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She was inspired to pick Ponniyin Selvan by a friend. Happy she started, persisted, and completed the series, and enjoyed it. @shilpitewari Check out the Saregama channel on YouTube - they have several playlists... @IndiLover1 Yes. All six volumes.My elder daughter finished it is! "e-granth", our June, 2017 #book #newsletter
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Book on Hanuman, but without Ram! Kishkindha Chronicles - @VamseeJuluri's "Saraswati's Intelligence"…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @Flipkart @amazon @JeffBezos @_Kalyan_K @bgurley I posted this on Facebook four years ago on the battle between Fli… asked me to try this new shirt and pant. Comfortable.
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @calamur Don't nitpick. 😠😠👌👌👌 ad by Rajasthan Police
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @calamur The Aadhaar computer will erase your digital existence if you even think of asking such a question. Then report you to the IT dept. @anjmb It's available only in ebook format, yet.Can't tell you how delighted I'm to see that @lilbooxnews's (Somdip) next Mahabharata book has come out. Avlbl via… this thread. Words fail me. The state - and I mean it to include even the Central Govt - has abdicated even it… his Punya Thithi my tribute to the founder of Jan Sangh, a thinker, a forgotten hero, Dr. Shyam Prasad Mukherjee
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @unknowncorner We, on the other hand, are still fine-tuning the phonetics and dialects of "kadi ninda"RK Laxman, prescient about the decline of the Congress! @unknowncorner Yes, in "kind" also works. Theirs is a very finely tuned apparatus. @unknowncorner Yes, they know what works with whom. They would have figured out that Indian leaders can be managed… like strategically timed soundbites meant to placate and mollify Indian leadership before the PM's trip to t… you're not worried about your privacy, that's your privilege. But as a society we're in no place to give it up.…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalWaPo effect on Amazon's clear. Their "#1 pick for the best book of 2017 so far". Amazing how high even sh*t can go,… Read. "Propagandizing the Aryan Invasion Debate: A Rebuttal to Tony Joseph" by @IndianInterest @IndiaFactsOrg you for watching the webinar! :-) response from Indian skipper Mithali Raj. Asked by a reporter who her favourite male player is: "Would you a…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalSyama Prasad Mookerjee died captive in Kashmir on this day, 1953. Told about allergy, doctor still forced injection. Nehru refused inquiry
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalCoincidence or Pattern?An article to propagate Aryan invasion theory & simultaneously a serial on Star Network prop…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalFor the last 30 minutes @KanchanGupta has asked you 1 Q,how does a '13 ayush booklet constitute criticism of modi i…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalHow is running a fake story 'criticism' of PM Modi? And why did media not run the same story in 2013 when #Ayush bo…
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My review of Ken Ono's book "My Search for Ramanujan: How I Learned to Count" in November 2016 MAA's @MathHorizons
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalAmazing: 1990: top 3 automakers: Revenues: $250B Employees: 1.2M 2014: top 3 Silicon Valley co’s: Revenues: $250B Employees: 137k
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalReminded me of an Arnab show, but with only two people doing the talking of ten. What were they talking about, agai… home birth tradition by aping "hospital birth" metrics pushed by cultures that burnt midwives at the sta…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalWhat's so appealing about #microservices and why should more #IT orgs take note? @DrCrystalV explains:…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalKejriwal, the darling of the "intellectuals" (don't think we will forget, or let you forget how you worshipped this… rivals gaining on their arch-rival around the world. Lyft: Grab, Ola, Go-Jek: via @WSJ
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal#Breaking #Exclusive: Dreaded LeT terrorist cowers with fear as security forces reach #IndiaFirst Live…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalI blame it on PowerPoint madness. seven-year old's take on the Mahabharata (by @NamitaGokhale_) #Mahabharata #books #reviews
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalAnother look at Krishna "The Eighth Avatar" by Manoshi Sinha Rawal #books #Reviews #indic
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalWho said a successful harvest has to be limited to souls? Land will also do - either before, or after, the harvest!… kids had to spend 10 minutes patiently explaining this to me. I'm getting old! :-)))) Inside a polio ward at Haynes Memorial Hospital in Boston. At the time this photo was taken, the city had re……
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Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalMy rebuttal to Tony Joseph's propaganda that the Aryan Invasion Debate has been "settled". Via @IndiaFactsOrg
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @unknowncorner Read this I recommend the following link, that lists some of Devdutt's innumerable errors in the otherwise gorgeous book.… Laxman's cartoons were timeless. This one can be applied to GST without modifications :-) good. Cold and scratchy throat that started Tuesday evening, got bad yesterday, and worse today. @dkbooks @DKindia "Illustrated Mahabharata" - gorgeous book. But... A small list of Devdutt's errors and distortion…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalHarvard geneticist George Church fasts for 12 hours a day to manage his narcolepsy.
