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I develop software to make parking meters cooler, Rutgers Class of 2016, Patriots(& Cowboys), Juventus, NYCFC, Celtics, Cooking, Drums, (I try)Lifting, & Gaming

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@ProjectPatel I mean I am usually double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon @ProjectPatel ...D-does that mean I send a thigh pic?Was finally able to pan sear and baste my first steak, and seriously, FUCK the grillFacebook comments have never let me down 💀
Retweeted by Alex De LucaCatch of the year or? #Rutgers
Retweeted by Alex De LucaAright Rutgers, you can lose nowFucking catch of the year right thereYOOOO he caught that!!!! @FischerPrice74 @PrimeDoncic @KingJames @StephenCurry30
Retweeted by Alex De LucaU bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!
Retweeted by Alex De LucaThese mfs last night were talking shit on Woodford Reserve and I was about to start swinging. They're lucky I was occupied by ice creamDrinking game: Drink every time a black & white photo is used for someone in your Spotify artists list
Ah the list keeps growing 😁
New App Idea: Loner. It's like Tinder, but just the profile creation part and then sigh at what the hell you're doing when you're finishedNew App Idea: Shooters. It's like Tinder, but you just aimlessly shoot shots that never work.Some days App Idea: Rumble. It's like Tinder, but to throw hands.Awwww lol, don't worry Huskers you'll be fine shot and killed a deaf man yesterday for the crime of holding a walking cane
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Climatologists Say Humanity’s Best Hope Is Hurricanes Spinning In Different Directions And Canceling Each Other Out…
Retweeted by Alex De Luca"my utopia still involves nazis" is one helluva take
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@caseyblackmusic Well, for every rhyme I write it's 25 to life so I'm not tryna do more @caseyblackmusic Imma come through @caseyblackmusic Yea I saw it already you fucking asshole @caseyblackmusic Yea lmaoClick "Follow" for updates on the Mexico City earthquake.
Retweeted by Alex De LucaDefinition of "2K be playin me" all fairness, I am kinda fuckin it upIs anyone as upset as I am my friend brought this into existence? that “resisting arrest” can be pretty much anything a cop wants it to be
Retweeted by Alex De Luca😉
NFL Players Association Names Colin Kaepernick First 'Community MVP' of the Season
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Donald Glover becomes first Black person to win Best Directing for a Comedy Series at the #Emmys.…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaCongrats to @teamjlew for a record setting performance yesterday. Most TD's by a QB in school history! #TheHunt
Retweeted by Alex De Luca3 TDs in the 1st quarter? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @jparishy (but yes POS) @jparishy Giselle beat his ass#GronkSpike #GoPats
Retweeted by Alex De LucaYou can't stop thatHello, @RBrex2022!
Retweeted by Alex De LucaBRADY'S BACKLord.
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Spoon's Weight Topples Pint In Jarring Reminder Of How Much Ice Cream Area Man Ate In One Sitting…
Retweeted by Alex De LucaI feel attacked so Rutgers isn't going winless this season. Good to know
Name a better duo. We'll wait.
Retweeted by Alex De Luca.................nvmJust got one of the old heads in my office to listen to Crew. Waiting for his verdictI'm all for itMy mom is dangerously close to giving into her mid life crisis and buying a puppy
girl please come ruin my life for my artistic advancement
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @olduurtraggaday ..... @olduurtraggaday gang"We want to remind everyone that just as baseball is fundamental to American culture and history, so too is racism"
Retweeted by Alex De Luca @ProjectPatel She gonna need a reasonably priced in-network chiropractor @ProjectPatel SPINE CRUNCHING, good lordSo Trump thinks NAZIS with guns are exercising free speech but a citizen criticizing HIM isn't?
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.@espn what will Trump have to do you for to disavow his statements/actions? He's racist, sexist, misogynistic & xenophobic & you're silent.
Retweeted by Alex De LucaHe's planning world domination
Retweeted by Alex De LucaFinally an opinion i want to hear
Retweeted by Alex De LucaThese nominees @FastCompany if you replace my bodega with a fucking box i will launch you into the sun
Retweeted by Alex De LucaYardi know snacks are vital"Inappropriate"? What the fuck is inappropriate about stating the obvious? backlash, hatred, and complacent expectations against @jemelehill is a perfect example of America.
Retweeted by Alex De LucaGo Cardi, Fuck Taylor Swift a bad day, here's a bear playing with bale of hay
Retweeted by Alex De LucaMural Arts adds an Afro pick sculpture to the plaza with Rizzo's statue
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Retweeted by Alex De LucaEvery defense of Pewdiepie reads like this:
Retweeted by Alex De Lucawas this supposed to not look terrifying
Retweeted by Alex De LucaGreatest movie scene of all time well this is news to me.....did everyone else know this? man you really gotta take the 2nd from the isle seat so people gotta walk around you? Scoot tf in. Rude @amangerr @magggiemags
Why they look like the "Oh so you just gonna lea-I'M TALKIN TO YOU" type couple? the FUCK did I just have to battle for my life against waves of gnats on my walk home from the gym?