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Abdur Chowdhury @abdur San Francisco

Current: @pushdinc, @DeepFlightOcean Prior: co-founder @altavistaschool, Chief Scientist @Twitter, co-founder @Summize, Chief Architect @AOL

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@srini @aura_frames about 18 inches. Come over and check it out.Machine vision for "Minority Report" gesture control FTW! @aura_frames you @sarahintampa @jschauma @cra @ay @iano beyond not having it, nothing:) @zackbogue @aura_frames I have one for you!!!!
Happy Birthday @joshelman !!!! @isamutlib I was there when we were building it and got rejected then. :( @samsabri @aura_frames if you ask it to...I'm never going to get verified. :( @JeremiahBrent Why haven't I been following you... :) Can't wait to hang out again! @Stammy @aura_frames I loved your post on building one. It might have been slightly harder than what you laid out. DM me we will send you 1! @ShaanVP I have one for you!!!! @gamine_sf @aura_frames I have one for you. :) @SaraJChipps also invest in you!!!! @jewelbots @jazzychad @ej @aura_frames yes... @SaraJChipps I'm pretty sure every year is a great year to invest in women!!!So excited to be working with @sparkcapital @kevinthau @bijan @andrewparker @nabeel @RachaelRad and a few others...… @anm stop by!!!I'm so fortunate to be able to build things I want. Here's what we have been up to for the last year! @aura_framesExcited to announce our investment in @aura_frames
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @tylr stop by. I have one on my desk for you!!! @harper Dm me your address and I'll send one to you. Black or white?
@jiceman I know of no software without bugs. @iano @aura_frames 😍 @ccarella like a child? @ca1menace you are a bot!For everyone who wants to make a Moment – starting today you can! Creators everywhere can now tell stories with Twe…
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @cayley @gregpass good thing neither of you are normal. 😄
@cayley @gregpass promised me something similarly and failed.Hires the best people? @_theDors @DeepFlightOcean rides for you soon!!!Endorsement: Hillary Clinton is the only choice to move America ahead @ryanCrowx who doesn'tI am pretty sure a $14,000,000 loan from my dad would make starting a business way easier. #TrumpAFact I wonder if it was paid back?Exciting to announce our new partnership with Rainbowfish & @DeepFlightOcean at the Monaco Yacht Show: @mcuban @HillaryClinton Yes get a $14,000,000 loan from your dad & have him help you with connections. Low friction start a business.
Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryHere is Trump saying pregnancy is an inconvenience to employees (which he just denied)
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryTrump said he was fact checking on his website. Fact check: no he’s not
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @rsarver @TwitterMoments has been great @alex I have stayed quite, everyday it is harder and harder as I love the product. @alex as a shareholder I feel ripped off... @alex Really is not justified given the industry and what they have delivered. What's the correct saying "fox in the chicken coop".Places like SF/Bay Area with petty politics need a kick to fix our housing issues.
@goldman Happy Birthday, looks like the hair is coming back. :)
@sacca you're always on my list! @mayberrypatriot I have many interests and can be classified... :)Who's coming on a ride with me? @DeepFlightOcean @mayberrypatriot well that made perfect sense at the time... :) @mayberrypatriot sorry, i think that is a bad move this year...I can't attend @sacca 's @HillaryClinton event but I am donating, hopefully you can donate as well?
Excited to see this funding!!! Another validation of what they are building. :) @evan ALL HATE TRUMP TOO!
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@mrtall @lintool 5? Guess how many on this 3 wheel vehicle?
Wow: Some Republicans Acknowledge Leveraging Voter ID Laws for Political Gain @suzywillow hmm I just woke up and now I feel bad I haven't done much. :)
@sacca that's huge!!!!!.1) @realDonaldTrump $10mm to the charity of YOUR choice if you let ME interview you for 4 hrs on YOUR policies and their substance.
Retweeted by Abdur ChowdhuryWe got a sneak peak tonight of our new “Middle on Mission” campus, opening soon.
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@jesserobbins check out what I got today. :) have no words for how offensive this is... @jtoeman well that is a longer discussion. @jtoeman was always the unloved step child feature.Just posted a photo @ Eveleigh
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Founders with big exits need to remember who likes them for who they are, not for what they now have. Don't forget your posse.
Retweeted by Abdur Chowdhury @SFyimby @kimmaicutler How do I sponsor you Kim? :) @kimmaicutler @hoverbird @enf good to know its going according to plan. 😁 @jvaleski but why does he care, he gains nothing from the donation?
@sacca Why don't interviewers call him out?
This used to say 89% chance of winning, now it's 79%. What's happening? #terrified
@colbay @Zhanna 😍
@iano pretty sure the reader business is dead. It's a chip world now.Science @altavistaschool
@colbay :( @colbay @miguelrios what she said. :( @bijan I may or may not have just had the same text conversation. @iano I'm turning them off for you. :) @stevesilberman as a human it's terrifying. @peteskomoroch I am off all non-work slack channels. All work ones are focused and not full of mindless chatter. I get that here. :)