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Alysson Holt @alyssonholt Manhattan Beach, CA

Seattle to LA #GoHawks! if you can't laugh at yourself I will prob laugh at you. I like cetaceans a lot. My dog is an honor student

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You may be the reluctant leader of your pack now, pushed to th... More for Capricorn
2018 @MarkBallas @FriendsTV Phoebehere is my entire “A Story Like Mine” poem from today’s #WomensMarch2018 in NYC tw: rape / assault. Thank you.
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @JohnAxford Omg😩 such a good movie but total tearjerker can’t believe you haven’t seen it before!Ugh wish I felt better so I could do the women’s march today! 🤒Financial issues may grow more complicated now, but you’re rea... More for Capricorn ego is a disease
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@Sophiejulia Did you move to LA?!⭐️This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible information to put into the world. The archaic internalized misogyny…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltWhat is the best boxed roses delivery service in LA?🌹I wish I had a stronger painkiller for my cramps I am dying today ughhh helpppp even Aleeve isn’t workingBeing blonde is so difficult sometimes
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @B_Aiello I have known to have psychic tendencies throughout my entire life lolI'm just blown away by Reese's kind heart! She's donating 100% of her profits today at @draperjames to…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltNorth, Saint & Chi
Retweeted by Alysson HoltRandom but my guess for Kim & Kanye’s daughter is 3 letters and something similar to Lex
Retweeted by Alysson HoltIt’s time to take a stand today, even if you’re promoting an u... More for Capricorn“Damn. Who hurt you” me: “want a list?”
Wtf!!!! This makes me so upset!! @Sophiejulia The highs and lows of being a creative soul are no joke.
Retweeted by Alysson Holti came, i saw, i got rejected
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @L1LDebbie The original though. Remix is good tooGirl same really hate when I get in my feelings! That shit hurts like a BITCH!
Retweeted by Alysson Holtyassssss can this please happen talk about staying in bed
Retweeted by Alysson HoltYour attention is shifting from what you want to accomplish in... More for Capricorn pulling up to the bitch who STAYS TALKING ABOUT ME!!!
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...still celebrating 👱🏼‍♀️🦄👑🎂💜 #birthdaymonth love these ladies! can make a creative breakthrough today, motivating you to ... More for Capricorn timing for Tide Pod commercials
@BellezaD3Mujer @emilysears You’re sooooo Pretty it’s not even fair! Miss you!💋❤️💗Random but my guess for Kim & Kanye’s daughter is 3 letters and something similar to Lex @ellesep Not a movie but Ross is most quotable even though he’s simultaneously worst on the show 😂😂😂😂 @awonderland @DJmag @DonsLens So Pretty! Your DJ name is what kids used to tease me in school. But now I embrace it… WILL SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE
Retweeted by Alysson HoltDepression is real. Sadness is real. Sometimes the people that you think have it all together are on the edge of do…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltWhat would it take to get @DavidKHarbour to be the Officiant at my wedding in September?!
Retweeted by Alysson HoltThis is so sad:( praying for his family suicide is so hard on loved ones and I’m sure he was in a lot of pain he co… got "You got 17 out of 17 right!"! Only A True "Friends" Expert Can Get 13/17 On This Quiz… @KyleRichards @doritkemsley1 Nooooo 😍 I love your glossy brown locks! @KyleRichards I am excited for your shows! You look SOOO gorge I am obsessed with this whole look. Killin it! I kno… @stephhollman @BrandiRedmond Love you pretties! You both age backwards I swear @TeddiMellencamp new fave! #RHOBH 👱🏼‍♀️ @KyleRichards 🙋🏼‍♀️! Also happy belated birthday to my fellow capricorn♑️🎂👑Can I not be addicted to cheese 🧀?You possess an innate ability to turn ideas into reality. The ... More for Capricorn @RealRemyMa @chrisbrown 1❤️
@wmag I always see articles on how to be effortlessly chic like French girls, but for me to change my style is a lo… people don’t wash their jeans? Call me a clean freak then because I wash mine every 3rd wear. Germs freak me out eek 😬 @LILUZIVERT hey @GirlCoLeigh can we please go together to see Uzi Feb 2nd in LA? Let’s get tix ❤️🎶 @Bethenny If you don’t mind subtitles, the mini-series that @STARZ picked up from Norway called “Monster” is super thrillingThere are many different roads that lead to success now but, o... More for Capricorn
@sorryimvegan Right?! @sorryimvegan Ugh I miss Fred Meyer. I wish LA had one. Seems to be a NW thing @TiffanyTothxoxo Gorge! Also I need this hoodieI hope this Aziz Ansari story will help people realise what consensual sex actually looks like. You don't have to p…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltThe Aziz Ansari stuff is a perfect demonstration of how rape culture works and how men are socialized to feel entit…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltWe have succeeded getting this bill introduced! Huge! Florida moves to ban orca shows and breeding | Fox News
Retweeted by Alysson Holtretweet if internet friends are REAL fucking friends. need to prove a point to my teacher so i can write an essay about it.
Retweeted by Alysson HoltAs a perfume connoisseur I am so excited for my two new scents from @SpaceNKusa to come! Byredo is cream of the cropCan’t wait to listen to my newly purchased @Big_Little_Lies soundtrack on my flight 🙂🎶✈️ @JoshAllanMurray AgreeI really love hearts. Doodeling them, emoji-ing them, filters with hearts, hearts as decor, they’re just my favorite 💕💗💙🖤💖💚💛💞💝😹😹😹I love you Bethenny @beccatilley5 Get @theleague wayyyy better caliber of guysbeware the fuckboy who talks about fuckboys as though he is not a fuckboy
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @t0nit0ne don't want to look gaunt as an older woman. Love your chubby cheeks ladies! You're blessed. 🤗
Retweeted by Alysson HoltI know a few women in their 20s who dislike their full/chubby cheeks and wish their face was more chiselled. If you…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltAlthough your life seems to be on a path to stabilization thes... More for Capricorn
@CraigMergenthal @HalfXmasguy_93 Yes I agree#UnpopularOpinion I love oatmeal raisin cookiesif you find yourself a girl who cares more about you than she does her contour, she's a keeper my guy
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @cheriemadelein I said hi!💕💗😻❤️💋💋💋Everyone RELAX.
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