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@aishatyler @TheEmmys @TheTalkCBS I love your hair and your dress! You preety lady. @BrokenAussieGal I saw this yesterday and I am still dead from the cute. 😻Badass bitches strolling out of @rupaulsdragcon with @AshleyEsqueda and @wandercookies like.. ur trying to have a good time but ur technically working
Retweeted by Anne WheatonThank you @morganmcmichael for helping me SLAY @RuPaulsDragCon
Retweeted by Anne WheatonForgot my phone so no pics of my own but @RuPaulsDragCon was the best, and @MrJerryOC getting made up by… it crazy hair day at school? @MrJerryOC Your makeover at @RuPaulsDragCon yesterday was hilarious! I forgot my phone so my friend asked you for a pic for Wil for me. 😉 @KristaHay I do that all the time! But leaving it at home for 12 hours during the day was a little weird. Especiall…
@Trendane Yes. 😉 @aravosis EEEEEE!!!Left for the day and forgot my phone. That was weird. And nice.A deaf baby hears for the first time. Thousands of hours of patient experimentation went into this. Science is glory
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @BirdLife_News Baby owlet nightjars are fairly obviously just tiny balls of aggression, lovingly hand-dipped in loc…
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Catch me if you can
Retweeted by Anne WheatonThis is Wyatt. He had an interview earlier today. Was just told he didn't get the job. A h*ckin injustice. Still 12…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @Meotto I was wondering about that. I chose not to say anything to him and just keep moving because I wasn't sure. @JeffreyJQuade Like this? __________________ 😉 @hollyamos22 I just didn't say anything and kept walking but he sped up and talked as I walked into the store. No, buddy. @DJWfilmmusic We were about 4 miles south of there. Didn't want to burst his bubble that those lines in the sky happen ALL DAY LONG.Mostly I'm just amazed these chemtrail people actually do exist outside the internet. I mean, whoa.Because he followed me into the store to tell me about the military dumping all these chemicals on us and he's getting photographic evidenceDo I tell him the sky isn't completely clear because of the wind & those are wispy clouds being blown around & not chemicals being dropped?Like, do I tell him that line in the sky is from the Southwest plane that just flew over 5 minutes ago and it's not from a military plane?Not sure how to tell the guy taking pictures of the sky outside the grocery store that I don't share his enthusiasm for spotting chemtrails. @Kelly_Harrison We don't but I'm confident that little one is going to find a great family. 😍 @CarrlynBathe SO TINY!Staircase in an abandoned lighthouse, beautiful.....
Retweeted by Anne WheatonEEEEEEE! a great weekend! @LizHackett Or one decisively pushy nanny is about to swoop in and take over our lives. @chrislhayes Abortions cause cancer? Lordy on fire, what is wrong with people. @BroThadius No, honey. No one in society owes you anything. @BroThadius Sweetie, it's not my job to provide you with "evidence." Do your own research instead of asking others to help you. @BroThadius Google is your friend. @rs22 @scalzi Except you, person who cared so much you took the time to send this. Have a great weekend! @Abstruse That's what I think every time he brings it up. Like, dude, that was months ago. Move along.Someone should really let him know he got the job so he can move past this. @scalzi Focusing on the wrong thing is working well so far so keep at it, people! @scalzi Maybe they should worry less about how a man is legally earning money out of office and focus more on how t… @scalzi Those comments tho
My supernatural horror story, Dead Trees Give No Shelter, is now available in the Kindle store. Tell your friends!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @BreeBrouwer @bonniegrrl Oh boy!!QUIET, WIND. @caroltownsend I do not do well with wine anymore. It increases my blood pressure and inflammation in my body and g… @peppermintesse Jolting awake in the middle of the night? Feeling like bugs are crawling on your head/heart palpita… @MrJerryOC I'm so excited you're getting dolled up at @RuPaulsDragCon! May your makeover be as fabulous as @wilw's… @psaprez @wilw I won't be there but I will be attending @RuPaulsDragCon and I am SO EXCITED. @DSolodow More like licking the end of a 9 volt battery.I said a hip, hop, a hippity hop
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton"I touch your nose"
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton#girlytweetFunFact: When estrogen levels dip with age, your body tries to make up for it with little bursts of adrenaline, which is fucking exhausting.LOOKIT THOSE FACES @UnHolyDiver1 He's a disaster but he's on his own on that. The rest of the world knows hardly anyone here supports… @JennaBusch Of course you do. 😉You're the laughing stock of the world. Because you dumb. Real, real dumb. dumb. Real, real dumb. Oswalt on Privacy in the Social Media Age and How to Impeach Donald Trump
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @D_PaulAngel 😜Cassini just sent back images from its first-ever dive through Saturn’s rings
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWeather report in Hollywood: Sunny and warm with strong wind gusts, limited visibility. At the Rogue One premiere w/ @hardwick and @LydiaHearst and WOW @wilw's face he's so excited. Ha! @kingofelectra He doesn't get people food and isn't overweight. Just a big, old pup. @SupportBones It was just a fatty cyst. Nothing to worry about with that thing. Whew! @geekfitgirl I'm going to call today and see if I can get him in soon. Fingers crossed it helps him! @RickiFake02 The vet did give us tramadol. I'll try acupuncture and if it doesn't help, I'll see if we can add gabapentin. Poor guy! @cavaticat Yeah, I need to try something because it kills me to see him get up and limp so bad. @TillmanSmoot Funny, my son suggestion gabapentin as well because it helps with nerves. I think I'll try acupunctur… @PantherAlyxx I've been using that but it doesn't seem to be helping this. @steveken Oh, no. I'm so sorry. @KrisKrispool Yeah, it's nerve. His joints are in good shape. @lindazunas Aww.. @metallijacen Structurally, he's fine but there is a nerve issue in there somewhere. @SheerJenius Yeah, once he's up for a couple of minutes, he's fine. He even runs on our walks sometimes. He's just… @Rbrothwell He's a Great Dane mix and our vet said this is a common issue with large dogs like him. I will definitely try more massage!Ok, consensus is acupuncture. It has worked on me so I'll see if it works on Seamus. Thank you for all of your suggestions! ❤️ @TillmanSmoot Our vet said his joints and ligaments and tendons are all in great shape (what a relief) it's just a… @HoquiamJMJ THC is very toxic to dogs but CBD oil is safe, which I've been giving him but it doesn't seem to help with this issue.