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#Lab2018 #Lab18 #LabourConference2018The EU is simply a better option than a UK run by moronic psychopaths like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIf you like Scottish independence madness, give @AngrySalmond and @StormySturgeon a follow.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIn an independent Scotland, you won't get a pension. You'll start ageing backwards.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandTheresa May: My country has shit the bed, please clean our sheets. EU: No. *Theresa May holds up duvet covered in…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandFar-righters have to shout “the Nazis were socialists!” because if they acknowledged the Nazis for what they truly… PM is an idiot. If brains were petrol, she wouldn’t have enough to power an ant’s motorbike around a raindrop.’s better? #Lab2018
Al Goldstein verbally destroys Donald Trump on his cable TV show Midnight Blue in the mid-1980s.
The United Kingdom does not deserve to survive.
If you like Scottish independence madness, give @AngrySalmond and @StormySturgeon a follow.
A video claiming to show a plane flipping whilst landing during Typhoon Mangkhut is fake. It's been published by mu…
Retweet if you’re smiling. 😃
Doing a Brexit world tour with a restored Spitfire is just another example of the Tories trying to solve 21st centu… value their own mental health. I suspect that they care very little about anyone else’s unless those people…
“Hey, honey! How was work?” Oh, y’know, I had to photoshop Thomas the Tank Engine and his pals to look like member…
Screening Braveheart at your rally is pretty cringe but not a big deal. Dumb & embarrassing but harmless. Giving a…
Retweeted by Angry Scotland“Drinking young people’s blood could help you live longer and prevent age-related diseases” Can absolutely see the…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandA mass surveillance programme by the UK government breached human rights. The European Court has ruled that Article…
Motion to replace Braveheart with Pixar’s Brave on Saturday. A fun work of fiction with a Scottish setting that’s m…
We really need to come up with a term for the Scottish nationalist equivalent of gammons who get off on this kind o…
2018 Just like you asked, I got a job when I was a teen, I’ve worked ever since, saved money, got my own place to li…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIn an independent Scotland, it will be legal for customer service staff to challenge the public to hand to hand com… man bidding to haul Boris Johnson before the courts over his Brexit claims has released a video outlining his cha… Johnson could stab his own mother in the back and have her arrested for carrying a concealed weapon! He would… alt-right aren't champions of freedom. They are champions of insensitivity, ignorance and hate. They aren't rebels, they are wankers.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandUnionists love the idea of Scotland being in the union, but hate the idea of Scotland having a say in matters. Quite ridiculous.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandWhat has the EU done for your area? The EU invests around £5 billion a year in the UK. Use this website to search b… watching the Tory Party destroy itself.
Retweeted by Angry Scotland*adopts rom-com movie trailer voice* He’s from England. He’s from Texas. Both of their lives had fallen apart...bu…
I don't hate the Queen. I just don't understand why her care home is so much nicer than everybody else's.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandLike how these far right parties are making “gains” just before the ten year window when their core voters drop dea… you be buying the new Sunday National next week?Tony Blair isn't just an embarrassment to Labour, he's an embarrassment to humanity!
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandAccording to Tony Blair, "the terror threat is not going away"…no matter how many times we tell him to fuck off.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandFor those of you who haven’t bought the new Sunday National, why not?For those of you who have bought the new Sunday National, how would you rate it?Have you bought a copy of the new Sunday National?
Elon Musk...Drug users found with Class A or B drugs could potentially be let off with a warning by police, rather than face pr…
Cops should be protecting the public from Nazis, not protecting Nazis from the public.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandHaggis is...This is cultural genocide!
