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Angry Scotland @AngryScotland Beret Bay, Scotland

Post-truth commentator. Advocate for the Independent Republic of Scotland. The Angry Scotland Podcast is available on iTunes, Android and YouTube.

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Christ, no wonder Dimbleby is leaving the show. is literally getting away with murder.
Retweeted by Angry Scotland European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt has told MPs that it is a “fact” that an independ…
Yasss! Give yourselves a cheer! wonder how many SS guys used that “salute the rank, not the man” line.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandFire him, you cowards. morning, @RacismDog. teenager had to teach kids at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Texas how to change a young girl’s diaper after sh…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandHey folks, your daily reminder that the Trump administration is taking actual babies away from their mothers - some…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe world needs this video today. commentator Ann Coulter has called children crying at the border after being separated from parents “c… teenager had to teach kids at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in Texas how to change a young girl’s diaper after sh…
This is the moment that they gave up pretending not to be the villains. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if Trump st… conspiracy theorists: WE MUST STOP THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT! Also right-wing conspiracy theorists: LOC…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandI can do anything. This is me beating the Americans to the Moon in 1969.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandGet Batman on the case. He'll smash the fascist fucks, free the kids and turn half of them into Mexican Robins.… all the good Americans want to start doing something about this terrible state of affaird, now is very much the…’m kinda surprised there hasn’t been a mass break in on those detention centres in an attempt to liberate the kids… H finally solves the Israel/Palestine issue by replacing the area with the NXT logo.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandHighly recommend reading my pal ⁦@victimsofcomics⁩’s extremely well written account of taking ayahuasca in Peru. He…“Get that fuckin’ mouse in a detention centre!”
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandYou are a truly rotten son of a bitch. @realDonaldTrump’s 21st century determination to become “Billy No mates” is really extraordinary.'s not even edgy to call Trump a fascist anymore. It's just fact.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe only people worse than those working in child detention centres are those miserable shits on Fox News defending them.Imagine you asked somebody what their job was and they answered "I help separate children from their families and l… good knowing that I helped beat some dumb politicians in a war by sitting about, listening to good music and… makes me laugh when newspaper columnists - arguably the most useless profession ever - tell young people wha…
This is me playing better than England. #WorldCup
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIt has begun. #ENGTUN getting ready for the “if you want Tunisia to win, you support terrorism” hot takes later this evening. #ENGTUN MA BAWS!
Retweeted by Angry Scotlanda wis fuckin MWI last night
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandI was gonna support England tonight until I saw that video the BBC made showing them winning the 2018 World Cup bef…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe SNP are on course to overtake the Conservatives as the UK’s second biggest party in terms of membership. the American celebrities that threatened to leave the US if Trump won are welcome over here. I figure we can make Giffnock the new LA.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandTheresa May will shortly announce the discovery of a cash dispensing, supernatural, woody perennial plant - a “magi…
This is me looking heroic as fuck on a bowling green.
Retweeted by Angry Scotland
You ever get the feeling that Labour “supporters” are in the wrong party? Maybe they should move to Scotland and jo… Yes or no? #WorldCupTory Ian Liddell-Grainger could be heard shouting "suicide" as points of order were made on the Brexit Bill debate,… the most Labour thing Labour have ever done. It’s absolutely incredible that a man could build such a tida… drive check required ASAP. 👍🏻 National’s sports coverage is second to none. he’s a cunt.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIt's always worth remembering that Donald Trump was one of Patrick Bateman's heroes in the book American Psycho.
Retweeted by Angry Scotland
Naw, yer no.'ve opened up my cynical heart and shared my death with the world. It has already been widely praised as "a great…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandA proposed law to make "upskirting" a specific criminal offence has been blocked by a Tory MP. The Voyeurism (Offen… English folk, If you don't want to leave the EU, move to Scotland and vote 'Yes' in our second independence referendum. Yours, Angry
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandWhatever you do, don’t show this video to the sort of twats who say you’re not allowed to fly the English flag anym…
Retweeted by Angry Scotland7,526+ have joined the SNP in the last 48 hours. #FridayFeeling is so determined to become an independent nation, we won’t even qualify for the same football tournaments as England. #WorldCupLots of countries are independent in spite of English opposition. Just saying.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandDavid Mundell has confirmed that the UK Government is now preparing to legislate on Brexit without the consent of H…
I’m a massive liability, so I probably shouldn’t join any political party ever...but that doesn’t mean that you sho…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandWe are sorry driving humans, but celebrating how much tastier we are than those filthy apples is more important tha…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe #WorldCup is off to an outstanding start with Robbie Williams flipping off the camera and Putin appearing with…’s like the Tories watched the Star Wars prequels and thought Palpatine was the good guy.David Mundell will think that his speech was exactly what was needed to curb the rise of Yes supporters. The exact opposite is true.Translation: We own you. footage of Ian Blackford returning to the House of Commons to get revenge on John Bercow. brexit a stunt
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandSNP membership has risen by over 5,000 in the 24-hours following a mass-walkout by its MPs in parliament. that the Scottish Tories were gonna try and walk out of #FMQs, so I snuck into the parliament and sloped su…*chuckles cheerfully*
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandOne year ago today. And today, fewer than half of the families who were living in Grenfell Tower have been rehoused.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandBig sexy shout out to all the awesome people who are gathering outside the Scottish Parliament to protest against t… do you earn the title “chief political commentator” with opinions as profoundly dumb as this?’m a massive liability, so I probably shouldn’t join any political party ever...but that doesn’t mean that you sho… nuclear submarine sites are at risk from terrorists due to an exodus of MoD Police. Budget cuts mean an att…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandGay Haters v Gay Killers as the first game of the #WorldCup today!
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandEverybody buy “CM” a beer, please. @ScotRail shouldn't fund the monarchy. That money should go towards housing, health and education.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThis is me wafting farts into the face of Anna Soubry.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandHeard rumours that #StormHector has joined the SNP and is now setting about blowing all the Tories away.