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when @BarackObama justified terrorism by citing age-old Christian intolerance, MSM offered moist-crotched panting't wait to hear the Usual Suspects telling us it can't happen here #TrustOurLiberalCocktailCircuitFriends's routine apologism for Islamist terrorism was slavery and the Crusades, and the media castigated critics of such "many sides" talkwhen Obama cited "many sides" to blame for Islamist terrorism (going back to THE CRUSADES!), MSM defended him @benrhodes @jaketapper now that the ideology animating the Barcelona attack is known, will you be specifically denouncing it? @AceofSpadesHQ the eclipse is racist.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people." AYF…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWithout Bannon there, sending more American soldiers to die will be an easier sell to Trump.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"the suspect is a 'younger male' with a 'foreign background'." We may never know the real motive.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWelcome to the rest of our lives.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI don't care if this is over a week old. I just saw it today and I laughed. Who doesn't need a laugh? NSFW.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIt's a superstitious cargo cult at this point, seeing "the evil eye" everywhere.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceNYC Will Change Times Square Subway Tiles That ‘Resemble’ Confederate Flag via @NYJooo
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSo Vice pulled this tweet and renamed the URL and headline to the article. The editors note is BS, we know damn wel…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThings are spinning out of control. A mass assassination of the Republican House leadership has already been attemp…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMaxine Waters accuses Ben Carson of being "white-wing nationalist".
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThose woke 8-year-olds sure grow up fast.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceAntifa are nothing more than a violent, radical leftist group. NBC should condemn then, not give them airtime.…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceReporters love Romney now but they smeared him nonstop when his opponents were Democrats
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHas any major Democrat specifically denounced the "antifa"? (This isn't a rhetorical question--I'm genuinely curious.)
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance
I've finally found a beer that tastes like failure and despair.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCNN not letting two terror attacks take their focus off....Trump's tweets.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceGee, I wish we had known Trump was a Nazi....might have saved months on him being a Russian. 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Baby Goat Allianceto all those #nevertrumpers who still wouldn't endorse Hillary: Isn't it time to publicly admit you were wrong?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceFBI: "How did you find this building?" FRC Shooter: "SPLC lists anti-gay groups. I found them online."…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCampaign volunteers were told there were no materials to distribute. Read the politico article.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSqueeze it dry, Disney. Squeeze it dry.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceComing July 2025.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIt's not that hard to simultaneously hate Nazis and communists. Perhaps the lefty commentariat should try it.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance. @CNN decides to reprint map that guided shooter to try to kill me & my colleagues because of our view on marriage
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHi, @JimSciutto. Is there a reason you refused on-air to refer to the terrorists in Barcelona as terrorists? Pretty strange omission there.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIt'd also be great if @JimSciutto shared the evidence for his assertion that the Barcelona terrorists "shared tactics" w/ Charlottesville.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @AsheSchow tattouine suns weather you, yo. Luke hit the wall too..@clairecmc a timely tweet! But tell me, will you be specifically naming the hateful Nazi ideology responsible for… supporters who stab people on trains & open fire on GOP congress members at baseball practice?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceFolks, forget Blitzer, what does this say about @CNN 's Nat Sec guy?? Good Lord. cc…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI have this weird psychic premonition that the Punch a Nazi left is about to change tunes to the Backlash Is Worse Than Terrorism song @alexthechick @jaketapper but the leftwing twitters and blogs that #FakeNewsJake obviously reads all day are pushin… strikes again: Trump: "you can call it terrorism, you can call it murder, you can call it whatever yo… at the difference in your own "reportage," @JakeTapper. Will you be naming\ this hateful ideology by its name… SUSPECTED REPUBLICAN ALT-RIGHT KKK NAZI MURDERS INNOCENT IN C'VILLE VAN WITH NO CONFIRMED DRIVER BOTHERS SPANIARDS @GlennKesslerWP @WilliamAmos Your joke rag literally just published an op-ed advocating civil violence.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMore an endorsement than a whitewash, I'd say.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @kerpen @seanmdav Is it? We're in an era where the media is cheerleading terrorist attacks on citizens and the… is why no one trusts @CNN
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceLatest in head injury news
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancea van did this, you say? Was it self-driving or was there a person at the wheel? Please clarify. @ChristiChat @instapundit @wolfblitzer So obvi Barcelona attack was Trump's fault. It would be easier if we just sk…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance.@clairecmc Will you denounce this hateful terrorist ideology by specific name as was demanded of Trump? or #SpecialRules4SpecialPeople?Scalise Rule says the media has to get this story out of the headlines in 36 hours or less. Less, given that it was in Spain..@Time magazine staying on this 13 dead/50 injured terrorist attack as doggedly as they stayed on Charlottesville,… in @HeyTammyBruce mocking others' sincerely held religious beliefs
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @EsotericCD @cordenthusiast @allahpundit yeah I tweeted this name hours ago. it was in spanish, french, and italian papers.Barcelona police said they were treating it as terrorist attack more than two hours before Trump said anything, Jake
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceTrump never mentioned bullets/blood in his tweet. He did in 2016 but not today. What false story did he share today?
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancesounds like something that @JakeTapper will give a brief Twitter Mention to only if he is embarrassed into doing so… @verumserum as I said, if you don't believe me, try Tweeting at him tomorrow asking why he didn't cover this on his… @verumserum His game is to give con critics the bare minimum so that he can say "I covered that" while hewing steadfastly to the prog lineI jist read the @washingtonpost publishing an article urging people to commit violence and "throw rocks." But Islamists are Nice People?the media that has been praising antifa for attacking citizens with White Nazi views is now very Concerned about th… @EsotericCD @allahpundit it is now confirmed to be terror.For some reason, I think the media will not be insisting that the Dems they vote for and have affairs with use spec… yet not a single Democrat is ever asked about them
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @verumserum He didn't even name the attacker as antifa, though he did name the people antifa was "protesting" 3 ways: "Nazi/KKK/alt-right" @EsotericCD @allahpundit Spanish police said this was terror hours ago but the headline still blames that Nazi Van @verumserum If it ain't on the air, then it ain't got a care. we should strive to be more expensive dates than app… @CNN @jaketapper Or would this be a "media story" which I should refer to the fair and nonpartisan @BrianStelter, @JakeTapper?Will @CNN be naming and shaming the ideology that (almost certainly) animated this attack? Will you, @jaketapper? of lies: You guys seem to flip the script pretty fast as far as naming suspect and motive quickly when it'… @verumserum ...if you dare re-ask why it's not on the show on a slow news day -- after all, he said it was just TIM… @verumserum seriously, I've seen the Jake Tapper Do-sie-do enough times. He'll offer a torrent of excuses-- too much news today, etc. But... @AdamBaldwin @jaketapper what's amazing is that he actually fought back at me in DMs *when his actual show was on the air*#Barcelona Latest: 2nd man has been arrested in Manlleu, 50 miles north of Barcelona, in connection w/attack, according to media reports
Retweeted by Baby Goat Allianceget back to me when it makes his show, which it will not. Spare me the tributes to his courage until he actually p… @verumserum Oh he won't. His go-to move is to shut someone up by mentioning it on Twitter, then keeping it off his… @stephenkruiser He's #OnTV which is the new Cult of the Saints. Also, they're thrilled when he DMs them after they praise him effusively.If you want to know the real @JakeTapper, offer some gentle criticism of him on Twitter, and watch your DMs for The Real JakeBTW, @verumserum is a great guy and a friend. I don't mean to blow up at him; but I'm just tired of crediting Tapper for TWITTER MENTIONS.