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Pranksters have turned a giant bicycle created to celebrate the Tour of Britain into a giant penis. independent Scotland should be a republic.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandJust a reminder that around 41% of Trump supporters are in favour of bombing Agrabah, the fictional city in Aladdin.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandWill you be buying the new Sunday edition of The National this weekend?I'll see your bullshit and raise you reality.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThere will be a minute silence at 12pm today. Please inform your colleagues. than 2.6 million people have abandoned their support for Brexit and now back staying in the EU. YOUR DESTINY
Your laws are bad, Malaysia. And you should feel bad. We didn’t protest hard enough last time... Trump is what happens when stupid people adopt the politics of Eric Cartman.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandI see Boris Johnson is trending, so now seems like a good time to remind every journalist how they should handle th… Scotland and voting Tory is a contradiction.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe SNP now has more members than the Tories.
Brexit will put the Union in peril according to fresh polling, which shows that leaving the EU will build majority…'s really funny watching Better Together go into meltdown while we just kick back and wait for common sense to do its thing.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandMatt Stone and Trey Parker. The two greatest men to ever live. Bailey on U2. 16 and 17 year-olds can get a job, get married and get sent to war, they should get the fucking right to vote!
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandLet’s hope he never finds it again.
Fox hunting speaks to the worst aspects of human nature, so it is unsurprising that these acts are so boisterously endorsed by the Tories.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandIn an independent Scotland, you'll get benefits whenever you want them. The first benefit is not being in the UK.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandLots of talk of Civil War lately, so here's Motörhead playing it live at Gampel Wallis.
In an independent Scotland, at the end of the working week everybody will get to enter the pub like Sandman in ECW.…“Look at this sex pest, and when you’re done with that have an ogle at Keeley’s tits” The Sun can screw off. Sun calling Salmond a sex pest is pretty ridiculous given the number of upskirt photographs they publish of wom… you think that the SNP is ‘on the verge of civil war’ as The Herald suggests in its headline today?All this “fair play to Theresa dancing” pish. No no no no. It’s bad and she’s bad and all Tories are bad.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThe Conservative party has been accused of covering up the findings of a disciplinary investigation involving one o…
MAY vs STURGEON DANCE OFF Participants get to choose one song each. The only songs available are by the Vengaboys…, Nicola. Remember the plan. If Theresa May comes at you - don't panic. Keep calm, look her straight in the eye… Sturgeon Vs Theresa May in a dance off to settle the matter of Scottish independence. If either party backs out they are COWARDS.Panasonic, the £55bn Japanese electronics giant, has announced plans to move its European headquarters out of the U…
A £25, 000 portrait of far-right idiot Nigel Farage has failed to attract a single bid at an auction.’s always the most untrustworthy bastards that harp on about building trust in politics. in politics would massively improve if Rees-Mogg evaporated. EU’s forthcoming anti-tax avoidance rules could be a big boost for our public services, but they will be binned…
There is no truth to the rumour that bots created by Scottish independence supporters are working together to get…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandThere is no truth to the rumour that bots created by Scottish independence supporters are working together to get…
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandCountry where trains are routinely stopped by leaves begins space race with EU. should’ve put “it’s better than Armageddon” on the side of that stupid bus.
America is so fucked. new cryptocurrency offered to investors by Baroness Mone, the Tory peer and former business tsar to David Cameron…
Henry Angest – a friend of the Camerons and a former Tory Treasurer – runs the high-cost credit company Everyday Lo… Pope...?This week, the Scottish government announced a £5.2 million plan to provide free sanitary products at schools and u…
A Tory talking about Irish issues always sounds like a taxi driver lecturing an astronaut on the fundamentals of space travel.
Retweeted by Angry ScotlandAlex Salmond has written to the Scottish Government demanding an inquiry into the identity of the person who leaked…
You know what? Let’s just all go back to drinking in the park. We did our best work there.That’s it. Social media is no longer cool, folks. Everybody revert back to the Internet forums we were using in the… would highly recommend watching the interview Sturgeon gives to the BBC regarding the Salmond situation. It’s inf… setup my own Yes movement. Gonna redesign the Yes logo because I’m sick to death of the one we’ve had since 2…
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