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YAY!! @lindazunas GROSS @TSMB_77 @wilw @PasadenaHumane @ClevelandAPL She's adorable! @beerrunner07 I had the Vicious Mosquito yesterday and it was SO GOOD. @Mikell_Pine That's not how a job works, baby doll. Nice attempt at trying to save face, though. Good for you!❤️ Favorite picture from #ClearTheShelters day so far! ❤️ @AnneWheaton @wilw
Retweeted by Anne WheatonReminder: Racism is not about disagreeing with someone. It should always be silenced. @Mikell_Pine Congratulations! You've sent me the most childish response to a tweet I've ever received! And that, my… @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack To everyone who's sending me this image: I got one, too! Thanks for helping! @wiljdson Yay!! @scalzi MAKE IT STOP, JOHN.Today, my baby boy is 26 but he's currently in Indonesia, so he celebrated yesterday which was today over there and OMG WHY IS MY BABY 26. @Magnitude_V1 @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack I was notified, too. Odd they'd tell me this after sending me an email… is a good thread.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Rbrothwell @wilw @PasadenaHumane That photo is when hey first met each other in the adoption office at the shelter. So damn sweet.Five years ago today, @wilw and I adopted Marlowe from @PasadenaHumane. Best decision ever. #ClearTheShelters your heart and your home with a rescue pet is a wonderful experience for you and your adopted buddy. Try it today!#CleartheShelters @4TerryFarrell @hollyamos22 @MovieMantz OMG YAY! Congratulations! @goldengateblond OMG THAT FACE 😍I'd like to propose the American flag. That might be a good one.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonFriendly reminder that mental illness makes it hard to get out of bed, much less do basic tasks. Read this article,…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHelp us Clear the Shelters this Saturday, August 19 by sponsoring a pet's adoption fee. Just $20:…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @quicksilver0225 His name is Duke! @quicksilver0225 YES. @emilyvgordon OF COURSEThose Great Dane feet tho @PThomps97012119 OMG what kind of dog is that?"Welcome to Sunriver, Oregon! Please enjoy the scenery, the nature an.." Me: "OMG GREAT DANE LOOK AT THAT FACE THOS… & Michael & Reince & SteveLast week? OR THE 1960s. #flashbackfriday weekend! @leviathan3k @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Well, I'm not famous and they didn't suspend him because of my report b… @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack About time. @xLiserx @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack I guess they forgot freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence… @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Update: Twitter is allowing this person to use their account to falsely accuse me o… @Wildcherry I donated to a local shelter to cover adoption fees for 25 pets in need of homes. Feel free to donate where you like!
@leslieastringer Yay!! Thank you! @thebaddudebelow @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack @wilw Wil doesn't have anything to do with this. I'm hopeful Twitte…'s the saying? Starve a cold, feed a hungry fireplace? (cc: @facesinthings ) @TammyRosenfeld Thanks, lady. 😘 @dndgirl Flew to Sacramento to drive the rest of the way to Oregon. @Anhrez We're going to Sunriver. It'll be 99% full eclipse but that's better than the hoards of ppl going to Madras… @Talktheatretome Yay! Thank you! @2p2TrollCat I am literally the worst.Yay! Thank you for helping rescue pets! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Paulbradshaw2 Hooray!Someone on Twitter told me if I had to say I'm a nice person, I'm probably not. Challenge accepted! Donating to save 25 rescue pets. Woo! 👍 @PasadenaHumane If you'd like to sponsor adoptions at @PasadenaHumane, click on the link above or check with your o… nationwide #ClearTheShelters event is Aug 19. Adoptions at @PasadenaHumane are $20 so I sponsored 25 adoptions! @cholla45 SWEET! Mine is glitter from @EspionageMakeup cosmetics that I mixed to make a gel polish! @Wildcherry @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Lol. Ok.Second time through Dunsmuir, CA in a week means MORE TWISTY CONES FOR MEEEEE! @csvermont I'm not having a bad day at all! It's a very happy Thursday for meeee!! @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Imagine having nothing to support your hateful cause so you go after the most empath… @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack He's still at it, @twitter @TwitterSupport. @YesYoureRaycis @gsanchez_writes And when you're falsely claiming I am a violent racist, you're inciting violence t… @YesYoureRaycis @mariaselke You are very confused if you think I am a racist.Hey @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Your nazi users are attempting to use me to support their violent behavior. Plea…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Guess it isn't deleted. He is committed to spreading false hatred and violence with… @megaspel @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Got it. Thanks! @dayumianwayne *duh duh duhduh duh duh* 😉 @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack He deleted this tweet about me but is doing it to others. Neat. @redqueen76 I saw one when I lived there as a kid. It's the reason I love experiencing them as an adult!I'm on a plane heading to Oregon for the eclipse, as is, I suspect, every passenger around me. LET'S DO THIS. 😎 @MaevesMomma1 @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack It obviously isn't true but asking thousands of his followers to accus… @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Your nazi users are attempting to use me to support their violent behavior. Plea…
@SnoCom79 YESSSS @AlanHunterMTV More than a dozen. Seriously, that guy was everywhere.Mm...soothing... @Septemvrion That is unfortunate. I hope one day all people will be treated equally so the anger and hatred can stop. @Septemvrion That never happened.Popcorn! EEEEEE!! @mwatt34 @SIRIUSXM Sweet! @mwatt34 @SIRIUSXM I didn't know that. Thanks! @scalzi @SIRIUSXM It's more than a dozen. MORE THAN A DOZEN, JOHN. That's nuts.Thanks to the Yacht Rock station on @SIRIUSXM, I just became that person who googled how many songs Michael McDonald did backup vocals on. @kornula And nothing to gain by following me. See ya!