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Son. Husband. Father. Technology💻📊☁️ Software. Management. IIM-B gold medalist🥇🎓😎 Opinions mine, & not my employer's. RTs etc ≠ endorsements.

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.@MegWhitman - I was a @Princeton Economics Major - if I had to do all over - I'd be an engineer. I was 18 & had no idea. #InfosysConfluence
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @TheGoodContract Thank you Sangram :-)Giving this troll footage - idiocy, utter idiocy. Yet so many RW-ers have done exactly that. Why can't scientists talk like regular humans?
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal"Police Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted" by @AlbertSamaha in @BuzzFeedToday is the birth anniversary of Kartar Singh Sarabha one of the youngest martyrs of the Ghadar Movement
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalSikh community out in #Manchester giving out free snacks and drinks.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalDid @niemanfdn grant Raheel Khurshid a Fellowship despite knowing his record of religious bigotry and Hinduphobia? India, censorship, and Saudi money. #replug @HDFC_Bank @HDFCBank_Cares I went for a 0-cost EMI. Amount shown & the amount charged every month is different. HDF… @HDFC_Bank @HDFCBank_Cares - for 16 days now, you have been doing your best, and successfully so, to cheat me. Guys, any shame?Well... the profile does seem to explain a lot. the Mughals British/later some suits intelligentsia made us believe otherwise/made us scoff our own history ..
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalLargest bust (sculpture) This incredible 112ft sculpture of Adiyogi Shiva was unveiled recently in Tamil Nadu, Indi…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalThe Bhut jolokia is one of the world’s hottest peppers- and @KevLABeast just devoured 121 g for a record title >…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalHeartbroken monkey clutches 'dead' child #jabalpur I've seen this happen with langurs 1st hand, they keen and wail.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalEvery day, he plants trees in same spot. 37 years later, his masterpiece takes our breath away thx @nitinmaurya89
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalA friend just reported Nashir, an official ISIS outlet on Facebook. FB found no violation of their standards. Terro…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalShipping magnates of Britain couldn't tolerate Indian art of ship building,told E.India Co. to not use Indian ships.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalExcavation begins at Alagankulam archaeological site - Times of India via @timesofindia
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalDon't mess with big cats moron. #karma
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwalreplug: My take on #Bahubali2 @HuffPostRelig @HuffPost
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal5 Things New Managers Should Focus on First
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalBravo💪Age no bar ! 84yrs old Mrs Chandro Tomar,a sharpshooter,started shooting at 65,winner of >150 medals,now trai…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalAmazing @amazon #sale on my #books continues! Hardcover of #BeforeWeVisitTheGoddess almost 50% off!…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalT 2511 - ASTRA Force Attack !! Watch my animated hero fight evil in #AstraForce now on @AmazonVideoIN
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalManna De - a Musical Tribute
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalWhat happens if Hollywood made a fictional film about creepy Silicon Valley tech, but reality is way more creepy?
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If one were to expect consistency in world affairs, shouldn't Canada be already on its way to being designated a st… @bhak_sala "libtard" "Sanghi idiot" "alt-RW" "loser" "whiner" and more flowery phrases that would make Twitter blush.Repeat after me. Aadhaar is secure. Aadhaar is infallibe. Aadhaar opponents are JNU-level idiots. @orsoraggiante @orsoraggiante I assume you used some fancy Instagram filter.That's a Sikh, by the way. @NarenMurali 6 years ago I tweeted this irony that has escaped our leaders - India's Transvaal Asiatic Registration… @TheGoodContract Hmm... @TheGoodContract Your opinion. Wrong Naive Irrelevant No ☺️Digestion, post-doctoral level., response, care-giving, is wired into the mother's brain through a highly elaborate neural mechanism. 1/n…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @AbhinavAgarwal chats with best selling author @sanjeevsanyal on his latest book The Ocean of Churn. U can watch it…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalIsn't karma delicious?"Office politics is really just the art of influencing others so that we can get stuff done at work." :-) #HBR notice the fractal brought to you by Land O Lakes? She's holding a smaller copy of herself holding a smaller...
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalSharad's mea-culpa should be lauded. But it shouldn't distract from the perils of Aadhaar. I do hope he fights to e… Abhaya was a stunning work, debut or otherwise. you want to get a mobile phone? Yes. First we have to fingerprint you. But this is ridiculous! We call it Aadhaar. Oh, OK, of course thenDo you want to withdraw your money from your account? Yes. First we have to fingerprint you? Am I a criminal or suspect? No. It's Aadhaar OKDo you want your daughter to write the Board exams? Yes. First we have to fingerprint her. What? How dare you? We will call it Aadhaar. OK.The surveillance state is alive. #Privacy is dead. However, it's all worth it, for some LED bulbs #Aadhaar to hear of possible bravery award for 'human shield' officer Major Nitin Gogoi, hope it's true, the officer deserves it @adgpi.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalShoddy Cement Roads : Gadkari directs Nagpur MC Commissioner to conduct in-depth probe
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @calamur a headline is so perfect you have to close your laptop and just walk away applauding.
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CEOs are fleeing the tyranny of their open-plan offices.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalIt doesn't matter if you have something to hide or not. There is no free thought without privacy.…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalMe, Myself and Math - Opinionator - The New York Times (a six-part series I wrote for @nytopinion in 2012)
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalPolitics and the writing of textbook via @Pragyata_
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalA video presentation / slide show by me on Integration of India's Princely States. #Patel #India
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @calamur Kind of like this? @vakibs @mariawirth1 If the will and courage is there, one year. If either is missing, even a hundred years is not enough. @proftakar Thank you 🙏Enter UAN and password - that used to work the last time the site worked. Get a "Invalid UAN or password" message N… ninda is a dish best served cold. on the "Check your EPF balance online" link on the "National Portal of India". Get a "Sorry the link not foun… @tavleen_singh, Gorakhpur locals are disputing your claim. Can you provide a pic from another angle showing gaus…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalIncome from Kollur Mookambika Temple to Karnataka Govt every year is 33-44 CR , Where as Govt Spends 65 Thousand!!
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @mariawirth1 No. It's absurd. BJP's teaching a generation of children a deep sense of inferiority, but preaching to… and Anika's e-granth newsletter for young readers. May 2017 edition. #books favourite of mine. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens (Mysore Zoo). 2009. #photos @calamur Yes, and Shri Manmohan Singh, PhD, ex-CEA, ex- RBI Governor, ex-Finance Secretary, ex-Leader of Opposition…"Amazon Aurora: Design Considerations for High Throughput Cloud - Native Relational Databases" #awsCoalition payments. #security Tiger looked straight into the lens as if to say “Come, take a portrait of me”. I couldn’t help but fulfill it…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwalएक JNU तो संभाल नहीं सके, चले हैं Harvard बनाने |🤔🤔🤔🤔 @dimple_kaul Wicked! @Fatima_Arya See and (from the 6th Std Social Sciences book). Your… @dkbooks @DKindia I look forward to a 2nd edition of "The Illustrated Mahabharata", with all of Devdutt's errors co… @dkbooks @DKindia Bhishma,Karna,Drona,Satyavati, Bhishma, Devayani, Parashurama, or Shikhandi, Devdutt is unable to…