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Best. Show. Ever.
@Bakari_Sellers AgreedIf you oppose anti-Muslim bigotry, then defend Keith Ellison from baseless attacks. by @ggreenwald via @theintercept
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @NYDesignGuy That's very kind, just what I needed to hear tonite. My dad passed 13 months ago, my son was in that show too. #grateful @thumbscookies are the best ever... and you can get them all month at Ridgedale Mall along… Many Great places But I think of La Mar and Maido often @Violet_Boregard Rolling Stones sticky fingersDone for real now. Thanks everyone for the awesome questions and happy holidays #AskChefAZ Or bourbon. did this a few years back... rumaki as an app, baked ham with pineapple rings and maraschino cherries as the entr… do as many stages at different restaurants as you can. Keep learning. worth the time and investment. I use mine every week. vegetables, seared crisp-tender with hollandaise a duck. It's very forgiving, delicious medium-rare or well-done think Kansas City, Oakland and Dallas are very exciting these days. Ditto Detroit. #AskChefAZ for all your questions! Let's do it again sometime. Gotta go... #AskChefAZ #AskChefAZ in old recipe books or online for brandy milk punch. It's very colonial and perfect for this time of year, always. #AskChefAZ do you do when you're in the middle of a Twitter Q+A and you have to go to the bathroom? #AskChefAZ.@melothatknicker #AskChefAZ #AskChefAZ #AskChefAZ #AskChefAZ #AskChefAZ skewers of liver, kidneys, hearts in the fire place the way kids toast marshmallows. you're using fruit in would benefit from ground toasted caraway seeds. It brings out all the sweetness. overrated: garlic. I rarely use it anymore. Most underrated? Caraway. #AskChefAZ I love celebrating our family's traditional half-Hanukkah/half-Christmas my roast beef, and I make roast beef hash. Put a poached egg on top, it's perfect favorite party game continues to be charades... I also like family penny poker local Synagogue, of course... (plus some Bangkok recommendations: on what you're making! Some tart shells best with butter. Some pie shells best with Crisco or lard, low temp, in an oven. 225 degrees. is Dr. Pepper, OJ, chilis. More here: love to brine whenever I'm grilling or roasting an unstuffed bird... bake. Make half vegetarian and half meat in the same pan... great brunch item the punch bowl. custard is a dessert... egg nog is a drink. Egg nog is suitable for nutmeg and booze as well... pan roast: me your holiday entertainment questions! Use the tag #AskChefAZ for all my tips and tricks etc...Thanks RB "We are the best versions of ourselves when we #travel." Read more from our brand ambassador.…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI'm answering all your holiday food + entertaining questions.. live Q+A in 30 min. Tag your questions #AskChefAZAsk me your holiday food + entertaining questions! I'll be doing Q+A live at 2PM/1c today. Tag your questions #AskChefAZIf oysters could talk... to the awesome @andrewzimmern really did change how I think about travel.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThanks! list of statements by Donald Trump that are at odds with the U.S. Constitution
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern
BFDD is shot that way ... BF is not. Two different shows on top of tacos, eggs, sandwiches, soups, pizza... @xdaniellechinx Mandarin Kitchen on weekends...lots of hit/miss. Dim sum scene in general here is not good#78 of the steelers held our player on that floater to Green. Let's be fair refs, offensive holding is an equal opportunity employerAll natural wood and no filter. Stunning color #sundayfireplace of champions
15 years ago I started wearing @jomalonelondon because she used so many edible botanicals … @Rjmed558Joe Here's the problem Joe, a con man took advantage of half our country, lied his way into office & now we have to deal with itChanukah came early for me this year! Thanks @eater !!! chile peppers... they’re fantastic: Trump is serious about helping the middle class, we’ll work with him. So far, it’s clear he doesn’t give a damn about working families.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernYes, @KellyannePolls you ran a campaign where white supremacists were given a platform.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernVia @buzzfeedben If you wonder just how far away from reality Trump can get, just look at where he gets his news Flicker’s Esker Grove Set to Stun
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIf you’re looking for an alternative to mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables, you gotta try this:… @delicacies_jewelry trunk show awesomeness at St Paul's Grand Meander @delicaciesjewel trunk show 9-5 658 Grand Ave 2nd floor above Tavern on Grand. See you there at 10am. I'm buying my gifts today, how bout u?
@keithellison is neither. Insanity Trump accepts congratulatory call from Sauron, dark lord of Mordor. “It’s a terrific eye, hovers over everything, terrific"
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernJust part of our luscious haul. We love our 🐝! Two years, two hives and lots of local wild… love @bonpussy with sunchokes... a stunner from @chefthomasb @cornertablempls cook with this every day:
Today is #WorldAIDSDay. Join @RED’s fight for an AIDS FREE GENERATION & SHOP @RED SAVE LIVES: #SHOPATHONHall of Fame night... watching the game with Coach Grant and Chris Doleman... HOF rings ev…