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Amy Kremer @AmyKremer Roswell, GA

Co-Founder & Chair @womenfortrump; Former candidate for US Congress, #TeaParty Express, #Delta Flight Attendant. #GA06 #gapol #gagop #MAGA

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Lara may be a new mom, but she still loves dogs! Still posting from FB jail, so please share. We love Lara and...
Retweeted by Amy KremerRussia. Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia.
Retweeted by Amy KremerThe @TheJusticeDept & @jeffsessions need 2 hear from the American ppl abt #UraniumOne & #RussianCollusion. Here is…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhy go on Ellen when it’s news what happened to our community? Proper news outlets would have been much better in m…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWe luv that @realDonaldTrump surrounds himself w/strong women that get the job done! Today, we celebrate…
Retweeted by Amy KremerHell has frozen over! The Republican Senate has actually passed a budget.
Retweeted by Amy KremerAnother strong woman we celebrate is @katrinapierson who supported @realDonaldTrump from the beginning! She scares…
Retweeted by Amy KremerBROADDRICK to LEWINSKY: 'Your silence was deafening'...
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The 6 U.S. Soldiers Who Died Searching for Bowe Bergdahl | is focused on the deserter Bergdahl, but let's not forget the 6 men who lost their lives looking for him.…
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We r trying 2 grow our #Maga family & friends 2day. Follow us & we'll follow u. If we follow u, pls follow us. Preparing for 2018 & 2020!
Retweeted by Amy KremerOn his worst day, @realDonaldTrump is better for the US than @BarackObama was on his best day.
Retweeted by Amy KremerFor those that are upset with #NFL here is a list of sponsors. Let them know how you feel & share w/others.…
Retweeted by Amy KremerShould an 83/84 yr old being running 4 reelection 2 serve 6 more yrs n the Senate? NO! Time 2 retire.…
Retweeted by Amy KremerToday is #standupsunday...
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#SundayMorning"...we have embraced a brand new model. It's called the American model." Read more about the America First tax plan…
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @jasonsjohnson @AmyKremer What McConnell/Barbour/Moran et al did to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi was despicable. Karma.
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#swamp spent millions propping up Cochran/suppressing conservatives now worried all that money wasted 💰💵💸…
Retweeted by Amy KremerGood for @tedcruz. Curious why they didn't start bigger in the first place. Seems like "reverse negotiation."
Retweeted by Amy KremerWould you prefer to keep your Obamacare, or have a Choice to negotiate across state lines?
Retweeted by Amy KremerSad watching the hapless Democrats spend all their energy today defending insurance company bailouts and the Iranian Mullahs. #IranDeal
Retweeted by Amy KremerHeartbreaking. I hope Smiley is now able to see since he crossed over Rainbow Bridge. makes me cry. We r about to do the same to our Count Chocula. It is heartbreaking. My 🙏 to Smiley & his family. a precious angel. She sacrifices her dad so #NFL players can kneel during our national anthem. Every1 of them…
Retweeted by Amy KremerOn #NationalDessertDay have a cupcake!
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#HanoiJane a traitor in 1972 and still a traitor in 2017. #vietnamwar #vietnamvet #HarveyWeinstein #Veterans
Retweeted by Amy KremerHa! Weekend with Bernie & his pink hat. definitely need more positive in the world. pouring into Insurance Companies profits, under the guise of ObamaCare, is over. They have made a fortune. Dems must get smart & deal!
Retweeted by Amy KremerLove this! people talking, with much agreement, on my Iran speech today. Participants in the deal are making lots of money on trade with Iran!
Retweeted by Amy Kremer"Consumer confidence soars to highest level since 2004" 📈
Retweeted by Amy KremerPrayers up for Nicky. God bless her. Hollywood, our moral authority. What would we do without their guidance?
Retweeted by Amy KremerThe liberals dirty secret. 30 years of abuse and they all covered it up.
Retweeted by Amy KremerAnd @HillaryClinton I thought you'd never come clean on @BillClinton being a sexual predator - good job!
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#HowTrumpSolvesACrisis
Retweeted by Amy KremerThere is no difference between protesting the anthem and protesting the funeral of fallen service members. It's beyond shameful.
