ने जताया विरोध
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavNeed sensitive & fearless lawyers committed to public interest to be part of Swaraj Abhiyan's Anti Corruption Team.…
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Swaraj Abhiyan Rewari ke saathi unke saath khade the. to these brave girls. Little while ago, DC came to give written order of school upgradation. to see my Rewari come in for some positive international attention. [Full disclosure: doctor is my nephew] are fighting against instant triple talaq given in a few seconds NOT Against talaq pronounced over 90 days with reconciliation attempt
Retweeted by Yogendra Yadavछह से 23 महीने की उम्र के 10 भारतीय शिशुओं में से एक को मिलता है पर्याप्त आहार:
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavMaharashtra has nearly 70,000 small irrigation ... -
Retweeted by Yogendra YadavWish video quality was better those days. Still a joy to recall. This is what gives secularism such a bad name. Harvest - Where villagers dig for hours to fill a pot -
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