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Yay! Done on set at 5am, a whole hour earlier, I will take it
@Choose2Live Right & freezing cold too. 2nightsFinally done shooting film, it was so cold, I'm so ready for my warm bedJust finished lunch, probably 5 more hours of filming O_o
@shinyredrain I'm not allowed to say, but it will be a fun 2 nights of shootingOn my way to the set, all night filming
@LoriAndJava those were the days @LoriAndJava the worse seat in the house is $98 + fees, ugh @LoriAndJava I don't have tix to either show, may have to buy StubHub when it gets closerWe've got your tickets to see @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert starting tomorrow at 7:35am and 9:25am!
Retweeted by adams madamsWe got a 2nd GaGa show & GA already sold out, ughYay! Got booked on 2 days of a movie filming this week in VegasThis is how the night started for friends Bday, not sure how it's gonna end
Starting Tuesday Morning at 7:35am, win tickets with us to see @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert at @TMobileArena!
Retweeted by adams madamsHmm, what does it mean when u open a fortune cookie with no fortune in it, ha ha @PandaExpressGeorge Strait tear down
Just wanted a chill night at work & now they make me train a new girl
That was awesome, we need more of Adam on our daily TV @poseytomlinson Nope, wanted GA & sold outThe only reason I'm up at this hour is to try & win @lady GaGa tix on @Mix941
@poseytomlinson Serious!? Jesus, pain in the ass @poseytomlinson Queen 2nd show, even changed city & gives my Vegas or KC for options
So gotta win the sold out Lady GaGa tix on @Mix941 - I swear I was so close today "\o/"
They just played @adamlambert Ghost Town at the arena after WWE, great way to end the nightOff to the arena, WWE tonight, super fun
Oh! I just realized that's the guy from the Kit Kat bar commercial, now it makes more sense #cluelessGo Bruno, that put a smile on my faceWhat can't @ladygaga do, that just blew my mind!OMG! sign me up for the @Metallica @ladygaga world tour \m/Geez, now mic problems @freestylebunny Poor Adele tripped up on song & asked to start overI wonder why that song, not familiar with it @246chick Poor thing, u can tell she she embarrassed, Darn live TVDid that just really happen, Cmon girlJust went to gym to finalize membership & they were playing "Another Lonely Night", its a good sign
Great day, got 50% off at H&M, thanks to my roomie, joined a gym & now gonna pig out at Cici's
Got code & sold out alreadyLast day of this 2 week gig, thank goodness
Just finished working Globetrotters & up super early for another gig, so need a day off @WaterNai Hello, a big ass pic of Adam of course @WaterNai exactly but I wonder if just a queen logo or if it will have pictures @WaterNai Right, they should know. These are billboard size so gotta figure out the processCan't wait for the queen banners to go up inside the arena, u know my name is gonna be all over that @BUSYBEE8 @SisterMerryMary But I'm sure there will be some partying in between @BUSYBEE8 Def good for groups, maybe we can go after Queen when everyone is in town, they are 24 hours @BUSYBEE8 Peppermill is the bomb if u haven't been, plus it's where Adam filmed his video so bonus! @BUSYBEE8 yes, it's overrated but cool with a group. Foods OK but think it's too priceySeeing Queen & Lady GaGa commercials on TV all the time is great!!! @BUSYBEE8 Yes, one of my Favs, there's one at Caesars now :) @BUSYBEE8 Was finishing a gig, needed a couple thingsShopping at Walmart at 1am, no one is here, this is awesome
@LaurenHutton36 Hey back :)
Get to be a talent handler again, this time I have showgirls & impersonators
Wow, this is the first ever Super Bowl overtime, that's crazy!Only @ladygaga can control the stars, Awesome show!!!
Listening to Ariana sound check, gonna be a great showAlready finished working first gig today, now get to rest before working Ariana concert
@Adam_Tickets I have two sets of floor tickets for Q+AL Vegas! Floor A row AA and Floor C. DM for more details!
Retweeted by adams madamsBeing a Dam tourist on the clock 2' twitter party mode!! 😂👑🎉 you are great yesterday in @latelateshow !!
Retweeted by adams madamsI miss twitter parties :) Must do more @adamlambert @adamlambert Depends on mood but "Naked Love" always puts me in a good mood & makes me wanna dance :)Going to a Dam Gig, no seriously getting paid to go to the Dam @adamlambert Any acting gigs coming up?OMG, dying over The Queen + Adam + James clip, so Amazing, it was a good try thoughGot Ace Frehley setlist tonight \m/
Year of the Cock gig & a girl I work with at arena is working too & she just told me she's an Adam fan, whoop! @dude__ette @316pisces @tinydolly Can't wait!!! @316pisces @tinydolly Yep, were in but no together 😩Let the games begin to work another gig, this time herding guests on the strip, super easy, I hope @aleebabee There still some good tix on today's presaleThat was stressful, picked wrong seat in sec cause of site bad mapping but they changed for me, Whew. Exactly where I wanted from beginning @DarynD No we got good ones @tinydolly @tinydolly Yay, we finally got tickets!! @axsSeriously! we couldn't get one Queen ticket on today's pre sale, how can this even happen @tinydolly @axs
Hopefully get some good Queen tix on tomorrow's pre-sale, this sucksThe beautiful Showgirls I got to wrangle tonight, all super sweet, easy gig