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#WonderWoman ain't taking no crap from #Buttman... @BenAffleck @GalGadot #HarveyWeinsten #Hollyweird
Retweeted by Amy KremerSo quick to condemn #WomenForTrump but too cowardly to stand up for herself. @AshleyJudd #waronwomen #Hollyweird
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhat a joke! Harvey Weinstein emails to Hillary State Dept Account: “Your Bad Friend Harvey”
Retweeted by Amy KremerThe #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me-- #truth time. I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. T…
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhy isn't Mueller focused on #ImranAwan instead of a witch hunt that is wasting tax payer dollars and resources?…
Retweeted by Amy KremerRemember when #Affleck & #mattdamon held a fundraiser 4 Lizzie @SenWarren? She should return $$$! #weinsteinscandal
Retweeted by Amy KremerThe latest The Rod D. Martin Daily! Thanks to @FutureThinkers_ @AmyKremer #maga #tcot
Retweeted by Amy KremerMaine first lady Ann LePage mulls Senate bid after push from Steve Bannon #mepolitics
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If @HillaryClinton declined the invite to the @WomensMarch #WomensConvention, why not send her surrogate… #Hollyweird Pervs and @TheDemocrats #manpig production coming soon. #harveyweinsteinisarapist #HarveyWeinstein
Retweeted by Amy KremerWomen's March should invite #HarveyWeinstein and at least give him a pink hat! #WomensConvention #WomensMarch
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @WomenforTrump @womensmarch @HarveyWeinstein @KatrinaPierson @JackPosobiec @Cernovich @KamVTV @KayaJones @Joy_Villa
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#HollywoodHypocrites owe @realDonaldTrump an apology. Sounds like more will come out about the culture of sexual corruption & Faux-feminism.
Retweeted by Amy KremerBernie Sanders is headlining the Women's March later this month! NOT A WOMAN?!?!
Retweeted by Amy KremerHelp Wanted @womensmarch @ #WomensConvention Call 1-800-PINKHAT #WomensMarch #WomenBoycottTwitter #feelthebern
Retweeted by Amy KremerHa! @BernieSanders has msg 4 @HarveyWeinstein abt @womensmarch! #feelthebern #HarveyWeinstein #WomensMarch
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#girlpower @IngrahamAngle @DLoesch @KatiePavlich @kimguilfoyle @TomiLahren @JudgeJeanine @HARRISFAULKNER of people who now go it alone or in very small groups will join together and make the CONSUMER THE KING
Retweeted by Amy KremerLeave it to a Doctor to help fix healthcare! Thank you @RandPaul! #Obamacare #RandPaul
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Everything you ever heard about the entertainment industry is true. The house of cards ♦️ is falling down...
Retweeted by Amy KremerSorry you mad bro! @Eminem #HipHopAwards #Eminem #EminemBET
Retweeted by Amy Kremer5 years ago, I was shot in an attempt to stop me from speaking out for girls' education. Today, I attend my first l…
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Breaking... #SCOTUS dismisses travel ban case in victory for @realDonaldTrump Roger Goodell @NFL
Retweeted by Amy KremerScarier than Gangs of New York...coming soon! @HarveyWeinstein @BillClinton #AnthonyWeiner #Weinstein
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhy were they silent? #MerylStreep #AngelinaJolie #gwynethpaltrow #HarveyWeinstein #HarveysHoldouts
Retweeted by Amy KremerGood for you #AshleyGraham. #Bodyshamers shut down by model @theashleygraham @CNN
Retweeted by Amy KremerSick dude --> #HarveyWeinstein accused of raping 3 women.
Make no mistake...Bob Corker is out 4 himself. @realDonaldTrump is same person @SenBobCorker supported when he thght he might b VP or SOS.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer🙏🙏🙏 #NapaFire is out of control and it is #NationalFirePreventionWeek...Stay safe Napa🙏🏼 #napafire #abc7now #atlaspeak
Retweeted by Amy Kremer @lsefuller Check out @CAFireScanner. They are giving some updates...maybe they can help. Stay safe.FFs at scene of a large fire est 300 acres in the Bangor area from Robinson Mill Rd & Dunstone Rd. and Yuba Co line and Avacado #LaPorteFire
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#Mandatory #evacuations into Santa Rosa . Fire is cresting the hills @ Piedmont &Calistoga Rd. #Sonoma #Napa
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#ICYMI #BREAKINGNEWS #NapaCounty #NapaFire Fire crossed Highway 101 in Santa Rosa. Structures west of Frwy in area…
Retweeted by Amy KremerEvac from Rincon Valley in Santa Rosa #NapaFire
Retweeted by Amy KremerIf you live in Larkfield in Sonoma county get out now. #napafire
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