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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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@adamlambert singing #GirlCrush, Can't wait @songwriter4 Do u know anyone still needing a Phoenix ticket @heather_red Hey now, u keep Rob, Adam's mine, ha haDecember is here, can't wait to see @adamlambert on Sat :)
@HannaBec I'm giving up on it for tonite @HannaBec I did but I don't know if it did anything or if right handle @HannaBec I did all that @HannaBec What's the point of posting same Shit on 3+ different social medias, it's too much work, ha ha @HannaBec Yeah, I just wanted to see Adam snaps when they happen @HannaBec Too many new social media apps, why?! @Twitter is more than enough, ha ha @HannaBec I've watched utubes b4 too & still make no sense @HannaBec Err, still can't find people but Yay, u r my only friend now, Whoop! @HannaBec I will DM u it cause it's not my normal handle @HannaBec someone said I have to scan other peeps snapchat icon but don't get that part either @HannaBec I've tried & doesn't search anything & I have a poop emoji cause I have no friends under Added Me, ha ha @DarynD I know right!? he's gotta do both #TripleThreat @LoveMrSpencer @HannaBec I can't even figure out how to follow, U R one step farther than me, ha ha @SnapchatWhy can I not figure out @Snapchat Makes no sense & can't figure out how to follow anyone @bigbsvo Of course, ha ha #crazystalkers #frontmanofQueenHappy Birthday to this sexy guy @BillyIdol, I plan on seeing him in Vegas again at House of Blues :) @OutlandoGirl I miss seeing him, so it will be cool to see a familiar face in Vegas @OutlandoGirl He has sung in a lot of musicals, so I'm sure he will be good, just weird to change roles with Adam @OutlandoGirl Terrance is one of the new back singers @OutlandoGirl So meant to be, Thanks & i will def have fun :)Woo hoo, just bought Motley Crue tickets for my Bday on @Ticketmaster and a great Cyber Monday dealIs there a stream for tonites show @OutlandoGirl thanks girl, she still had & I'm gonna get, U rock @Choose2Live I just heard, I'm putting the word out to locals, I just bought a ticket yesterday @anthrogeekPF I will keep that in mindJust ordered :) “@Skinsandstones: 25% entire Store and 10% goes to Charity have great ticket for Adam's Phoenix show Dec 3rd (sec A10, row 4, seat 7) $87 OBO @Adam_Tickets Monday - No Ticket Fees - @adamlambert @RobThomas Not So Silent Night Concert (Dec 5th) @mix941
Came home to this #BahHumbug @OutlandoGirl Thank u, I want it if still avail :) @funkNNsoulI also have a 4th row Adam Lambert Phoenix seat avail& my quest for a last minute close seat to Adam in Vegas continues, only in my own city can I never get a good seat, ughhh
Crazy time at Grateful Dead last nite got set list, whoop
Heading out to see some Grateful Dead & friendsGot off work at 10pm, had a late night thanksgiving feast at girlfriends house, her boys made everything & it was awesome
Off to work, no ones gonna come to our bar so prob gonna be a waste of my dayLeave it to my crazy friends, they can take anything to another level & out of context, ha ha #gobblegobbleParade life, miss those days, had to perform somewhere, ha ha @annehedonia13 Thanks :) @annehedonia13 Hopefully they will replay, i will be trying to win M&G Adam passes that nite :) @annehedonia13 Oh man, thought it was current on Broadway, it needs to come back, loved the original movie with Michael @annehedonia13 Isn't it a play tooWatching #TheWiz performance on @Macys parade just made me so happy, So wanna go see this play
@LoveMrSpencer Congrats & Yay, Vegas misses U \m/ @adamlambert @LoveMrSpencer Are you gonna be in Vegas too? @adamlambertI need to stop helping my friend, she doesn't realize how much time is involved in graphic design & now I got no costumes made today :( @I4Adam2 Aww, that's sweet of u to say, I try, ha haPatterns set, costume making time @RyanErrisson Ha ha, I concur
@AnnieWT Since I ordered the Billboard Adam mag, they sent out with invoice in hopes that I buy subscription :)Have to sell my ticket, Adam's AZ show Dec 3rd (sec A10, seat 4, 7) $87 OBO @Adam_Tickets @LoriAndJava This will be paid for, so why not, than of course when tour starts @LoriAndJava Just a friend that wants to go to FL. A non-Adam fan, maybe I can convert himWho's going to FL concert, I may be going & bringing a dateBillboard sent me a mini calendar & it has @adamlambert on it, Score! :)
So this happened last nite, my friends have a pretty good selection @adamlambert This is happening Vegas! @TheJointLV @ThisIsRobThomas @MercedesInTheAM @adamlambert Did someone say FREE ..... @topsify @heather_red I'm so there & still working on tickets ,)So this guy is staring at me when u got up today late, played late, still having funI'm having a paper plane contest off a 42nd penthouse right now, I've won 1 round
Jesus, now I've been up 24hrs, time for some shut eyeGotta luv SambucaI should go home & sleep but what fun is that
@RyanErrisson I was listening to show live but apparently missed that, I will have to catch upI'm still looking for really good seats (row1-3) for @Mix941 #NSSN if anyone has tix @Adam_Tickets @RyanErrisson Woah!, what did I miss o_0 @adamlambert Ha ha, Just Bitch slap them please, no really, Please!Gig I have this AM changed the time without calling me, I could've slept 3 more hours, so pissed!4 hrs of sleep & wake up to @adamlambert #ALN on @Mix941 Thanks guys :)
#TBT, Happy Birthday to @montepittman Flashback to Fantasy Springs, Those were the days :)
@AlliCrain That's what was under the tableclothes, it was a team building event @Skinsandstones This was last day seen, I was wearing it proud last week @Skinsandstones This is why I love u, I hope who ever finds my necklace appreciates it as much as I do, ha haAll the bikes that were donated to charity after our fun gig @carey_sirpa Would love to see some belly pix ,) @TheRealDuckBert @tinydolly That's so me @Isolde_13 @OutlandoGirl What an awesome band name right?! @LoriAndJava OMG, laughing so hard at that one @TheRealDuckBert Ih Geez, more tattoos, he's gonna run out of roomThis gig we r setting up is looking like a clown morgue right now #randomgigs gig at @SLSLasVegas Love hotel but hate that my phone don't work anywhere here, ughh @Rebecca0313 - @Mix941 is giving away M&G 4 Vegas show same nite, so torn, cause if I don't get, it's a lose lose #AdamProblemsUp early for a gig, another busy weekI'm so sad but I may have to sell my 4th row ticket to AZ Dec 3rd, keep ya posted & I will put on @Adam_Tickets @Mix941 Heads up!? Heck no, U guys suck at that, ha ha J/k luv ya ,) @MercedesInTheAM @Mix941 Is there a chance to win M&G with these tix @MercedesInTheAM @TheJointLV @Ransompalooza Me too, guess it's our thing, ha ha @Ransompalooza U know when u say or do that stupid thing to a celeb that u wish u could take back, don't want to be that person @Ransompalooza Me being the creeper and saying something out in left field - topic on @Mix941 todayHope I don't have a creeper moment at #NSSN #AdamlambertHappy Belated Birthday, Things got crazy in Vegas, think I was in a coma on Ur Bday @CrisJanLim
@Rebecca0313 Start saving, whoop! @Rebecca0313 I know Right, but it's so far away
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