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Alysson Holt @alyssonholt Manhattan Beach, CA

“The eye roll I inherited from Marcia is top-notch” SEA to EL LAY

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Let me spread some positivity on my tl
Retweeted by Alysson HoltKeto diet, work, sleep, Pilates, repeat #mylifeisboringbutatleastiwillfinallylikewhatilooklikeinabikiniagainSometimes people hear “toxic masculinity” and think the term is anti-men. It isn’t. It’s anti-telling-men-they-ha…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltI want to date someone who treats me like I’m the hottest woman alive.
Retweeted by Alysson HoltWeeks of intense strategizing and logistical planning are put ... More for Capricorn
How to chill Step 1: play bazzi: mine (slowed down)
Retweeted by Alysson HoltSo happy Paul and Marcia are in town! Love my mom and dad on vacation! Home not so much. Just kidding. @OnlineAlison You’re so right :/ @destineybleu Sticking to my keto dietSage your TL.
Retweeted by Alysson HoltI am loving the keto diet so farToday is a crazy day on Twitter and in real life @destineybleu Weight loss!WHAT!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this day for years an off morning. My dogs knocked over my giant full length mirror while playing when I was in shower, got my pe…’d like to thank God, my family, and all my public advocates for their love, support and encouragement during this…
Retweeted by Alysson HoltPeople sometimes see you as the undisputed champion of making ... More for Capricorn
In bed by 9:30 who have I become @street_brice @ohh_noes 😂Me making super awk selfie faces and Anna giving up and sipping her marg describes us on so many levels @ohh_noes, I am super glad the keto diet doesn’t involve giving up cheese or red wineI am starting the keto diet and I’m scared @people If it’s Philip I will be so upset because that will be the next name trend and that’s the name I’ve had pic…❤️ This! Great advice for people who don’t even think they need advice. This is appreciated! 100 Ways White Peopl… @chrissyteigen SO TRUE. Can we stick to the normal delicious classics please... I’m all for being EXTRA but this is just too fucking muchThank you @MeghanMcCain ❤️
Retweeted by Alysson HoltListened to and finished “A Killing on the Cape” podcast last two days and wow.... Now onto the scripted podcast… @emilysears Panchos in MB for Sunday Funday is the best. They also do Tuesday and Thursday nights! It’s def my fave… @claudiachoxo I can’t 😩😩😩🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ @emilysears Not me!!!! I’m obsessed with karaoke 🎤Meek Mill To Be Released from Prison
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Retweeted by Alysson HoltWho wants to buy me the entire Barbie collection that @ShowMeYourMumu dropped today 💕💗💖🌴meow may present you with their plans today in the hope of r... More for Capricorn
😎🌴🏊🏻‍♀️☀️🌵#arizona other sign in the zodiac can bring an idea to fruition bett... More for Capricorn
It’s not easy for you to let go of past karma. You are more aw... More for Capricorn nights 🌵
More like a MUCH NEEDED 14 hour sleepThis shit look like a Scooby Doo fruit snack
Retweeted by Alysson HoltSomeone in your immediate environment may be the catalyst for ... More for Capricorn
I am so sad about Avicii I can’t stop thinking about how he’s gone :(There was something deeper about #Avicii’s music—emotive, soulful chords that touched the heart. He had massive tal…
Retweeted by Alysson Holt“do you hate me?” -me flirting
Retweeted by Alysson HoltNap timeall you have to be is yourself
Retweeted by Alysson HoltOh shit are the things I buy the most of: -swimsuits -jeans -nice quality plain T-shirt’s -Wildfox sweaters -linge… yaaaaaaa I am HERE for it @evepeyser I do not feel ashamed! @AiiGod Dats my birfdayyyy🎉🤓🎂I don’t smoke weed but Happy 420! I’m not a hater.
Retweeted by Alysson HoltWhy are buzzfeed quiz answers always so accurate tho got: Supportive Ambivert Plant A Garden To Unlock Your Exact Personality Type you for the music. You've left us far too soon. Rest in peace.
Retweeted by Alysson HoltI am so sad about Avicii devastating news. Rest In Peace 😢😢😢😢SO TRUE are cautiously optimistic as you look to the future, even ... More for Capricorn
Best babies’s so cute when it’s almost 40 degrees in April. Wait don’t I live in SoCal? 😑 👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🎉🚫😿 @RSEWTRR Omg sameYoung orca spotted in Washington waters as new vessel guidelines emerge
Retweeted by Alysson HoltLashes on fleek again 👏🏻 @RossalynWarren Omg I want to snuggle this fluffykins so badControlling people don’t get very far with the uncontrollable 💃🏻
Retweeted by Alysson Holt#tulips 💗🌷💜🌷🧡🌷💛🌷 @ParisHilton Iconic#tbt @sorryimvegan Help what is going on hereI have a new best friend. @iamcardib
Retweeted by Alysson HoltAlthough people smile and say everything is just fine, you can... More for Capricorn
2018 true 💜💕
Retweeted by Alysson Holt @Jenni_Burns It’s because of the strong winds and the dust that blows with it. It’s intense!You’re eager to jump into a new project today, as if you are s... More for Capricorn @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Don’t you have a writer specifically for Twitter, to write a formal condensed narrative ex… love our prez talking about tax day over the late BB