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Nope. And I could buy you for lunch. But I'm cleansing. @ProuderLoyaler @Nativemanley @Magdalena0113 @MissMyrtle2
Retweeted by adam_zander.@uacrisis: З днем народження!
Retweeted by adam_zander#Exxon screws New Jersey. Christie gives them a big, fat, oily, $8 billion french kiss.
Retweeted by adam_zander @thehill @NoGOPNo Old man McCain is just itching to run again so as to be remembered as the first to lose to a black man and a white woman.
Retweeted by adam_zanderTeenager arrested after police 'mistook her afro comb for a gun' #Croydon"
Retweeted by adam_zander.@ATPJudge @NoShock @metaquest Exxon admitted to the pollution; only issue was how much. Judge must reject deal and/or impose new terms
Retweeted by adam_zanderPrepping for March 27 #ISS1Year launch to @Space_Station, @StationCDRKelly runs simulations:
Retweeted by adam_zander @janet_sistare @jxjs12 We can limit # of GOPers by voting them out.We get what we deserve if we FAIL 2 show up 2 vote. Less talk MORE action
Retweeted by adam_zander & MT @jgrplanets Spiral troughs on Martian pole
Retweeted by adam_zanderVia Baby Boomers and Senior citizens Against Republicans and the Tea Party on fb. #UniteBlue
Retweeted by adam_zanderDog helps cat with stuck cup. via @9GAGVery nice RT @Vistaphotos The Opening Act of New England fall foliage
Retweeted by adam_zanderAuthorities seek to charge Georgia police chief who shot wife in bed
Retweeted by adam_zander @LarryWoolfolk @PuestoLoco @Ireland0828 @PaganOhio @pharris830 @jimmacpam I am fine, my dear! Just chugging along fighting trolls.
Retweeted by adam_zander @LarryWoolfolk @pharris830 @jimmacpam @carreramae @dapdaddy @Indomitable69 @jimmacpam @stiNgo100 @sharblom @AskMjj
Retweeted by adam_zander @JuliaDavisNews Canadian replay:
Retweeted by adam_zanderIn Anti-Obamacare Case, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Questions the Foundation of #KingvBurwell Lawsuit
Retweeted by adam_zanderNasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars
Retweeted by adam_zanderIf Israel is smart They'll vote this warmongering idiot out. @netanyahu
Retweeted by adam_zanderMastermind Of The World’s Most Despicable PR Campaigns Has A New Job via @climateprogress
Retweeted by adam_zanderMT @NYPDSpecialops: Addl photos from #LGA. Taken by members of SOD - #Harbor and Emergency Service Units #Thor
Retweeted by adam_zanderHow Far Back Are We Looking in Time?
Retweeted by adam_zanderNEW: @peta statement on @RinglingBros decision: "If Ringling is serious about this decision, then it needs to end its use of elephants NOW"
Retweeted by adam_zanderAn epic takedown of the Clinton #emailgate non-scandal: #p2 #Uniteblue #tcot
Retweeted by adam_zanderCities Are Quietly Reviving A Jim Crow-Era Trick To Suppress Latino Votes via @thinkprogress
Retweeted by adam_zanderDestroyed tanks from terrorist group "Somali"
Retweeted by adam_zanderFirst atlas of body clock gene expression informs timing of drug delivery atlas of body clock gene expression informs timing of drug delivery
Retweeted by adam_zanderThank you to the first responders who assisted the Delta flight at #LGA. Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone involved.
Retweeted by adam_zanderUK Supreme Court Victory for Endangered Bluefin Tuna & Sea Shepherd! Pls RT! #SeaShepherd #OperationBlueRage
Retweeted by adam_zander
#BIBI WILL SAY ANYTHING Except for the truth. #NetanyahuSpeech #NetanyahuWarCriminal Arrest #Boehner #LoganAct
Retweeted by adam_zander#ThatAwkwardMoment when Scott Walker denies responsibility for words coming out of his mouth
Retweeted by adam_zander"Netanyahu & his Republican backers are leading the US down a potentially catastrophic path...
Retweeted by adam_zanderPolitical Sex Scandals "Republicans tend to have more problems with prostitutes, hypocrisy and underage boys."
Retweeted by adam_zanderThe Cheney beast will never die.
Retweeted by adam_zanderPic Of The Moment: Unprecedented: Former Israeli Commanders Blast Netanyahu Speech To Congress-
Retweeted by adam_zanderDanger in anyone claiming need to destroy the World in order to save it #NetanyahuSpeech
Retweeted by adam_zanderSt. Charles woman who tried to disarm officer gets 7-year sentence. STL.
Retweeted by adam_zander @UrgentPart2 To someone out there:YOU can make a difference for ONE of these DOGs! YOUcanDO something #adopt #foster
Retweeted by adam_zanderHere's a wolf puppy chillin' on some leaves
Retweeted by adam_zander55 Bail on Bibi via @HuffPostPol #SkipTheSpeech
Retweeted by adam_zander3 March is #WorldWildlifeDay. RT to raise awareness about the importance of all wildlife. via @WWF
Retweeted by adam_zanderGOP loses it over Hillary possibly using a private email account, fearing that videos of adorable kitties may have fallen into enemy hands.
Retweeted by adam_zander @CarisSevern @wessmith123 #Republicans prove daily they are incapable of governing. It's hard to govern on your knees bowing to the 1%.
Retweeted by adam_zanderCanadian breakdancing
Retweeted by adam_zanderEffective Govt Leadership. Better Call A Woman! #NancyPelosi #FundDHS #UniteBlue #TNTweeters
Retweeted by adam_zander @SaveCodeRedDogs Why must they put a time table on healthy animals and if not adopted in couple weeks they kill them?
