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Al Bernstein @AlBernstein Las Vegas, NV.

Al Bernstein is a Hall of Fame Boxing analyst for Showtime Television as well as a author, stage performer, recording artist and speaker.

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@thehill @TeronBriggs oh boy. @VyseSquad is that crazy or what? @wmwallis LOL. yes.this is wild @GiantsLV @YouTube I found out a lot I did not know about her in this feature. @Footie_Fighting @YouTube I learned a lot about her in this featurethis is a great story. Petula Clark, still on the road via @YouTube @bradcooney1 yes, I agreeA majority-black county in Georgia plans to shutter 7 of 9 polling locations for the November elections. This is th…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @jhnclmn agreed @annhcallaway I guess all "women singers" look the same to Fox. Yikes @ptyboxing1 @Cubs @Cardinals @KrisBryant_23 well putThismis a joke--suspension should have been MUCH longer. @GiantsLV @Cubs @Cardinals LOL. yes @KevyBhoy79 @Cubs @Cardinals ouchI wil be on hand at 2:30 p.m. night. @Cubs won and @Cardinals lost.Opinion | Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President @Herrera0827Ivan I respectfully disagree with this and your last tweet. Respectfully, which is more than you did wh…
@thatman_bangeL I dint think that's going to happen. LOL @camashta4 @ShowtimeBoxing @BCusterTV @mauroranallo @PaulMalignaggi @SteveFarhood for the people who feel Porter wi… will be there for photos etc from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. please come out and say hello @swampbreath trueAretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @Theboxingking20 good one to call upThis photo was taken in 2012 when Aretha & I performed at a tribute celebration for our friend Marvin Hamlisch. It’…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @Herrera0827Ivan I guess you didn't see the irony of my response, oh well. @PippaGary @ShowtimeBoxing @BCusterTV @mauroranallo @PaulMalignaggi @SteveFarhood @barclayscenter good analysis! @stumpy1222 @ShowtimeBoxing @BCusterTV @mauroranallo @PaulMalignaggi @SteveFarhood thanks @JohnnyWBoxing @boxingrich @nvbhof one of us definitely was a Mafia Don at some point. LOLWe all grieve for Aretha today. @SantanaTeddy @ShowtimeBoxing @BCusterTV @mauroranallo @PaulMalignaggi @SteveFarhood @barclayscenter is now one of… @Tolemac @ShowtimeBoxing @BCusterTV @mauroranallo @PaulMalignaggi @SteveFarhood Shawn is a beast in the ring and he… @MrIAmBoxing @ShowtimeBoxing @JimCaruso1 @birdlandjazz @ClintholmesLv Not about the money--I have to get back to Vegas for a medical. appt.Wish I could stay over after Sept. 8 @ShowtimeBoxing show in New York to sing at @JimCaruso1 show at the great…'t wait to announce Sept. 8 #PorterGarcia match on @ShowtimeBoxing . it's a great style match up. and, I get to… @ronsplace2006 yes. that could easily have broken his elbow or worse. no question he threw at him. @SantanaTeddy Agreed. 97 mile an hour fastball thrown right at the guy who has been hitting led off homers. how can you be more obvious. @boxingrich @YouTube @nvbhof @CaesarsPalace @PaulMalignaggi @realboomboom OK, that's good enough.Jose Urena should be suspended for the rest of the year without pay. PeriodPresident Trump pledged to protect service members and vets. At the behest of the bankers, Trump's consumer chief,…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @Herrera0827Ivan thanks for that nuanced critique. LOL @BoxingBeatdown yes true. I wish my Cubbies still had Jake @seezie206 true. I must have jinxed them. LOL @boxingrich @YouTube @nvbhof @CaesarsPalace @PaulMalignaggi @realboomboom well, I'm Italian by marriage. does that count for something? @seezie206 the Mariners improved so much and are still in. trouble for a wild card spot. yikes
When you visit ⁦@CaesarsPalace⁩ for ⁦@nvbhof⁩ Induction this weekend, stop by and say hi to late, great Joe Louis
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @MarzSolo they are ripping it up right now. @thetrainingrim that makes it even more amazing @DreadPhil1 @YouTube thanksHere is one of the tunes I'll be doing on Sept. 19 when I do a night of music at the Italian American Club here in…, the biggest story in baseball is that the Oakland A's are one game in back of the Astros in their division. It… @Boxer751 Cool. I would love to seer you guys there. @Cubs are rolling today--nice lead over Brew Crew. Need a win today to make up for yesterday's loss of game on the division lead.I LOVE this guy. Meet the Indiana dad who hunts Russian trolls @CNNPolitics"During the eight years President Barack Obama was in office, black employment rose by roughly 3.2 million, or more…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @AcourtJamea @BobbyPrica @Tyson91seconds @KOKINGS4 @theRealEnzoMac @TheFightGuru @noholdsboxing @TOPCLASSBOXING @HENROC05 yes, truly amazing @theRealEnzoMac @BobbyPrica @Tyson91seconds @KOKINGS4 @TheFightGuru @noholdsboxing @TOPCLASSBOXING @HENROC05 yes, t… @JoeliePolieOlly Yes, they are playing well now too. Don't remind me. LOL @BobbyPrica @Tyson91seconds @KOKINGS4 @theRealEnzoMac @TheFightGuru @noholdsboxing @TOPCLASSBOXING @HENROC05 Here i… @kristendesilva I didn't see it either--guess we did not miss much. Well, tomorrow's another day.So much for the big comeback win over Nats giving the Cubbies momentum--they got hammered by Brewers today. Brew Cr… is one of nat King Cole's hits. One of my favorite songs to sing. via @YouTubePress Sec. Sanders claimed President Trump created three times as many jobs for black people as the Obama admin. di…
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This could be another excellent fight for boxing in 2018. Usyk vs. Bellew: Very Positive Meetings Take Place For Fi… Benghazi investigation 4yrs ZERO indictments Clinton email/server investigation 2+ yrs ZERO indictments…
Retweeted by Al Bernstein @ChiTownSports apparently @NashvilleBoxing LOL @stumpy1222 1, yes I think he will. 2.I am doing there porter Garcia fight--so I will tays away from a [rediction. sorry. @jakehonig @SteveBattaglio LOLwell, we know Manafort is kind of broke so maybe he only had enough money for his attorneys to cross examine--ran o… @PRJOE90 very sad to hear thus. Charlie was a good guy. @billdoubleday @nvbhof thanks. @ShaneMosley_ @RealLailaAli @FlushingFlashKK @Slipmaster92 @SenatorReid @boxingrich @TooFred @AlBernstein
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@brianklaas @Lawrence LOLThis should surprise no one. GOP lawmaker: FBI has evidence Russian bots were fanning flames before Charlottesvill… @PugilisticUnit @nastyglass @BlackKlansMan I think you will really like it. @PugilisticUnit @nastyglass @BlackKlansMan I said to my wife on the way home from the movie that I have to get the…, in my "other" life as a vocalist, I'll be doing a night of music at the Italian American Club here in Las Vegas…