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Take a moment today to appreciate these fascinating creatures. Happy #InternationalSlothDay!
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @bonniegrrl @PaulV_3 “...prohibiting the exercise of free religion.” Millions of us do not worship god, yet he states that we d… @KpHeaney @womenshealth 💃💃💃💃💃 year ago today I was in Washington D.C. receiving an Ambassador of the Year award from @womenshealth! my own fingernails blood red means one hand looks amazing while the other looks like I dipped my fingertips in murder.New software update got me like @meljoulwan Thank you! @MyNameisRazzle2 It is unreasonably funny.OMG I JUST CHECKED AND IT'S TRUE.[best Billy Idol voice] It's a nice day for a... light sweater WHOA... It's a nice day for a... CARDIGAAAAAN
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @nennieknits If I had a basement there would totally be a slide to go down there!I haven't slept well in days but managed to sleep for 10 hours last night. Happy Friday to meeee! @SeattleLuna @wilw YES.
Must be a real bad week in this town for both of them to be there
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @cairnsmanor Jesus, that is terrifying. @MarvynDodgers @StoneBrewing I got the ice cream and a 6 pack of Xocovesa!I picked this up from @StoneBrewing and MY GOD it's so good! Chocolate and spices just like their Xocovesa beer, wh… @WarWraith That is really disturbing.Also, when I was 14, I was 5 feet tall and 85 pounds. I could've passed for an 11 year old, and that man in his 20s groped me. Wtf.When I was 14, a guy in his late 20s rode by me on his bike and grabbed my butt HARD. I still regret not being prepared to protect myself.#1 on this list should be "teach your sons this behavior is unacceptable" but I'm glad it's at least on there. @bonniegrrl and I are supporting #SpiritDay with @glaad because love is love and no one should be bullied for it. 💜 Three year old me rocking the Raggedy Ann dress. Holy crap that was 45 YEARS… @Scott98390 It keeps happening and I am so happy about it. That means it's working! @Nemukins Yay! (To getting the shipment, not to the allergies.) @Scott98390 This is what she did after I sent her that. Haha! always ask “who’s a good boy” never “how’s the good boy”
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮ESPN feels comfortable with this kind of content from new partner Barstool, while Jemele Hill gets suspended for we…
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @rebelsweethart Yay!!Take a hard look @realDonaldTrump. You may reverse a few of his orders, but you'll never erase his legacy of compa…
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Night night. is day 41 that St. John, US Virgin islands is 100% without power following Hurricane Irma. Please keep us in the news-Please retweet.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @introvertnfj Egg nog? Blasphemy! @Docs_MGB 😜 @MichaelSeyfried I can't figure out why he makes that face. @nchamberlain Hahaha!Brain: "There are so many things to get done! Let's go go go!" Also brain: "Many things. Much overwhelm. So wow. Here sofa." @kevingchristy Oh no. I'm so sorry, Kevin. He was such a good boy."Use our website to choose the colors you want. Be careful, colors aren't always as they appear." "But..I'm colorblin.." "DON'T FUCK IT UP!"ok it is time for pups leaping off a ledge hey pup who is just a lil more cautious do not be afraid my fren u can d…
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮"I gotta use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful." "Sir? That's not a woman." @AnneWheaton [S] Doesn't seem healthy to me, but perhaps she aspires to be treated like an object to be smothered.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮I’ve never seen someone actually request an abusive, manipulative relationship. Wow.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮Honey, if you want someone who has no love, no compassion, no empathy and no respect for anyone but himself, that's… @ClareKramer @bonniegrrl @wilw This just came up in my FB memories from 3 years ago. TableTop filming day! of Merchant Witch✍️️ Support your local Magic on Wheels🔮✨
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮A government elected to be of the people, by the people, and for the people will never succeed when they lack what…, wow. This is incredible and so heartbreaking.
@BradfordBenn I didn't see them up on Saturday so they're new. @litemater The list of what was there is all that was there. 😐‘if ur a vegan why do u eat so much unhealthy food’ first of all, i hate myself not the animals
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮Today I passed a house with small white lights around the gutters, a green wreath w/ red bow, and Santa statues on the lawn. #HappyHalloweenSeamus loves his Halloween @barkbox. Bark bubblegum for the trick-or-treater pup! @Arthur40TwoDent Yay!!This adorable baby boy's smile is going to completely warm your heart.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮This is the best story! @CoreyBrotherson @Emmavieceli Thank you! @Emmavieceli I'm trying! I can't wait to have it in hand. OH BOY! @Emmavieceli @CoreyBrotherson It's ok. Part of the learning experience, right? @CoreyBrotherson @Emmavieceli It's in the process of being printed now. Yesterday I had that "What if no one likes… @CoreyBrotherson @Emmavieceli This is awesome. I don't do comics but I did write a children's picture book 5 yr old… @GailSimone It's important to be easily amused. 😉 @doctorow "I stand for the National Anthem, but I use the flag as a beach towel."This thread is my favorite. @LydiaHearst Yay! Thank you, Lydia! 💗
@e2thej I think it was around $80-$100 per full color illustration, which is an average and fair rate. @markhood Thank you! @Rockbmi Yay! @doctorflopsy Already did!I posted this yesterday but just in case you missed it...I made a thing!! @geekfitgirl Thank you! I can't believe it's finally almost here!Virginia tweety buddies! Don't forget to register! question: does Trump think because he lost California, he's not the President in California?
Retweeted by Anne Witchon 🔮 @OwensDamien That last attempt at an insult is always so, so sad. Trying so hard to come out on top of a conversation that already stopped. @Mscellobass @WhiteHouse I still cannot thank @OwensDamien enough for creating that response statement. It is the m… @Mscellobass @WhiteHouse I am only responding to Trump supporters who defend him with the statement above, and this… @maycontaingeeks If you're interested in seeing how I turned it into a picture book follow @ piggyandpug on Instagr…