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Called a 'celebration of human awkwardness' by @NPR, Why Oh Why is a show about dating from @Panoply. Named a best new podcast of 2016 by @NYTimes. I'm single.

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@Hendersongoo So glad you're coming!
@nickhansenMN @ampersteph @daveheal @Bickfor2 Yay I have his number now. Think he's a boob guy or a butt guy? Getting my selfie stick ready..@andreasilenzi fan theory: Randy is secretly dating Omarosa
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @nickhansenMN @ampersteph @daveheal @Bickfor2 Can I get his number first tho? He looks like he might own a boat.In Spy we called him "mentally deranged dotard Donald Trump" for a while before we changed to "short-fingered vulga…
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziAll apps are dating apps if you're online enough
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Listener Danny recommended @andreasilenzi's ep. "Like A Virgin" for our Welcome To Adulthood playlist. Find it here…
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @mynamesnotem This is hilarious. I love this one! @whiteley_rose Right. Might be worth trying Hinge or The League or Bumble to avoid those... @whiteley_rose It's called Feeld now (legal stuff!). I always think they're just trying to catch us at our curious… you're 5'11" but claim to be 6'
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziWe're teaming up w/ @ThirdCoastFest for a dating game in Chicago Nov 2! Bring a wingman, or we'll assign you one: how you'd do on a blind Skype date? I dare you:
@Stammy Should I google this? SFW?This week on the show, we discussed how to compose a strong opening line. What's the weirdest one you've seen? @saswyryt Ew!!"Have you ever tried to say booze cruise and accidentally said Blues Clues?" —guy on LOL-full ep of @andreasilenzi's
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1) go to ikea 2) download tinder 3) set your radius to 1 mile 4) match with someone in ikea 5) choose a room to settle down and have kids
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziJust bought my ticket and I'm so excited to affirm my search for co-CEO of Family Inc. with Why Oh Why nerds! ❤️
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziChicago listeners! Tickets are now on sale for our live show Thurs Nov 2nd @ Chicago Theater Works:… @Zimm102090 @glauxgirl @LenCast57 Yesss! @Press_Coffee There would have to be single men in her orbit for that to happen. There just aren't
Grandma Phyllis to her doctor: "Too bad you're married! I'm trying to help my Granddaughter meet someone like you."… donated $20 to help the @freemusicarchiv survive and thrive! An essential resource for podcasters everywhere:… @oxc297 He is!! @fellfromfiction Michael! @helenzaltzman calls you a snob in our latest episode. I'm sorry. Blame her not me! @TheOnlyIbukun Ari! We joke about this one in or latest pod. It actually became the title bc @helenzaltzman made me… @JoshJackson10 Hey Josh! You made @helenzaltzman laugh with this one in our latest episode. Thanks again for sharing it. @HelenBelen89 Hey Helen! We read your limerick in our newest episode with @helenzaltzman. Well done!Hooray! I'm on one of my favourite podcasts!
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziHey! The wonderful @helenzaltzman is here to suggest better opening lines for your online dating life:… @OnMaggiesFarm Ohhhhhhhhh how'd it turn out? @santilegas You evacuate from your city together because a hurricane is coming.Did any of you go on an "evacuation date" for #HurricaneIrma? Send me a note:
@Elena_Allegra Before there was the Tinda Finger we had this:
I'm glad you stopped to tweet! @saucypony You're either following Bumble or The League. Trying to reach out to people interested in dating apps.
Dale Seever dates via fax machine, and recommends turtlenecks as first date attire. What a guy! PPL, have ya seen #TheFestChicago stellar lineup?! Don't miss this new podcast festival in Chicago Nov 1-12…
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @LAJenTweets Oh no! I just forgot about it for 3 months and eventually got in. @whiteside29 So true, Julia!Podcast idea: 100 First Dates at IkeaJust started the Why Oh Why? podcast hosted by @andreasilenzi because I get my kicks from secondhand embarrassment. 🤖
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziLook what you made me do 🤷🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi
And he's using his band's Twitter account to tell me that? Glad you like the show! week on #WhyOhWhy: can @andreasilenzi find ❤️ on a ⛵? Or just people who love boats? 🤔
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@interstalking @khrunde Lol, she's going to be featured on another team's podcast soon! When she does, I'll be sure to share it here.
@samsuperstar Not if the guy who said that to you lives upstairs..."The landlord doesn't allow dogs, but maybe if I told him how pretty your eyes are he'd change his mind."
I don't think any of you understand just how pure corgis are. He keeps trying to share that bone with his reflecti…
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @candrews It's 2017. Men and women can be friends! The friends vibe is mutual. That's why we're helping each other… @LAJenTweets You could be bi for a day...If I can track him down, I'm totally setting you guys up! news: I started listening to Why Oh Why with @andreasilenzi Bad News: I'm remembering the dating horrors that await back in Brooklyn
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @Bickfor2 @ampersteph @daveheal @nickhansenMN Depends on the ex! There are some people who I'd hide under piles of trash to avoid. @andreasilenzi @LindseyKrat @hillaryfrank Don't skip the Why Oh Why #podcast ads. @valeriecodes, @andreasilenzi & I…
Retweeted by Andrea Silenzi @tonytam This is the best compliment! @thachase @garfunkeloates Sing along: @thachase @garfunkeloates ME TOO. I think about it all the time. @boyreporter That sounds like a great weekend! I think the actual moral of the episode is doing things that bring y… today's episode, why boats > dating. I attend a sunset cruise hosted by The League with my friend Mike:… @boyreporter Yes, you do! @misc I guess sometimes? I honestly don't know. Depends on her?
I'm coming back to Chicago this November for #TheFest17! men lol (h/t @LindseyKrat) @alixmcalpine IT'S A LINE??! WHUT.White men lol
@TheHell_Podcast It's funny because they still have to give you 1 star.The good news is that if we ever stop being friends, you can still hurt me from afar with your passive aggressive iTunes reviews 🙃 @GFriday @RandyIsDaMan knows wolves!
#tbt to witnessing guy "friend" who'd been asking u out for a year devolve into the FauxFeminist nightmare…
Retweeted by Andrea SilenziWhy Oh Why has not been found to reduce dating woes! Possible side effects include loudly groaning whenever couples… @CantorCWunch Not necessarily! Only when there's a mutual match. @BKathleen_, will you let us know how it goes?Listener @ashleyhufford has a dating query. @nickhansenMN and @daveheal, are you avail for a Twitter consult?That would be @theleague for you approve this message! It's going to do way more for you than just, "I love 🍕 and 🍷" which is half the profiles I…
Gotta love his honesty? listeners! Would you?
@linhle1784 There are hinders everywhere! But glad you're out there!