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Peter Müller @_munter_ 2720 Copenhagen

Dad, Cancer survivor, web tooling radical. @Assetgraph maintainer, Mochajs core member, Open source enthusiast and public speaker

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If you in any way are interested in public speaking, or maybe didn't know you were interested in it yet, go sign up… @auchenberg @ChristosMatskas @wa7son Maybe we need an up to date version for checking the validity of a bank transfer these days @mathias @v8js @eleven_ty @zachleat Sure. I'll have a look at it in a few hours when the kid is asleep. If all goes… @v8js @mathias Run the output of eleventy through assetgraph-builder to get auto optimizations, content addressable…
Do no evil, eh? my way to catch a very early flight. It's 3am and I'd rather be asleep.
@bram_stein @zachleat @AmeliasBrain I've heard of noone actually doing that and escape afterwards. I smell trickery @zachleat @AmeliasBrain At this level everything is just tradeoffs :'( Who lured me into this font universe anyway… @zachleat @AmeliasBrain Wait, I can retain the original name??? I have a feeling that might greatly simplify the co… @TheRealNooshu @hj_chen I gave a shorter version 2 months ago: @SelenIT2 I only just learned about this recently. But it's a general problem with having fonts spread over multipl… @SelenIT2 I tried mentioning that with two slides at the end. But that part was a new addition yesterday evening an… @zachleat Any ligatures and kerning pairs won't work across file boundaries. So even normal Unicode range subsettin… are the women? @doramilitaru is closing with the most important talk of the day at #CSSMinskJS @jllord That's super awesome!!! Congratulations @zachleat I know the behavior I want to achieve is not well specified, so there are browser inconsistencies. But I… @zachleat It doesn't do _exactly_ what I advertise in my talk. Cut some corners for simplicity. But combined with p… 2.1 ... do you know what's new? Register for the free webinar "What you need to know about WCAG 2.1" by…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerLearn how to improve your web font loading on your web sites with my High Performance Web Fonts talk from… are my slides from my High Performance Web Fonts presentation earlier today at #CSSMinskJS. There are links t… accessibility I'm mind while making charts. Many users might experience your efforts like this: (image showing…, fonts everywhere :) Third talk in a row on fonts today, this time @bram_stein talking about the variable fon…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerOne single variable font can interpolate many different weights and styles based on just a single font file.… is secretly the Minsk web typography conference 🤣 Third font talk in a row at #CSSMInskJS with @bram_stein on…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerSo much font goodness at #CSSMinskJS This is @hj_chen doing a deep dive on Asian typesetting in CSS, starting all… love those graphics. #CSSMinskJS's on! #CSSMinskJS
Grade A organizing by #CSSMinskJS Looking forward to speaking tomorrow out with @bram_stein at the airport on our way to #CSSMinskJS And the webfont geekery has begun :)
@szynszyliszys @CSS_Minsk_JS You'll literally have seen all my conference talks this year ;) @szynszyliszys @CSS_Minsk_JS Hah! You're everywhere!!! @zachleat It's going to be a font heavy CSS day. @bram_stein is also speaking about variable fonts and @hj_chen on… kitchen staff at work served fresh Carolina Reapers as a side for todays chilli con carne. #itburnsburnsburns✍️ Web fonts & web performance are diametrical opposites. 🤔 Choose one: Performance or design? - @_munter_ is here…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @smashingconf Also, if you have music, turn it down so people can hear each other
@left_pad @AdamRackis @dan_abramov I just did a full migration from 6 to 7 today. Took me a bit more than an hour,…📣 Introducing worker-plugin for Webpack! 🐳 Automatically compile and bundle Workers. 🧙‍♂️ No special syntax, no con…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @TheLarkInn @webpack Nice selfie :)
@davidwalshblog The ability to declare a dependency on an external non-module asset without having to break the module loading system @slsoftworks Good thing I'm not working on calendaring software any moreI’m pretty excited about the Web Auth stuff coming to Chrome, Edge and other browsers. Let’s eliminate forms whenev…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerBeen wanting to speak at a tech conference or meetup, but not sure how to start? I've got a (free!) webinar series…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerOMG! "suggest_pyle_tweet" to remove the 'X and Y follows ...' tweets! @ScotlandCSS year ago I gave my first conference talk. I was terrified, had second thoughts and had trouble handling my nerv…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @rachelnabors I thought it was ok not to smile all the time in nl as wellA new set of arrow functions are coming to #JavaScript 🙌 I've written a short guide on the ⇶, ↝, and ⟳ functions h…
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@Jhnnns I'm trying to make a node module run in aws lambda with webpack, but it does a runtime fs.readFileSync to i…
My first-time experience with @Netlify lambda local development using the netlify-lambda package: - Guide is unclea… I can't figure out how to handle a multipart/form upload of a file to a lambda function and end up with a buff… @rauschma That should be 5 weeks mandatory vacation. Then we can talk about unlimited on top of thatThis past weekend I got to take part in this think tank. There are some really incredible ideas in here for how tec…
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@gregwhitworth @YouTube Perfectly timed with nagging for a premium upgradeFingerprint sensor access on the web 🎉
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GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio Code @auchenberg with all the details and even a video of him.
