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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Tues @ 8|7c on @TravelChannel

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My game-day specialty - pork & black bean chili #SB50 #recipe @carlorado @AramarkSports It's been a great few years and we're just getting started! #SB50My pleasure RT @liv_nagler: @andrewzimmern sorry I kinda freaked out but thanks for saying hi back to me on the elevator! Made my weekend!Pork with red chiles curry #sb50 #tasteofthenfl Miss America.
Headed to the #SuperBowl? Chef Matthew Accarrino of @SPQRfillmore reveals his SF favs: @tonybrunoshow1 #sb50 pleasure ... Next time I'll take you myself RT @jbbigbear: @andrewzimmern nice to meet you! Thanks for the lunch suggestion.The @PiggyBankOrg video is here!! Billion thanks are due @andrewzimmern @newmanfarmpork @skalawag Follow Us!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernIf you're gonna do "food" at the Super Bowl ... You gotta bring @andrewzimmern @ChefAZimmerman #SB50
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernLove this town... This brings back some memories Rock. Weathers pretty sweet here your #SuperBowl menu with my favorite "couch chow" on @Pinterest ›› say hi! RT @NFLFanStyle: NFL fans can earn one-day membership into #NFLShop VIP Lounge to meet @AndrewZimmern today (2PM)!Cantonese-style braised cucumbers with pork and ginger ›› #ChineseNewYear #recipe is mine! Love this stuff RT @marusoy:partnering with @AndrewZimmern to bring one of his favorite sauces 2 u @time #ishockmyselfsomedays "sugar, fat, salt are the sex lube of our food age" oysters with fresh cheese ›› #recipe via @darra_goldstein explains how to acquire a taste
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFirst concert I ever saw was Earth Wind and Fire's Gratitude tour in early 70s. EWF still plays in our house. RIP Maurice White. #love Wow, #'s 14,15 and 21 resonate well
@lizzwinstead It's shocking... and no national food policy talk ??? Wtf?Yes RT @NekoCase: Anyone else start eating like a horse and putting on gut-weight when you start working on a hard creative project?Sugar and other highly processed carbs are the worst things you can eat good read Calling All U.S. Presidential Candidates: Fix the Food System - @HowStuffWorks @wholesomewave NFL fans can earn one-day membership into #NFLShop VIP Lounge to meet world-traveling chef @AndrewZimmern tomorrow (2PM)!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernEl futuro de los alimentos, según @andrewzimmern.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @dianemyang stunner. Grapefruit pavlova. The meringue is stuffed with shimmering golden gr… kitchen.... Somewhere in the Twin Cities... #context @michaelsymon cabbage and kielbasa with apple cider dumplings ... Delicious for your favorite Caribbean island & enter to win #TheTrip2016, a getaway worth $100K -
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThe Perfect Deviled Eggs ›› #recipe Bohemian roasted duck with caraway ›› #FutureofFood @munchies @MikeyKayNYC You know it big fella...
@michaelpkeen723 come to my events #sobewff cobaya dinner Thursday Demos at grand tasting tent Lucky Chopsticks closing partyGear up for #ChineseNewYear with a simple sweet & spicy stir-fry: love this. thanks Tarlow. #leadershipShared some of my favorite #Miami spots with @Forbes before heading to #SOBEWFF later this month: the best seafood you can find for this Italian-American #shrimp scampi: #recipe couch chow with a global twist ››, sandwiches, shrimp and a Snackadium: we're ready for #SB50 on @Pinterest:
Here is a short list of what the #GOP has filibustered.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThere are a few tickets left for French Masters event during ASCC. Get on it. Regret lasts a lifetime. No shit. philly show is a good one.. RT @HomicidePhilly: @andrewzimmern Loving your Philadelphia show!!#SuperBowl recipes (with a global twist): @PinterestCatch yours truly on @EVINELive for #WorldsBestMeats - live NOW! Watch ›› on @EVINELive ›› Custom Blend Hampshire Porchetta Loin by @patlafrieda:, hilarious @ladypJustice #GroundHogDay vid drops info re the abortion case going to #SCOTUS #StopTheShamTune in now – I'm on @EVINELive demoing #WorldsBestMeats – Hampshire pork baby back ribs by @patlafrieda ›› & leek soup warms my bones – one of my favorite lunches with salad and crusty bread ›› #recipeback on @EVINELive throughout the day today with more #WorldsBestMeats! Tune in live starting at 11:40 am CST morning world, check out this brilliant food doc, not about "issues" it's about people. @pang @curtisduffy
@shrimpdinner420 I am undecided. But holy crap, compare @berniesanders speech tonite to all the others... He has vision, passion, smartsAs of 5 minutes ago @pang 's "For Grace" is on iTunes. It's an amazing story about (cont) sputtering phase of a campaign is the most enjoyable.
