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Buffalo fish ... the best tasting fish that no one eats off your travels and transform your worn out suitcase
How to get your kids to eat broccoli: a blast meeting the founders of @gojourny last week. Their app is the key to planning … @RealTequilaKhan here ya go: @AustinSpitzer thanks - the fixed link is here: @rossk thanks - find it here: the link - find it here: recommendation for planning the perfect trip - let @gojourny do it for you. Enter code “CHEFAZ” for 2 days free:'s... it doesn't get any better one-pot Peruvian-style chicken is a crowd-pleaser... you‘re a fan of my show, this mug is for you:
That's a different show. It's called delicious Destinations and it's not BF the Great State of Hockey! Vote for @jsoso4 for Mn Hockey Hub's Player of the Week #GoPark Porterhouse perfection at Doe's In 'Lemony Snicket' On Netflix With A Series Of Unfortunate Recipes
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFebruary off your appreciation for all things edible... guest book at Doe's Eat Place. If it's good enough for JC it's good enough for me. of my favorite #recipes from the Indian repertoire crab spring rolls with Thai chile sauce: #recipe floating duck boat kitchen river-blind nap couch of all time on this right away people. @delicaciesjewel Burdine. Legend. the scenes. Solitary hunting really allows for communing with nature's spiritual si… way to eat it and catch every component of the meats flavor. We found pecans in the wood ducks gullet! have questions for @RepTomPrice that I'd like him to answer before his hearing as nom for Secretary of @HHSGov.…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWild wood duck and green head mallard breasts medium rare and rare. Butter tender and beef…
Bacon wrapped jalapeño duck "poppers" cooked in the blind, Bucket, Bizarre all hosted in field. BFDD is unhosted, I do green screen wraps. Your choice what 2 watch. decoys... @timhaber going full on! Amazing services you guess where I am? new favorite travel app @gojourny… insider trip planning personalized for YOU. Get 2 days free with code CHEFAZ outdoor dining is all the rage! Our Saint Paul Chef's Experience is sold out. Find more ways to join the fun…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHunting with THE legendary Hank Burdine. Humbled beyond words, I'm in Mississippi for the day so it's been Waffle House breakfast, wild duck lunch and Doe's for dinner. of them you're gonna duck hunt, use the right tools. Custom slue cruiser of my dreams today! get to work every month with these guys. I give them and the others endless buckets of s…'t think of a year in my life where his legacy has been more top of mind. Let's all send love/peace fearlessly out into the world.
Goodnight from the mighty Mississippi... #riverside #barge thing I've seen in a long time. 450 foot ace from elevation into a hoop with a disc frogs legs, beans and sausage over jalapeño-bacon cornbread, slaw. I had seconds course! heard you @ImaPaleEgg That's actually how it was served. How'd you know? @M3_bully @Mariobatali @tomcolicchio I make Mario's 20 year old pheasant with green apple dish all the time. Babbo cookbook I think.Dak and Dallas go down to A-Rog. Mason Crosby deserves a beer. Wow. Amazing game.You're amazing beans and house made sausage ... fahk!!!! never watch my own shows or read my own books/columns once they're done. But this curren… think we live in an age where everyone assumes the worst in each other. sad for that! i was actually frustrated by size of line. now youre making me feel guilty about my cruller. too for the record ive spent last 11 years dispelling myths & bias in the south and elsewhere. #comecorrect! why assume the worst intentions? is that where we are now? i was pointing out the obvious fact, DD rules! airport: fruit and baked natural muffins/scones booth- zero customers. 100 feet away 63 people are on line for dunkin donuts.Walnuts @PhDee Authenticity is implicit cultural and geographic realism re technique, ingredients. many chefs don't care, including me sometimes. @PhDee Just because it's honest/authentic doesn't make it good. Food gets bungled frequently. Mislabeling however, dilutes culture.I'm easily biggest cheerleader 4 MN food. Meritage is great. I said duck looked nice. AND I pointed (cont) restos don't want to execute classics that require so much labor/waste and customers don't see the value pickles. That's where I'm headed. Another week on the road in the South.
Per @EliasSports: @mnwild surrendered a four-goal lead and won for the first time in franchise history. #MINvsDAL
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernNever apologize for standing up for freedom from foreign meddling. There is, quite literally, nothing more genuinely American.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWhat got under your skin? not a hard dish, simple to execute. Can't call it by proper name unless its done right'm happy they won, I was rooting for Texans. Just wanting that last Houston field goal do, but 16 was too tempting like nice roast duck, not canard a la presse au sang Sliced too thick, over cooked, crowded plate #nitpicky!! Didn't Osweiler get my text to play for the field goal, make it a 15 point game and everyone is happy???? Does anyone feel me?No one told the Houston Texans they were 16 point road dogs. Patriots defense been out on field the whole game! #neversawitcomingAtlanta Falcons really miss Kroy Biermann.Getting tight. Dick has been doing this for 50 years. 4 series of oil/hot towel/cream allo… Chinese cuisine at home: How ignorant can you be? Lewis' status as a civil rights and social justice legend can't be overstated @leifpettersen @DearDara No. Go easy on the oil thoughNotice how, again, Trump conflates majority black places with chaos and ruin, shouting ideas of black dysfunction into the mainstream.
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