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I type on a keyboard and software is developed, Rutgers ‘16, BLM, Feminist, Patriots(& Cowboys), Celtics, Juve, NYCFC, Cooking, Drums, (I try)Lifting, Gaming

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Trans people are not a burden. Trans people are not a burden. Trans people are not a burden. Trans people are not a…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @saintelse Go off @helper Lefty still the GOAT
.@dak Prescott's Top 10 Plays of 2017! 🤠🏈
Retweeted by Alex De Luca#LGBTExcellence 🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by Alex De LucaIf you didn’t know, China has been providing plastic rice and fish to predominantly Black countries in Africa and t…
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Win Probability vs. Boston OKC - Nov. 3 - 94.7% Charlotte - Nov. 10 - 94.8% Golden State - Nov. 16 - 96.4 Dallas -…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaQuavo football highlights from high school.
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Tatum keeps adding to his highlight reel.
Retweeted by Alex De LucaMOOK FTW!!!!!!!
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Mood bless whoever took this picture
Retweeted by Alex De LucaDiddy is working on an app that makes it easier to find black-owned businesses 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Alex De LucaOmg all the time 😩😩😩
Retweeted by Alex De LucaWhy my girl don’t let me live on fortnite
Retweeted by Alex De LucaThis is disrespectful RT if you agree, favorite if you think this is backwards. #PUBG #Fortnite
Retweeted by Alex De LucaWhen white people show you a meme created by black twitter a month after it’s been old still using “individuals can’t *own* a home/car under socialism,” are proving they don’t know the difference…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @viewtifullex please remember to rate your AirBNB experience and host Cc: @ProjectPatek“What should we do one spring break?” “How about some Oklahoma drills?” “......uh yea sure, fuck it” another Spongebob meme for this month. What a time to be alive.
FACT: Rutgers beat Indiana, who beat Maryland, who beat UMBC, who beat # 1 Virginia. Therefore, Rutgers just pulled…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaYooooo now his girl brought styrofoam cups and they’re toasting?!? Happy FridayMans on the subway was passing around Paul Mason saying “I just wanna have a good time after work hours. His [bott… week. 8 days ago I was given an old phone. I joined #Twitter. Now I have 961 new friends, people ha…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaI'm #homeless. Not evil. I'm not stupid or on drugs or violent or dishonest or crazy or greedy or diseased or dr…
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The Rutgers-Patriots connection grows even stronger
Retweeted by Alex De LucaWelcome to New England, @McCourtyTwins (J-Mac)
Retweeted by Alex De LucaHmm...but when women want to control their own bodies it's an issue
Retweeted by Alex De LucaMe when my friends wanna try and do some summoning shit around me The #Browns have traded Jason McCourty to his brother Devin McCourty and the Patriots… They are swapping 6th…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @RFootball would be so proudPATS GOT THE MCCOURTY TWINSWhen your office builiding has a salad bar equipped with chilled grilled chicken and you’re going to be the reason… scott: “ayo juju you got bandaids?” ninja: “BANDAIDS??? HAHAHA” travis scott: “shutup nigga” LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by Alex De LucaTravis & Drake collab album confirmed via Fortnite
@ProjectPatek @TwitterSupport Dead ass working here, I’ve been more and more interested in buying stocksthis is an actual Calvin & Hobbes strip
Retweeted by Alex De LucaStephen Hawking, best-known theoretical physicist of his time, has died at 76.
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I TRUST YOU BILL, I trust you'll keep us amazing. But, GOD, this is playing with my heart 💔 I sautéed them in butter, smoked paprika, and old bay and for some reason this smells dangerously close to bacon cookingEach year, Palestinian refugees die without ever having returned to their ancestral land. Each year, college kids…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaEZ peel shrimp, thank you for being so satisfying to peel. Especially those one-pull peelsIf Bill picks him up imma be so mad ARE WE GETTING RID OF THE PLAYOFF KID HIMSELF AMENDOLA??? AND TO DAMN MIAMI better be fiction I am NOT ready for TWENTY88 to be done at all
Anyone else lowest of keys wish Offset and Cardi broke up so you could have one of the craziest rap beef breakups of the 21st?This dude threw for 505 yards with this injury truly a 🐐
Retweeted by Alex De LucaGhosts are just people on a different layer with the opacity at 2%.
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Was just thinking about this. Let’s make Daylight Savings more enjoyable both days! (Hey...but don’t fucking touch…⚡️ Kanye Madness Bracket Moment | Once every region is posted, it'll be added to this moment so you can vote and fo…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca1⃣0⃣0⃣ @MLS appearances for the man that always keeps it 💯 Congratulations, Capí 👏 #NYCFC #Villa100
Retweeted by Alex De LucaNothing says you’re defending "free speech" quite like literally advocating for fascism at a """massive demonstrati…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @jennyphart You’re damn right
Hold up he deadass skipped half the white kids 😂 RU WHAT IS GOING ON“Meal Plan” the college remix of “God’s Plan”
Retweeted by Alex De LucaIs it the coughing from a hit that gets you really high? Or did you just take a really big hit and coughing is just…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaOh shit this dude was on that BET cypher a long ass time ago. Now I recognize himIf you don't use any Baby Wipes when you clean I really can't trust youThis is Italian trap and I got no damn idea what to think........! Now you can navigate the world as Mario in @GoogleMaps to celebrate #MAR10Day! Check out #MarioMaps on Googl…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaHappy Mar10 Day! Navigate and share a screenshot of your #MarioMaps with us this week.
Retweeted by Alex De LucaAnd I’m over here GoPuff? @ProjectPatek over here calling me at 4AM after the pool party, talking about some “Hey I ordered some GoPuff, and…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaOh what a situation for you, white ‘Merica snowflakes. Lemme get some of them good ol’ thoughts and prayers, while… said “male” okay so he’s white, right?
Yah got about 6 bonus tracks so far 🤔 we got room ta add
Retweeted by Alex De Lucalogic: is there any popular rapper left that i can completely copy? logics manager: ... travis scott? logic:
Retweeted by Alex De Luca“Y’all sleepin on Bobby Tarantino 2”
Retweeted by Alex De LucaBlack Americans comprise 13% of the population, but they make up 40% of the prison population. Need even more evide…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaCleveland Super Bowl LIII Champs