Retweeted by adam_zanderPolar bear meeting a boy dressed as a polar bear
Retweeted by adam_zander[UPDATED] #IsraElex: Commanders for Israel’s Security say #Netanyahu a "danger to #Israel" #Bibi #Adelson #Iran #GOP
Retweeted by adam_zanderThe republicans will tell you that if you are anti Netanyahu you are anti Israel. Total crap of course.
Retweeted by adam_zanderRepublicans are why we can't have nice things.
Retweeted by adam_zanderInstructions for Reporting Animal Abusers and Pedophiles to INTERPOL
Retweeted by adam_zanderAl Franken Joins 52 Other Democrats Who Have Announced They Will #SkipTheSpeech #UniteBlue
Retweeted by adam_zanderLets reduce them 2 samples+move on lol "@mspoemwtr: @bennydiego @DanteB4u @MyyTwoCentss @MaddowClub Men betrayed USA"
Retweeted by adam_zanderThe story behind how Republican leaders in Congress have jeopardized funding for Homeland Security.
Retweeted by adam_zanderUninsured wing-nut, anti-Obamacare ex-sheriff raising money for medical bills via @dailykos
Retweeted by adam_zanderBloodthirsty Netanyahu wants $300,000,000 more from the US to kill children & babies.
Retweeted by adam_zanderUkraine Russian-backed militants take 'piecemeal' approach to ceasefire via @JohnKerry @GeoffPyatt
Retweeted by adam_zanderThere is a chance Netanyahu won't even be Prime Minister in a couple weeks.
Retweeted by adam_zanderNuff said
Retweeted by adam_zanderKamikaze Drones Are Dropped Into the Mouth of a Volcano, and the Footage Is Awesome via @TakePart
Retweeted by adam_zanderSpectacular #africa ! @FelinoTigreton #nature #photography #travel
Retweeted by adam_zanderSo far, #Russia has turned away fmr. Latvian Foreign Minister @Kalniete, head of @PISM_Poland, & head of Polish Senate. Expect list to grow.
Retweeted by adam_zanderTHIS===>GOP’s real Boehner problem: DHS humiliation reveals Speaker’s true problem #UniteBlue #p2
Retweeted by adam_zander“@_CollegeHumor_: When your favorite song comes on. 😂
Retweeted by adam_zanderInofe throws snowball in Congress. Boehner invites Netanyahu to cry wolf again in Congress.They dare act so arrogant because you didn't VOTE
Retweeted by adam_zander @JennaLeeTV @Peacepox PBO has not lost 1 yet, watch Bibi go down.
Retweeted by adam_zanderThis is well demonstrated every single day....Via Armed Democrats on FB
Retweeted by adam_zander.@_Lion_of_Zion @YiddishObserver You miss the entire point. Israel gets billions of US $. You don't get to tell us how to run our government
Retweeted by adam_zander @CHURCHLADY320 @Horrimania @UniteBlue President Obama; has been doing an AWESOME AND AMAZING JOB; WHY Would he STOP NOW? GOP are absolutely÷
Retweeted by adam_zander#BibiDoesntSpeakForMe #BibiGoHome
Retweeted by adam_zanderOpen thread for night owls. Nichols: Mr. Spock was a McGovernite via @dailykos too educated to be Republican. LLAP
Retweeted by adam_zanderToday is another opportunity for #Russia to do the right thing and #FreeSavchenko. – Amb. JFT
Retweeted by adam_zander"Journalists" who still call Russian military formations in Ukraine "pro Russian rebels" should be in turn called pro Russian propagandists.
Retweeted by adam_zander480 don't "@HuffingtonPost: Now leading HuffPost: 55 BAIL ON BIBI
Retweeted by adam_zanderThis must be what heaven looks like
Retweeted by adam_zanderState enterprises of Kamyanets-Podilsky switched to alternative fuel
Retweeted by adam_zanderYou wanna teach your kids that the Earth is only 6k yrs old and evolution isn't real? Fine. But my kids probably won't hire yours.
Retweeted by adam_zandermini australian adorableness
Retweeted by adam_zander @MrsArcharikaSri @Unique_Pakistan
Retweeted by adam_zander Headline News via @sharethis @Matt_Dominguez I kinda want to wave a double-barreled shotgun at people who abuse animals, that's like a wand...
Retweeted by adam_zanderMeet the Cute Emergency management team.
Retweeted by adam_zanderJust some ducklings in a sink
Retweeted by adam_zanderBibi calls Obama that started with and ended with " YOU NEED WHAT? Haa haa haa ...
Retweeted by adam_zanderCronyCapitalists see Socialism as a threat to their strategy of secretly expropriating income from other people's labor w/o having to work.
Retweeted by adam_zander#NetanyahuSpeech (@TheBaxterBean) in reality:
Retweeted by adam_zander#BibiDoesntSpeakForMe #BibiGoHome
Retweeted by adam_zander🍃🌻☮•*¨*🍃💛 Ł☮℣€ 💛🍃*¨*•☮🌻🍃   Be Kind To Everything That Lives      Live Compassion   #LoveAnimals #MeatlessMonday
Retweeted by adam_zanderHey #Bibi, "you do not speak for American Jews" & "No, Americans don't want a war with #Iran" full page Ad in @NYT
Retweeted by adam_zander“@RealDwneastDiva: #BIBI Regardless of what words out of your mouth, you disrespected our president.”” So GO HOME!
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