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Law student at @Harvard_Law; Philly native, @NYU alum.

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Insist on truth. Kindle it. Only light can lead us out of this dark place.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksMore white supremacist terrorism from another personal radicalized by the absurd lies of alt-right media. Call it w…
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Will the Trump transition find the time to denounce violence?
Retweeted by Aaron MarksWorth noting that Trump's national security adviser was one of the people who spread these sorts of falsehoods. Tha…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksAgreed @brianstelter If Trump governs as an authoritarian like he has promised, it will be critical that Americans do…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksI like US Presidents who don't endorse death squads
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He lost by 2 million votes.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksA free Wire boxed set signed by Idris Elba and Michael K. Williams to any unfaithful Elector. And the first round on me. #desperatetimes
Retweeted by Aaron MarksAs Trump tries to shake world down, foreign leaders smarter than Trump will take advantage. He's too vain, paranoid and insular to notice.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksTrump is a kleptocrat who will use exec power to pillage both US and world for personal wealth regardless of geopolitical consequences.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksThe Trump approach to foreign policy:
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35. As the example of George W. Bush shows, a blank slate President can easily be manipulated by advisors with a radical agenda.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks39.The problem here is that Trump isn't changing the policy intentionally but upending it out of ignorance (and staff manipulation).
Retweeted by Aaron Marks80% of the time, Trump will be right that the niceties are useless. But the downside from the 20% will exceed the upside from the 80%.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksMy response to today's news is to give more support to @campbellforLA. Maybe you should too.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksI can't wait to see which Constitutional rights Trump suggests violating via Twitter to distract from this massive…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksRunning foreign policy via unbriefed improvisation is dangerous/profoundly irresponsible. People could die as result
Retweeted by Aaron Marks.@benjaminwittes on why Trump's rhetoric is "corrosive of our democratic life" and "expectations of pres. behavior"…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksWikileaks has an amazing knack of finding documents from govts with upcoming elections who are opposed by Vladimir Putin. LOL. #beenthere
Retweeted by Aaron MarksTrump will be the first modern president to get less than half of the vote in both the primary and general
Retweeted by Aaron Marks#Trump tells Cincinnati rally that violent crime is at a 45-year high. It's actually at a 51-year low, according to…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksShe's referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center, founded in 1971 and noted for its legal victories against white…
Retweeted by Aaron Marks"Gentleman, I'm so pleased we could all be here today to try sitting in chairs for the first time." "I don't know w…
Retweeted by Aaron Marksthis is one thing Jon Stewart was pretty good on. the media, collectively, is a bunch of addled toddlers
Retweeted by Aaron Marksgood god
Retweeted by Aaron Marksread this. read it again. read it again. read it again. read it again. read it again. now make everyone you know re…
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“I would rather lose than win the way you guys did!” — @jmpalmieri to Team Trump & its racist fans:
Retweeted by Aaron MarksDay 23 Official Congress committee account tweets Breitbart climate-change-denial propaganda. DT isn't even in office yet.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksWe're not in post-truth era. If we were, they wouldn't fight hard to suppress truth. Same w/facts. They need facts to matter: *their* facts
Retweeted by Aaron MarksPeople of the West. On Sunday Austria will elect a far-right pro-Russian president. France is next. Then Germany. Have a nice evening.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks#Bern're doomed. A US House Committee is tweeting Breitbart as a legitimate authority on matters of science.…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksYour daily reminder that normalizing Trump means normalizing presidential racism, misogyny, deceit, corruption, hatred of free press & more.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks"Google it. You can find it on Facebook."
Retweeted by Aaron MarksHillary Clinton's lead in popular vote passes 2.5 million
Retweeted by Aaron Marks.@nafeezi It's not a post-truth world. If truth didn't matter, they wouldn't work so hard to repress it.
