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Abdur Chowdhury @abdur San Francisco

Now: @aura_frames, @DeepFlightOcean, @altavistaschool, Past: Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder @Summize, Chief Architect @AOL

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@msquinn @MikeIsaac I've been using it for awhile, so great. Simple how to videos are amazing! @WhiteHouse Maybe math is not your strong suit?OMG, my house is in their best of issue. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» can hate Obamacare and think it's not working (you're mostly wrong), but no rational human can think this bill…
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryTurns out it is rigged. 😐hard to have confidence in our democracy.
What kind of world is this that an inexperienced trust fund baby can't do what skilled world diplomats have spent d…
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Inspirational company IMO! the kids at @altavistaschool graduating will always have a special place in my ❀️!'t wait to get our @aura_frames sign up in our SF office. Thanks πŸ˜πŸŽ‰@tinkeringmonkey
@TheChrisSussman @USATODAY Move to CA, we are 15%+ of the GDP and have a growing economy. @TheChrisSussman @USATODAY Genius, and they bought it! @mayberrypatriot @aura_frames Thank you, enjoy showing pictures of your lovely family. :) Get your wife and kids to… @mayberrypatriot @goldman Not great is always better than none.
@goldman It might actually be the only answer. @JenniferJJacobs Makes a lot of sense, how could a poor person know how to make rich people more money? 😭
@ClueHeywood I'm building a flowchart for my dad based off your genius flowchart. Yes, I used flowchart twice in a sentence. @ej says the answer is "1.21 gigawatts!" Hard to disagree with that. @wilw Putin or Russia by our best guess...Huge!!!!!!!!!!😒"McCain asked whether hes seen the bill said "No, nor have I met any American that has. I’m sure the Russians have" like smoke and a gun very close to each other. :( @tekayr @aura_frames We pushed another version of the app. Let me know if you are still experiencing problems and we will fix it ASAP.
@livia welcome back... :)Aura Frame review: smart, unlimited photo display, premium design:
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Love seeing @ej @scottmilstein & James talk about @aura_frames @jon_wirt Now you know how I will side between brevity and hilarity.Should I have a company rule that no meeting can be longer than 42 min?If your hiring requirements are to find the person most likely to screw things up I think he is doing a fantastic j… you @Forbes especially @MoonTechGear for the @aura_frames review. So proud of the team. πŸ˜€ @kurteichenwald Seriously how is it not a 100%? πŸ˜₯ @ashishgoel I have the worst signature ever. Thanks for having us! @RachaelRad @elizabeth @sparkcapital Such an awesome picture! Thank you 😊
These new live update counts in the @twitter app are cool! πŸ„Make every day special with #AuraFrames, the gift that gives long after #FathersDay.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @mayberrypatriot GOP in the end need to be on board. Not sure even that will get them there.
@ElectProject @LOLGOP Gerrymandering is in place to make sure that is nullified. @mayberrypatriot Sad! @mayberrypatriot It's not clear we are doing anything.It gets deeper and crazier the more people dig in. I really wish I was reading about it 20 years from now.'s unacceptable that Sessions - the top law enforcement official in the country - cannot name his legal basis for evading questions.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @jon_wirt talks #auraframes & cause marketing on The Good Journey Pod! @nonprofitsupply Listen on #soundcloud
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Thanks @BuzzFeed for the @aura_frames Fathers Day gift idea!
@cayley Rust belt or Russia loves him.When you're thinking, really thinking, about what it would be like if Beavis & Butthead were rich.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @iano Three is the charm.
@colbay 😍Yup, it's starting to work!πŸ˜₯
Climate of Hope shows how we can still meet our Paris goals – even without Washington.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @cayley The GOP will defend him no matter what. I see no breaking their resolve with their war on the poor and non-whites. @mayberrypatriot GOP is pretty disgusting. Not the old school conservatives that had ideas worth understanding. @cayley Or they could add the ability to edit tweets?Looks like @aura_frames with pet playlists and @barkbox are a match made in doggie heaven. 🐢 video has no words. It is the most powerful argument against Trumpcare I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @isaach The fall of America was quick... @triketora What, what kind of work place is that? Seriously!!!!
Oh, so cute... Thanks you @aeurmey Cat and Jennifer looks like a fun time was had by all :)
Part of me wonders if Trump refused to pay the hookers.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @miguelrios @cayley An offer, when can I edit tweets? @miguelrios @cayley I remember telling HR to send you and offer, no need to talk to anyone else. :) Thank you for all you do...Twitter live video keeps getting better & better. Thanks @jack @bizEven @TeenVogue is in on the @aura_frames awesomeness! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒ 😎
@chrislhayes His followers really don't care. :(Him: U buying snacks to watch Comey hrng? Me: Was thinking caviar & that drink named after Trump campaign. Him: Which one? Me: Moscow Mules😜
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @gspiller @mayoredlee @MaliaCohen @JeffKositsky @SF_HSH @SFPDChief It is so painful to see, surely there must be so… @ShaanVP I might be a laggards....Great Father's Day gift ideas from @HuffPost with @aura_frames πŸ˜€Β you for having us!
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryI know an incredible woman who just graduated @hackbright & is looking for her 1st eng job. DM me if your company is interested. RT to help!
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Thanks @designmilk for the @aura_frames suggestions for dads... :) @jlax @iano @iamkory same screen....Best WWDC announcement IMO!
@ian_soboroff @Twitter You have to turn it off at the system level. @Twitter will just spam you with unwanted notifications.
@colbay 😐 @tekayr @aura_frames @bcherry @neildotb @ej Want to try the new version that just hit the App Store and let us know. @tekayr @aura_frames Ugh, that's no good. We are on it. @bcherry @neildotb @ej
@pogil @lintool @zorbageek @mzsanford Publishing is about the algorithm over the engineering details. But I like be to be wrong.These are the five most valuable companies on earth.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @lintool @zorbageek @mzsanford If anyone can pull that off it is you my friend... :)