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Amy Kremer @AmyKremer Atlanta or Airplane

SouthernBelle ❤️ politics, cooking, gardening & traveling. Former #Delta Flight Attendant #Auburn #MAGA Opinions r mine @womentrump2016

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Why Women Did Not Unite to Vote Against Donald Trump #MAGA #womenfortrump #women4trump
Thanks for your support! Couldn't have done it without you. @SkyMurnaghan probably time to say I thought your line of questioning to @AmyKremer the other day was disrespectful…
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @WomenforTrump @AmyKremer @newsbitch @DiamondandSilk @AnnCoulter TY❤
Retweeted by Amy KremerThank You fantastic ladies @AmyKremer @newsbitch @DiamondandSilk @AnnCoulter @KatrinaPierson @KellyannePolls @JenniferHulsey1 @IngrahamAngle
Retweeted by Amy Kremer❤️hearing @realDonaldTrump called #PresidentElectTrump. Still a sweet sound 5 days l8r. Can't wait 2 #MAGA! #Women4Trump
As Ive watched 2night, I remained calm & measured. Didn't want 2 get 2 excited & have it yanked away but something YUGE is happening. "MAGA
@AmyKremer @realDonaldTrump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩🔥💯
Retweeted by Amy KremerAt least 2 hours to vote at 7PM on Thursday night! I will gladly wait to cast my ballot for @realDonaldTrump! #maga terrabyte drive with Clinton White House emails missing, presumed stolen from National Archives…
Retweeted by Amy KremerUS State Dept has released 357 new Clinton emails Available in our search system shortly:
Retweeted by Amy Kremermore than 160,000 of you saw our #GirlsNightOutforTrump last night. You asked for #healthcare #Hillarycare event.…
Retweeted by Amy KremerBOOM. Her own niece is even #NeverHillary & endorses @realDonaldTrump. "she just wants it for selfish reasons."…
Retweeted by Amy KremerSmart women who want better jobs, a better economy, more affordable healthcare, education choices & a secure nation will vote for Trump
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I 💕 hearing my friends @scottienhughes @Betsy_McCaughey @VoteMarsha @DiamondandSilk on the @WomenforTrump #GirlsNightOut 4 #TRUMP! #magaJoin us tonight for Girls' Night Out for Trump! RSVP here: #womenfortrump #MAGA #trumptrain
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Report: 48,000 More Republicans Than Democrats in Florida's First Coast Vote Early
Retweeted by Amy KremerLooking forward to being on the show with you! is reporting that Sheldon Adelson is donating more than $25 million this week to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhile you have insured that Iran, a terrorist state, will actually HAVE nuclear weapons!
Retweeted by Amy KremerAfter FBI Announcement, Hillary's Campaign Manager Appears to Have Deleted His Twitter Timeline #Dickileaks
Retweeted by Amy KremerNice "Hillary For Prison" sign spotted #WorldSeries
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#MAGA #trumptrain #trumppence2016 #hillaryemailscandal #HillaryClinton #emailgate #EmailScandal
Retweeted by Amy KremerAfter FBI Announcement, Hillary’s Campaign Manager Appears to Have Deleted His Twitter Timeline #dickileaks
Retweeted by Amy KremerSchoen: I’m a Democrat, and I worked for Bill Clinton, but I can’t vote for Hillary #dickileaks #EmailScandal
Retweeted by Amy KremerHillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation #HillaryForPrision
Retweeted by Amy KremerSpent all day on call w/ @apple & reinstalling operating system on my new MacBook - I'm over this Election & computer. Ready 4 @HALcruises!
Democrats should ask Clinton to step aside - Chicago Tribune support for Clinton falls in final days of election | Washington Examiner for Trump: Meese leads 240 Reaganites to Team Trump | Washington Examiner #SUNDAYMORNING #AMJOY GUESTS! @ELISE_JORDAN @RUMPFSHAKER @WHIGNEWTONS @AMYKREMER @DALLASGOLDTOOTH 10 AM ET @MSNBC #REIDERS
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Ok, who else is having problems with @realDonaldTrump emails going into spam?! This is ridiculous. #maga
🇺🇸Utah #MAGA3X Flash Mob🇺🇸 Show @Evan_McMullin how much you love @realDonaldTrump👌🏻
Retweeted by Amy KremerSPREAD THIS: @CNN - Putin: “If Americans vote for #Trump, they’re voting for peace! ”If they vote for Clinton, its…
Retweeted by Amy KremerHey @MSNBC : Im a Millennial & believe me climate change& free college is NOT my top concern right now...National S…
Retweeted by Amy KremerI'm glad she's so proud of leading to the destruction of our healthcare system. Obamacare is unaffordable and gets…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWant to keep up with efforts to attract LGBT support for @realDonaldTrump? Like the new LGBTrump facebook page
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#hillarybirthdaygifts #HillaryClinton #MAGA #Benghazi #benghazilivesmatter #BenghaziMatters #benghazifour
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Retweeted by Amy KremerThis one's for you @ChrisRBarron. Trump speaking in #Sanford, FL right now! #LBGTQ @womenfortrump #womenfortrump SURPRISE!