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernHuff Post: Evidence That Skipping The Last Debate Cost Trump The Iowa Caucus #p2 #topprog
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI've spent last 4 hours listening to all the candidates and reading their own words on their (cont)'m #feelthebern too RT @SarahKSilverman: 3 million donations averaging $27 each. NO SUPERPACS. NO BANKS. JUST PEOPLE #BERNIESanders: "Are you guys ready for a radical idea? Well, so is America." #IowaCaucus
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernI've got to say: A Sanders-Cruz race would one heck of a debate and one dramatic showdown between two competing visions of America.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @ONECampaign Thank you for helping me be of service to our world in a way I never dreamed possible. ONE is smart, persistent and gets it. @DearDara @JP_Samuelson @lowryhillmeats Theres a story here somewhere... I can feel it @AbbySass #electrifyafrica passes! Thanks to all @ONECampaign and to my senator @alfranken for his leadership. #weallwinwhenweallwin#ElectrifyAfrica Act just passed & will be signed into law! BIG thanks to chef champs @HughAcheson @andrewzimmern @nina_compton @PatiJinich
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @chefsymon Noah wishes you luck... He's still in closet asking why Uncle Michael won't let Minnesota kids have yummy burgersVia @nytfoodfeed Fire at Virginia Smokehouse Leaves Pork-to-Table Movement Reeling whole grain Just Cookie can save 6 gallons of water…I know, it blows our mind too.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @TomGillett1 Just did, but you need to follow meTweet of the week RT @carly_sagan: Just saw @andrewzimmern refuse alcohol because he doesn't (cont) our @superbowl50 adventures at @RevivalMpls. @andrewzimmern Twist my arm!
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernDouble chocolate chess pie ... I let @amackmn eat most of it...😳 and beans, farm egg and sorghum bean salad @revivalmpls for lunch red wine-braised duck is my kind of comfort food ›› spoke with my dad last night and again this morning, and I'm very sad to report that his jokes are still terrible.
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern @kittenwithawhip terribly sad. depression=very real disease folks and affects even the strongest/kindest/smartest talents
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernSad news to wake up to. What an immense talent and what a great man he was. Very kind to me. @kittenwithawhip @MVoltaggio @sadowski23 A try is a try... Points for effort!
That's one of my faves there RT @jeaniusNYC: Sexy Modernist LA Cuisine. Chef @mvoltaggio's Egg (cont)'m f***ed RT @DPRK_News: Kim Il Sung University Ballistics Dept finds innovative way to weaponize durian fruit. @MVoltaggio I'm out there for the French Masters etc with Krissy and Ludo... Seriously, hand delivered to INK, done. @MVoltaggio See you in a month when it's ready. Hand delivered. @andrewzimmern got his cap in the mail! I think I'm gonna make this style available #MadeToOrder
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMy Chicago friend Mike Smith was shot/killed in Brookfield, IL. Please help us help Mike's wife and son. Please pasta carbonaa ›› James is amazing @chefsymon You're an experienced parent.. You'll be ok... He's so sad now... He's in the closet in his room and won't come outSpicy, Charred Broccoli Rabe Pasta ›› #recipe RT @pzf: WATCH: This gun can stop small rogue drones without destroying them. Fahk!!! Sick double ankle breaker at top of box and then the lefty dagger. me. Noah is in tears, u can explain it to him when he sees u at SOBE RT @chefsymon: @andrewzimmern oh yeah @HillaryClinton responds to #ONEVote16! See what she has to say -
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern @chefsymon Why isn't there a Symon burger joint in Minneapolis? I would keep an eye on it for you. Noah & I need one of your burgers RFN!.@MrMikeBlake gave me a gift! Women of Color support for entrepreneurship! #MWBE TY for #BuildingABetterBRonx
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernAgree RT @Yeet_boi_sabi: Twins, im tellin you @andrewzimmern @benfranklin @hels Nicely done, beauties! We love them for brunch w fried eggs and hollandaise or on a bun for lunch... If you have leftovers that is...Best things.. Bespoke hat from @otisjamesnashville ...I'm using as a hunting cap for walki…
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