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1. This was the worst day of reporting on Trump since he started running for office. It's distressing.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks10. Trump didn't say he was selling his company. That's the only thing that matters. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksWhat a rigged economy looks like:
Retweeted by Aaron MarksDonald Trump's administration: of, by and for the millionaires and billionaires.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksTrump Handing Over His Business to His Children Wouldn't Solve Conflicts
Retweeted by Aaron MarksMake America Ironic Again.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksAssad murdered 7 children today metric: Trump would have to do one Carrier-sized deal a week for 30 years to save as many jobs as Obama's auto bailout
Retweeted by Aaron MarksExplains this problem very clearly said if America voted for Hillary, Goldman Sachs would run the government—and they were right!
Retweeted by Aaron Marks"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in" (c) the president elect
Retweeted by Aaron MarksPerfect example of shit coverage. CNN isn't sure if Trump's conflicts of interest are actually conflicts of interes…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksYou know the fourth estate is broken when @People Magazine runs a more truthful, responsible headline than @CBSNews.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksThread worth reading
6. WANT TO FLIP A SENATE SEAT TO A DEMOCRAT? It's #GivingTuesday so give to @CampbellforLa
Retweeted by Aaron MarksRight now the story that should be getting LOTS of play is this gem from the NYT.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks. @MerriamWebster's #ElectoralCollege think-piece? back to '76, no new president has waited this long post-victory to hold a press conf. President-elect Obama waited 3 days in 08
Retweeted by Aaron MarksI pledged allegiance to the flag every morning inside an internment camp. I would never burn one, but I'd die to pr…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksThis is the only tweet Obama made during his time as President-elect
Retweeted by Aaron MarksYour daily reminder that Trump's finances, including tax returns, remain a black box. Congress, most journalists accept his stonewalling.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksAn important moment to re-up: @DavidColeGtown post: "No, You Can’t Strip Americans of their #Citizenship..."…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksSeriously, this should strike fear into your heart. Dissent=exile is the stuff of tyranny.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksCall me old fashioned, but I still think the big story is Trump will violate the Constitution on his 1st day as prez
Retweeted by Aaron MarksA reminder 3 Trump supporting white supremacists tried to blow up a Somali refugee building in Kansas last month
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Reminder to PEOTUS: 36 days before 9/11, President Bush ignored his Daily Brief titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US." #Important
Retweeted by Aaron Marks7. What Trump is saying is not that 3m illegals voted. What he's saying is: I'm going to steal the voting rights of millions of Americans.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks2. She noted how decent liberals of 1930s Germany would "fact check" the Nazis' bizarre claims about Jews like they were meant to be factual
Retweeted by Aaron Marks3. What they failed to understand, Arendt suggests, is that the Nazi Jew hating was not a statement of fact but a declaration of intent.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksIf #PEOTUS spreads lies every day, we must speak out--and act, and resist--every day. #TrumpismIsNotNormal I wrong, or is the president-elect of the United States retweeting a 16-year-old who is leveling false accusations of voter fraud?
Retweeted by Aaron MarksDemocrats said they received more calls on this issue than any other, ever. Phone-calling, people! It's worth it.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksThis factless madness shows @realDonaldTrump to be unhinged. If PresNixon had a Twitter account it would not reflect this much paranoia.
Retweeted by Aaron Marks! It's important. I just did, and it feels good not having to sneak around paywalls.’s Tweet Wasn’t a Distraction. It Was the Start of a Precision Assault on Voting Rights.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksActually way below average for a winner's total: 1984—525 1980—489 1988—426 1996—379 1992—370 2008—365 2012—332 *20…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksQuick recap: the new ed secretary is anti-public schools, the new HUD sec'y is anti-Fair Housing, and the new AG is anti-Voting Rights Act.
Retweeted by Aaron MarksURGENT. Trump's Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon, says he'd prefer "if only property owners could vote."…
Retweeted by Aaron MarksNEW post: Trump just telegraphed an all-out assault on voting rights. Here's what it might look like:
Retweeted by Aaron MarksSteve Bannon on excluding African Americans from voting: "Maybe that's not such a bad thing."…
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Hannah Arendt’s theory of totalitarian logic has something interesting — and scary — to say about Trump’s illegal-voting lies. 1/
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