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Son. Husband. Father. Technology. Software. Management. IIM-B gold medalist🥇🎓 Opinions mine, & not my employer's. RTs etc ≠ endorsements.

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@vmoorthynow +1Sure @Chikisarkar. Swati's book got no press. Meena Kandasamy's book got no press. On the other hand,Anand/Chitra's…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @Sr1vatsanV What I tweeted then about Juggernaut books holds true even more so today. @vmoorthynow Nothing is absolute. Every nation has to make its choices consciously and rationally, not on the basis of utopian ideals.Budding (women) leaders, do take a look at this leadership coaching @Coach_gowri is running.🏅🏅🏅 @usainbolt #OnThisDay #Rio2016 @iaaforg
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalThis team is on the verge of creating a beating Band-Aid for the heart. Just don't call it goopy 🔒
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @MakrandParanspe @SrijanFn These? @orsoraggiante seen on temple tower (Gopuram) of elephant made of 9 women in 1300 yrs old Thirukurungudi Temple TN. What…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @vmoorthynow It is still orthogonal to my point about (not allowing) unrestricted, illegal immigration. @UnSubtleDesi Grisham for building characters. Stephen King for the dialog & plot. Forsythe for pace & detail. Also Baldacci, Connelly. @orsoraggiante American Indians. American Indians!India's a "free" country. Doesn't mean it's a "free for all". No nation can survive unregulated, illegal immigratio…
Goebbels at work. "@AltNews or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation" by @TrueIndology is the 64 year anniversary of the CIA-backed overthrow of iran's popular and progressive prime minister, moha…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @yoginisd Thanks! Will take a look.Happy to share that @SistersWhoRead completed their content for their August issue of eGranth newsletter. Sharing t… personnel, 1942. People, not monsters, help make atrocities happen.
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal#trollbait from (yet) another racist Hinduphobe who is evidently too stupid to even try and correlate her tweet wit… @ShankkarAiyar "meal"? of me, or with me? :-))))))What business did the Nobel "Peace" Center have in inviting a mass-murderer? Oh wait, didn't Arafat also get a Nobe… the thread. What 40 years of Nehruvian-Indira socialism had done to the country. Shocking to youngsters today.… #1 to #99 - never, ever, ever, trust your coworkers. Never, ever. 😂😂😂😂 is one book I have to read. Reasonably sure it won't change my opinion on the Aadhaar disaster, but Shankar's… Someone gift a copy of @EdwardTufte's "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint" to Mr NITI CEO.…'s magnanimity at display yet again! Sahitya Akademi Award to Perumal Murugan's "One Part Woman" which insults H…
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal 3rd October-2017 My book to be available--Buy/Buy:)) RT
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal#trollbait from a racist Hinduphobe who cannot be bothered to get even the map of India right. is good... watching now. So should you. I loved Ashay's book; give it a read: on… on #Pancatantra by @AshayNaik1 at 11 AM tomorrow👉 Do Tune in👍
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalTrucks, vans, lorries... all have metals. Metals terrorize people. Therefore, metals must be banned. Logic. QED. only should all metals be banned, but they should also be removed from the Periodic Table. How about that?
MONUMENTAL breakthrough. Indian, US scientists discover a method for preventing sepsis. Could save millions of live…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalThis made my day Japanese Senior executive of Toyota singing my favorite Kannada song
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalLike an "aircraft carrier turning up in the Central African Republic" replug of a piece I wrote on one of the most famous military battles ever fought - "Battle of Palkhed" 18 was the birth anniversary of one of the greatest warriors in India - Peshwa Baji Rao 1. @calamur Most likely. Perhaps @zephoria can point us to research on this area?Excellent. Important to call out & expose the utter hypocrisy of these Hinduphobes & racists among us. Name them, s… difference between lions and lambs.'ve been trolled, abused, & threatened:even before the days of social media. But women way more vulnerable. But wh… @TheGoodContract 🙈🙉🙊Belated tribute to Baji Rao 1, one of the greatest Hindu warriors, whose Jayanti was yesterday, do chk out and share
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal231 incidents of attacks on freedom of religion of #Hindus in 2015. The number goes up to 244 in 2016.…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalVikram Chandra as AI "Researcher". Milind Deora as IT Strategist. What next? Shashi Tharoor as Marriage Counselor? of our June 2017 #newsletter: egranth Anvita was the editor.
Retweeted by Abhinav Agarwal @Pradeep99313 No sir. I am not into English poetry, so can't help you there.Well-articulated by @EFF. Free speech, BTW, is not a Fundamental Right in India. It was curbed, via the First Amend… @Infosys Wrote this 3 yrs ago when @VSikka became CEO. In particular, 3 of the points I raised then have come to pa… it's run by my aunt in Agra. I know, therefore, that every single paisa will go towards the animals.If you can, please do donate to PFA Agra. I have. announces book launches of @authormanoshi & @Shruti_paris by Major General G.D.Bakshi. Sri Yogeshwar Dutt i…
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someone created an AR experience where you can't escape the Windows error pop up and this person might deserve jail…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalPunctuation separates sentences & clarifies meaning. Sagarika exhibits remarkable economy with both punctuation & c… of their version of "ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti".'s one prong of the strategy. Sapna Book House, Meenakshi Mall. Amish, Shankkar, and lots more. the @Infosys' Board's letter. Looks like NRN has no support left there. In any case, will take several months for the dust to settle.A #review Anvita had written 3-4 years ago, and had been sitting int he drafts folder. "Evie: The Mist Fairy"…
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalSikka forced out. For NRN, a second innings? I don't think so. Turbulent times ahead for Infosys.
An Indian Army version? "The U.S. Army Chief of Staff's (@ArmyChiefStaff) Professional Reading List" 2017 edition.… we celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day. Happy Anniversary India!
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@AmazonHelp Done. @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos If Mr X tries to use credit card on Amazon India, site accepts only India-issues cards…
Yep, do watch. @SimonSinek on Millennials in the Workplace true. I for one would be very interested to hear sound, logical explanations for the same. @UnSubtleDesi No. I am anti-coincidence. Cynicism ka Big Bazaar hoon. @UnSubtleDesi Oh... Well, if you're writing "quivering palms, sweat lips," even that will have a market.
Appreciate the warm felicitations from @POTUS, who called this evening to convey Independence Day greetings. Thank you @realDonaldTrump.
Retweeted by Abhinav AgarwalUber's former CEO says he's “Steve Jobs-ing it.” Here's another CEO who channeled Steve Jobs: Elizabeth Holmes. @UnSubtleDesi Rishi Kashyap ki dharti. @UnSubtleDesi Imagine! Lal Chowk with Marwari ki mithai ki dukaan, UP ki chaat!! @UnSubtleDesi Support them via govt jobs, land allotments, include retd Army & paramilitary personnel. Tourism would return for one. @UnSubtleDesi Actually, a quota system would work quite nicely. 5-15k or so per-state, per-year. Settle 2-3 lacs in… @calamur 🙁🙁Google (and Facebook's) slow descent into ideological censorship? "How to End Google’s Monopoly" by @Aegist @NewCo @orsoraggiante No ideas, deadline looming, no time to build a coherent argument, and the desire to be still publish…