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André Staltz @andrestaltz Helsinki, Finland

Open source hacker building a social network off-the-grid with Creator of @cyclejs and #RxJS expert.

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@michlbrmly Mmm, they were in contact with me already :)I'm looking for a very large conference about tech, but not development, where to speak in May/June 2018 about the… week, ProPublica bought dozens of rental housing ads on Facebook, but asked that *they not be shown to* certai…
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I know this probably won't be an exciting tweet to you, but I just got rocksdb lite (leveldown) compiled and all te… @grabbou It overall works like it should. 👍 But linking npm scoped packages e.g. @grabbou/mystuff is weird because… patent application from @orkut. Sure i've already seen variations of this technology already.…
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@jusrin00 well ACTUALLY beginning of june @jusrin00 actually... may @jusrin00 actually april @noffle Yep! Need to do it out of curiosity not peer pressure or whatnot4. Forking and contributing to other open source projects becomes less scary, becomes normal3. We foster a culture of open source, so that a closed source library is frowned upon2. You discover new patterns, new coding styles, new languages, making you more flexible as a team player1. You learn how any system works, which helps debugging and productivityBest programming habit to develop: read the source (of anything).What if there would be a programming language with interchangeable syntax? ⬇
A good reason to go to conferences for me: realizing how nice most people are! For some reason I default to read i…
Retweeted by André Staltz @owickstrom This is much needed! Docs are the num 1 problem for open source. I think it's possible to make some inc… @jusrin00 Woah where the fun are you?
(Very) early preview of new RxJS docs. The team behind this is doing awesome work! @ladyleet #RxJS
Retweeted by André Staltz @Benjimaaz January :) @whimful @Connoropolous Also centralized apps can't guarantee anything if you don't have good internet connection.… @FCHayling Google is easy to replace. Just But social networks, either you drag your frien… @FCHayling By the way FB is a company, not a product. They own Instagram. They own WhatsApp, which is heavily used…
@Benjimaaz Hey Benjamin!! If you're ready to live without those things, yes I recommend. You can still live a norma… @theefer Two things make the FB case different than before (MySpace, ICQ, etc): - itself is… @Connoropolous SSB has a different use case: it's offline-first (or "off grid"). Instant global notifications assum… @mweststrate human-time @Connoropolous Centralization basically provides data consistency when there are concurrent updates. If you don't n… @Connoropolous A couple of popular decentralized examples may help to demonstrate what is possible: Skype in the ea… @Connoropolous Hi Connor. Yes and yes. All the large scalable internet services (IMs, Video chat, Streaming service… @jamesshelley Might not merge, like Visa and Mastercard @TheKyleMurray As FB gets more and more videos tied to communities, a lot of video content will only be on FB and g… still compete for one basic resource though: your attention. Because that's how advertising works. One of GO… is currently better positioned than GOOG for world domination. FB has the ultimate lock-in factor that GOOG is… @ken_wheeler @romanschejbal Two months later, double backflip off flat ground @grabbou Sure thing, some features are just not necessary anymore. But Comment Mirroring is a bridge between the web and FB's closed space.
@ThatKevin @disa_im They are giving signs that it's about to endSounds far fetched? - Mobile industry changed radically from 2007 (iPhone) to 2016. That was 9 years - Zuckerberg's… in 4 years, the mobile facebook website will be deprecated. In 9 years, the desktop facebook site will also be deprecated.It's not one dramatic event that will kill the web, it's these many small events that gradually move away from the… more step towards the death of the Web, thanks to Facebook. "Facebook is paring down the connection between it… @kpuputti @anttiviljami Just imagine all the different ways you can fetch json and render it in list views! Exciting! @anttiviljami I hope you get to the "everything is a stream" zen eventually tooWe're very excited to announce a new $200K grant today from @knightfdn to further support Dat in our mission to bui…
Retweeted by André Staltz @geirmanc Good point. I left Netflix out as well as entertainment and adult entertainment because these are the "no… @jusrin00 Well you should visit the design factory. Slush came out of it. @yoshuawuyts @mafintosh Been thinking of making that my next laptop too @jusrin00 Hmm, I'm pretty sure this is unrelated to the freedom of impromptu visits to the university. Have you been to the design factory? @jusrin00 Reminds me a lot of some spaces at Aalto University in Otaniemi. You're free to visit there, doors are open. @geirmanc Thanks Chris @geovanisouza92 @nglauber Notice that Kotlin Native means it compiles to *binary*, not to the JVM. So "native devel… is such a fun language and it's getting advanced features like native compilation and WebAssembly! @ken_wheeler We could just build a new kind of browser and one of the webapps could be this "browse the old web" th… @creationix I used lightsail and digitalocean, both were decent and fun to use, but I ended up staying with DO.Great stackoverflow answer from @domenic on streams versus events versus async iterators. There's a reason why we h…
Retweeted by André Staltz @MarkoPolojarvi Lol'd at "bit coin". Haven't heard that yet. I guess I'm only following experts. :D
@tagmg It's not at all like that because with SSB you don't have global interconnections. @tagmg Two people with SSB software on their computer are like two people with walkie-talkies in their hands. @tagmg It's a very suitable analogy because the SSB software is like a walkie-talkie device, you possess the code o… @tagmg Can governments eavesdrop on every single walkie-talkie being used? @bahmutov @johnlindquist Hulk @tagmg Can real walkie-talkies prevent those? @ethereumweekly @getongab So if someone says "we will not allow those people" it means "I won't leave my pub server… @ethereumweekly @getongab And the role of pub servers: they are just "buffers" and sync centers. Take down a pub se… @getongab Yes no one can prevent you from using software. What ahdinosaur meant, and clarification would have helpe… @getongab I'd like to see proof, but you cannot expect us to prevent anyone from saying "nazi frog gab" because... free speech. :) @getongab There are multiple pub servers, many that I am not even vaguely associated with. Attacking the scuttlebut… @getongab Which members and which subcommunities? This question actually makes a big difference, because I and Domi… @getongab Okay. Why do you use the plural "members" and one person's opinion to make a conclusion about technical (… Saturday I'll be at in Bratislava, in a discussion panel "The World According to Googl… of the best people I know (and work with) just got a new grant! Way to go @DigiDem
Retweeted by André Staltz @geovanisouza92 @ahdinosaur That's an option. Currently the post text is transmitted for each post, but we could ma… @clementd @atomrc @clementd I think their design choice was motivated by flexibility, when changing render engines you can keep JSX u… @geovanisouza92 @ahdinosaur However, SSB must download from the beginning (first commit) because of the way that me… @geovanisouza92 @ahdinosaur Yes initial sync is a problem we are trying to solve. There are ways of solving it. One… lift() and pipe() explained very well in this GitHub comment by @trxcllnt @whimful The device and its software are proprietary, unfortunately. :/ Hopefully @gotenna could change that? :)