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Waiter: what would you like? Me: I'd like the corners of my mouth to feel like they've been cut open. Waiter: club sandwich it is.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonCheddar: Sigh, I am not a dog. But at least it was for a great cause. @AnneWheaton
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton❤️ @WheatonNolan Want dates to taste good? Wrap them in bacon and cook them in the oven. Also, poop. @nanook660 😉 @lindazunas Such a big day! @nanook660 She's four years old and she's a Dogo Argentino/American Foxhound mix.Marlowe is so lazy today that she can't even make it all the way over to me for snuggling on the sofa. SO CLOSE. day started out strong but after napping, it turned into a lazy-ass-park-on-the-sofa-and-read-magazines-and-snuggle-dogs day. Excellent.My @bigbangtheory family signed some cast pixs to help me raise money for NAMIWalks LA! Help me thank them by donat…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @GamerTribe They know. That's just how they try to make it acceptable. NOPE.I just napped the hell out of the last 90 minutes. I mean, that 90 minutes was like "What just happened?" Napping happened, that's what.Oh, lookie. It's nap o'clock! @ellemoria @cavaticat SO CUTE @cavaticat That is such a great dog name. Our neighbor has a wiener dog named Knuckles and it makes me so happy.Please #adopt me I'm available from @PasadenaHumane for my new furever home, my name is #Kizzy the #Chihuahua
Retweeted by Anne WheatonRobin, an 8 y/o boy, is hanging out at the Wiggle Waggle Walk with volunteer Cheryl. He's available for adoption at…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @MarloweWheaton @PasadenaHumane You sure were! @LAKings Is it here yet is it here yet is there yet is it here yet is it @wilw Such good dogs. 11/10 would walk again. @Quiet_Myth @sergeyager *shuts door in your face*We finished the Wiggle Waggle Walk! Thanks to your support, we raised $16,250 for @PasadenaHumane so they can help animals in need. YAY!!Hooray for the #wigglewagglewalk! So many people here I can't see where the group ends! @ElizabethGalen The restriction is only based on her ability. She limps if we go more than half a mile. May take a while to get there. @vanilla001 @PasadenaHumane @MarloweWheaton Because she's only up to walking about half a mile post-knee surgery. The walk is 1-3 miles. @MeghanMonaco @PasadenaHumane @wilw It's entirely possible. @ElizabethGalen There's a 1 mile & a 3 mile loop. Seamus hates walking more than half a mile and Marlowe post-surgery can only do half mile.Getting ready to go to the Wiggle Waggle Walk for @PasadenaHumane. My dogs are going to be very confused at their staying home this year. @Laurawalsh18 It's always the people who say terrible things to complete strangers online who feel this way. It's so weird. @AnarchoBob Something like that. That person can say those things to someone who wants to hear them. I'm just not the audience. @WyrmDrake Not wanting to hear how awful people can be is different than not being able to handle it. I can handle it just fine.Don't think of me blocking you as "not handling" what you say. Think of it as shutting the door in your face because of your unwelcome visitIf you're not registered to vote, well, do that shit now and so forth!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton
@Alyssa_Milano Yes. Every time Trump lies about something, you have to drink a White Russian. @Sam_is_Rocking DOH @rstevens ZZTZZTI am fueled by late day coffee and too much ice cream. WATCH OUT, PEOPLE.DANCE PAAARTY!!! cream date. 😍 a dump. @LykanMB @wilw YAY! Thank you for your support! @Beachbabysurfer @kjohnson032423 @wilw @radfagg Oh, honey, no. A different opinion is not the same as your racist remarks to others.I love that I said this because it inevitably comes up and BINGO! Verbatim. Nailed it. asked @wilw to make another 3D printed skull so I could paint a Marge Simpson calavera. He added rings for her ha… @SPeitsch I don't have my settings notify me and he didn't make my day shitty. I have too many happy things in my life for him to affect me."You just can't handle opposing views!" "No, I choose not to listen to what a horrible person you are." Yours truly, The Block Button @kjohnson032423 @wilw @radfagg If those racist comments were said to our faces, we'd walk away. Think of the block button as walking away. @focusAlexandria I've never been vegan so I'm not sure why you thought that. Woops. @arcadiagt5 @wilw @radfagg If only the people who said that understood all aren't treated equal. They either don't get it or don't care. @AScalzi98 Seamus is male, Marlowe is female. @Jeff__Russell It's like some kind of secret superpower.I swear she can hear the spoon in the container a mile away. "You eating yogurt? I LIKE YOGURT." @wilw @radfagg And the commenters on this tweet are the reason the block button was invented. Lordy, what is wrong with people. @michelemorrow BABY FACE! I've visited her a few times and she's still as fluffy and adorable as ever. I get to see her on Tuesday! @CaptainPJ I just looked it up. SO accurate. Ha! @DelboyDylan @wilw We tried but ultimately, she was better off in a different home. She's with our friends now. EXCITED FOR MY GLITTER SUPPLY FROM @espionagemakeup! I mixed their T-800 color with my clear… @nanook660 She's in a home with no dogs but there's two other cats that she does get along with.Happy #Caturday from Eliot, who enjoys some quality time on the sofa in her new home. #AdoptDontShop @catobie @candykirby "Nope, not there either!""But he called me ugly!" "I know, dear." "And now he says he doesn't even want your endorsement!" "Shhh..It'll all… @KeahuKahuanui OMG YOU'RE RIGHTRight on schedule. ⬆️
watched a girl take a 'broken, do not use" sign off Whole Foods sliding door, take a pic w it over her heart, then walk into the broken door
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @gracehelbig @buckhollywood @mametown @harto @Dirty30Movie Yay! Annie and @wilw did sketch comedy together years ago! She is the best.My children gathered beside my coffin: She looks so peaceful. And that was her favorite dress. Dead me sits straight up: IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @paulandstorm OMG SO FUNNYBrb just watched the first episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend time to binge watch them all @gracehelbig @buckhollywood @mametown @harto @Dirty30Movie OMG is that Annie Sertich?! @SimoneAllyne Now that's a good man right there."Your wife is ugly" "Ok, I'll vote for you." @Kangishahn None of that off-brand waxy bullshit here, my friend. ALL BRACHS ALL THE WAY @paulandstorm See? I knew there was a reason I liked you.Time to load up on seasonal vegetables! @QofTU @LesleyAnnBrandt @fido4e @wilw I don't know personally but @PasadenaHumane may have a referral.-DOG OLYMPICS- Referee: On your marks..get set... *fakes throw, all dogs run after it* OH NO ALL DOGS DISQUALIFIED SAD DAY FOR SPORT
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @geekfitgirl OMG SQEEEEE!!! @Tozte 🏃🚙💨Why are the people between me and the places I need to get to. MOVE EEEET FAAAACKUURS