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Al Bernstein @AlBernstein Las Vegas, NV.

Al Bernstein is a Hall of Fame Boxing analyst for Showtime Television as well as a author, stage performer, recording artist and speaker.

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@halfon_m @Gabriel_Montoya I have indeed, many times, but never, ever as many times as this man. And, I am not the…— proud to say HAND has been #1 on Audible two weeks in a row. #listen
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @citizen_brad @Gabriel_Montoya Yes I have misspoke many times and thanks for your kind words BTW. I get your point,… @toxik916 They have some really good talent @JTL1908 sorry id. not mean to be insulting--they just are not good yet--but give them another year and they will be better. @ventrydavid The last part of your tweet allies to the President who has no regard for law or any rules or norms. @ventrydavid what about the respect of thesehuman beings, women at that, who are here in this country not to be a… @golfpdler hat's a pretty amazing stat @Gabriel_Montoya it never ends...well hopefully it will eventually.The NBA western conference is as deep as I have ever seen it-almost all the teams except for the Suns have a chance… piece of news. Pacquiao Confirms He'll Work With Roach Again For Broner Bout - Boxing News @GottliebShow Yes he made it sound like Fisher actually said it. Not appropriate @Covers_Vegas I agree @alf_becker Hmm. Well, if so he fooled me. Maybe I am gullible @outlaw_mann @bhorn55 Oops-typo. He will forgive me @jimrome This whole weekend of NFL football was incredible. @bhorn55 Well, I announced Halger-Hearns and this was right with it. Amazing.I loved the prolonged hug between Andy Reid and Marcos Peters, his former player. That was class by both of themThis might still be headed for overtimeGreat drive by Rams but they left a lot of time on the clock.How many more points can Rams & chiefs put on the board with over 9 minutes left? This is wild @GeneDanceMach It was 63 and now they have obliterated it!Well, this MNF game will take its place as one of the best we’ve seen on Monday night. Wow is this great
@Gabriel_Montoya @GOP LOL @Tonyb68634313 I agree but in this case it demonstrates the UCF can beat quality teams and do it even more convinci… is a talented performer. to Pitt. This helps UCF make it's case. UCF destroyed them this season while Notre Dame beat Pitt by 5. Hm… @ZViggiano glad you liked itManny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner NYC press conference TODAY/MONDAY/NOVEMBER 19 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT YouTube Li…
Retweeted by Al BernsteinHere is my son Wes and his latest musical posting. the fine western Will Penny. One of Heston's finest performances. @SupermanHopkins LOL. anything is possible. @StevenOwens1950 I don't think I was quite on that level. LOLJust got a call from a former colleague at Lerner Newspapers a chain of Chicago area papers where I served as a Man… @ventrydavid So, a question, do you condone this man's actions? @Joshing_You I am, i tshould be fun be fun @Jollybob100 yes, terrific games. @KnuckleheadSean trueThis is what drives e crazy about college football polls. West Virginia and Texas play in the same conference, West… ruthlessly mock Trump's claims they 'take care of the floors' of forests via rawstory
@pjtherealist Right Auburn did beat those two @boxingrich I agree @pjtherealist they may not go undefeated, but only Alabama is undefeated this yr in SEC--everyone else has a loss o… @Ramabama69 well, I think they will get another power 5 team in the bowl season and beat them just like they did Auburn last year. @ZViggiano right. he was excellentI think UCF can play with anyone--as evidenced by wins last year over 3 ranked teams and a Bowl win over Auburn.… is a very physical game between Cincy and UCF @KirkHerbstreit is just superb as in game analyst. After 37 years in this TV business I remain impressed with excellence when I hear it. @ventrydavid well, there woman in this video speaks English--because she spoke I to this jerk--she also speaks Span… American Conference has 4 very good teams, UCF, Cincy, Temple and Houston. We are seeing two of them win action tonight. @mikefreemanNFL LOL @RPopBox @hallmarkchannel @leannrimes got that @RPopBox @hallmarkchannel @leannrimes we are doing DVR on that movieWatched Christmas Eve last night, the @hallmarkchannel movie with @leannrimes. It was very entertaining. so far we… @KySportsRadio they also beat Loyola this season--they look to be a good team @Mikel_Jollett @MalcolmNance they have no reason to be there @BroncosSBorBust @ByBerkowitz @usatodaysports That is an absurd generalization and yes, he was criticizing athletes… @BroncosSBorBust @ByBerkowitz @usatodaysports his comments were stupid and insulting to athletes who have made him a lot of money. @ByBerkowitz @usatodaysports so I guess all those "snowflakes" just made him even more money. He's made a lot on their backs over the years. @StevESPNKim It is my favorite fight too. @Culture66666 @nilerodgers yes, good song--first done by Al Jolson, then a hit for Nat King ColeThe West Virginia defense has been almost non-existent in the second half @JennBrown can't wait to see your hubby in the Christmas at Graceland movie tonight on Hallmark. We love those Hal… @JKaseOR Well, since you have so much knowledge about them, I am sure your "diagnosis" is correct. I'll contact the… agree with Joe--this is a great CD
@bdill22 That’s for sure @octpad That would be a good pick for them if he is available at that point @ChrisChilton81 True @elijahwilde AgreedI love Will Grier and if I was a GM in NFL I would draft him.Wonder if Mike Gundy will call his player a “snowflake” for fumbling after that big hit? @thebjd1 That’s true. Vols have had good and bad games @StevESPNKim @apfenny @PeterAriz @CanesInSight @face_ventura @SebastiansPub @CIS_Geo LOL that’s a great tweet @linusesq @CarlMoretti I love college football. It might be my favorite watch on tv @johnnykats Yes totally. Tough loss for Terps @boxingjones That will be some ganeWow. Wide open receiver missed for Maryland. Tough loss for them. But OSU is stilll alive for playoff. If Michigan… @bmodest @linusesq They have had some dodgy callsAnd a great call by Maryland. This game is amazingGreat play calling by OSU @linusesq Interesting point.Can Maryland still win this in overtime or are they spent? @TCMartin21 YesThis Maryland-OSU game shows why college football is such an amazing spot to watch @elDOBLADOR Yes that is another element to this @FocusOnSanity Right he did hold I guess the question is that ball was not catchable @Buffalodad I was but switched when it looked like an upsetWow big return for OSU—they are in businessWow. Maryland gets a break but if t looks like correct call. Buckeyes face an uphill struggle now. @JKaseOR Um no. That’s just a clicheWhy is Maryland not trying to run to the edges instead of middle of the line @JKaseOR The whole point of this story is that perception clouds our judgement and you are compounding that by taki… @mikeaish LOL they do tend to do that @JKaseOR do you actually know anything about these women or are you just guesssing?Maryland defense wearing down—Buckeyes back in this game for sureLooking forward to Syracuse-Notre Dame in a few minutes and later UCF-Cincy. @RicoGar_cya Thanks so much. I really appreciate those comments @howieschwab Yes, now things are back to normal. @MMAMeetsBoxing @donnylalonde1 Cool happy to hear that @RicoGar_cya I agree with. Well said