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Antoni is just a golden retriever who became a human, right?It's been a tough week, so let's take a little time for some feel-good stories about the real people out in real Am…
Retweeted by Alison Leiby80% of my delivery orders are just because I want a can of Diet Coke.Nothing says Sunday like ordering green curry at 4pm..@AaronJackson85 and Josh Sharp take down liberal Hollywood elitists ONE FINAL TIME.
Retweeted by Alison LeibyGetting sidetracked by depressing news is the new still being in a towel.
This is tonight! Mere hours away - come out to Spoonbill@ 99 Montrose Ave in Bushwick to see this great line up -…
Retweeted by Alison Leiby @LuxAlptraum yes yes!Why don't they have those little salt and pepper packets for OTHER spices? Gimme a tiny Old Bay for my deli breakfast potatoes. @ErinDeweyLennox oh jesus christ.No thanks, magic shows. If I want to be deceived I'll just start texting my ex again.Libs, you say Trump doesn’t respect women, but what do you call giving the most powerful woman in the world two “wa…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyJust achieved a career highlight of saying “wet spot” on a show at a museum.“You could say talking about death is my family’s hobby.” - @AlisonLeiby
Retweeted by Alison Leiby
"We're going to give you a lot of feta, it's just all going to be one large chunk." - salad places @jakecurrie jake you were eating a piece of history!!!!!!!! @jakecurrie wait this looks, like, good? @jakecurrie what's on it?Look, I have time on my hands and an Amtrak guest rewards membership. Let's do this. respect my privacy during this difficult two Diet Coke day.Like @vulture, I will also miss Aaron and Josh. Sharp and @AaronJackson85 are widening their scopes and GOING AT EVERYTHING.
Retweeted by Alison LeibyNestle Crunch is a good candy bar because it's THIN!!!!!!!!!!!! @asherperlman @AaronJackson85 @TheOpposition yeah i'm not busy @AaronJackson85 @RiverClegg we love you guys and we long for death.This aired on @ComedyCentral's @PresidentShow LAST YEAR. Every legitimate news channel in existence should be begg…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyTonight at 8 pm, it's Comedy Night at the Jewish Museum! @joshgondelman hosts a hilarious night of comedy and music…
Retweeted by Alison Leiby @michcoll oh cool i'm sobbing @RiverClegg @niccolethurman @AaronJackson85 @TheOpposition strong agree.Wow I love and will miss writing with Josh Sharp and @AaronJackson85. Working on their swan song for last night's…
Ivanka is a multilevel marketing scheme
Retweeted by Alison LeibyFinally, @TuckerCarlson gets it SO right
Retweeted by Alison LeibyTonight! @rentpartyNY w/ @ProfessorDoye @farahbrook @mrseanpatton @JakeHead_ @kenicemobley @dinahashem_
Retweeted by Alison Leiby @paulaforbes i need to read this.That’s EXACTLY what we said to you about Alex Jones after you profiled him without taking to the Sandy Hook familie…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyTOMORROW WED 6/20: @rentpartyNY w/ @ProfessorDoye @farahbrook @JakeHead_ @kenicemobley @dinahashem_
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Everyone in a bandana looks like a golden retriever.Your administration continues to strip away our rights and treat us like second class citizens. We don't understand… one nice thing about the last few days in the @TheOpposition office is the chorus of "FUCK YOU!!"s screamed at… was THIS MORNING.Fuck off you tone-deaf shit bags. come see me and @AlisonLeiby and @GaryGulman and @roywoodjr and @emmyblotnick and @laurastevenson at a mus…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyTucker Carlson is mainstream media's foremost white nationalist. He is trying to frame inhumane racism as matter of…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyCongrats to Republicans on making “should children be kept in cages” a partisan issue
Retweeted by Alison Leiby @johnxenak @joshgondelman @kathbarbadoro it's so fun and weird! thirding this (but also firsted it?)
This Thursday, @joshgondelman of @LastWeekTonight hosts Comedy Night at the Jewish Museum with comedians @roywoodjr
Retweeted by Alison LeibyWe right-wing freethinkers finally have our very own Michelangelo.
Retweeted by Alison LeibyWell, I just bit down on an Advil. @kathbarbadoro He’s an encourager!!
@PaulOddo Hey! Not on mine but it’s maybe out of date?WED 6/20: Catch @rentpartyNY w/ @ProfessorDoye @farahbrook @JakeHead_ @kenicemobley @dinahashem_ @AlisonLeiby
Retweeted by Alison LeibyEnjoy being on the phone answering questions about how your computer has been running today, everyone!All new #AndysGirls with @AlisonLeiby up now! We sit shivah for Bobby and talk Jill/B/Carole and #SummerHouse
Retweeted by Alison LeibyCelebrating newfound unemployment again with a seven course insane meal at Altro.
Always nice to hear from our fans.
Retweeted by Alison Leiby @NoahGarfinkel Onto my next cheesecake at lunch based jobHire me to get your tv show canceled!
Retweeted by Alison LeibyPivot from video? @mollylambert I sobbed.
We did a very high culture piece about very high culture art last night on The Opposition. Gaze upon some impressiv…💦 NY: This Sunday 6/17 we’ve got a hot, hot, hot lineup with host @AlisonLeiby featuring @PaulMecurio @MrNishKumar
Retweeted by Alison LeibyCatch @rentpartyNY w/ @ProfessorDoye @farahbrook @JakeHead_ @kenicemobley @dinahashem_ @AlisonLeiby @iamryanbeck an…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyI think it's important to separate your work Advil from your home Advil.Just added to tonight’s line up at LOOSE: @AlisonLeiby of @TheOpposition 😱😱😱 tickets: 🍺🍸🍷Do…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyI achieved my only career goal which was getting Ben Affleck's giant back tattoo into our show's content. I'm done… honor of President Trump's birthday, we've commissioned this actual statue bronzed in crude oil for any museum t…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyThank you @dulcesloan @AlisonLeiby @rojoperezzz @iamrohancoolguy @tveitprivilege @CarmenLagala and our amazing audi…
Retweeted by Alison LeibyJordan, @seanhannity, and @IngrahamAngle love to hang out between their shows.
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@DesiJed wait this is like, extremely relatable.The skinny mirror at work is both my best friend and my greatest enemy. @tobyherman27 yeah just do it.MARK YOUR CALENDARS: July 18th at The Bell House for Night of Self(less) Care! A comedy show raising money for wome… have never picked up a thing of almonds at a store without saying the price out loud. @JaredLogan @emmyblotnick as long as we can all unite against the real enemy: people who say "i don't want dessert, i'm full." @gregstone_ @michelleisawolf @emmyblotnick call me when it's SHOE panna cotta, greg. @michelleisawolf @emmyblotnick You know some asshole is out there trying to make a celery panna cotta right now. @emmyblotnick Oh man I gotta disagree!! I love a good mint dessert! @Meadbymead @GlitterCheese Wrong!! Cheese is a great dessert!!