Retweeted by Amy KremerRETWEET! Bravo @TruetheVote Offers Smartphone App to Report Voter Fraud Download it NOW! STOP THE STEAL! #MAGA
Retweeted by Amy KremerNo thanks, but I think WikiLeaks might have a gift for you that will bring back 33,000 memories.
Retweeted by Amy KremerRELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 18 #PodestaEmails #PodestaEmails18 #HillaryClinton
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If you make this go viral, Trump will win. It's 4 minutes that makes the choice in this election crystal clear.…
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#SourcesHaveConfirmed that we have 266 Electoral votes and we need to find 4 more to MAGA ! Colorado we need you to…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhy is Hilllary Clinton is so soft on Saudi? The #Podesta connection More:…
Retweeted by Amy KremerA list of the more than 3000 attachments released so far in the #PodestaEmails #HillaryClinton
Retweeted by Amy KremerYou don’t say?!? This #election can’t be #rigged! America needs to wake the hell up before it is too late.… out in force today to support @realDonaldTrump in Naples Florida #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MAGA #WomenForTrump
Retweeted by Amy KremerRecord crowd in Tampa, Florida- thank you! We will WIN FLORIDA, #DrainTheSwamp in Washington D.C. and MAKE AMERICA…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWill Michigan "go blue"?
Retweeted by Amy KremerNot so fast…#Clintonfoundation Recently removed from Charity Navigator Watchlist... conspiracies right ... @NolteNC @ChrisCuomo @brianstelter @drdrew @PoppyHarlowCNN @AmyKremer @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Amy KremerFunny how @PoppyHarlowCNN incredulous when @AmyKremer talked about NFL & concussions. Former Obama doctor says same:
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @yourbodybible @AngDundeez Here u go...2 from @Heritage & Pew study @PoppyHarlowCNN @MariaTCardona Here is the Pew study @PoppyHarlowCNN @MariaTCardona sorry 4 delay. 2​ sources from @heritage​ & ​​​..@poppyharlowcnn @asbthelaw @farai #ClintonFoundation Spent Barely 6% On Charitable Grants In 2014 #clintonscandals.@PoppyHarlowCNN @asbthelaw @farai The Clinton Foundation only spent 6% on direct aid in 2013. #ClintonScandalsA sampling (219 pages) of election fraud cases across the country #riggingelection #rigged #voterfraudDoes your vote count? Ensuring election integrity and making sure every vote counts #riggingelection #riggingRigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Involvement | Project Veritas Action reason @HillaryClinton didn’t deny her direct involvement with the @realDonaldTrump protests is bc, well, you’ll see tomorrow at noon...
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📹 (via #MAGA #trumptrain #trumppence2016 #womenfortrump Lives Matter Singer Kneels to Perform Anthem at Basketball Game; This Man's Response is Perfect | RedState Times Liberals Claimed An Election Was Stolen Or #Rigged #MAGA #trumptrain when? 8 Indicted in Indiana On Charges of Buying Votes - WaPo #riggedelection #MAGA #trumptrainTRUMP UP 2
Retweeted by Amy KremerIt ain't over until people actually vote. #pollingisntvoting
Retweeted by Amy KremerNo #riggingtheelection here --> ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county #Rigged #maga.@realDonaldTrump leads in @IBDinvestors poll while Clinton & media act like she has won #MAGA #TrumpTrain
@AmyKremer you stood your grounds well w/two against @CNN & @angela_rye.💪💪💪💪💪 @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @KellyannePolls @kayleighmcenany
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @AngDundeez Sorry...I'll send to you tomorrow. Need 2 catch up on my twitter. Sorry bout that @PoppyHarlowCNN @MariaTCardona @yourbodybibleTrump gains on Clinton, poll shows 'rigged' message resonates via @Reuters
Retweeted by Amy KremerChange has to come from outside our very broken system. #MAGA
Retweeted by Amy KremerUnbelievable crowd of supporters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Thank you! Next stop - Cleveland, Ohio.…
Retweeted by Amy KremerGeorgia!!! Voted early today, line was unreal! Everybody talking, all excited, all TRUMP! @mitchellvii @NolteNC
Retweeted by Amy KremerLove all the haters. Y'all keep making the world a brighter place! I'm inspired by your tolerance of others. 😘❤️ #MAGA #TrumpTrain