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Peter Müller @_munter_ 2720 Copenhagen

Dad, Cancer survivor, web tooling radical. @Assetgraph maintainer, Mochajs core member, Open source enthusiast and public speaker

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I’ve told this story before about my time at PayPal. It seems relevant again.
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@TheLarkInn @mxstbr @wSokra @MaciekBulczak It would be nice of create-react-app to expose an ability to debug such… @ryanflorence That's also a pretty good collection of color articles! I was geeky once and wrote this command line…★ 23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading A shortlist of things you can quickly do to make an improvement.
Retweeted by Peter Müller @zachleat @notwaldorf Great write-up! I'm happy to report that the next version of subfont will support local fonts… @T4IGA97 @phlsa @netzpolitik On a mobile phone and mobile connection? Any page almost. And that's in a first world… @mirceadesign Anything on hover is probably not really accessible to begin with. You should consider making expansi…
@mrgnrdrck I've seen many of them do
@lou_papas @MaryneeLahaye I see you're using the bad apple analogy like the police with "it's only a few" and not l… @Nicole_Cliffe Maybe it's time to form a few labor unions again
@philhawksworth What a great match! Congratulations on that move. Looking forward to hearing more from you and that devrel team :D
@SaraSoueidan @zachleat Current version of Google fonts only. Upcoming version supports lo… @SaraSoueidan @zachleat You can use subfont today to get your static pages flying with web fonts already :)We always hear about image bloat on the web....images may not be yo problem! JS bytes can translate into orders of…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @heydonworks @mathias That is golden. I just need the smallest possible woff and woff2 in there for the thing I'm making right now @bebraw But since it really has no place in a dev roundtrip I find little value in making it a plugin @bebraw Could be used there. But I'm not going to invest the time in a webpack plugin. It's really most suited for… @bebraw I would not. I'd run it on the output.
@cpojer @robpalmer2 Uhm... I've been doing this since requirejs. It's just runtime module loading. Really good for… is so cool! You can do pair programming remotely with @code! Props to @DavidKPiano, who was on the team who he…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @overflowhidden @Siteimprove Ikke internt. Det er arrangeret i samarbejde med @Codher_com Jeg blev først opmærkso… seminar at @Siteimprove \o/ @bebraw @bmeurer @JSKongress @v8js I didn't, but the readme helped ;) @bmeurer @JSKongress @v8js A friend of mine is attempting a really fast implementation of calculating the levenstei…
Front end software development is: - real-time (instant load, 60fps) - distributed, incremental (synchronize remot…
Retweeted by Peter Müller"There's a bug in your software." "No, I'm fine," the robot said. "It makes you prioritise hiding problems over reporting them." "I'm fine."
Retweeted by Peter MüllerI will take a moment to bask in the glory of winning the Best Maths in a Cake competition with Diagonal Cross Secti…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerNo. In fact we're actually realizing the way we used to ship code was egregiously slow, inaccessible, and no intero…
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@yavorsky_ @yarnpkg @npmjs Very cool. The tooltip doesn't show up for me though, even with me configuring it to show upIf you are using GitHub Pages or Amazon S3 to host your static site you should check out Netlify. Switched my site and loving it so far.
Retweeted by Peter Müller @rusevdimitar @ben336 @slicknet Having them run the build for you when you push. Being able to control http headers… @Jack_Franklin Followed the guide on the app store and keep getting a non-descriptive error when pressing the install button in store :( @Jack_Franklin How do you get Linux subsystem to work so you can get a properly functioning command line and package manager installed?I have a chrome extension that makes all of trump's tweets seem like they were written in crayon. This one is just…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @glenmaddern @mxstbr @luiscarli Yeah. at build time it's ok to waste a few more cycles. I'd like to have stuff that… @mxstbr @glenmaddern @luiscarli My biggest problem with finding a small enough for runtime markdown converter was t… @mxstbr @glenmaddern @luiscarli I had to to MD at runtime previously and ended up building a partial parser for it.… @glenmaddern @luiscarli The round trip through HTML is so wasteful. Would be nicer to have a MD to md-ast, then md-…
@evanderkoogh I don't have wide enough knowledge to generalize on that. But I do know there is a bunch of font vari… @evanderkoogh Sure. But actually figuring out what characters you need is a lot harder than you think. Everything e…
@evanderkoogh @oliverturner @addyosmani Only on files that a browser understands. So if you want it on your jsx, ru… @asciidisco Yes! I'm right in the middle of the room at the moment @ninjanails @jennschiffer Awesome :DTo be a good engineer you have to be a good member of society! Because software is for people. @jennschiffer #ffconf
Retweeted by Peter MüllerPixel artist watching pixel art slide at @jennschiffer 's #ffconf talk mention :D #ffconf @evanderkoogh @oliverturner @addyosmani This can run on the output of webpack. No need for a pluginIf you want to optimize your web font loading I'm working on tooling that helps you do exactly this. Automatically…
Arrived in Brighton for tomorrow's edition of ffconf. Got a few hours to kill. What's next? @jLix I should have put googly-eyes on mine :) @patrickhamann Does this mean I'll see you tomorrow at the conf?Heading out for day 2 of #ffconf. Doing the danish thing in the airport @allanebdrup @nodejs Those are impressive numbers! @glenmaddern Be sure to set aside more time than the box says for through the ages. Awesome game though!
Back from meetings in Brussels. There's good news and bad news. First, the bad news. Because it's... extremely bad. 1/
Retweeted by Peter Müller @chriseppstein The Cascade is the best way to get the right one for the team and I will be there at the same time
@floydophone I'm in Copenhagen, but tonight and tomorrow are booked, so I guess some other time
Nothing creates community like owning a trademark
@samantha_gold @b0rk I would go to that talk @auchenberg @hgstrp I have my yubikey in my key chain. They would have to steal both. Plus I still also have password
@jhartikainen @Siteimprove To the level where it's hard to understand what they actually do :(Today I start at my new work place @Siteimprove Looking forward to helping improve web site quality for more user…
@TheLarkInn @Paul_Kinlan You don't need to tell us :'( @bram_stein I had round of feedback already, but wouldn't mind more. Sent you a DM @thomasfuchs Ping me when tickets go on sale, or if you need speakers :DI need some quick feedback on a CFP abstract about web performance and webfonts loading. Anyone online that can DM me?
Looking forward to Bach's h-mol mass with my wife in the choir May condemns #Catalonia nationalists for reckless act of separatism that risks casting their people into wholly unnecessary calamity
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My 1st born is colorblind. I try to mind my values so that he can appreciate the details. A quick trip to grayscale…
Retweeted by Peter Müller“Web development explained to a time traveler from ten years ago” by @ivanzarea
Retweeted by Peter Müller @skiamakhos @jesslynnrose *cringe*
@gnz @mikeal It's easy to do if you start out that way and do tdd @zachleat @jaffathecake Trying to figure out how I can improve the output of subfont so font files also get preloaded for older browsers @jaffathecake @zachleat Sounds doable to package that all up neatly. I wonder if variable fonts will take over before I get there :) @jaffathecake @zachleat to the rescue @jaffathecake Interesting... I guess I'd also need to know woff/woff2 support status in order to preload the supported type @jaffathecake If I could detect preload hint support at runtime I could do a fallback JS with… @jaffathecake Is this one of those places where one of your perf experts could dive in and get some numbers?