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André Staltz @andrestaltz Helsinki, Finland

Open source hacker building a zuckerbergless social network with Creator of @cyclejs and #RxJS teacher.

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@neauoire @bernharduw Could try Node Red too @serapath @neauoire @cyclejs Epson BT-300If all #scuttlebutt sync servers die at the same time, no data will be lost. Just put up a new server and people ca… @neauoire @juliangruber @seenaburns Indeed, I was inspired by this same thing a few years ago @whimful @dominictarr I think I'll start calling it Shifnal @neauoire @xananax I was also unable to make a simple program, and I'm involved with FBP, so I don't think the prob… @sartaj Callbags is the future of Cycle.js internals :) @ncjamieson Oh, that's easy to build! @neauoire @cyclejs I should probably stop here because there's no end to this list Lack of time is such a sad thin… @serapath @neauoire @cyclejs I write as much as I can on workflowy, all of my brain is on it, probably @neauoire @cyclejs Buy one of these AR glasses, install a terminal on it, get the best keyboard for walking conditi… @neauoire @cyclejs A charting library at the quality level of Highcharts, but better default design, and packaged a… @neauoire @cyclejs Design a board game. Write a book. @neauoire Also a FBP editor, that's the ultimate goal we're talking in @cyclejs team @neauoire Open source or sell my custom software for personal finances and budgets @neauoire Deeply cyberpunk looking terminal apps that display realtime data around the globe, I don't know, somethi… @neauoire Tools to migrate Twitter to Fritter, overall a bunch of nerdy Twitter tools to manage and backup the whole shit @neauoire Don't even get me started... A pixel-art mystery point-and-click adventure game set in Antarctica involv… @neauoire Perhaps for inspiration: @benedyktdryl @dat_project Build it, please :) @benedyktdryl It makes a lot of sense! This tool almost does the same, except for blockchain:…
@johnlindquist See? People are definitely waiting for thatWhat's the greatest thing you have created in your mind which you have not yet created in practice? People are waiting for it. @neauoire @whimful @msutherl @louiscenter @cloudhead @jondashkyle @dougvk @AFDudley0 @pbanhardt @billyrennekamp @erikras @timdorr @github cc @gmaclennan @eugeniyoz @martinkonicek @silvenon If you would know me in person and my real motivations for tweeting, you wouldn… @eugeniyoz @martinkonicek @silvenon You don't actually need Medical School to use a scalpel to cut a person in a surgery
@jlongster @dhh @mjackson I think breaking apart the definitions of some words would help. "Code" could mean "synta… @dhh @jlongster @mjackson Case in point: I consciously chose more verbose code in this Haskell hobby project becaus… @dhh @jlongster @mjackson Only if everyone involved agrees that slimmer is more beauty. The real problem with code… @jlongster @mjackson @dhh Have to agree heavily with this one. Also good code is deletable code. If it's too beauti… @SaranAhluwalia From the perspective of business, Facebook is a platform for (even if mild) manipulation. Do you disagree with that? @SaranAhluwalia It *is* an essential lifeline for commerce etc, that is why advertising works so well through it. I… @kpuputti Hitler conquered Germany through propaganda. Zuck conquered the world through mass psychology (ads). The…
@SaranAhluwalia Hitler got his power from propaganda. Crowd psychology, like propaganda, is the core expertise of a… @itsdamslife You missed one important detail. Facebook *products*: Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and yes also Facebook @0x00A I'm taking into account that FB probably does this filtering when reporting user count to its investors, plu… @SaranAhluwalia Would the world in 1940s consider it okay that one person had 100% global power over others?In number of users, Facebook products are now as big as the entire world during the 1940s, during WW2. @drmzio @mweststrate @Medium @kidchenko @martinkonicek nascido no Brasil, porém cidadão do mundo :) @forge_tools Nice! I thought it would be a tweet in vain :) @martinkonicek No I didn't get that question myself, but I heard stories :) @elizabethcb I was defending CS not CS degrees :) @grabbou @martinkonicek Nice way of turning a problem into an opportunity! :) @martinkonicek Depends on the interview question, of course. I wouldnt know how to balance a red black tree before… @martinkonicek True, also my education was free both in Brazil and in FinlandI just published “RxJS: Understanding Expand”
Retweeted by André Staltz @whimful Graph, Dynamic programming, Depth-first search, breadth-first search, trees, balancing trees, compilers, maybe more :) @trappology Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen Hard core but good!
@tiagoantao I was talking about CS, not CS degrees :)I got this answer by email. The solution is to make an email filter, no unsubscribe. 😱 @ws_ubi I talked about CS, not about CS education. @viktorklang Yes, but you're probably much overqualified for the target audience of these tweets :) @cdixon Would be nice to mention Dat, Beaker, IPFS, and Scuttlebutt. Decentralization is more than just blockchainsPretty much anywhere you look in programming, you'll find reusable patterns for information processing. Those patterns are Computer Science.What if you would create a DSL (a language) that allows you to pick data from a database using Map and Filter etc?… used an if inside a for loop? const B = [] for (let x of A) if (x < 100) B.push(x) That's a "fil… more juicy examples: Ever built an array B based on another array A? const B = [] for (let x of A) B.push… of this is big picture knowledge that will be useful forever, no matter what's the hot framework or library of… maybe once you tried to parse some HTML with regex. With some knowledge of formal languages, syntactical analys… instance, even if there are no explicit graph data structures in this #RxJS topic on schedulers, often people g… graph search methods are usually simpler, and are one of these two: - Depth-first (prioritize going deep) - Bre… tree is a simpler type of graph, so that's why processing package-lock.json is faster than processing the dep… you will need to do advanced search on these data structures. npm install does an advanced graph search,…, that's actually the Virtual DOM! A tree-structured JS object representing the desired tree-structured DOM though there are many data structures, certain read/update patterns are common because many of these can be cl…'s not enough to just organize data, we also need to read and update data inside these structures: - Array has pu… data structures are "trees". 🌳 You can find them everywhere: - Simple directories in the file system - JSON i… structures are ways of organizing data, e.g. in JavaScript: - Array - Object - Set - MapCS is important because of general concepts and patterns that you will find everywhere when programming. It's vit… Science and why it's necessary even for web developers I know that in some countries a degree in CS is ex… @AntaoAlmada @ReactiveConf cc @widdnz @whimful And... that tweet is going to be misinterpreted in ways I didn't predict :) @whimful Yes!Words are composable abstractions for thoughts. You can make larger thoughts by plugging together small thoughts.… @avinashsmiles Hi! The loop is to avoid recursive calls, because in the sync case that could lead to a function sta…
@williamxdavis That's a very interesting problem, I haven't heard of that issue yet. I'll check with the ssb community @faceyspacey Cool! I hope people don't associating too much "decentralized" with blockchain though :)