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I dig variety acts, Pixar, puppets, prestidigitation, immersive theatre, game shows, theme parks, my family and great meals. Not necessarily in that order.

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8/15 2016
Thanks @montagebh for making our vay-cay stay in LA so enjoyable. The rooms are classy, the…
8/12 2016
Donald Trump - for Pete's sake (and I don't even know Pete), release your tax returns.
8/10 2016
Some friends are hosting a magic event at Cicada Club in downtown LA. If magic is your thing, check it out:
8/2 2016
One of the world's best choreographers @sonyatayeh is creating a new show and needs Kickstarter help. Worth a look:
7/31 2016
On my brother's recommendation I saw Nick Speegle today. He's amazing. A real pro. I think my back is on the mend now. Super happy.
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7/30 2016
My latest obsession: Sugru. Moldable glue that you can shape into anything. It's awesome. Check it out:
7/29 2016
Albuquerqueans, help! My brother's back is out, ribs locked. Needs professional relief, stat. Suggestions? (Everyone else, sorry to bother.)
7/27 2016
Loved reading this in depth story about @HowardStern in the @nytimes. He really does give great interview.
7/26 2016
I'm excited to announce I will co-host the 2016 #GCFestival! It should be epic! Take action to earn your tickets—
7/19 2016
Last chance to see @derek_del. Must see. As one who loves watching magic, I'm deeply honored to witness his choices.
7/9 2016
In Toronto for the weekend, what should I do? Looking for recommendations: Theatre? Fitness? Restaurants? Massage? Museums? Lemme know.
7/8 2016
Watched the Dallas shooting live on TV from Toronto last night. Such trauma. I yearn for positivity in a seemingly endless cycle of sadness.
6/30 2016
Today is my father's 70th birthday. Ron Harris is an extraordinary father. I'm beyond lucky to…
6/29 2016
Yay! Go Amy! #attentionmustbepaid A light-based Zeotrope. @Colossal curates the coolest stuff:
6/28 2016
Right? I'm on 240something. Lots of boxes.
6/27 2016
I can't stop playing Two Dots. Just acquired the Token of Love. Happy Pride! #TwoDots The most awesomest magi @derek_del has extended his 1-man-show again! Breaking records! Brilliant effects! Go!
6/26 2016
Happy Pride Ever'one! Open your hearts, your eyes, your minds. All is love, all is good. Stand tall. Smile. Dance. Live life large! #pride
6/19 2016
Happy Father's Day! I'm so grateful for David being an amazing person, and for his selfless and…
6/15 2016
Thanks for all the amazing birthday love! You Twitterers are the awesomest..!
6/14 2016
On this day 43 years ago - June 14th, 1973 - my mom was bustin' with baby.
6/12 2016
So honored to have been part of the @TonyAwards2016 and @HamiltonMusical 's historic night. Great to be in the room where it happened...The tragedy in Orlando is just beyond sad. My deepest regrets to all those suffering. There are no words that suffice. I'm...stunned.
6/1 2016
A locked room book? I'm obsessed: Mysterious Cases contain codes, puzzles, letters, and boxes within boxes! Um, yes.
5/30 2016
Happy Memorial Day. Seems a strange adjective, happy, given the gravity of the occasion. My deep condolences to those who lost a loved one.
5/29 2016
Happy Birthday, @Davidburtka. Every year spent with you seems better and more exciting than the last. May this grand adventure never end...
5/25 2016
Thanks @DrWillKirby for the awesome shoutout last night on @PriceIsRight. You have great taste in words. And game shows. Much love.
5/21 2016
I love flying home for weekends. I do. But if the ENTIRE time is spent building Star Wars LEGOS, is it worth it? Time well spent?@LEGO_Group
5/14 2016
It hides my Olafiness. Thanks for the spectacular night. #fortunate - It's Saturday the 14th! Be careful today: you never know what luck has in stor... Oh, wait. Scratch that. I think I'm off by a day.
5/13 2016
(Non-Tony) Attention Must Be Paid: Big @HamiltonMusical props to @OakSmash, @JasCephasJones and @Anthony_Ramos1 for their amazingness. #werk
5/9 2016
I know I’m not up for any awards... but Siri and I remain optimistic. #iPhone6s
5/5 2016
Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Celebrate with some tequila - I wouldn't know, but I hear it's delicious.Another boffo review for @derek_del and his L.A. show In & Of Itself (@GeffenPlayhouse). Grab tix quick!
5/4 2016
LAers: One of the best people I know, @derek_del, has a new live solo show. Read this review then get tickets quick:
5/3 2016
As it's May, the force be with you to donate to @MakeAWish & win prizes. #ForceForChange will double your donation! congrats to @Lin_Manuel and @HamiltonMusical for your 16 @TonyAwards2016 nominations - the most in history. Well deserved! #satisfied
4/28 2016
LOVE Foster Brooks! Oh man, he makes me laugh. Well worth tracking down on the Tube of You.
4/27 2016
Too cool for school. But not really - it's just an expression. Kids: stay in school. with @Hellmanns+Peppers+Allspice+Coconut=unexpectedly delicious spread. Got my #Strangewich, what’s yours? the wording in my last post wasn't approved. Please forgive the ensuing redundancy, and in appreciation expect a kids pic.
4/20 2016
Happy 4/20. (snicker, snicker...) Ooh, a Snickers..! #munch
4/19 2016
Just saw @thatsnotusfilm a funny & touching film about real relationships starring my bud @mpberger. Watch it now!
