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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Tues @ 8|7c on @TravelChannel

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Glad you thought so. Have you been yet? RT @jennajameson: Yum! 🇮🇱! RT @dean_party: @andrewzimmern incredible, necessary episode. Glad to see (cont) @sethmg @BizarreFoods #removethesticky for sureAs seen on tonight's #BizarreFoods: Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market ›› on @EVINELive tonight at 9/8c for #WorldsBestMeats! @bizarrefoods Jerusalem might be best hour of TV I've ever made. Catch it now.#WorldsBestMeats @evinelive @andrewzimmern we now have 17 hours to go until our @kickstarter finishes! #Kickstarter #madewithkickstarter
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernWatch #WorldsBestMeats LIVE now on @EVINELive ››"I would serve these on a Saturday night to @POTUS" ›› #WorldsBestMeats @EVINELive'm on @evinelive today at 5pm & 9pm EST for #WorldsBestMeats! Tune in'm on @EVINELive today to debut the next round of #WorldsBestMeats! Watch live at 5pm EST: will always be a celebration dish ›› #recipe 2 days to support @TheGatewayBug documentary on @Kickstarter (I'm in it!) ›› #KickstarterFilmI’m thrilled to support @lizzwinstead’s @lpjleague #GivingTuesday. Help me support reproductive access by donating: beats roasting a whole leg of lamb >>
@matthewjennings @ChefMichaelMina @DWVARLEY @bazsf I stank up the plane smelling like a lanolin piss bag. Worth it though @jdhovland @DearDara @stephmarch None in MN are very good. Most are fair at best. @SamEdwards3rd @EdwardsVAHam @bizzarefoods 3 years running! Your Surryano is world class. Should have gotten a Dandoodle too! Miss ya SamTruth RT @ChrisWarcraft: @andrewzimmern Sometimes you just gotta let the boys breathe. @BetoorBerto We do vegetable oddities and veg dishes all the timeThe Jerusalem ep tomorrow night is best show we've ever made RT @DeRushaEats: @andrewzimmern This is a really great show.Only occasionally but sometimes! RT @KerriMPR: @andrewzimmern Did I just see a scene in an episode where you admitted you go “commando”? @DeRushaEats Hate to be the bearer of "bad news" but it airs in 70 countries... So that would be international my friend...The best way to eat your vegetables ›› #recipe The best French onion soup >> honor was mine! RT @49ers: @andrewzimmern @ChefMichaelMina Thanks for joining us yesterday!omg!!! Our store is in US Magazine! 25% off code and some other amazing deals for all!! & curated gear for the adventurous life ›› save up to 40% at Shop AZ: #CyberMonday the best seafood you can find for this Italian-American #shrimp scampi: #recipe Lamb Meatballs in Warm Yogurt Sauce with Red-Pepper Butter best #recipe for leftover turkey: Turkey A La King ›› at Shop Andrew Zimmern ›› Crispy Crab Spring Rolls with Thai Chile Sauce >> Best #ContentMarketing Videos of 2015: incl @BuzzFeed, @CMIContent, @jaybaer, @Outbrain
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @jennajameson Bravo. Sobriety for those that need it is something we need to celebrate more. And celebrating helps erase social stigma.
