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@Admdjg I doGuard dog hard at work. what Republicans would have said if Barack Obama featured his 5 kids from 3 different women at his convention in 2008...
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @RedPenOfDoom We're in the smoke and ash zone but not actual flame zone. Keeping ourselves and our pets indoors! @jlchianese @wilw @bonniegrrl First time in 10 years that we haven't been. I hope you and your little one had a great time though! @NikaHarper I love my home but the lives of my family, my pets, and the firemen are way more important. @NikaHarper An 87 year old man stayed. What the hell. @Cole_Belle Some elderly people refused to leave and now the firemen can't get to them because it's unsafe. So frustrating.Can't believe people near #SandFire aren't leaving when asked. If you stay and need help, you're taking firemen away from fighting the fire! @cyclingJ It looks really bad. @newskye At least 30 miles awayWe don't live by the fires but the flames are so high we can see them from our house. So scary. #SandFire @WheatonNolan Oh damn.OW OW OW OW OW OW @OhNoSheTwitnt One-Eyed Willie is never going to make an appearance with all those fucking tourists on the beach. @TheDisneyChef Oh no! Hahaha! @TheDisneyChef Just don't let him hit the table and all will be fine. 😉 @LunaWheaton Tuna?Oh my god, totally made me cry. He's so sweet! you registered to vote? Do it here:
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton❤️ @APearce41 That's exactly what I did. Haha!Marlowe is happy I'm home. @scalzi Being? BRING. Stoopid thumbs. @StefanEJones He did tell me all about how he's retired and gets $3500 a month in social security that he doesn't even need. Lovely. @scalzi He did being up politics (which I always try to avoid discussing) and told me he's republican but will never vote for trump so yay? @petersianchuk Haha! @Snarrffer I honestly tried to but he kept interrupting me and talking about himself. Oof. @CorruptNSW I said that to him when he was talking about owning 2 houses in Cabo. It's only super rich and super poor there, and that's sad. @MsCynMet Right?! @Philer25 Nope. Serious life fail right there. 😜I felt it best to keep my multi-home ownership to myself. Didn't want to burst his prideful bubble.Spent entire flight next to 70 yr old man who kept talking about his wealth, owning multiple homes, and how someday I will "get there too."Holy smokes, Los Angeles fires. started to take a video but I was a little nervous I'd eat shit, so I stopped it but I practically skid to a stop. rolled so fast down the gangway to my airplane, I scared the agent at the bottom. Girl, my scooter skillz be so good that was nothin.' @amosborne @wilw HA! I got this in Brownsville. just saw the baby. It isn't a baby, it's a super cranky two year old. No wonder he could project his tire screeching voice so loud. Whoa. @harto *only hugs husband and pets for the rest of life* @OhNoSheTwitnt @Slate Pass the bleach. I need to sanitize my eyes after being the dumbass who chose to read that. @RevEnFuego HA! 🚙💨There's a baby at my gate whose scream is so shrill I thought it was car tires peeling out like a scene from Fast & Furious.I like hearing you discard any semblance of a dog whistle and just going full racist for all the public to see.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Herne They didn't. Just grabbed it by the handlebars and started feeling up under the sheepskin kneepad. How rude.The sight of a TSA agent patting down my knee scooter and swiping residue cloths on it like it's a person greatly amuses me. @aionVlad That's exactly how I feel. Wouldn't a pic of the scenery be better than the same face over and over? @Idliketobelieve That's why it happened to me too! @gethralkin HEYYOOO @kennefriggles EXACTLYSometimes if I think about it too much, it feels like it's slowly taking away their soul, one pic at a time and then it REALLY freaks me outIt's starting to freak me out seeing pics people post where they're just looking at the camera. Same face, same smile, with a person, alone. @emilena hehe...😉I just poured water into a coffee maker in the dark. And by into, I mean across the counter and onto the floor. I am GOOD at this.
#wildlifewaystation evacuates lions, tigers and bears (oh, my) amid #SandFire
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @tarastrong That is AWESOME.The new Wonder Woman is a woman?!? There goes my childhood!
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHooray!! all hope, ye who enter here.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonOh damn. IT. @ksmcardle I almost ate shit going over the automatic door track. HA! @TammyRosenfeld Hey!I found paradise. @loganbonner Dude, @wilw would LOVE that on me. ❤️ @KeahuKahuanui @PrideofGypsies @IGNAccess @IGN Dude, that is RAD.AAA towing but for me on my scooter all the way back to our car really needs to be a thing. Get on that, Portland.Help! Anyone with trucks or trailers needed to evacuate 400 animals from @WWaystation 🙏🏽🐯
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @AnneWheaton When you saw one set of oven mitts in the kitchen, it was because I was carrying the freshly baked loaves.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonAlternate title: Jesus, Take The Meal. is having their annual conference in this hotel. In related news, none of the men can find the north stairwell.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton[doc pulls baby out of mom and immediately slides it under his shirt] oh no NOW I'M PREGNANT haha no [pulls it out] just kidding here you go
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @LyssaPearl @Stepto @justmisstique Bomb threat.The Devils food donut w/ Cocoa Puffs on top is my favorite from Voodoo Donuts but I branched out & got a vegan glazed donut & it was SO GOODYES PLEASE am making friends in line at Voodoo Donuts by showing them pics of my toe X-ray with pins in it. Helping to keep Portland weird, I am.*puts seashell up to ear* Me: I think I can hear the ocea- Seashell: Seven days. You will die in seven days. Me: (to friend) It's for you.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonPRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife? THE MACHINE: I do PRIEST: Does anyone have anything- RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Stepto @justmisstique DAMN!Bridge to Portland. still think it's sad that since dogs only see in monochrome, the whole B&W to colour transition in 'Wizard Of Oz' was really lost on Toto.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @girlsavage @OfficerEdith cool! @Dammit_Liz HELLO. @CarrlynBathe @midnight 😜 @TwoPennyPuppet He is doing what makes him feel good and feel healthy. It has nothing to do with permission from me on anything. @TamaraAnderson So cute!
@midnight Thank god I'm not there #ComicConIn5Words @Lissie_A Makes me so damn happy that she did this. @megawatt2011 @mic Don't let one horrible woman stop you from getting out and enjoying life! Her stupid post was shallow and pointless.I love this. @_angelina_c @wilw No 😔We can't attend tomorrow. Back on the road for Portland. GAH! I wish I planned this better but damn, it looks like it'll be a fun day!Their local newspaper is advertising it. They're expecting visitors from around the world. Whoa! @scalzi Seriously. I can't take me anywhere.Holy crap, I forgot how much I loved that movie. I am totally fangirling about Stand By Me in this tiny town. HA! @KatWaterflame @wilw They did ask and at the time he had to decline to attend SDCC but then we decided not to go to SDCC. DAMN!It was a dirt road to town when they filmed Stand By Me but the bridge is still the same. cool to see these photos from Stand By Me filming.'s a history museum in Brownsville with a section of photos from when Stand By Me was filmed here. So cool! in Brownsville, OR. having no idea tomorrow is Stand By Me Day. They built a treehouse set!