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You don't know what I do with them afterwards?? kidding Many great ones Joes Jacks Q39 Danny's Oh wait, is my new tv show: @salmon_queen The Next Generation, Salmon Prncesses favorite ways to use cucumbers:
@salmon_queen shows me the ropes Twin Cities keeps getting better and better. We are so lucky to have this amazing community all around us video you will see all day. Dogs love drones! way to cook fresh roe sacs of coho and steelhead root school takeout, make Thai food at home: salmon and pounded crushed salmon, almost like floss. pairs beautifully with any grilled meat or fish: Get educated and help us out. and steelhead are slamming on the Hood River @bourdain @zpzproduction fantastic recipe inspired by a trip to Cuba:! And I defend your right to do so as well is patriotism too, and heart wrenching. Our service men and women around the world are real heroes
Congrats to my pals @bourdain @zpzproduction on the big win. Much deserved.'s go, I'm in. is a valid patriotic stance, summarizes why America is great. this is free speech and should be respected @LuisCanoSr @PaulbatesMN Hey you two, great discourse, but it's late and we need to go back to food & the wondrous melancholy of lifeBest recipe ever via @samsifton via my wife of the week @giants and @vikings win today. That cancels out all the other awful shit that Sunday's bring making today a spiritual draw.That awkward moment when the brave and generous local PD stops by our neighborhood block p… what I'm hearing is that Clinton got really sick & soldiered on anyway, & most people didn't even notice b/c that's what women do.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI'm leery of Putin, his policies. he's clearly manipulating DJT. Former heads of KGB & rulers-4-life scare me think SoS Kerry and @barackobama just are some news on that front a few days ago @tanto_dull @TakbrAllahAkbar I'm a big Obama fan and I also think we needed to handle that differently...but hindsight is 20/20. @LuisCanoSr @TakbrAllahAkbar Look it up in any history book, those circumstances, era, and diplomatic intelligence way different then @giants down by 3 with ball in 3rd quarter. Losing to Dallas is no way to start a season. Let's go BlueI see her as a hawk when necessary. Trumps "relationship" with Russia/Putin is irresponsible, possibly treasonous @TakbrAllahAkbar Compare their policies and get back to me.It's shocking that voting public cares even less. If people voted their interests @HillaryClinton wins landslide'm getting on a plane in an empty airport. Lots of people prefer not to travel on 9/11. I don't (cont) on it people! Let's stamp out food insecurity for children #NoKidHungry enters the game for the Surge and immediately tells the other kid, head upfield, I'll h… of the passing of Lady Chablis and reminded of the respect shown her by @andrewzimmern and the power of food to bridge diversity
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernGrated Pecorino Romano & fresh black pepper: Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe » trick them? They can be delicious when prepared properly is often best. Burger on a pillowy butter toasted bun at TJ's. 400 items on their m… @riotwomennn Stay cool and don't let the trolls get you down... @TonyHorwitz Someday I hope to meet you and we can compare notes over coffee. All the best... @TonyHorwitz I could drone on and on, but for BF fans, read Tony's book and you'll see how appearance and reality are cultural memes.
Noah said to tell you that your sandwich was good for a new dad. the math right here? 3 Republican men, 9 wives, 15 deferments, 0 military service & even less respect for women?
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIf I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have ever believed this existed @eater #DrivenByFood loves you back... More new eps of a very special season of BF coming too year olds think it's fun to draw "stuff" coming out of their blind pug. #onlyinmn crew car. It's how we're rolling with @andrewzimmern this season. @ Warm Springs Indian…
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIt wasn't good, it was amazing Tag Win @nokidhungry @chefnye @rtprudden @spoonandstable for the great lunch. new #onlyinmn obsession@colettejaffe a perfect sweet touch to your brunch spread »
@TonyHorwitz Confederates in the Attic made me decide to make shows about food and culture. Impacted my life immeasurably @katytur killing it tonite important to read whole thing @brianstelter Y so many surrogates on panels? Y not rely on solid reporting? Doesn't allowing surrogates argue heighten uncivil discourse?I don't think I'm paranoid and I thought same thing! @gbrshalo Good pointWow! @wholefish is one of my friends... Friends don't let friends compare sausages's AWFUL and should never happen! What can I do to make it up to you? or #TeamZimmern? @Astros fans visit section 132 to try signature sausages from myself & @Wholefish this out. Best of the best very much see her shortcomings. And I'm very comfortable with her being president agree aren't insults. They are facts. can see that refreshing cold soup is tangy, creamy and big on flavor: do! But @HillaryClinton would still make a great president and DJT is an ignorant fascist with no moral compass's @andrewzimmern on @twincities_live talking about #NoKidHungry! #Minneapolis
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @twincities_live ~ Thank you so much for having @andrewzimmern on today! I learned so much! Support @nokidhungry
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