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@Sense8Lady For me as well - thank you for your kind words :) @Sense8Lady Thank you sorry it took me so long - Twitter is hectic . @Sense8Lady Just saw this - guilty as charged :) @Sharanyashettyy @LostByWaves @jogakhichudi :) it's my time of the year - granted! @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi @DeoKalikesh Like rw isn't blamed enough on Twitter - now this - tsk tsk @Sharanyashettyy @LostByWaves @jogakhichudi We will start one for u! @jogakhichudi @Sharanyashettyy @DeoKalikesh Hahhaa @LostByWaves @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi @DeoKalikesh Ok will add to the group ;) @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi @DeoKalikesh 😸 @rasita Thank you my NRI friend ;) @LostByWaves @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi @DeoKalikesh Hahaha! @jogakhichudi @_antithesis_1 @Sharanyashettyy He just wants to be part of the conversation ;) @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi @DeoKalikesh Haha! @jogakhichudi @Sharanyashettyy Cruel! @Sharanyashettyy @jogakhichudi Hahaha not true ure jet setting and we had to meet @DeoKalikesh remember! @krishnakant_75 Hmm haven't been watching much lately - caught Rizzoli and Isles based on Tedd Gerritsen novels - quite good @gopi20315 I agree @jogakhichudi @Sharanyashettyy Let's meet soon - dm when ure free :) @Sharanyashettyy Soon I hope @Ramjasia Thank you @Sharanyashettyy Lol ure too busy when u visit DelhiAn interesting fact I learnt today was that NRI return visit figures are counted as inbound tourism - we can do so…! @krishnakant_75 No I haven't @vtk2009 Thank you :) @Shaktimaan_7 Favourite would be so many - least favourite I can't remember coz I don't finish reading them @nkill0070 Thank you quote from the Bible - this too shall pass :) @baxishweta Thank you :) am always up for muffins ...unfortunately :/
@gopi20315 I want to and I will - it's been a while since I have been there ! @Rita_2110 Thank you Rita @Golu29 Thank you Sanjeev ji good wishes to you as wellActually former Andhra and Karnataka - but lately Kerala :) - u gotta fake it to make it - NOT ..I'm still in traffic - ask away #playingnow delighted and grateful. I have spent some happy years in the South. kind .... :) you :) you - friend from stuck in Delhi traffic rains :) @Jumping_Gene Thank you :) @ask0704 Thank you Aadit :) @aumarunmehra Thank you, Sir ! @aparnaswarup :)) @mymeenakshi Dhanyavaad @AapkiMallika Thank you bhabhi jiHaha yes and a little bit of UP also :) @uthuni Thank you :) @_antithesis_1 Thank you :) @freentglty Thank you Mayur jj :) @sureshnakhua :) Thank you @dhaval241086 Aa jaiye :) @dhaval241086 Wah! Punjabi :) @KyaUkhaadLega Haha...thank you :) @Ashutos81664870 Dhanyavaad @TimelessSteel Thank you Chirayu :) @satishjr Thank you @krishnakant_75 Thank you Krishna @AaghoriBaba Thank you @brawling_virago Thank you :) @heeraman98 Thank you acharya ji :) @sudiptoSENtlm Thanks Dada :) @aparnaswarup Thank you - please let ure Mister know ;) @pragya_barthwal Thank you my pahadi friend :)Thank you for being there ! @campaignking :)Thank you @ritzberi for "creating" space for change - and for being an innovator. Memorable evening :)Honored to receive an award from the Luxury League privileged to meet co-awardee writer & Guv Mridula Sinha ji.…'t it? I like sharing their articles for their content & the fact that it's run by college grads mentored by sch… @nisheethsharan @mirchagalib Really that's news to me as well! Credit where it's due it was an effective campaign tag line.NM's pic has been photoshopped
Retweeted by Advaita KalaLooks like Kim Jong Un is a loyal NYT reader, last time the word dotard turned up in public was in a review in the paper in June. #words @AdvaitaKala "Wordwar"! Just a single alphabet changes everything. Words can be so powerful indeed!!
Retweeted by Advaita KalaIn other news Kim Jong Un just called Trump a "dotard".Webster reports that hits for the meaning of the word at an all time high. #wordwar3Shiva-Rama-Krishna: The World as Family #ayodhyakand #philosophy #reading piece on idols - "The most powerful idols are not physical" @sankrant | IndiaFacts #reading @AdvaitaKala Best if man entry be avoided. However if unavoidable and man entry is required- SOP be mandatory with…
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @AdvaitaKala There are standard operating procedures for entering a hazardous enclosed space. Non adherence to SOP…
Retweeted by Advaita KalaYes difficult to understand, since we are all programmed to expect rewards for our efforts, it takes some unlearnin… @DaOriginalSinna Looks interesting :)