Retweeted by Peter Müller Really great initiative! Thanks, @Froda for putting it on my radar.
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@jaffathecake I've been trying to advocate for a new type of dependency declaration that means something along the… @kennethrohde I need to travel more locally. Maybe someone should organize a pølsevognscrawl! @kennethrohde Fair point! Though I haven't seen many pølsevogne in other cities. Maybe I should try venturing outside CPH :)We created a highlights video of all the talks at #scotlandjs2018 to allow you an easy way to find new speakers & t…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerEnjoying a classic Copenhagen combination :D @TV2PLAY Jeg har opsagt mit abonnement @yoavweiss If I understood that bug tracker interface I just might. Seriously, where do I subscribe? Is a star a subscription? @therealkimblim Læs: om tidligst er halvt år, måske, hvis jeg får tid, hvis mine interesser ikke ændrer sig ;) Med… @krijnhoetmer @jaffathecake I was seriously considering the <font> tag to automatically override specific character… @therealkimblim Jeg har ikke set nogen webapp. Men det ville være en god ide til et sideprojekt :) I subfont bruge… @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain We only auto generate for same-domain assets. Think static build system. Auto generation o… @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain Alright. I'd love to be in the loop here. Assetgraph-builder, subfont and other build tool… @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain Yeah, I think it's preload only. Wasn't aware I could add the hash to the preload declarat… @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain I think it's this one: Preloading SRI-hashed assets creates doubl… @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain I'll try to find out when I'm at a computer. Think I reported it to years ago-ish @yoavweiss @AmeliasBrain Would be nice if chrome stopped double downloading SRI annotated assets then. That's the r…
Refactoring!! This is the story of an application on our team that 91 people have made 17863 commits to master sinc…
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Enjoy JSHeroes from the other side. Join our awesome speaker lineup 😍 The call for papers is now OPEN! 📬 #CFP
Retweeted by Peter MüllerA little project we have been working on since April with the great folks at @github 🎉💪
Retweeted by Peter Müller @rachelnabors "Press 1 to turn on the kitchen lights, Press 2 to turn off the kitchen lights, Press 3..."
Hey @Justeatdk, your Android app is currently adding twice the amount of anything I'm ordering. The summary screen…'ve got some exciting news to share: I'm joining Google's DevRel team to work on Chrome, web standards and fixing…
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@VyrCossont @ohhoe @jesslynnrose I ended up randomly walking into musee mechanique and ended up staying for hours. It's so good! @ryaninvents @bahmutov Ping @auchenbergIn case you missed it: The Inclusive Components ebook is now out! 🎉 😎 47000+ words 😎 All the blog content but imp…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @rachelnabors One I really enjoy is @PursuitPod by @jesslynnrose Not a hard js focus, but now broad Web techHello React + Typescript community! Should I be using ts-loader directly in webpack or use babel and babel-plugin-t…
The Reporting API 📬- single API to capture/send all types of browser-generated warnings to a backend.…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerDid you know we are *PAYING* all our speakers *AND* covering all their travel for #ColdFront18?? This is something…
Retweeted by Peter Müller @KaAnDK @jacobpackert Det var ikke helt så simpelt som jeg husker. Ikke helt out of the box. Jeg foreslår at følge…
@jacobpackert @KaAnDK Det kan man godt i JavaScript med CSS font loading API. Jeg finder l…
@patmeenan @jaffathecake This means we can start treating in-body external stylesheets as declarative markers for c… @zachleat @uXuf I still haven't seen any examples of patterns where variable fonts have proper fallbacks, including… @zachleat @uXuf I don't think it's possible to reverse engineering the fitting functions like that. I think the arr…
BREAKING: Nike had been paying Colin Kaepernick all along, waiting for the right moment. That moment is now, as he…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerManager: “Oooh a design system! We need one!” Designer: “Right! I’ll need a team dedicated-“ Nope. “Ok one design…
Retweeted by Peter MüllerI just published “How to make the most out of conferences”
Retweeted by Peter Müller @sarah_edo Congratulations Sarah! I wish you two all the best. I love those paper planes, are there messages on them?
@matthewcp @justinfagnani @sunesimonsen @bruderstein @_developit Is it good ux if I switch my company to a tech sta… @matthewcp @justinfagnani @sunesimonsen @bruderstein @_developit The build system, the composition, tools for desig… @justinfagnani @sunesimonsen @bruderstein @_developit Because the ecosystem is proven and I don't have the capital… @justinfagnani @sunesimonsen @bruderstein Now we just need react with lit rendering :)Interested in property based testing? check out or #javascript #testing
Retweeted by Peter Müller @robertnyman Happy birthday!