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These unique ingredients give ribs a flavor that’s hard to resist » unique ingredient gives this classic salsa a hint of sweetness » for the mention @TheAVClub !
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHe really said it!!!!!
#Rio2016, the city/people pulled off a comparatively safe, successful games. The only thing that got killed by water was Lochtes career.I want to see our country have one of the highest voter turnouts in the world, not one of the lowest.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernLight, refreshing & perfect for summer: crippling. A simple headline turns a horror into something much worse @eater with well done piece on food intersecting with cultural and physical displacement. Great important must-read puts his @innovadiscs G*Mamba right down the 18th at North Valley in IGH Rolls with Bacon, Mango & Avocado » #recipe from @PatiJinich rips an old @innovadiscs Wraith over the big pond at North Valley's 11th. Gorgeous ri…
Ole Senor Bringle on my website, Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell album. Just listened to the whole thing. Hadn't in 20 years. One of the best albums ever made, still.My favorite ribs is mutual the turkeys are waiting for the rink to be sprayed and the ice to get made. Let's Play… with pistachios & smoked cashew salsa from @alexstupak: only way to eat piping hot @santarpios pizza is to fold over two pieces ... Works ever…'s a doozy. @gwenjorgensen CONGRATS ... #onlyinmn #Rio2016 Triathlon gold!!!!Dana, settle down, don't hurt yourself! Visionary company and visionary leadership loves you and we are rooting for you and learn, read and learn...'s growth and prosperity blocked by an intransigent MN House GOP - over $135M #MNleg #transit #RuralMN
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#NYT: In Maze of Trump’s Empire, Unknown Ties and $650 Million in Debt #p2 #topprog
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernDon't think you have to!'s diving 10m prelim, announcer says "Steele Johnson is delighted to hang with the big boys.." Thought it worked the other way. G'nightAnd huge love to @helenclarkUNDP of this stuff is pretty cool
@UNDP made a photoblog all about women farmers in Syria. Plz retweet, importance of food heritage in wartime. most treasured kitchen tool? See my friend @erinbmurray’s new cookbook #essentialutensils go-to recipe for fresh-caught trout (it's wrapped in Prosciutto): to @andrewzimmern's #DrivenByFood shoot in #Bangkok. See the whole show Tuesday 8/23 at 9/8c on @travelchannel
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSouthern Fried Chicken tastes best with this winning combination: #recipe
4 in desk, 2 in briefcase ready2go. And yes, cabbies know best. @in2itivecontent #drivenbyfood superb new show love both and each worth many return visits old Ritz in Madrid is beyond wonderful. Amazing food and public rooms. Sunday brunch of your dreams Haven't seen that in a while Homemade Baked Beans: #recipe @soylent is an amazing concept, a great product and for a hundred reasons will help our planet of the week birthday to my pal @poolesdiner .... Enjoy it my friend.... Xxxxx AZThe future is now. Uber debuts its first fleet of driverless cars in Pittsburgh via @BW and Soylent selling more too#TBT to when #food was respected. @drsanjaygupta @andrewzimmern @DrDavidKatz @BillWeirCNN
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCheck this out. Bravo Linda @citypages great sarcasm here, but it's time to call bullshit on hate-thinkers & idiots spreading lies was sent to me via Twitter by a fan who knows my weakness for this stuff. Food woody … week is Medellin!!! This show keeps getting better every week. Tuesday's on @travelchannel funny and so true... Darn cats
.@Evan_McMullin tells @jaketapper Trump wouldn't get even a low-level security clearance because he's co-opted by Russia.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI do it on my Palm Pilot of the eight Republican candidates for Senate are polling worse today than they were before the conventions:
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernVery kind of you. Normal guy, unusual job. & refreshing » Lavender-Lemonade Kombucha: #recipe you miss the premiere of #DrivenByFood last night? Don't kick yourself! Catch it again tonight at 12am/11c
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhen a pancake isn’t always just a pancake: #recipe #copilot proofoflyfe thank you for supporting my jump from 18,000 feet for…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSaludos to all who made #drivenbyfood such a huge success @in2itivecontent @travelchannel Next week Medellin Colombia! #everyweekgetsbetterAfter hanging with me? Of course he did. em, you'll love them!
THX so much for tuning in to the premiere of our 1st TV series, @andrewzimmern's #DrivenByFood. Hope you enjoyed it!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMy top restaurant recommendations for #Rio:, I never wanted to leave. Thanks to all for sharing the journey! #DrivenByFood #RioEstrela do Sul, oldest (and one of the best) Churrascarias ever. A 50's vibe that's unbeatable, spectacular food #DrivenByFood #RioThis is the debut of a brand new series... what do ya think so far? #DrivenByFood #RioRep for Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas with this hat feat the club’s signature Lone Star: rowers burn a ton of energy, then recharge with Feijoada: sausage, pork, beans, rice... extremely tasty training table #DrivenByFood.@in2itivecontent had their work cut out for them, figuring out how to get my fat ass into that little scull #DrivenByFood #RioTraining with the #Olympic hopefuls .... Humbling to say the least! #DrivenByFood #RioI may not be fit for the #Olympics, but at least I looked good while trying: @LeaCSilva we will find out the Travel Channel schedule in Brazil and let you know when it airs!Miniature cups of insane bean soup with smoked sausage and chicharrones on the side – perfect for a night out on the town #DrivenByFoodTia Lia's secret restaurant, in her house, serves some of the best food (and views) in #Rio #DrivenByFood Your go to activity in #Rio would be... @mswizzzard yes I am, and yes it wasA favorite recipe from #Brazil » fresh tuna ceviche: @in2ivitecontent camera team had a hard time filming on the beach... a LOT of distractions #DrivenByFood #RioEasily the best version of octopus & rice I've ever tasted. Never had anything come close ... Perfection & only 4 ingredients #DrivenByFoodAged cow's milk cheese... Insane flavor and texture and something you never see outside of Brazil #DrivenByFood #Rio#Rio! I love this town. We came to see your beauty and have some fun... let's go #DrivenByFood#DrivenByFood starts NOW on @travelchannel!T-minus 25 minutes until the series premiere of #DrivenByFood... 9/8c on @travelchannel: premieres tonight 9/8c on @travelchannel, starting with a journey through #R perfect tangy topping for hot dogs or pulled pork sandwiches: #recipe to our guest Navigator @AndrewZimmern on tonight's Driven by Food debut!
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#onlyinmn Thanks for the support! offers up the ideal way to get into the Olympic spirit. Explore Rio with me! Tonite on @travelchannel, you're too kind. Keep eating, traveling and don't die and your experience tally will be immense! you my friend... Xxxx @andrewzimmern #Drivenbyfood estreia terça-feira 9/8 c no Travel Channel!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernCELEBRATE TUESDAY! Step 1: Treat yourself with lots of donuts, ice cream, and or cake. Ste…
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#DrivenByFood premieres TONIGHT 9/8c on @travelchannel with a journey through #Rio:'ve missed you breaking down sports news. Simply the best friends at @heavytable talk to past guest @andrewzimmern and he says the f-bomb a lot.
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A walkthrough of my pickling process: new show Andrew Zimmern's Driven By Food premieres tomorrow 9/8c on @travelchannel with… Do Trump voters realize the previous "customer" of his campaign manager ran his country into huge econ crisis, sold to Russia and fled?
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