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@mikeselinker YESSSsssssAlaska is the only place where I love traffic #mushersdontstopforredlights #alaskalife #furrondy
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Siyliss @donttrythis Official local news accounts photoshopping pictures of local billboards and posting them online? Okay.Marlowe is warming up for the weekend wheelbarrow races. here's the deal, America. Somebody is knowingly lying to you. It's either the ENTIRE national media, or one guy…
Retweeted by Anne WheatonI hope people will use common sense and do their own research to determine the truth. Don't know who to trust? Trust yourself. #fakenewsHe sure is spending a lot of time spreading this "fake news" idea. Perhaps focusing on just telling the truth would… @PhilipStinger Right? Imagine being a trans person who is told they can't use the restroom because the person next to them is uncomfortable. @PlushieCS I've shared public restrooms with trans people many times. Doesn't matter to me. We both gotta pee!If you're uncomfortable with who you're peeing next to in a public restroom, perhaps you should just pee at home. @JasonRitter I just saw that you're engaged to @melanielynskey! Congratulations, you guys!! ❤ @aravosis Oops. They have a typo there. It's "by" not "on"'s so cute how he uses all caps and incorrect spelling to express his insecurity. Baby steps, honey. It's g… @OhNoSheTwitnt HAHAHA!There there, sweetheart. *pats head* @2p2TrollCat FUUUuuuuuu....Real men don't need to post signs like this. Real women appreciate punctuation. @scalzi Oh, I do have these cozy pants covered in pet hair. There's my warmth! @scalzi Wait. What is this foreign object you speak of? @praetorianpi UNREASONABLE @misangela I'm in LA. It was clear yesterday but windy and super cold and now this. STAHP EET. @scalzi I am such a wimp in cold. HALP ME.NO.
@CarrlynBathe @wilw ALL TEH HUGZ!I was deleting screengrabs OFF OF my phone earlier and found this, which made me laugh (again) in public.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonMe: "I brought my giant headache and I'm freezing." Staples Center: "Awesome. We brought all the noise, laser lights, and an ice rink!"“A Pit Bull Saved My Life” by Savannah Hughes
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @TammyRosenfeld I'm so paranoid about that so I always supervise & saw him got the squeaker so I tossed it. He did this when I walked away! @judgetrainer This toy is from Bark Box!"You guys. There was a big, scary squeaker inside that adorable stuffed football but I found it. Everyone is safe n… Even as a 7 month old puppy, Seamus was too big for the cat bed. @wilw @hellsreach You're yelling, Wil. I totally heard you.That is one SUPER broken algorithm. at hate out there, tryin' to run shit. Doesn't that asshole know love is gonna win?
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Theremina @wilw Hehehe....FAUXPAL, CARL!What makes America great is working together to provide care, protection, rights, and opportunity for all, not by taking it away. #MAGA👎Happy Thursday!
ok it is time again for that pup who is so happy to get a haircut i mean we should all be so happy for such simple…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Alyssa_Milano This guy has turned into the "remember when I scored that team winning touchdown senior year?" Yeesh.#TellASadStoryIn3Words Not enough compassion
Retweeted by Anne WheatonFreedom is the ability to choose what care is needed & where to receive it. Washington is taking that away from wom…🎶🕺🎶"I don't do business IN Russia." Correct. You and the Russia connected people you hire do business here. $$$$ @mmaxx3 Since it happens, without fail, EVERY time he posts a happy pic of us together, I'm assuming yes. @SPeitsch That was on our 10th anniversary! (Which was 7 years ago) @sciencenotscary SWEET!SO MUCH #NUMBERNERD.11:33 on 2/22 @TammyRosenfeld It always comes up when he looks happy with me. Pretty sure it's more about trying to make him feel bad. Nope!Literally every time Wil posts a happy pic of us together, this comment comes up. 😍 @msefraser @wilw Just his wife, who happens to be older than him, who he's been sleeping with for the last 21 years. Thanks for checking! 😘"Ask not what your business ties in Russia are, ask what Russia has tied to your business here." -Trump's upcoming exit speech, probably. @aravosis I wonder if he puts as much effort into that as I did at getting my teased up bangs just so in the 80s.Imagine if everyone tuned out all the weird shit he's pulling and just focused on what's happening w/that pipeline and who's involved in it.Starting to feel like all the crazy bullshit is just a distraction from the real reason he's in there-to get the oil from the pipeline. $$$$Read the full FB post of this pastor who attended the Florida rally last weekend. It's crazy. provide cancer screening to poor women. This is a big victory that may save some women's lives. This stuff is…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @erkron @uniquevintage Thanks, Erin! @CalamityRob @wilw @MST3K In April on Netflix!
@Trumpskins2016 Ok @Trumpskins2016 Ok @sirwheaton Remember when you had that assignment in elementary school of finding typos in public places? Lordy, the menus in restaurants. @ShiploadofWilco I think it's a stretchy cotton/knit blend. @jelenawoehr @uniquevintage I just bought it yesterday and HOLY CATS it was only $25!I got a cute, new dress from @uniquevintage. It doesn't have pockets but it sure is comfy! a bubbly personality!
Retweeted by Anne WheatonI want to start a middle-aged roller derby team just so I can call us the Dinah Sores.When you think you're letting out a little squeaker but you actually sharted. Watson is serious about his affections, he's very vocal about it. (Tap for sound) thought I could even, but it turns out I can't.This is how speed onion chopping works
Retweeted by Anne WheatonJust keep moving forward.
@Mamabear0772 He is VERY fancy.i have so many followup questions.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonAlso, wants to make it a state law to only refer to women as "Weenie garages"
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @aravosis Ew. @whynotgrl666 Ohmygod HAHAHAHA! @whynotgrl666 I remember that! So weird. @heykim Hahaha!