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@MZHemingway DC is a high school where people wear the Cute Memes the rich kids do @CoderInCrisis it's cute you think they read the bookMark Levin calls for uprising against left: "We have no choice"
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancewhy don't they just fucking marry their televisions already RHETORIC ALERT! Bernie Sanders deletes ‘ridiculous and indefensible’ tweet — but not fast enough
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIt's not just that there's so much groupthink and conventional wisdom in DC. It's that it's all SO so so wrong.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceBut the @nytimes said he was a "moderate" who would undoubtedly reform the country.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceImagine this kind of talk from a Republican a week after the Giffords shooting
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCaught On Tape: Democrat Official Says He's Glad Steve Scalise Got Shot
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWow. So nice to see Emiratis going after #Qatar on it's Jew-hatred, support for al Qaradawi and #MuslimBrotherhood.…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @lachlan less opportunity for @Acosta to do his typical grandstanding and tantrum-throwingSean would say it's substantive *because* it's off camera
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceGun Controllers Know Their Policies Won’t Stop Murder. It's Another Game
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSenate announces probe of Loretta Lynch behavior in 2016 election - - @washtimes
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceTexas Nurse Could Have Killed Up To 60 Children
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceBut I grow increasingly concerned by the week what's going on w/our intelligence communities as they seem less than truthful/agenda-driven.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI try to give these guys the benefit of the doubt as I know a) most arent political & b) they do a lot behind the scenes we will never know
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceUmmm ---> Bizarre: FBI Calls Scalise Shooting 'Spontaneous,' Gunman 'Had No Target In Mind,' Motive Unclear
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance...conservative media has also internalized this lesson, and is scandalized if you suggest otherwise @AceofSpadesHQ
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWell done, @mkhammer: Aftermath Of Alexandria Shooting Showed Left's Bullying At Its Worst
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancewhole thread worth a read, re: the National Laughingstock's criminal leakers and their latest exposure of classifie… explains a lot
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancehave you ever linked to @TheIJR before, or do you just link fellow bitter partisan liberals slobbering over you? mean we have LAWS that prevent this kind of thing WHO KNEW
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @AceofSpadesHQ Early drafts accused Putin by name, but the reference was removed out of concern that it might endan…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancedid his 19 re-cuts and Very Special Editions not do this already? Who TF cares? Insult to millions of women: "Kelly’s cachet is that she is a thoughtful conservative woman — a kind of unicorn".
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceLefties going full "Dead Husband Truther" on @mkhammer in a creepy, sociopathic attempt to disprove a true Obamacar…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancethe problem here isn't primarily the National Laughingstock. It's the criminal spies disclosing natsec info for che… high-ranking obama intelligence or political official did this illegal disclosure of classified US covert ope…'m sure Putin appreciates knowing exactly which tools the U.S. has available. Way to think it through, WaPo.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance
It's absurd that you should have to give Twitter a trigger warning before semi-criticizing the DNC
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceDNC Scientists Just Carried A Screaming Jon Ossoff Down A Hallway Lined With Jon Ossoff Prototypes
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceDemocrats Ignore Vaping Stats, Secure First Sales Ban On E-Cig Flavors In US
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @NiceDeb @MZHemingway nah he's a white knight straight-shooter, the people he illegally leaks to tell meJOHNNY DEPP JOKES ABOUT TRUMP ASSASSINATION… #tcot
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMildly confused why no member of media asked, "So do you really expect us to believe this or what?"
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThe FBI's Briefing On The GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn't Have Been More Bizarre
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWould Comey have admitted he told Trump 3X wasn't being investigated, Flynn was "good guy," gave Trump "honest loyalty" sans "tapes" tweet?
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceYahoo!'s @meganliberman and USAToday's @rlocker12 retweet and repeat fake news. Bring back journalism! Check source…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @SalenaZito You have to keep in mind, they're very stupid people. @SalenaZito I don't think he understands that carbon from coke coal is a key component in steel. He probably thinks… we be on the lookout for a NYTimes exclusive based on new Comey leaks? Asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Allianceapparently that "White Abortion needed to end White Supremacy" story is a hoax. @EsotericCD @Millerita dang, passed the Voight-Kampff Plausibility test and everything but the Nexus 9's are hard to detectJust wrapped up a nearly two-hour chat with @BretWeinstein. We could have gone for another five hours! Get's a good one.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI'll be on Special Report here in a few.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceWell-deserved, Vox
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance @MZHemingway @seanmdav aggravated hecklingJust a guy who was angry at random baseball players, I guess.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliancecashew-faced Queen of Conspiracies doing her best to calm the Climate of Hate, I see this is about that mentally disabled kid who got tortured in Chicago in January. Myers smears him as a fascis…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"Love Trumps Hate," They Threatened Trump wanted intel officials to say in public what Comey had told him in private. I know, where’s the fainting c…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance1. Senate bill posted 2. Journo twitter speed reads 3. Leeroy Jenkins journo tweets out completely wrong X 4. 13,532 RTs 5. Correx 6. 10 RTs
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceHillary Is Just as Unpopular as She Was After the Election, New Poll Shows
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceQuote of the year.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AlliancePsst, the tweet about the tapes came after Comey was already fired. So it can't have influenced any investigation.…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMy Sweet Lord's Supreme Leader, which is a totally normal thing for a country to have, has some thoughts about Truth.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThe FBI's Briefing On GOP Baseball Shooting Couldn't Be More Bizarre via @MZHemingway
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceA disgrace.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceCan't wait for Dave Weigel to lament the tone of political discourse now.
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance"The sole thread of truth is the entire premise, but here's some unrelated things we want to argue. Ruling: Mostly…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Alliance30 #GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May. h/t @HashtagGriswold
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceIf you really believe this, starting to #HuntRepublicans is a perfectly rational thing to do. That's what "diversit…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceI wonder what rugged, machismo-suggesting title he'll give it to launch his political career. "I OF THE STORM," may… to Vox, any attack on "visibly Muslim individuals" is a hate crime--no matter the reason for the assault
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceListen to this audio. Now go read @SenWarren 's tweets. She and her like-minded psychotic lawmaker friends here are…
Retweeted by Baby Goat Allianceavoid the punch"Blood money"? uhhh, in case you've contracted amnesia, someone tried to take out 20 GOPers last week you crazy, ra…
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThis explains a good many things.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceMan Arrested for Threats to Ohio Rep: 'We're Coming to Get' Every Goddamn One of You' #Trending via @pjmedia_com
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceVox explains why a non-hate-crime perpetrated by an illegal immigrant El Salvadoran "functions" like a hate crime b… Jon Ossoff leads Karen Handel 51-44 in the most expensive House race ever
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceSupreme Court rules lying to immigration officials not reason enough to strip citizenship
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceYou mean he asked them to say publicly what they'd concluded privately? That's...not a scandal.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceThis is depressing.
Retweeted by Baby Goat AllianceJournalism is Hollywood for stupid people