Go to my website. Tons of ideas RT @wendipw: @andrewzimmern off topic, I have a ton of turkey breast leftover, and recommendations? Soup?Home... I might need to stop in for one of these, a family favorite SF all, my @pbs special Stages Live is airing a ton this week. So proud of this show and excited for you to see it, check your listings! 🎉🎤
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @paleochef You need this placeBinchotan grilled live scallop seasoned with Hokkaido uni and house cured ikura at Gaku in… o-toro at Gaku liver ... Gaku is a hidden gem and if this San Jose izikaya was in SF everyone wou… spicy mentai ... Binchotan makes all the difference the food in San Jose ... Made it back to one of my faves for a bowl of bun bo hue. Be… name. Great dish. Classic technique. @matthewjennings @dwvarley @hugegaldones @bazsf and I getting our tailgate going. So much … @bazsf The honor was mine brother Dave!Saw all the games today. Vikes win, @giants embarrassed themselves and I'm bereft RT @PerkatPlay: @andrewzimmern Tell me you saw that #NYGTools @azcanteen rolled out 2000 plates of meshwi #minatailgate thanks to @dwvarley @chefmichael staff for the day #minatailgate @azcanteen sinful dessert makes a decadent solution for what to do with leftover bread >> day of work are better than others. Huge thanks to @chefmichaelmina @dwvarley and the… @matthewjennings helping JP @azcanteen hacking meshwi style lamb #minatailgate Africa on a plate from @azcanteen at #minatailgate years I've known this rascal @chefmichaelmina #minatailgate @dwvarley and I .... Pre gaming #minatailgate @chefmichaelmina Crème Caramel with Cheese >> @michaelminasf #minatailgate @azcanteen Lamb for days Buttery. Crispy: Firecracker Shrimp with Blue Cheese Dressing >> egg boats were born out of our dual love for baked eggs and soup in a bread bowl >> @hugegaldones @matthewjennings @bazsf Gotta be honest, didn't plan it that way but there it is. Guiltylast night's gonad-filled food tour of San Jose with @andrewzimmern @matthewjennings and @bazsf //…
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@GoAwayWithJae I'm stove top all the way. I yield about 12 quarts. @DWVARLEY I've never wanted to hug another man the way I want to hug you right now. See you at dawn. @Eater @kludt @hels Love the Disney roundup! The pizza at Via Napoli is very good as is their linguine with seafood. @FerraroOnAir Steam crab in sake/ginger. Pick meat and reserve Add all shells and innards to (cont) best #recipe for leftover turkey: Turkey A La King ›› night. Vader PJ's, PopPop's old Eames crossword puzzle chair, @russanddaughters bage… of 9 in my backyard right now! Deer season is amazing, and this buck is a 10 pointer Flex Your Mex chicken wings >> morning! Be there for @chefmichaelmina @dwvarley @matthewjennings San Fran Mina Tailgate spectacular …’t get enough of this Seattle Oyster Pan Roast – briny intensity & decadent creaminess >> chicken and andouille dish is chock full of bold Creole flavors:
"The biggest argument about making bread since the 11th Century" You can't make this stuff up. #priceless of best reads in recent memory. Eric Schlosser on food justice, labor issues @civileats leftovers for lunch, @loxpopuli for dinner, thanksgiving pie for dessert, and cooki… me get it straight another white terrorist taken alive after mass shooting but black child killed for having toy gun #PlannedParenthood
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFive ways to start eating insects. Rrasted chicken #recipe ›› violence is used to scare people fm exercising rights that's terrorism #ColoradoSprings
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @paonthemic I think we need a dinner date ... Pack lost their 4th! Email me...#RECIPE: Tacos al pastor with salsa roja from @alexstupak >> no boil method ... All bones and mirepoix at 210 degrees for 14 hours. Liquid go… Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken & White Barbecue Sauce from @rebeccalangcook >>
Hey @gavinkaysen #foodnetwork #bakeitforward #nokidhungry @shareourstrength of 3. Perfect every time hand out slippers on snowy nights when everyone leaves boots at the door #afterparty best #recipe for leftover turkey: Turkey A La King ›› Jacks famous deviled eggs. No bullshit, just Midwestern grandpa awesomeness @joesstonecrab a seasonal MUST help yourself item as you walk in our door someone in Philly, without trashing, calmly explain WTF is going on this year to the Eagles???? #curious @jdub5382 Happy holiday Jeff.... So cool to see this from you @qualityrye I've eaten that dish many times and it's pretty darn tasty when done right @spindriftfresh are my new favorite beverage. They even make the best fruit-only sparkling… ham... First cut is the deepest #Thanksgiving! Watch my demo for step-by-step tips for carving each part of the turk… #Thanksgiving help @FeedingAmerica #GiveAMeal to people facing hunger ››
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