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@lartist Ha! Actually, not one word was mentioned on that, which was nice.Poop jokes, loud, obnoxious stories of inappropriate behavior, knocking drinks across a table. God, I love girls' night out.Quite the contrast in responses to the NC GOP attack:
Retweeted by Anne Witchon @wilw Wil. @bonniegrrl Dude, that thing is going to run across your neck in the middle of the night like the one Watson brought into our house. EEEK!!Time to go do something good for others to balance out the yuck in the world. Gods knows we need it.But you know, judge away, dude whose yelling at everyone he can on Twitter about the reproductive health of complete strangers.I'm grateful for the free services from Planned Parenthood when I didn't have health insurance and that's why donate to them annually now.I think the best part of this is I said "low-cost birth control" because I paid $10 for a month supply, yet he thinks he paid for it. HA!People are neat.I'm guessing this will be the only time he thinks he helped a woman, so I felt it was polite to at least acknowledg… @gtwhtshrk Thanks! @Mugsyface omg you're RIGHT! 😜 @quietcomposer Aww...😻Reminder: Just because someone has freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to listen to them. Freedom to mute or block is perfectly fine.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon @almostahermit Dibs written all over her face. @The_Kingslinger 🐭🧀🐭🧀🐭I can hear my sinuses squeaking in my skull which either means I'm getting better or mice are invading my attic. @adrithreads YASSS! @macsnapon I know. Now imagine Gervais' 11 million followers all arguing with that guy and tagging me in it. Whole bunch of angry mentions. @craigcmh There's a large portion of rural Indiana with an HIV outbreak because Pence closed Planned Parenthood there. What a champ. @macsnapon Thanks, Scott. I know that guy is super frustrating and I appreciate not being part of the conversation with him. 👍 @marticart So very stressed. @craigcmh @PPact They do! That's why it's so important to keep them open, especially in rural areas where it may be their only option. @almostahermit She also appears to be ready for total chair takeover. @DarrenK73 I didn't block @rickygervais, I blocked @RandySwaggers because he was a rambling buffoon. @BobbyTracy16 I've had to block some of these commenters because they keep tagging me in their argument with someone else. Ugh.As confident as you seem with polling in your favor, @realDonaldTrump, rigging is an odd way to let America know how you plan to win. @RobertgrizzlyP Please stop tagging me in your argument with @ RandySwaggers. I have nothing to do with this.I don't know about @rickygervais, but I really don't need to be tagged in your angry comments to @RandySwaggers. I blocked him 24 hours ago. @ChuckWendig The 'ol empty oil drum on the front lawn should work out nicely. @ChuckWendig Buy chestnuts, throw them in the fireplace, light fire, BAM! Roasted fire fuel. Totally not wasted. @AnneWheaton "I never said it was rigged" - Donald Trump from the worst version of reality where he wins
Retweeted by Anne WitchonHe claims polls are in his favor and he's confident he'll win but he thinks the election is rigged. Is rigged how he plans to win?Based on his claims, if Hillary's opponent wins the election, does that still mean it was rigged? @TommyZ34 I love bearded dogs. So cute! @nanook660 I think he's about 7Sometimes I worry about Watson's stress level. is beautiful.
Retweeted by Anne Witchon @river_rooster @PattioWarWagon @PPact Then please have it go toward education because you really need it.Men, women, and teens rely heavily on @PPact for basic health care needs. That's why they're #100YearsStrong., @river_rooster @PPact, because I'm a tax payer as well and I couldn't afford health insurance and I needed the care.Thank you @PPact for providing me with no-cost annual exams and low-cost birth control when I didn't have health insurance. #100YearsStrong @HamletIsDead I meant to do that and I think you're the only one who got it. 😜For the #MAGA crowd, who may be confused. “Turns out it's really hard to rig an election.” by @goldengateblond @carlosyenrac There it is! @dylan_1066 Still super stuffy but better. 😷I slept for 10 hours last night. Where's my medal? @tweetedhere People are weird. 😉
@Quoylette I use this recipe but I double it because this is obviously not enough. 😉 @ShimpySmurf Wil took it for me. @downsdispatch I am all for listening to rational people but I have no desire to subject myself to name-calling or hatred. That's pointless.The Hot Toddy: Making day drinking acceptable for the ill *cough cough* since the 1700s. @Laurawalsh18 @cutiechaser_ SO CUTEI am so sad I can't be there for this! @ShouldSleepMore @wilw PUPPEHS! @mizannieliz Aww.. @slkropp He's the best. @marisarocks I have this! I haven't used it yet today because my sinuses were completely closed but it's better so I'll use it for sure. @LinnLLAP Hehehe... @MileHiSandy Ha! I was saying this to Wil yesterday and he pointed out they do use their front paws sort of like hands so it's a hand. 😜Watson is the only cat I've ever had who snuggles into me and puts his hand in mine to sleep. SO CUTE. is not amused by your #caturday antics. @rickygervais Wolves don't kill animals for sport. I think @randyswaggers is confused about how nature works.This is Moose. He's rather h*ckin dangerous (you can tell by the collar). 11/10 would still attempt to snug
Retweeted by Anne Witchon @jaxder I don't know anything about that. I voted for Bernie but I never felt anything was rigged and I haven't heard him say that. @bookoisseur Thanks, lady!I almost feel sorry for the guy at how detached from reality he has become. @bookoisseur I'm going to be in DC next week. When you finish your bar crawl, I'd love a recommendation of your favorites! @VonAether @wilw I subscribed to his because there's so much overlap but I still have to block at least a dozen a day myself. @AshleyEsqueda Pretty!Reminder: Just because someone has freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to listen to them. Freedom to mute or block is perfectly fine.A lot of egg and anime avatar accounts getting blocked this year. Busy, busy, busy. @wilw @lartist *covers face in snot-filled kisses*Sometimes you just gotta cave and say "Yes, yes I need you, sinus crowbar" and use Afrin. #freedompuff @JugglerOfGeese He is a disaster.Imagine being so delusional that you think if you don't win something the system must be rigged, when the reality is not everyone wants you. @lartist This is the face he makes when he wants me to kiss on him a whole bunch. So, of course, I did.This guy.