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Al Bernstein @AlBernstein Las Vegas, NV.

Al Bernstein is a Hall of Fame Boxing analyst for Showtime Television as well as a author, stage performer, recording artist and speaker.

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@EricBoehlert Wow @MichaelFeinstei So sorry-wishing for the best for you and everyone elseThink of this. Leonard just making season debut for Spurs--has not played yet and they are still 19-8 without him.… What a KO! Thank you, fight fans. 💥🥊 @Brooklyn_Boxing
Retweeted by Al BernsteinHappy Birthday @1ConnieFrancis 💫🎉✨
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @Manu_Akib13 I agree @rtg009 @SpecialKBrook That was just before I got to Showtime--I dont remember the fight well enough to make defini… @Culture66666 @SpecialKBrook Well, he's not taking on a light challenge--that was my point @wolves202 @GoldenBoyBoxing @EOTMVD @trboxing that is a good list @SpecialKBrook does not take a light challenge in Sergey Rabchenko for first fight at 154 pounds. Sergey is a good fighter.Photo Flash: Stephen Carlile, Sophia Anne Caruso, Judy Gold and More Join Jamie deRoy for Holiday Concert at Birdla…
Retweeted by Al BernsteinA very Happy #Hanukkah to everyone beginning their celebrations tonight!
Retweeted by Al BernsteinI admired and liked "The Last Jedi" more than I loved it. Still, there's much to recommend. My written review:
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @SeanieMono Absolutely correct-this is heartbreaking @T_one_hundred LOL that would be something @SportsAdrenalin good ideaWe have somehow evolved into a society where "clever" is valued over "intelligent. We are actually BOASTFUL of igno…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @rosieperezbklyn @ESPNBoxeo @trboxing @EricHaze @espn @sixtoramos_ My deepest condolences. So sorry about this. My… @__BIG_PAPI I think he's definitely going to HOF and yes another Super Bowl win would cap things for him @Doomsday_77 @cj_wentz @Eagles @SuperBowl he is very good and has proven he can come off the bench and be terrific--so Eagles are not deadThis fight is totally appropriate next-- then hopefully Ortiz can stay off the juice and fight Wilder--then if Josh… @__BIG_PAPI My wife is from the Burg and so we root for the Steelers too--though Bears are my actual team--not in t… @__BIG_PAPI yes--i think no matter who we root for we hate to see talent shelved and a career put at risk.Feel really bad for @cj_wentz He was in the midst of a record breaking season. I am hoping so hard for a full recovery for him. @CarlBrandt No, Gamboa is not that interesting to me--I like Berchelt a lot better. @Emma11ACOSTA LOL you are very confident of thatwow. Just saw Miami-Pats score. What's going on? I better try and watch to see if they can hold on. @johnnyballbatt @ava well, that's certainly most likely. But this one will be close--Jones has an outside chance. we'll see.Big thank you to Steve Kieva for his full page article on me in Casino Player magazine! #lasvegas #entertainer
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @GambLou @BillKrackman Well, boxing existed before Teddy Atlas and will likely exist after him, so I don't think w…
@RockyNH72DFS I'm not trying to compare-- you are. Just because one job has certain aspects that are really tough d… @RockyNH72DFS That is absolutely not true @AmberNews3LV @News3LV Excited to have them inLas Vegas @RockyNH72DFS It will come as a shock to the people who work in factories, drive cabs or work as waiters to find out they don't work hard? @RockyNH72DFS BTW very few actors are making millions. NO stage actors are making millions. Why would you denigra… @RockyNH72DFS How do you know what they know? Where do you think they came from- mostly working class families. @xNorfTownRebelx Interesting point--i have not seen the film yet. It is ironic that his other performance in man Wh… @BoxersOC OK, I guess I could barely discern that because he was shouting so much. I'll take your word for it. @RockyNH72DFS No, and that's why I'm not qualified to talk about that job. I did work in a factory doing physical l… @RockyNH72DFS you said, they "have never worked an honest day in their plastic lives." That is what you said--that… @RockyNH72DFS did you ever act in a movie or on stage? If you think that's not working then you don't know anything about anything. @thewiz0915 Right. What an absolutely brillaint career he has had and even in his late 80s he is still working cons… love Alabama. It's my father's home state. My sisters and brother live there today. I made a film about its belov…
Retweeted by Al BernsteinChristopher Plummer nominated for Golden Globe role where he stepped in for Kevin Spacey--he also deserves an awar… on the road i missed being at @KennyDavidsen show at @TuscanyCasino Friday night--next time you can be there…'s a chance to get to know Bears Ears National Monument, and sign up to become an ally of the Indian Tribes tha…
Retweeted by Al BernsteinSo much talk about tonight...Wentz out, Seahawks shenanigans, Giancarlo Stanton deal, Monday night football. We’ll…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @GTSmoothref Thanks--loved being thereICYMI: We crowned 42 new National Champions on Saturday night during the finale of #USABNC17 presented by…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @cmo3stacks Agreed @FatLittleChaz @John66240983 @Spidey_MUFC I just don't get the yelling @GiantsLV LOL @bratch7 yes @NightingaleLV @TuscanyCasino @Mikeweatherford @7Vegas @BarrymoreLV @classiclasvegas @BlairVegas Mondays: 7:30-11:3…
Retweeted by Al BernsteinBoom #RoyMooreSenate
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @JMarcguy LOL @bratch7 LOL @johngatling_ well put @boxingrich I agree @EnriqueV21 i think Mikey Garcia is the best match up @Super70sSports amen @AmberNews3LV LOL @chris_stans in a Curb Your Enthusiasm kind of a way there was humor involved
@Machedei yes @Mikey_Manifesto When I was still at ESPN Mark Shapiro and his minions started transforming the network into the al… @antjustwinbaby it made me so uncomfortable @Spidey_MUFC right. @DodgerRon35 uncomfortable and weird to watch @snboxing LOL. I wasn't going to look at it--but after all the comments on twitter I couldn't resist. @brandoninaz If he keeps that up we yet see it @mihalich415 yes and he had a more than willing accomplice @SeansPage1 just uncomfortable and weird--lacking in any insight or information. just yelling.I just watched the video of Stephen A Smith and Teddy Atlas yelling at each other after the fight last night. I'm… @405boxmma i think he'll be 135 for sure for his next fight @cowanln That fight would be special @MarzSolo LOL @LoadedGlovesNYC He can make it an entertaining fight @Barriefg Yes--those two were both in plenty of gr8 fights