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Not really into cricket,but loving my TL crackling with posts about the Indian Women's team, matches d enthusiasm for d men in blue! #win @seemarkmenon thank you :)Beautiful acceptance speech by Shri Ramnath Kovind recalling the rains, his impoverished childhood & the great hope…
Paika Rebellion – The 1st war of Indian Independence that has not received its rightful place via @opindia_com
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @PawanDurani Phew! :) @RatanSharda55 Are you on now - because of the rains not getting a signal here.Remember being at a press conference in Yangon a few years ago - during transition & not one journalist asked a Q.… @vimalannu @PawanDurani Thank you. @PawanDurani :) did you watch? @pankajkrkapadia Thank you @kaushkrahul :)President's Election Day - will be on NDTV from eight a.m to ten a.m. And from 5 pm onwards.Pakistan among countries providing 'safe havens' to terrorists: US . Stating the obvious! via @timesofindia @WesternRly If you want to know what cleanliness is called, then visit Somnath railway station and see. Thank you.…
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThese stories of lighting up the heart of India - how a single light bulb can change lives. #mustread #magicoflight @nayanikaaa Pt Deendayal Upadhyay was found dead thereName of Mugalsarai has been changed to Deen Dayal Upadyaya Nagar: @myogiadityanath
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@MakrandParanspe Nicely written- I've a quibble with u on a few points but will raise them when you buy me lunch!… wrote about this too but after you: Why political violence must stop.🙏
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @vivekanandg @VijayPainoli !!!!! @saileshbhatt1 @VijayPainoli But I see you are in the Army - I had an uncle in the army - maybe he was there! @VikramKMalkani Sure thank you for sharing. @ViragPachpore @TheJaggi @advaita Thank you Virag ji. @VijayPainoli No we are from Uttarakhand @CTRavi_BJP many happy returns of the day! :)Must read piece by Advaita Kala. The conspiracy of silence on murder of RSS workers via @Advaita Kala
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Congress govt in Karnataka wants a state flagHa! 👇 #relationshipgoals were an awesome Khan in Kahaani - brought words on paper to life and beyond. @Nawazuddin_S in gratitude 🙏… #janeausten200, here are five interesting facts about Jane Austen and her work:
Retweeted by Advaita KalaCongratulations Minister @smritiirani on the new responsibility! @anshulkalraik @davidfrawleyved Thanks will rt that @AdvaitaKala @davidfrawleyved In their website, description of this video is from 1955
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @anshulkalraik @davidfrawleyved That's what I was told. It's definitely from that time range.NIA to probe RSS worker Sharath Madiwala's murder? Sitaram Panchal sfrng from cancer nds hlp HDFC BANK A/C NO.-10771000013197 RTGS/NEFT IFSC:HDFC0001077 pls R…
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @EndOffStory Ure right - but the footage undoubtedly archive - possibly remastered and well preserved.In honour of the Amarnath Yatris and the long history of an unshakeable faith - this short video from 1939.
@vivekagnihotri Thank you Vivek 🙏Thank you @AdvaitaKala for writing this eye-opener and speaking the truth fearlessly. More power to you. Great work.
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @PrathibhaP @republic 🙏Sudden increase in the killings of RSS and BJP workers. something no one talks about, @AdvaitaKala writes-
Retweeted by Advaita KalaWriter @AdvaitaKala Writes on 'The Conspiracy of Silence' by Media on omurders of RSS activists. #JusticeForSharat
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @mbharath01 @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul Have written about it extensively and will in the book as well. The pos… @LogicalHindu_ thank you. @mbharath01 @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul it's complex, need a break up of communist figures, then role of police… hello old friend... #Wimbledon
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @man8shree 🙏"Planned, calibrated, directed & executed". 👏👏@AdvaitaKala for dauntlessly pursuing the murders of #RSS activists.
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @MakrandParanspe 🙏 not the only one - but thank you.Saddened by the loss of lives of #Amarnath Yatris in a bus accident in J&K. Deepest condolences to the bereaved families .
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @GirishP45126383 @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul CPI as well. The Panchayat leader and family attacked not sure of… @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul In Karnataka political link also emerging. Many organisations target - no one on one attacks. @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul Well, Kerala story different. Long history and communists in conflict with everyone. Not quite tit for tat. @rupasubramanya @TweetinderKaul Can put it together - across a couple of states. @arunarora602 🙏 @mamtan14 thanks Mamta. @TweetinderKaul Yes, the latest is about 156 kms from Kannur. Two in Punjab January 2016, happened weeks apart, one fatality. @TweetinderKaul it's widespread, in Karnataka over 20 such cases. Never mind Kerala.This is a must read from @AdvaitaKala if you want details on the other kind of killings on the rise since 2014
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @TweetinderKaul thank you for sharing, Nikhil @ksk_nerul I need the luck can't even keep a house plant alive! Thank you 🙏 @RatanSharda55 Thank you. - @AdvaitaKala speaks about the unspoken
Retweeted by Advaita KalaBit late coming in but greetings to all for Harela (Kumaon) which heralds the start of sowing season!… @VandanaJayrajan thank you.Powerful, poignant @AdvaitaKala Great piece mam 💝👍👍👍
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThank you @AdvaitaKala for your consistent effort for raising the voice of the unheard.
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The article by @AdvaitaKala is a must read "The conspiracy of silence" - deeply thought provoking and true to the last words. Respect mam.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThe conspiracy of silence via @Advaita Kala
Retweeted by Advaita KalaGround breaking column by @AdvaitaKala which Pseudo seculars won't discuss it but their influencing days a numbered.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThe conspiracy of silence. Must read article by @AdvaitaKala
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @dna @AdvaitaKala @AdvaitaKala : "But will it happen with Sharath? Not on my watch. I have been tracking this patte…
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThe murders of RSS activists and the conspiracy of silence writes @AdvaitaKala
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThe conspiracy of silence via @dna @AdvaitaKala
Retweeted by Advaita Kala"'The Ganges is our mother,there wont b a future if she dies'Sometimes Beautiful & sometimes distressing photo essay donated to my Fellow @sartorialsimran fundraising initiative for the victims of #Assamfloods.Act: #AidForAssam
Retweeted by Advaita KalaShocking. Politicians believe in only selective #FoE. Another example.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaHT journalist who spoke to the Muslim family attacked in a train says it was robbery and calls The Hindu story exag…
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