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When you're Christmas AF
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@wilw The Ghost of Christmas AssedFree Adoption tomorrow, 12/8. Take 5 to Care with @KTLA at the Pasadena Humane Society from 9am to 6pm.…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @M_A_Jacobs There have been 800 hate crimes since Trump was elected a month ago. Don't add to it. Be kind. Your grandchildren need that. @evilklown17 IT WILL HAPPENI should start a food delivery service for sad dogs and call it Meal And Collie. #genius @cavaticat OHNOYOUDIDNT @cavaticat Look at our judgy dogs. LOOK AT EM. @wilw I'M FUNNYLook at those judgy eyes. No sense of humor, I tell ya.I've spent the last 20 minutes reading pun texts with a friend and Seamus cannot figure out why I'm laughing so muc… @MajusculeG @wilw @midnight HAHAHA! @foundinwords He only speaks for himself. Don't be embarrassed.Maybe not in my lifetime, but I hope one day all people will treat others with kindness and respect and not with name-calling and hate.I express disbelief at a man who brushes off the death of Americans, and a retired Chief of Police responds with th… our nation remembers the thousands of Americans lost on this day to a tragic event, one man...praises brilliance? you're local and have been thinking of adopting a pet, tomorrow is free adoption day at @PasadenaHumane! Hooray!2006 vs 2016 Yep. Still nerds. @DragonJuggler It's from a Christmas card drawing @LenPeralta did for me a couple of years ago.and god said: "who's a good boy"
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton[starts stopwatch] "ok listen, button, Trump's gonna be president, and billionaire nationalists will be in charge f…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @karohemd The photos are 20 years apart. It was long in the top photo.As suggested by many of you, I got firm toe slippers to avoid further foot injury which already worked because I just kicked the sofa leg. @TammyRosenfeld Is January 22nd too soon? @mr_inkcognito You have confused me passing along a story with "concern of appearance." @Ligerzero459 Yeah...I think I retweeted this last year because I thought it was so cool. Well, I'm doing it again SO THERE. even in office yet and already yelled at by other countries. Way to go, champ. @tennesseebob80 @bonniegrrl @wilw @feliciaday THE BEST.
HAHAHAHA! (A409513) loves to play! This wild child enjoys batting around whatever toys he can get his little paws on:…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @SheerJenius Me too. 🙂DOH. @SheerJenius She does. She's doing really well. I wrote about it here. @antoa315 @almostahermit Resting bitch face is in full effect. @AnneWheaton Would you mind helping me find someone?
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSure, he can call it a "Thank You Tour" but let's be honest, it's really a "Help I Have No Idea How To Do This Job Just Feed My Ego Tour." @kitty_trio I smooshed many kisses on her face. 😍I got to visit little Eliot face tonight. Still as cute and floofy as ever! @ericawhom You don't have to stop yourself. I'm always happy to assist. 😉 @almostahermit Aww... @SaraJBenincasa I didn't know this was a thing and I did a search of my own and OH GOD WHY IS THIS A THING. Also, 4 and 1/4 stars. Go me! 👣My wife's celebrity "free pass" is Paul Rudd, and mine is my wife because yah right like I'm gonna walk into *that* propeller blade.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @stevenspohn What's worse is their profile also says "Dog lover, Christian." Like, how do you rationalize the hate with those things?You know you've blocked a quality individual when their profile says "I support hate speech" and "Free Milo." Good grief. @DMTintros These photos are 20 years apart. 😉 @KpHeaney Top photo was Screen Actors Guild Award show, bottom was my son's wedding 3 weeks ago. 😉 @kissmychakram Wil was 23 and I was 26 in the first photo. Babies, indeed!1996 vs 2016 @Maccagirl1 A couple of people have said that. I had no idea it was a Seinfeld episode. Haha! @_capps OMG YES @joshuamneff DuhduhDUUUH.I try not to think too much about blindly trusting a company that sends a return envelope you have to lick to seal. TOTALLY NOT POISONED. @Mamabear0772 That's awful. I'm so sorry. @Courtneyking85 I'm so sorry, Courtney. But good for you that he is an ex.
@katmarsch Seeing it feels a bit like re-living it. It isn't easy to look at. @MaraWilson @kyleewarkentin I got mine out 4 years ago after having tonsillitis 6 times in 15 months. Recovery wasn't bad at all. @NiamhOSulliva10 I did. I see a mother and son who only have each other in a scary situation and it makes me so sad for them.Any woman with young children who have ever endured an abusive relationship knows this look. It's sad, not a punchline for a joke.When a man is vicious and controlling, yet smiling, and his wife and young child are never seen smiling, there's a reason. It isn't funny."He has a pathological disease!" "I don't have government experience." "Hey, wanna job in the government?" "Sure!" @midnight We Didn't Start The Firestarter #AddASongRuinAMovieI feel dirty, @midnight. Can I take that one back? @midnight Stand By Me So Horny #AddASongRuinAMovie @midnight Can't Buy Me Love, Actually. #AddASongRuinAMovie @midnight Three Men And A Baby Got Back #AddASongRuinAMovie @VampVixxenx She sure is. @VampVixxenx Aww... @lindazunas SO SEXAY @DaveK_Says I know exactly which one you mean and yes, super accurate. @catrincooper Gingerbread is my FAVORITE and that looks amazing. Pretty sure it helped 2016 in some small way. 😉At least I'm doing all the things and running around in a circle while wearing yoga pants covered in pet hair out in public, so that's neat. @AnneWheaton ZZZT ZZZZTToday's been one of those days where there's so much that needs to get done that I feel like I'm running in a circle not getting to it all. @danreyno7 OMG HAHAHA! @andrewjgriffin On Instagram. I just delete his comment every time he says it. @MrMaxwellmusic Wouldn't that be nice? @Noahsturdevant HAHAHAHA! @TJWeaselton HAHAHAHA!