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Do tune in for a #INDICCHAT with @Jijith_NR 25th at 7pm. One of the most promising scholars!…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalPlease do listen to this podcast between @kushal_mehra & @Infinitchy- @swarajyamag @creativeindmag -…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalIndian men crush USA 3.5-0.5 in World Chess Championship
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalHundreds of thousands of Indians just set a Guinness World Record for practising yoga on #InternationalYogaDay2017
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwalवृद्धाश्रम और अनाथाश्रम एक ही जगह पर बन जाए तो एक नेक काम हो जाएगा बुजुर्गों को औलाद मिल जाएगी और औलाद को माँ-बाप…
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@rwang0 @TheGoodContract @FinancialForce yes, def old, old school @UnSubtleDesi Dr Ambedkar used demographics & geography as his basis. The map of Pakistan he drew in his book was a… @UnSubtleDesi Since even the Muslim League had no idea what their supposed Pakistan would look like, Dr Ambedkar th… @TheGoodContract @rwang0 @FinancialForce Terrible data viz though. Gauge chart type? Really? :-| @UnSubtleDesi This book was then used by both the Congress & the ML to argue their respective positions - against and for Partition!! @UnSubtleDesi Incl the history of how/why itself came about. Dr Ambedkar wrote it in 4 months flat, because he (for… @UnSubtleDesi Venkat's book, "Creating the New Medina" summarizes it quite well IMO."Leaked recording: Inside Apple’s global war on leakers | @outline" Firm That Bought Sahara’s Grosvenor House Was Incorporated Just A Week Ago
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @bhak_sala @sureshpprabhu You and @Category5Moron are the same person.Huge moment in bank prosecutions: Former CEO of Barclays, 3 others criminally charged with fraud.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalElephant family save drowning calf by pushing it to shallow end of the pool. Wonderful.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalApropos Presidents, recall Giani Zail Singh, who despite saying he would sweep a room if Mrs Gandhi asked, stood up to Rajiv Gandhi.Apropos Presidents, recall Shri Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, who signed the papers proclaiming #Emergency after a midnight meeting with Mrs Gandhi.The rich & powerful despise the middle-class "Wavers, waivers & worriers–rich, poor and middle class"…"Financial surveillance"???? That's just the beginning. You have no idea the kind of totalitarian surveillance Aadh… @orsoraggiante @manohar_sram One article says the agreement is contingent on the IAF agreeing to buy the F-16s. A pay-to-play approach :-) @N11947 @kavitakane @IndicAcademy @SwarajyaMag @CreativeIndMag It's up on YouTube bow...
"logged on"? @calamur @vineetjaintimes @timesofindia RK Laxman was the only reason theToI came to our house. @HindolSengupta @rupasubramanya @ATabarrok @vdehejia @HuffPostIndia Haven't compleyed it yet, but it's an excellent… @authorAneesh @rupasubramanya Phoren log @authorAneesh @rupasubramanya This? 😂😂