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@AKChomal Thank you happy Onam to you as well @pointponder Thank you Rukmani ji and to yours as well @VineetaNM Thank ou Vineeta and to you and your family as well :) @kumarnandaj Best wishes for Onam :)Wandering like a cloud with a dark blue cowherd boy in Vrindavan on Onam Day
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @Pradsona thank you :) @789_aashey thank you so much and to your family and you as well. @Golu29 thank you so much and to your family as well :) @kutty983 thank you :) @AdvaitaKala HAPPY ONAM MADAM
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThank you - wishes and a compliment! :) Onam wishes to all! @bharatam51 Haha! No have many malyali friendsThank you so much @kurup62 hope you're having a special Onam away from home! you and to you and your family as well!അങ്ങേയ്ക്കും കുടുംബത്തിനും ഐശ്വര്യവും സന്തോഷവും നിറഞ്ഞ പൊന്നോണം ആശംസിക്കുന്നു. ജീവിതത്തിൽ എന്നും പൊന്നോണ നന്മകൾ നിറ… private experience: A short story by Adichie
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThx to all passengers,customers,media, stakeholders,partners,MPs,state govts,public reps,social org,employees,for unstinted support as MR
Retweeted by Advaita KalaReporter: "Mr. President, will you attack North Korea?" President Trump: "We'll see."
Retweeted by Advaita KalaAnd train travelers get a new champion in the fastidious & popular Minister @PiyushGoyal #trains #railenthusiastsAnyone posting intellectual property or creative work here might want to look at Twitter's new terms of service.…
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Absolutely enchanting and enthralling Aarti at the Pashupatinath Temple, on the banks of the Bagmati River in…
Retweeted by Advaita KalaThe fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett's unfinished work was crushed by a steamroller, just as he wanted
Retweeted by Advaita KalaFrom cycle repair shop to Union minister: Virendra Kumar - quite a journey. @prashantkamath thank you so much :) @iAsura_ Hmmmph! You move on fast (ref last tweet!) @anirbanganguly @AnuttamaGanguly Breathtaking!Thank you :) the Hindu majoritarianism narrative. @Ra_THORe Ji on becoming first ever Sports 'Person' Minister
Retweeted by Advaita Kala..North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaCreditable that 4/6 women in Modi Cabinet-@SushmaSwaraj @nsitharaman @umasribharti & @SadhviNiranjan are self-made, not political legatees
Retweeted by Advaita KalaWhat India's Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), top security policy making body, now looks like #NirmalaSitharaman
Retweeted by Advaita KalaCredit for @nsitharaman elevation and portfolio goes to her competence. 👍PM @narendramodi 4 emphasising tht responsibility is gender neutralNot to ignore the headline coming in from #NorthKorea. Testing its nuclear bomb, Japan reports a man made 6.3 magnitude tremor
Retweeted by Advaita KalaSometimes I love a restaurant *despite* the food. The wonders of the venerable India Club
Retweeted by Advaita KalaYes indeed now when will the US get it's first woman secretary of defence? Olympic Silver Medalist as Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports - Congratulations @Ra_THORe ji!
Retweeted by Advaita Kala6 women cabinet ministers and out of which 2 in CCS :)
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @prabhu_ram @nsitharaman India Gandhi 1975This is awesome - the second woman Defence Minister in India - many congratulations @nsitharaman Modi’s $87 billion river-linking projects set to take off as floods hit India, to end deadly floods, droughts.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaAnd to you and your family as well ! @GirishP45126383 And to everyone Onam wishes Severe water-logging after heavy rain near Bommanahalli in Bengaluru (02.09.2017)
Retweeted by Advaita KalaKerala makes it's debut in the Council of Ministers with a committed & worthy representative. Good wishes to Minist… @rraina1481 Thank youDelhi makes room for modern Japanese cuisine - my column Epicuriosity this weekend #megu much longer can historians deny the existence of the Saraswati River and its Vedic connections? Geology is firm.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaA Kerala Police intelligence operation tracking ISIS recruitment in the state uncovers alarming details.
Retweeted by Advaita KalaAnd to you and your family as well! Happy Onam :) you 4 years in Baptist country didn't go 2 church on Sunday not because I didn't love Jesus bt Ganesha on my wall did it 4 me #SecularismThank you!
Coz the headhunter may be just a song 4 most but it articulates d commoditization of the human being - keeping it… Michael Swamy on how chillies came from Chile & the double boil to take the bite of of chillies #nueva #food Volunteers Provide Relief to Hurricane Harvey Victims
Retweeted by Advaita Kala @narendramodi Sir please interact with the poorer sections of Indian origin people (post WW2 settlers) they have be… PM @narendramodi - Myanmar has looked forward to an engaged relationship with India for long! To the fu… this lovely Onam greeting from Srivada and the kids in Kannur - has the Swiss alps in it as well :) Onam g… military alliances, foreign bases here - PM
Retweeted by Advaita Kala#RamRahim प्रकरण में क्या मीडिया रिपोर्टिंग एकतरफा और अतिरंजित थी ? #DoTook रात 7.30 @DDNewsLive @AdvaitaKala @UrmileshJ @jawaharyadavbjp
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