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Celebration time with @dfwildman @donwildman at @spoonandstable ... believe it or not his FIRST cotton candy... ha……! @PerennialPlate joins resistance, telling immigrant/refugee stories. I'm making a donation, so should you @elizabeth_a_CMT Love all clad, Le creuset, staub, lodge et al... My Mauviel set gets a ton of use too @PerennialPlate joins resistance, telling immigrant/refugee stories. BRAVO. I'm making a donation, so should you delicious, fool proof recipe: article was joking with Barreiro... he's my friend. And no I don't owe United an apology. Their rule is antiquated travel tips from ‘Bizarre Foods’ host Andrew Zimmern
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI know, right??? 🤐🤐🤐🤐's a different show called Delicious Destinations. @gramercytavern @chefmikeanthony ... stunner
This one-pot Peruvian-style chicken is a crowd-pleaser... real deal in Eldon, Missouri... even the Frito Pie is superb. Great soft serve and hot… needs to be gone from Intel Cmte. dems need to make that very clear. Love Schiff et al but they need to push love @culvers but I'm not sure this flavor is going to be a big hit. I mean, huge points…
Slap these wherever you please... United. It's indefensible Flynn met with Turkey at Trump’s hotel. Guess who else attended? Devin Nunes.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @questlove Bazaar Joes stone crab La Camarinera Garcia's izzys fish and oyster Rivera Estiatoria Milos Need more? @jonlovett made the point everyone thinks when we listen to the DJT surrogates are indeed @CNNSotu @DanaBashCNN @SenatorLankford @SenatorTimScott Dinner always helpsShort rib with coarse duxelles, natural jus at @bellecourmn @gavinkaysen was lucky enough a few weeks ago to be the first to break in the new kitchen table at @b of my favorite #recipes from the Indian repertoire
Truth. I've stood center stage, strummed a guitar and after the last tone disappeared even the silence was special vey played Nadine, well played of the only places you can buy this awesome product: @davidbeebe urchin (and plenty of it) on beef marrow crisped brioche with house cured ikura from @… to get your kids to eat broccoli: Healey shares #Babson @Diana_Group research - one reason why women don't achieve VC funding? Men don't know them. #BabsonConnect
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@MikeNouveau On my way. Order me 2 bowls my friend ...😎You're killing me Mike is amazing ... couldn't be prouder of the whole @spoonandstable team and especially @gavinkaysen #onlyinmnThis is a good thing to get behind. Bravo @Bakari_Sellers Happy for you and all my friends in and from SC. The Gamecocks are looking good..Here's a reminder of how far Trump has flip-flopped on health care via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHamachi @_o_ya_ we are still the only major country to not guarantee health care to all its people. We've got work to do.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @dmiliband @theirc This... @spoonandstable just named top 6 in NorthAm on 50 Best website for restaurants changing the landscape in dining : @HuffPostTravel @nicholaskontis Sadly, terror attacks will come, but odds of being a casualty is quite unlikely especially one who isn't a president for ALL the people and is clueless about global role snacks, a book + clean undies in your carryon + 5 other travel tips from 'Bizarre Foods' host @AndrewZimmern
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern5 weeks until we have #zimmernforlunch. Reserve your table now! @andrewzimmern
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernRegular reminder that Donald Trump’s core competency is not dealmaking with powerful counter-parties. It is duping gullible victims.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernAuthentic Neapolitan pizza at @PunchPizza… one of 52 must-have eats for @MNSuperBowl2018: @1tonymac1 She did, and that was ridiculous. But we had hearings and worked it over for 14 months. Trumpcare is not thought out at all @macartney_mark sure"Blue Green" one of my fave books by @elliotackerman Now this great piece "going back to fallujah" is no doubt. He did. Once that film was included, Wham.... can't pass a bill that we know so little about, absent any hearings, and what we do know about it is abhorrent down Nunes’s investigation — and investigate him for leaking - @washingtonpost editorial board
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSurreal NYC moment last night outside of hotel where @LeoDiCaprio wanted to discuss his theories (cont) dinner from @mikesolomonov and @c_mdi last night at M-Ssam Bar... table of 8 includ… love the convenience, simplicity and versatility of a one pot meal
Colin Kaepernick has donated: -60 Tons of food to Somalia -$1Million to #BLM -$50K to Meals on Wheels -$50K to #StandingRock Salute.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernLoving Sooonfuls for the win! it when your largest competitor does our @tock marketing for us. PSA's do not fix problems. Innovation does.…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMadai, briefly seared. More @_o_ya_ brilliance to go @susan_edgerley fled to Ukraine last year to escape political prosecution. Thursday morning, he was gunned down on a sidewalk.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernComing soon from @distilled_tv .. @andrewzimmern absolutely! Addiction shouldn't be criminalized. Addiction should be seen as untreated mental illness & be treated as so
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMe Neither column today on Trump & the Russia ties: ‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern.@RepAdamSchiff put it best: Is @DevinNunes going to chair an ‘independent investigation’ or ‘act as a surrogate’ to the White House?
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMust read is why you are the BEST. Grahammania running wild! lives here @sni easiest and most delicious dipping sauce. Get the recipe: need to slow my hand down and focus some days. Literally. Taking food shots is easier th…
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Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSalmon @_o_ya_ ... crazy good herbal accents see tv keeps getting crazier