4/18 2016
YES! YES! YESSSS! Congrats to @Lin_Manuel! #Hamilton won the Pulitzer! So well deserved!
4/17 2016
Thanks, Ryan. Nice chatting with you all. Have a great night. Card Rise performed by John Gaughan at the Conference on Magic History. Stellar. Eleven! the Drag Queen.'s gotta be in the hundreds of thousands. #yeahidid #yeahhedid, yes. Right. Well said. at all. Wish more people appreciated its awesomeness, but I wasn't that involv...oh wait, yes I was. production currently. My on/offscreen disposition is getting nastier and nastier. now? Satisfied. But I'm digging hard on @DaveedDiggs, the Lancelot of the Revolutionary Set. #noKyle #notfromme Unless it was snuff films. I hear they pay a bundle.'re awesomepants. Love them, but their taste in pants is exquisite.'m bored, Twitter. Let's chat.If, like me, you like apps and the earth, this is for you. #AppsforEarth raises money for @World_Wildlife. Go to:
4/13 2016
Kudos: @SParker & @ParkerICI bringing together top scientists & industry partners in #immunotherapy to #beatcancer.
4/9 2016
Well played, @springsteen. You represent the ideals of millions. Hopefully many will value your words and morals.
4/5 2016
Tomorrow is my first day of shooting as Count Olaf. I'd cross my fingers but I can't trim my nails. #unfortunate
4/3 2016
The latter. birthday, @CobieSmulders! You're the coolest, hottest, awesomest girl I've ever had the pleasure to know/kiss/marry/divorce/love.
3/31 2016
Support the amazing @DemocracyPrep Scholars. "Work Hard. Go to College. Change the World!”
3/24 2016
Wow. Shocked to read about the sudden death of @GarryShandling. One of the smartest and sharpest comedians ever on television. So sad. #RIP
3/23 2016
One of my very favorite people, @derek_del, has a new live show at the Geffen in LA. Directed by Frank Oz! Must see:
3/20 2016
I was honored to recently hang with the inspiring scholars from @DemocracyPrep. An amazing group & program! #Harlem
3/19 2016
The @justforlaughs variety show gala that I hosted, #CircusAwesomeus is on @HBOCanada tonight at 9ET/8PT. Check it oot.Check out the two greatest living physical comedians Bill Irwin & David Shiner in Old Hats at the @SignatureTheatr
3/17 2016
With two minutes to spare: Leprechaun via YouTubeMy 'security' cell phone camera captured what our kids are quite sure is a leprechaun. It's been an exciting day. morning the family came downstairs to find that leprechauns had trashed the place! Gah! #mischief
3/15 2016
Gosh, thanks USA Today for the glowing endorsement.
3/13 2016
Honored to represent Team Luke at the @cycleforsurvival event this morning. Thx @equinox for hosting!#inspiration
3/8 2016
Just saw the opening of Disaster! on Broadway. The stupidest musical ever made and I CAN'T WAIT to see it again! @DisasterMusical #hilarious
3/7 2016
I discovered my ancestry on #FindingYourRoots w/ @HenryLouisGates. Watch the finale tomorrow at 8/7c @PBS.
3/3 2016
#tbt from when I got to be a badass bitch. (Photo by @ariannephillips) #hedwig #nowig'm doing cardio at the gym while watching @FoodNetwork and looking at this pic. Seems oxymoronic. @Equinox @gzchef
2/29 2016
Want me to record your VM and support a cool immersive theater group at the same time? Bid here! @WoodshedNYC
2/25 2016
Heading to the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. @Davidburtka and I will judge burgers and cook steaks. Come play!
2/23 2016
Wait, witches?!? Explore my family legacy in #FindingYourRoots with @HenryLouisGates TONIGHT at 8/7c on @PBS.
2/14 2016
Happy Valentine's Day! Allow the love, find the love, make the love. Not necessarily in that order.
2/13 2016
Since I've reached 3 million followers on Instagram, I though I should finally post a dick pic.
2/9 2016
Listening to Elton's new album Wonderful Crazy Night. It's fantastic. No surprise - he's a wonderful crazy man. Recommended. @eltonofficial
2/3 2016
Good stuff, @TommyHilfiger. I can't decide which...umm...outfit I like better. #TommyFall16 really would be such poetic justice to have this building, currently spewing hate, become a haven for hope:
2/2 2016
History has it's eyes on you, @jamescordon. Congrats on @TheTonyAwards! Crush it: you are not throwing away your - shot! @Lin_Manuel
1/31 2016
Super proud of all involved in @GoGrease. Infectious fun, live on a high wire - dangerous yet walkable! Bravo @AaronTveit & @VanessaHudgensA minute away from Grease Live! Go Aaron! Go Vanessa! Go Tommy! Sending good vibes. Hopelessly devoted to you all!
1/30 2016
Calling all who support LGBT causes - an amazing opportunity to turn vitriolic hate into heartfelt love: #donate
1/27 2016
I'm trying to figure out Snapchat. Follow me if you'd like (friend me? Snap me?), I'm StoryofNPH. Apologies for the slow learning curve.
1/23 2016
1/18 2016
'If you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.' -M.L.K., Jr.
1/17 2016
Just saw the luminous Kate Jennings Grant and the crazy talented cast of Noises Off on B'way. Maybe the funniest play ever conceived. #seeit
1/15 2016
I'm excitedish to portray Count Olaf - its spending all day with those three horrible child actors that will be a challenge. #sneer #shudder
1/14 2016
And why hasn't my butler told me to go to sleep yet? Or made me some tea? Or given me sage advice? Or reloaded my weapons?