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Alizéy Mirza @alizeymirza Dubai | London | Sydney

20. YouTuber. Journalism Student. Jetsetter. Grazia and Harpers Bazaars Best Dressed 2012. Management: Instagram: @alizeymirza

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Life right now: going out more, hanging with some new girls, running out of pages in my passport
Retweeted by Alizéy Mirza😘 @MirzatwinsFCLife is too short not to have the lifestyle, job and shoes you wantSoon! I chopped it all off 💇🏻 @Zubaida1989 I miss you more! You better be in Dubai in DecemberSomeone asked me if I knew Zayn Malik personally. Girl, of course I do. We hang out all the time. In my dreamsMelbourne booked 😍✈️Brunch views right now: going out more, hanging with some new girls, running out of pages in my passport
Never trust anyone that only posts photos on Instagram with snapchat filtersIf you have a girl that's really a whole package and you still out here looking elsewhere, you must be looking for dick my friend.
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaSwanning around my apartment in a floor length Zimmermann dress and heels listening to trap music. Does this count as cardio?When someone asks you what matte gloss you're wearing, but you just finished eating a bag of hot cheetos
Selfish people are the absolute worst @saarahgrahamxo 😘Life is too lit
People really will find any excuse to hate you these days 😂😂They hate but they broke though 🔪
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaThese mosquitos need to swerve and leave me and my sweet blood alone
Woman crush tbh 😍
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaI find it funny how people can see you as a threat when all you do is focus on yourself and stay in your laneBrunching and beaching
5 month summer vacay starts tomorrow 😍😍I bought @laillimirza an inflatable pool unicorn for absolutely no reason. Enjoy boo!
Sitting under the stars in the middle of nowhere talking about life @afshan_azad love you so much are 🐷Today a girl in my tute did a talk on YouTubers - she spoke about me for a good 5 mins not realizing I've been in her class for three months
Even though we're continents apart, I always know when something's up. Twin telepathy is real af @laillimirzaYou're the sweetest @nisarliza 😘I have a different name at Starbucks everyday. Today I am GertrudeYou can't go through life allowing people to walk all over you. Sometimes you have to put them in their placeObsessed with the @pintsizedfash matte lipsticks! 💋
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Who are the people that name MAC lipsticks? Because I want that job
"You look like a iced soy latte kinda person." Yes, that would be meLife must be so dull for unspontaneous people
My twin is hotter than yours
All I've done today is eat and shop. And eat again @nisarliza so lovely meeting you! 😘OMG @alizeymirza can't believe i just meet you!! Your so beautiful in person 😍
Retweeted by Alizéy Mirza @saraahhkay aw sorry I was rushing on my way to a meeting haha I'm sure you'll see me around soonSo excited for the zoo. I'll be vlogging! Also why is there no kangaroo emoji?Happiest 👼🏻Why do guys always cheat on girls that are out of their league in the first placeIf you get cheated on with someone ugly, you should be more insulted than sad 💩
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If they don't call you at 3am to get food, are they really your friend?You have to stop justifying people's bs if they constantly treat you like trashCalling in sick because my eyebrows are uneven no matter what I donegative people are so sour, seek help and make some lemonade🍋
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaYour MCM thinks deodorant is optionalTearing others down for achieving a certain level of self assurance is shallow. You don't know how long it's taken them to get there
no one makes me laugh harder than @alizeymirza
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaA girl approached me on the street to tell me my highlight was popping. This is why I love Australians
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Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaYou have to laugh at your own jokes bc no one else will do it for you
I don't like wasting my precious time. Be valuable or be gone @mariumulhaq liz withdrawals already? It hasn't even been 3 months haha
Sick of reading about fanatical Islamists giving the religion a bad name on a daily basis. They all need to be put downMorning runs by the Opera House are my favorite 😍 @seventeenjames aw! I miss you guys so much. FaceTime soon please!Pregnant women get maternity leave but non-pregnant women can't get leave to online shop and binge watch Netflix ?Don't waste your time on anything or anyone that doesn't contribute to your growth
@chadchad_ 😘If you don't go to bed excited for the next day, you're doing life wrongIt's shocking how many girls will choose attention over respectI love it when you meet someone for the first time and it feels like you've known them forever
One of Brazil's top plastic surgeons will be at @BioliteUAE this week - book in for a consultation, limited appointments available.
Retweeted by Alizéy MirzaI can't deal with people who lack basic manners. It wouldn't kill you to say please or thank you
Attempted to be vegan for a month. It lasted 2.5 hoursIts not about what you wear. It's about how you carry yourself
Went to Sephora for a beauty blender. Left with a highlighter palette, 3 brushes and vanilla bubble bathI always choose the wrong day to wear leather pants. I am roastingSomeone told me my body looked like an 'optical illusion' last night. I am so done 😂😂😂
If it drains you mentally, physically or emotionally, let it goAnyone else feeling super energized these days? I honestly wake up so excited for life every morningHow has this girl made a fake Instagram account, pretending to be @laillimirza and me at the same time lol
@chanelandchill aw thank you! It was so lovely meeting you girls!You cannot expect other people to respect you if you don't even respect yourself