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Alysson Holt @alyssonholt Manhattan Beach, CA

All I want to do is save the whales, embrace my creativity and wear Wildfox while eating pizza. SEA to EL LAY

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Love this babe! @TawnyJordanRing can see the light at the end of the tunnel even if the tas... More for Capricorn or 2 in my 🦄👗? day at Encore Beach Club!
Vegas nights 1 & 2 drank watermelon Perrier tonight #winUpdate: bright white mani pedi, got a nap in and a murder mystery on my @DiscoveryID app, had some pizza, now getti…
So far in Vegas: had sushi last night with my bestie @TawnyJordanRing , was in bed by 10, woke up at 7 and did hot… it calm, always. Don’t ever allow people to cause you to come out of character. Golden rule x
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@LindseyPelas girly girl mix💕💖💗 you’re welcome 👊🏻 I MADE ITProb gonna miss my flight to Vegas. Worst traffic at LAX. This will be the third flight I’ve missed in less than 2 weeks. Fun times!NICE! is absolutely horrific. Hard to even fathom... @NYDailyNews This is tragic. And an extremely inappropriate headline.
In a mood where everyone can fuck right offWords mean nothing. Actions do @emrata when will this be back in stock in size L? I need it ASAP 😻👙 @khloe Thanks babe😘😘😘R E S P E C T, find out what it means to me! RIP Aretha Franklin🎶 heaven gained a soulful angel ❤️Woke up feeling wayyy better this morning 🙌🏻Allow the outer world to see your inner world. It is scary to ... More for Capricorn don’t even know what I want anymoreMelodramatic af rn’m depressed, you’re welcome
Retweeted by Alysson HoltMy hormones are whack rn, so depressed out of nowhere and once again it’s in the waxing crescent phase of the moon. @ChelseaPereira_ Me next! 🙋🏼‍♀️OMG WHY AM I JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT COTTON CANDY GRAPES
“I don’t do long distance” *gets long distance gf a couple months later #ShareYourRejections“You’re out of my league” #ShareYourRejections“I like brunettes” #ShareYourRejections“You’re too high maintenance” #ShareYourRejections“We are fundamentally different.” Huh? #ShareYourRejectionsNot to brag but major props to me for not drinking at all this summer, since Memorial Day wknd. @theyearofelan Highly relatable tweetOne of the worst feelings is eating food in front of a dog that you know the dog wouldn’t like but they get upset a…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltDoing my makeup on the train this morning and a random man told me he likes women to have a more natural look. I to…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltReexamining your professional and personal relationships leave... More for Capricorn awake because I went to bed early. Cool. time in Vegas this weekend without drinking. Should be interesting...“The Impossible Taco Salad” from @MendocinoFarms is one of the best salads I’ve ever had in my life ❤️🥗🤤1 or 2 🖤
Trying to micromanage circumstances is not the best way to man... More for Capricorn hope I’m not getting sick 🤒😣
I got "Chill Aurora"! Everyone's Personality Matches One Of The "Chill" Disney Princesses — Who Are You?… orca releases her dead calf after carrying it around for over two weeks like when CVS is like “we filled ur prescription without you asking.” “You have three seconds to pick it up or we…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltEmbracing sustainability ensures success, or at least that is ... More for Capricorn not ride the scary moving teeth stairs
Retweeted by Alysson Holtpeople who end facetime with “ok love you!! bye!” are the best. i’ll say it first too idc. even if we’re not on “lo…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltI’d rather be home with my dog tbh
Retweeted by Alysson Holt💗✨🌅 @MarilynM_Melo So gorgeous 😍😍😍😍perfection3 of the best things in life: Dog Beach Sunset best rap songs out rn don’t at me with the accessories but that’s just me🤷🏼‍♀️
@Dwerc Love youSo I kind of want to move to Norway for a yearFaith doesn’t always come easy to you and you can be a tough o... More for Capricorn @kaitlynbristowe Kylie Jenner at 21 vs me at 21 orca lets go of dead calf after carrying it over 2 weeks
Retweeted by Alysson Holtme: i'm dying me: you're not dying me: i'm dying me: you're not dying me: i'm dying
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @WORLDSTAR BlueWe were very relieved to hear today that J35 Tahlequah has finally let go of her deceased calf, over 17 days and 10…
Retweeted by Alysson Holtmen rlly be like this huh
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @emrata Hottest girl on the planet 💋Don't be a Queen waiting on a King. Be a Queen busy with her kingdom until her King arrives.
Retweeted by Alysson Holt1 or 2💜💗❔ @Seoul979 Thnx I knowNot gonna lie I’m pretty obsessed with both of Tygas new cuts. Taste & Swish are bangers fashoooo 🙌🏻🎶🎶💯men will ghost u after sex then watch every single IG story u post for the rest of your life
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@TiffanyTothxoxo @SamaEyewear You always have the cutest photos 💜✨😭😭😭 cats are usually $127 and dogs are usually $145 If you’re looking to adopt but couldn’t afford it you get a sp…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltEveryone has a shadow side, even you. You sometimes ride the m... More for Capricorn moon really is THAT Bitch. controlling the tides like a goddess, illuminating the night sky, an inspiration for…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltMourning Orca Whale Swims With Dead Body of Her Calf For More Than Two Weeks Off Coast of Northwest U.S., Canada…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltVanessa Carlton said she’d walk 1,000 miles but Talehquah carrying her dead newborn calf for 1,000 miles needs to b…