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3 people followed me and 4 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by im king of new york test my gangster i’ll shoot you up feds: *arrest him for firearms and racketeering*
Retweeted by DresPusha T’s concert in Toronto was interrupted by a group of people throwing beer at him 👀
Retweeted by DresPardon ???????
Retweeted by DresTell dat lil nigga get his funds up like his daddy
Retweeted by Dres😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 RT @WitnessMurda: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yo this shit was epic
Retweeted by DresNot only did Aubrey’s Angel completely miss Pusha T, they got beat up too. Drake takes 10 more Ls.
Retweeted by DresLawrence DJ’s are unmatched there’s no argumentniggas need the LA dispensary prices, 4 grams of gas for $20 everywhere
Retweeted by Dres @Lj_Figueroa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by DresBefore city girls .. There was
Retweeted by DresMe and my cousins on thanksgiving after we go for a “walk” before we eat
Retweeted by Dres“I’m not really talking too much about Pateks and Lambos because it’s not relatable” - Offset about his upcoming so…
Retweeted by Dres Nazis From The 2 White Supremacist Gangs “Unforgiven” and “United Aryan Brotherhood” in Pasco County have just b…
Retweeted by Dresthe DEATH PENALTY for women who get abortions? I don’t EVER want to hear that y’all are “pro life” ever again
Retweeted by DresThat’s the extended family now
Retweeted by Dres
I don’t really find rico nasty attractive but something about her makes me feel some type of way lol
Retweeted by DresI’d also like to say @ArmaniAlxndr still plays sexual seduction by snoop dog which is another reason Armani is a legend
Retweeted by DresStatement from Wash Post Publisher Fred Ryan: “President Trump’s response to the brutal murder of journalist Jamal…
Retweeted by DresI’m just a brown boy with a bagTrump came down harder on Jim Acosta for asking questions than he did on Saudi Arabia for literally killing a journ…
Retweeted by DresTurkey is the least appetizing meal of ThanksgivingNiggas will talk shit about you then turn right around and act like best friends. Can’t wait to call these mf’s out😤 keep that energyHer: you better not be entertaining these hoes Me:
Retweeted by DresRather eat crumbs with bums before I split my steak with snake ass niggas🐍How can someone be so wrong
Retweeted by DresThat Dominican blood recreational marijuana sales will include a 10.75% excise tax in addition to the state's 6.25% sales…
Retweeted by DresMost people think optimism is a delusion. It’s not, it’s a strategy. @garyvee 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by DresReasons why I barely post my face on this app... marijuana sales start today with stores in Leicester & Northampton. The next locations that have rece…
Retweeted by DresIf you’re going Black Friday shopping, please be a decent human being and turn your phone sideways before recording fights.
Retweeted by DresY’all really doing the most! 🏈😳😂
Retweeted by Dresmy dog when I grab the leash
Retweeted by DresNow he need a knee and a hip replacement bc when he asked if they should bring the chairs she said no.
Retweeted by DresImagine this. Youre 22 yrs old, 19wks & 5 days pregnant with your first baby. You go to your appointment to reveal…
Retweeted by DresIf I don’t get a cake like this when I turn 25 ima be heated
Retweeted by DresShe called a 1st round nba draft pick a “broke nigga”.... women be saying anything when they upset
Retweeted by DresWhole lotta talkin.. not enough weight movin lol
Retweeted by DresMy favorite female rapper
Retweeted by DresThis man deserves a Grammy for this
Retweeted by DresWhen your favorite cousin finally shows up on thanksgiving
Retweeted by DresSon the whole barbershop is trying to fix lil homie haircut 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Dres @hondrosx07 Dude literally!!! It’s like where tf is it going lmaoFeds have now revealed Tekashi 69 is in custody on Racketeering and Weapons charges. Shotty and Crippy also in cust…
Retweeted by DresS/o to big bro trae but I’m Not trae, I’m Kevin Porter Jr. 🍀
Retweeted by DresALERT: The North End Trellis is officially lit for the holiday season with 50,000 blue lights! 💙
Retweeted by Dres978 we cut different 🤟🏽🤟🏽💯
Retweeted by DresHey @LauraMRutledge really sorry I knocked you down, but... I can pick you up at 7 😎
Retweeted by DresThe Celtics have been so disappointing. I’m not worried yet but this has sucked
Retweeted by DresLawrence We Stick Together ! @Lj_Figueroa
Retweeted by DresLook at how whites get the chance to get rebranded. This bitch killed her daughter. But e news talking about her…
Retweeted by DresThat ain’t no black out. That’s a heroin nod off. Y’all favorite rappers are junkies
Retweeted by Dres @lauracarlsonn RIGHT
Bringing this gem back to the TL
Retweeted by Dresthank you for your cervix
Retweeted by DresThe moment the cops swoop in and arrest her is so gratifying 😂
Retweeted by DresI was not prepared for the burrito
Retweeted by DresYall are a bunch of disgusting animals*Mo Bamba comes on* My brain: Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it…
Retweeted by DresBut does it melt steel... seems worse than taking a knee.
Retweeted by Dres“I never lived in the hood” twitter strikes again
Retweeted by Dres @goodyola Okay Mr. president of Lamar Jackson fan club ✌🏾
Retweeted by DresThat quality mother son time is priceless man. Corny af but I live for these moments with my mom, you only got 1 need someone to follow me around and punch me straight in the face any time I try to buy anything. This is the on… find it interesting watching people try to defend this guy.... Dude is the mf president dios mio que vergüen… MY GOD 😂😂
Retweeted by DresThis shit look like a pokèmon
Retweeted by DresSpent twice my budget last month LOL FUCKYou people are disgusting animals literally posted a picture with a rocket launcher....
Retweeted by DresSomehow managed to walk away with a warning after almost passing a statey at 120 lolLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE LOCH NECK MONSTER
Retweeted by DresMan, his uncle died,he came home to most of house was flooded, he’s suffered multiple mini stroke, & he can hardly…
Retweeted by Dres*makes a wide open layup with absolutely no contact* my brain: Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’…
Retweeted by Dresthe romance I deserve.
Retweeted by DresA regular tarantula is scary. A crip tarantula is absolutely terrifying.
Retweeted by DresLmfaooo“#WARNING ⚠️ ! Viewers discretion is advised ! This is why I’m so emotional and fighting for my friends in the jung…
Retweeted by Dreslife is happier in Colombia
Retweeted by Dres
This just goes to show that no matter how much that shit hurted, you should always get up and try again
Retweeted by DresJulio Jones laying the BOOM 😤 📺: FOX #DALvsATL
Retweeted by DresLinda, a stray dog in Turkey, comes to the same car wash a couple times a week to use the automatic petting machine…
Retweeted by DresBig n Beefy
Retweeted by DresTo be clear: dozens are confirmed dead, 1000 people are missing and may be dead, and this asshole is standing on th…
Retweeted by DresWhen she comes home early from the party cause you shot it up
Retweeted by DresLMAO Brown missed 8 open 3s tonight because he was born in late October and as we all know Libras are unreliable during retrograde periods
Retweeted by DresNOTHING will ever be funnier than when they jumped this old man because he was falsely accused.
Retweeted by Dres @SeuzMacho In Lawrence @RealVictorPerez Love you g appreciate you. Bag secured now stackBro them some real camouflage shorts fr 😟
Retweeted by DresThose eyes at the end you get paid bi-weekly Week 1 vs Week 2
Retweeted by DresLmaoooo I felt this is the greatest app on the planet LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by DresCustomer: talks shit in Spanish Me: talks in Spanish Customer:
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