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My supernatural horror story, Dead Trees Give No Shelter, is now available in the Kindle store. Tell your friends!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @BreeBrouwer @bonniegrrl Oh boy!!QUIET, WIND. @caroltownsend I do not do well with wine anymore. It increases my blood pressure and inflammation in my body and g… @peppermintesse Jolting awake in the middle of the night? Feeling like bugs are crawling on your head/heart palpita… @MrJerryOC I'm so excited you're getting dolled up at @RuPaulsDragCon! May your makeover be as fabulous as @wilw's… @psaprez @wilw I won't be there but I will be attending @RuPaulsDragCon and I am SO EXCITED. @DSolodow More like licking the end of a 9 volt battery.I said a hip, hop, a hippity hop
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton"I touch your nose"
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton#girlytweetFunFact: When estrogen levels dip with age, your body tries to make up for it with little bursts of adrenaline, which is fucking exhausting.LOOKIT THOSE FACES @UnHolyDiver1 He's a disaster but he's on his own on that. The rest of the world knows hardly anyone here supports… @JennaBusch Of course you do. 😉You're the laughing stock of the world. Because you dumb. Real, real dumb. dumb. Real, real dumb. Oswalt on Privacy in the Social Media Age and How to Impeach Donald Trump
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @D_PaulAngel 😜Cassini just sent back images from its first-ever dive through Saturn’s rings
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWeather report in Hollywood: Sunny and warm with strong wind gusts, limited visibility. At the Rogue One premiere w/ @hardwick and @LydiaHearst and WOW @wilw's face he's so excited. Ha! @kingofelectra He doesn't get people food and isn't overweight. Just a big, old pup. @SupportBones It was just a fatty cyst. Nothing to worry about with that thing. Whew! @geekfitgirl I'm going to call today and see if I can get him in soon. Fingers crossed it helps him! @RickiFake02 The vet did give us tramadol. I'll try acupuncture and if it doesn't help, I'll see if we can add gabapentin. Poor guy! @cavaticat Yeah, I need to try something because it kills me to see him get up and limp so bad. @TillmanSmoot Funny, my son suggestion gabapentin as well because it helps with nerves. I think I'll try acupunctur… @PantherAlyxx I've been using that but it doesn't seem to be helping this. @steveken Oh, no. I'm so sorry. @KrisKrispool Yeah, it's nerve. His joints are in good shape. @lindazunas Aww.. @metallijacen Structurally, he's fine but there is a nerve issue in there somewhere. @SheerJenius Yeah, once he's up for a couple of minutes, he's fine. He even runs on our walks sometimes. He's just… @Rbrothwell He's a Great Dane mix and our vet said this is a common issue with large dogs like him. I will definitely try more massage!Ok, consensus is acupuncture. It has worked on me so I'll see if it works on Seamus. Thank you for all of your suggestions! ❤️ @TillmanSmoot Our vet said his joints and ligaments and tendons are all in great shape (what a relief) it's just a… @HoquiamJMJ THC is very toxic to dogs but CBD oil is safe, which I've been giving him but it doesn't seem to help with this issue. @_AdeleBuck Oh, wow. That's great! @Stepto Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I'll see if there's someone near me who specializes in that. Thank you! @IssaDavis1980 He's been on that for a few years already and It definitely helps him with arthritis in his elbow he… @humbledaisy I don't know if laser helps nerve issues but I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion! @Stepto I've been trying that and although he seems to enjoy it, he also seems like he's getting worse. Poor guy. @jayruston How do they do it on a dog though? Like, doesn't the dog move too much to get tiny needles put in him?Wil thinks I'm nuts for wanting to try acupuncture on a dog but if it works, I'd try it. Any success with that or other treatments?When he gets up from sleeping, it's like his back leg is asleep and he limps but eventually it's ok and he can walk normal.Vet recommends pain pills if it gets too bad but I'm wondering if any of you have had luck w/ other treatments that aren't so hard on organs1) I have a question- our dog, Seamus, is having problems with his back leg. It's a nerve thing that can happen in older dogs. Ugh, so sad.
Me: My shirt looks like springtime! Plant: Lol, let me show you how it's done, lady. super power: Napping the hell out of 20 minutes. Like I just did, back there. #bam @wolfchild59 Did you send back "What is shitty things people say to make others feel bad because they feel bad about themselves." @mizannieliz This is great. ☺️Live footage of people trying to walk outside in Los Angeles today. @TrenceA @markpopham @MaraWilson @parisreview Yikes..@Alyssa_Milano And honestly, the hate tweets are always filled with that spelling error. Good lord.For example, @Alyssa_Milano is enjoying her day and helping people with getting out to vote in Montana. This is a r… time I see someone post about doing something they love, which also helps others, there's always comments shitting on their joy. Why? @cavaticat I wonder if it's the same lady who tried to convince me getting high makes you a better driver and the g… @inkblot14 They don't even have pockets. ARGH! @mandyqualls Years ago, I found sports bras that hooked in the front. GENIUS. #TheStruggleIsRealMe, trying to attach a hook on the back of my pants for the past 10 minutes. wrote a great story and I'm super proud of him! seriously this is an actual animal from earth and yet still in movies the aliens just have wrinkled foreheads
Retweeted by Anne WheatonInteresting. Ivanka said the same thing about her dad. Lol, no. could possibly go wrong? it IS a ban, then.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @outsidersedge1 @PlanetComicon @wilw I won't be there!
Jeezum crow but Kelly Oxford has penned a fearless and scathing account of the #notOK hashtag. Important to read.
Retweeted by Anne Wheatonvery normal photograph nothing to see here
Retweeted by Anne WheatonKittens in 360! Purchase an item off our kitten wish list this week for a chance to win a special kitten experience…
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWe can make this a more peaceful century if we cherish non-violence and concern for others’ well-being.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHave a great day!
@wilw What a nice guy. She died from cancer."My first 100 days were great!" "Sir, you have the lowest approval ratings in history & you're being investigated by the FBI." "But..WALL!" @SilverNova3082 @wilw Thank you! @tweetsoutloud "On today's episode of Arnold Picks Up Things, we follow Arnold to a nursing home, where he will bench press grandmas." @SilverNova3082 @wilw Wil isn't going to sign my book, no. He didn't do anything on it, it's my project. 😉🎶On the patio, ooh whoaaaa🎶 is how crabs eat
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