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This woman spent like 3 hours arguing with me about whether Sharia law is progressive
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceLinda Sarsour lies about making the tweet about wanting to remove women's vaginas. Calls questioner a "white man"
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI can't imagine what it must be like to have the cognitive dissonance to say "violence isn't violence."
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @ComradeArthur or at least several Tom Cruise movies have told me that gesture-based inputs are the future. @ComradeArthur eh I think something like this is the future. @charlescwcooke a few weeks ago you linked another NR writer (I think) with a funny take-down on Chelsea Clinton. Do you recall who?Rosenstein threatened to resign Comey sought more money Spicer hid in bushes Trump colluded w/ Russia AHCA makes ra…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHow do people who believe this square virtually every male mammal being more aggressive? Is there a cow patriarchy?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWhy do we keep taking sociologists seriously?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceNeighbors of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi recall him as abrasive, anti-social via @usatoday
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHere's the statement from we "have recently made the decision to pull our advertising from…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThis is what I subscribe to NatGeo for. naufragio al largo della #Libia, recuperati 34 corpi -
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMinnesota bill against female genital mutilation fails to pass after immigrant and refugee groups voice opposition.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance5 Days and 2 'Known Wolf' Terror Attacks, Yet No Apparent Concern from Western Govts -- How Many More Must Die?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceBREAKING: BBC News told members of the public called anti-terrorism hotline warning about the #Manchester attackers views several years ago.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceKnown wolf.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceManchester Bomb Maker Still On The Loose
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"You know why they wore helmets with black glass...? So you couldn't see them laughing inside." -- Nina Van Horne, Lunar Skeptic"Astronauts or *actor*nauts?" -- Nina Van Horne, Fashion Editor, Blush Magazinebtw I am not a Moon Landing crank, but I've decided it's funny to make people angry by pretending to be."Moon" dust. abhors a vacuous nepotSeems to me that child marriage has been made illegal and socially unacceptable in places which contribute most to… media interviews you with the implication that you speak for Comey. days, James Comey friend & voice @benjaminwittes is using his Twitter TL to taunt the president.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI can't find the words to describe how infuriating and terrifying this exchange is.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AlliancePhotos said to be from scene of Manchester attack, including alleged detonator, leaked to New York Times…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCrimes against culture @newcriterion
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceShocking crime scene pix leaked straight to New York Times:
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceLooks like there'll be another shocking deep state leak within 3-4 hours.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceActor Nick Searcy RIPS NBC News for now deleted tweet on ‘interracial love’
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWhoever made this Comey/Clinton video did a great job. #FireComey #LockHerUp #MAGA
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI get my lying intel chiefs messed up. Brennan lied about spying on Senate staffers. Clapper lied about spying on m…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"I never lie down at night without reflecting that—young as I am—I may not live to see another day." Mozart
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSometimes I feel like the guy in "I am Legend."
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceAs a Senator, Franken is a tired comedian.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceDenver just tried to thwart ICE by reducing sentences for domestic violence
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance#Science can sometimes be nightmare fuel was their first clue @neontaster I never watch Hannity but I also don't join campaigns to write letters to advertisers to boycott his show. @neontaster No -- tuning out is fine, but that's organic and individual. This is an organized (not organic) effort at censorship.Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance
Roger Moore, RIP -- My own Bond's best (and most bastardish) scenes, the Russian nonsense testimony today must have helped Trump a lot, judging by how #TheResistance is talking ab…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance. @ShepNewsTeam is trying to tell a former CIA Director to not use his expertise.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIf only pretending a problem didn't exist made the problem go away.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCall me crazy, but I don't think doing nothing is the solution to terrorism
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceStar says something smart, coherent ... media tries to shame him (only one opinion allowed) #ManchesterBombing
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancenot so much shocking as inevitable. Identity Politics IS racism. What the hell do these SJWs think the Klan is all… is the response from the Met Police to the slaughter of our children in Manchester
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMy @Commentary review of sensational new @laurakipnis book & my analysis of lawsuit in case
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHow many people even knew there was such a thing as a "Marshal of the Supreme Court" before Louise Mensch began writing Olbermann fanfic?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI do have to love the media jumping on Fox for spreading a false story and quiet retraction while so many MSM do sa…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThe social construction of blood donation.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceAnother KNOWN wolf. @pspoole on #ManchesterBombing:
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThis group works to end material support for terrorism laws. Essentially they want donations to Hamas to be like gi…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSuicide bomber was Manchester born. His parents were Libyan refugees. He attacked the country that saved his family.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"The physical or mental toughness to sit through a speech from someone w/ whom they share disagreements on policy."
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @AceofSpadesHQ @CNN "The conspiracy theories we believe in are the best & most plausible" - CNN
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSalman Abedi named as suicide bomber: ISIS admits guilt; "We may never know the motive," media vows has claimed responsibility for the Manchester attack, which means finding a motive could take years
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance.@CNN has a very inconsistent relationship with conspiracy theories, don't they? con conspiracy theories bad, prog… looked this up with the full intent of debunking an Internet rumor, but yes, a CNN analyst actually suggested this
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceU Michigan students are deeply troubled by wood paneling in a building because it’s ‘Masculine’ and ‘Marginalizing’…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancestrange, I remember progressives just bleating about how we must not "normalize" Trump. But they recommend normaliz… twitter feed reads like a Democrat activist. Scary that this guy was Deputy Chief of Staff at CIA. No wonder we…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceFormer Senior Advisor to Brennan.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCosmo has since deleted this tweet (the guy pictured is Sikh) 🙈
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWhy do we pretend things we already know are breaking news? Remember when it was a public scandal that Jeff Session…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceShock Confession: Here’s How #Trump Supporters Lose Acting Gigs @AceofSpadesHQ
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIn Seattle, Police Can No Longer Report 'Suspects,' They Have To Say 'Community Members'
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceFact: We have a serious problem with intel getting leaked and being politicized. The problem grew under John Brennan's tenure.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIf only there were some sort of policy out there that could have avoided this situation.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceAnti Trumpers: Collusion, not so much. Obstruction, that's the ticket. @ByronYork on the shifting storyline.
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We mustn't rush to judgement on #Manchester. We now continue with our coverage of how Trump colluded with the Russians to take the election.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @NoahPollak He's being deliberately dense, deliberate dishonesty. The state of journalism 😑
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIf Hillary was president and visited the Western Wall, male reporters would have been "excluded."
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThe GOP was far too concerned about delivering for itself and the donor class. There was zero interest in deliverin…
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