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A Black man driving in Milwaukee County is pulled over by cops who immediately draw their guns on him. When the dri…
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Retweeted by DresNicki called me reporting her album selling 190k fake news only to find out she sold lower. I’m logging off. Goodnight.
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So I was playing Fornite and I started coughing so this kid started giggling, and asked if I had Ligma. Without thi…
Retweeted by DresWhat if dogs destroyed shoes because that’s what we put on before we leave
Retweeted by Dres💯 Barter 6 reigns king really asked if Kobe could handle The Big 3 😂 (via @thebig3)
Retweeted by DresBoy in the pub was telling me his job is a penguin erector so every time a plane flys over Edinburgh zoo the pengui…
Retweeted by DresJaylen Brown was on Bloomberg TV to discuss his interests off the court including investing in tech and making conn…
Retweeted by DresHe was ready to risk it all until he saw that camera 😭😂
Retweeted by DresMilk is white, and so am I ! Haha ! Names Chester by the way, Ches for short !
Retweeted by DresLmfaoooo fuckin facts
Retweeted by DresLmfaooo Xbox 360 days is literally what every single dorm looks like
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Retweeted by DresThis generation would not last a second in Xbox 360 game chat 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by DresI’m speechless 😶! To watch this Georgia state senator justify the president’s use of the N-word has my mind spinnin…
Retweeted by DresLocal dipshit discovers public schools. More at 11.
Retweeted by Dresnobody scratches their stomach more than a nigga with a designer belt
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Porn that has music playing throughout it makes me want to throw hands with whoever's stupid ass idea it was to eve…
Retweeted by DresHe led a 14 y/o to dead end in the woods, forced her to her knees, tied her up with a belt, and forced her to perfo…
Retweeted by DresAll of these guys got pure disgust on their face especially the last one lmaoo
Retweeted by DresShe really didn’t have to flex on us this hard
Retweeted by DresFUCK Drake Floating Car Daddy Yankee Did It Better In 05🤧
Retweeted by DresSo you’re telling me Fox News can keep these women straight but manages to confuse Patti LaBelle with Aretha Frankl…
Retweeted by DresI’m pretty sure that nigga in the middle from the Power Puff Girls
Retweeted by DresAn ex-college pitcher coached a team for 12-year olds. He got tired of parents yelling at the kids for making outs,…
Retweeted by DresRomeo: “Hoy es noche de sexo🎶” 10yr old me: “VOY A DEVORARTE, NENA LINDA“
Retweeted by Dres @Lexxdawizz Hit me with a linkWent back to college after an 8year hiatus. The guy I tutored before I left, was my professor when I returned. We…
Retweeted by DresBreaking: Kodak Black has been released from jail.
Retweeted by DresSo y’all use his mugshot for defending his daughter but y’all use a family portrait for the white man who admitted…
Retweeted by DresThis will forever be funny. Omg !😂😂
Retweeted by DresMy dumb ass sat here and said crippopotamus.
Retweeted by DresThe early 2000’s is unmatched Uzi Vert the baddest bitch ever
Retweeted by DresYour dad cheated on all three of his wives
Retweeted by Dresme checking the morning paper
Retweeted by DresSo... commercials. The things I pay to not see.
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No mames 🤣
Retweeted by DresThis was such a simpler time 😪
Retweeted by Dres @Breaking911 @PinalCSO is this your officer??? Why isn’t he being charged as a sex offender???? Why aren’t you inve…
Retweeted by DresPeople are fucking sick @DomAlaimo Don’t be a bitchI had a dream one of those 30 foot anacondas were in my houseI’m fast AF
Retweeted by DresLmaooooooo @jonhen93 No such thingDown 2 Last play of the game Never. Say. Die. #SCtop10
Retweeted by DresIf it’s not Slime Language she can keep it
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😭 I liveeeee for her ok
Retweeted by DresBro this the funniest episode 💀💀💀 Kevin Hart was on they ass
Retweeted by DresThis bitch sounds stupid...
Retweeted by DresThat’s a lot of clean drinking water for Flint. Just sayin
Retweeted by DresDeadass only communist countries host these shits. The fuck is the point of this today we have this happen and last week some dude locked in a trailer on a highway and both resulted with police… said Vic Mensa look like Xerxes in 300 and I want you to know I hate the internet
Retweeted by DresThese the lyrics to Chacarron...
Retweeted by Dres4 people followed me and 25 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by look like he got the $5 tattoo deal at Salisbury 😭 your shit together requires a level of honesty you can’t even imagine. There’s nothing easy about realizing…
Retweeted by DresIf you drop a dollar around this nigga you’re fucked...
Retweeted by DresHere’s the list of Monsanto brands to avoid:
Retweeted by DresThis ain’t Xbox live, Johnny...
Retweeted by Dresy’all need to see wtf just went down on IG live
Retweeted by DresBitch built like a dislocated shoulder
Retweeted by DresThe yodeling cowboy kid from walmart dumb gassed off the fame already lol he’s def trying coke by the end of 2019
Retweeted by DresThe judicial system here is Fucking garbage @ndrew_lawrence BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK
Retweeted by DresThis is not a “feel good” story (though kudos to his colleagues!). It’s a story about the ways in which America suc…
Retweeted by DresShe told her husband she pregnant with their 4th child 😂😂😂
Retweeted by DresThis is the funniest reaction I’ve seen in a while lmaooo telling someone battling CANCER that they’re “out of sick days” and need to come back to work.... bitch wha…
Retweeted by Dres @taraaconklin @mariastrangie Congratulations!That NY “FUCK IS YOU TALKING ABOUT” clear as day
Retweeted by DresThis action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. It should gra…
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