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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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@feraltwirler I don't know her @BUSYBEE8 ok, I will go to bed @BUSYBEE8 Nice, that will be fun @BUSYBEE8 Yes, for sure. R u coming to Vegas show too @BUSYBEE8 plus my feet were hurting, wrong shoes for an adventure, but tomorrow is a new day @BUSYBEE8 Ha ha, no Earl, that used to B my regularDamn U @Snapchat still can't figure u out #secretSocialArmyMy first stop on my 3am adventure "tropical" is beautiful'm on a Vegas adventure @adamdreamz It's not in anyone's favor, needs to just be fun, but I was stupidAll I can say is gambling sux when u lose :(
Workin my Motley Crüe shirt & big hair for @Steel_Panther right now @HOBLasVegasLocked my keys in car today, not funWow, over 2500 peeps expected to show up for all these job opportunities, excitingOff to huge interview for hopefully a new part time fun job, brand new place in VegasBack on jogging mode
Off to hopefully exchange $400 worth of swimsuits that were given to us, which is only 2 suits 0_o
@Morgan_Dancer Don't jinx me, just kidding, gotta work back up to going upside down againTaking a pole class today, let's see if I can still do it, starting from scratch again :( @tinydolly We need peeps to share room with us in LA, who's in @tinydolly It always is @Rebecca0313 I know right! I haven't done last years yet, oopsPlanning LA Adam trip, stressful! @tinydolly @Rebecca0313 Woo hoo
Can't wait, OMG @Choose2Live @tinydolly I will have my day @tinydolly Whatever! I will be in corner crying :(Recovering from a horrible Super Bowl, Damn U BroncosWhy Fireball? Ha ha
Last minute at home spray tan before Super Bowl gigUp early, Happy Super Bowl!
My diet just went on a hold. :( @SisterMerryMary This vampire is up now, but ready 4 Coffin. Did u guys get in OKI love going out by myself, crazier Shit happens #SingleLife #vegas
I'm the only girl in front row on our side, lots of love row AC/DC @SisterMerryMary Ok @SisterMerryMary I will be rooting for your team, #BroncosHater @SisterMerryMary I think we're going downtown for big party @SisterMerryMary What r u doing for Super Bowl @SisterMerryMary Ha ha, I will see if my coffin will open during the day @SisterMerryMary What, u r coming to town, woo hoo, we have to meet up, I'm going to AC/DC tonite. "Hopefully"
I have so many Adam videos & pix to catch up onSo sad, I dropped & broke my fav vintage @Starbucks travel mug, hopefully I can superglue it :( @sutanamrull Love! I miss both of these faces :) @jctheproducer OMG, JC, U R so right, IRS is so nice & helpful when u talk to them, even in bad situation
@outlawbooster Awesome!!!!Day 2 of diet, so far so good, but it's gonna be hard, ughh @EMES79 It's either Adorbs or Sexy, I will take bothLunch over, back to the grind @EMES79 Me too, too cute @outlawbooster Yeah it's freezing here, what r u gonna do out hereFell asleep during OJ Simpson show, gonna have to rewatch, gonna be so goodI have iced snowflakes on my windshield, #VegasProblems
These guys R awesome! Selfie sexiness today with @AZN_Farmtruck @RedRoseQueen1 I'm so sorry :( @RedRoseQueen1 Thanks 4 letting us know, she was so vibrant too, she will be a missed Glambert @RedRoseQueen1 Oh no, Really, I'm gonna miss seeing her at all the West coast concerts. Do u know what happened?Day 1 of gig down, 3 more to go, all I'm thinking of is travel money & concert tix :) @MarkShunock Can't wait to hear about your next adventure @MarkShunock Wait!? What?! No, Really? I have 2 C show B4 U leave, won't B same without U :( @RockofAgesVegasStart another gig today, let's hope it's an easy & fun one
Now my friends want me to come to Tampa this week, this may be a crazy year, but unfort can't go
@Rebecca0313 Ha ha, nice conspiracy theory @saraplusadamm Happy Birthday!!!! miss my cute rental car
@aleebabee R u coming out to Vegas again @aleebabee Ok, if course looking for close @aleebabee They r but gonna wait to se if any fans have extra @aleebabee I still need tix for 1st nite @aleebabee How could he resist you on your Bday @aleebabee maybe u can win @aleebabee so not fairSo while going to the bathroom today a small boy crawled into my stall, WTHWho's this Bitch eating my cotton candy last night
@adamsmadams thanks, miss my home townTest shot at shoot today, can't wait to see final made it to the beach again @Mix941 Don't see Raiders coming to Vegas but could be coolMy first tweet today goes to the beautiful & talented @adamlambert - Happy Birthday & Thank U for being U
Uh oh, we found some Vegas peeps in Newport & now this happening @WaterNai Costa Mesa 2morrow if u wanna joinNewport Beach dinner & drinks here I come
Just realized my photoshoot is on Adam's Birthday, I will try & post some pics againHeading to Cali 2morrow and bringing a friend to have some fun with, woo hooJust threw out 3 bags of junk food, don't want to be tempted @AdamgasmAussie I can believe it, It's called #OriginalHigh ,)Hate it when I can't sleep
Starting my diet & workout tomorrow, Pool season around the cornerCoordinating and getting ready for our photoshoot this Friday in Cali. We are doing a rocker look this time, so excitedBack to the real world today
Amazing show, this Bitch doesn't age, Love her! #Madonna #bitchshesmadonna @madonna @WaterNai Ok, I will, hoping to stay a couple of days @SisterMerryMary I was hoping to be busy, but may have it offBack to Vegas & then LA this week for photoshoot, hopefully can stay & visit peeps @SisterMerryMary Woo hoo, hope to see u too :)So we squeezed in some Madonna on our trip, floor seats, so F'n awesome
Madonna just happened & I can't even explain how awesome & @ArianaGrande
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