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@almostahermit GOD SHE'S CUTEYeesh. is awesome! @mimi78 πŸ€”YAY!! been hit by You been struck by A
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @frosty75 WHUT @TammyRosenfeld Doctor said no ear or sinus infection, just some crappy virus that's going around that takes awhile to go away. Awesome.*Sneezes in public, blows nose in Kleenex, casually looks at phone, flips camera view toward self to confirm nothing's hanging off face* @ProfessorSnack Hahaha!The health questionnaire I had to fill out at Urgent Care is a little ridiculous. Yes, I wear a seatbelt. Now can you see me about my ear? @Micahtastrophe @RepDonBeyer It's not about democrat or republican, it's about common human decency. He has every right not to support this. @Micahtastrophe @RepDonBeyer He's been a U.S. Rep since '87 and has only skipped one other inaug, GWBush, because of Florida vote issues.For those who asked me where I got mine, it's here! is absolutely mind-boggling to me that @RepDonBeyer states his concern for human decency and gets this response. @Micahtastrophe @RepDonBeyer He lists numerous reasons pertaining to common human decency, respect, and equality, and that's your response?Day 5 of being sick=mouthbreathing day. I think it's also going to be go see the doctor day. #NotDownWithTheSicknessI just told hundreds of my constituents that I will not be attending the Inauguration Ceremony this coming Friday.…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @goldengateblond Last report I heard, over 200,000 people are attending the march Saturday in D.C., yet he's paying seat fillers for Friday.People with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can take steps to ease symptoms. Learn more:
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@midnight Fahrenheit 420 #MakeABookAmerican @cmpriest ALL TEH FACES"Excuse me, ma'am. It appears you are without a dog on this sofa so I am here to remedy that." @clearArmstrong Way to represent the childish commenters of America, champ. @_kenNERDdy I have my hands full with projects right now but if you want to help @PasadenaHumane you should absolutely do it! @chrislhayes @ddale8 "Words, so many words. I've got 'em all. They're a total scramble shitshow, but I got 'em all." #hero @AHMcDonald Aww..Watson is really maximizing his mom on the sofa quality time. Or he just likes the fleece robe. Whatever. Cats. @felicitykate Ha! No, some dude who found an old tweet of mine and is hoping to argue over it. No thanks, pal. @bergopolis I had to look it up. It's New World Order Conspiracy Theory. Next stop, Alien Town. @ScottBatemanMan People are neat.Someone just told me I have to either be MAGA or I'm an NWO conspirator. Nice to know the "with us or against us" crowd is alive and well. @speakboylese I was trying to decide if I should just wash my face now but then I went through all that effort to apply it so it stays!Showered, got dressed and put on make-up to go to the hockey game only to still feel too shitty to go. Nooooo...back to pajamas. πŸ˜”I've been wearing pajamas since Friday afternoon and I finally just got dressed and my god pants a bra and a shirt are evil confines @amberdiscko @lartist is doing them!
@seanbonner Ahh... @fairytaleteacup That's a really good idea. I'll get one! @humalongmarissa Ooh! Cookies!, @nbc and SNL are enjoying the Streisand Effect. related news, it's nearly 4:30 in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas. And yes, they still have paint on them. #TeamSlobI had about 45 minutes of feeling pretty good today so I used that time to paint. And then I got that paint on my pajamas. I am amazing. @_kenNERDdy You know I already have those! πŸ˜‰ @BrynetteB Keep me posted on adoption status!When life's problems keep piling up but you're trying to stay positive.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @AnneWheaton RT @HoustonChron: Needing a home: Lost dog walked children to their cars
Retweeted by Anne WheatonSO funny @SupportBones HAHAHA!Mentholatum smeared on the outside of my nostrils, kleenex twists shoved up them. Sunday just got real, real sexy.The fuck you looking at
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @dog_rates The cute is strong with our pups. They would be more than happy to participate.15/10 Would view*Boop* @vermiciousknits Aww...WORTH IT. πŸ˜‰I just got the "I am on your lap, therefore you cannot move" look from Watson. Someone please come refill my coffee. traded yesterday's headache and body aches for today's runny nose and earache. Yay?Not really how I imagined the second coming
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @mjcbarnes Win? This guy needs to stop using Twitter and focus on the job he wanted. @kellysaysso I am so embarrassed that he's going to represent our country. What a childish disaster. @AngerMonkey He just likes to bring everything back to the election because it's "Hey, remember that time I won a thing?" So insecure. Yeesh"....won't matter because I'm taking away health insurance for millions of people and many will die as a result." @SamSykesSwears "Mornin' Sam." "Mornin' Ralph." *punches time card*Maybe I shouldn't have taken 4 naps today.
@muskrat_john "Here at Grody & Sons, we'll fight for your right to be mesmerized and disgusted SIMUTANEOUSLY." @uzzah78 I'd admit to using a flip phone if I still had one. I totally don't care what anyone thinks. πŸ‘You'll just have to trust me that the link is mesmerizing and disgusting at the same time.Not sure why some of you can see it and others are saying the link is jacked. I can see it on my iPhone but Wil can't on his Android. Hm..WHAT wins. silent duel for who gets to be closer to the fire begins. @CraigyFerg When life gives you pervy produce, throw some googly eyes on it! signal boost the Sister Marches. There are 370, all over the world:
Retweeted by Anne WheatonMy family dog is 15 getting laser treatments for arthritis and my dad just sent me these pics of him in his protect…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton9-year-old Dink (A410135) is an affectionate lapdog looking for a forever home to spend his golden years:…
Retweeted by Anne WheatonWell for starters, a president-elect who "pops back" every time someone vocalizes not supporting him is a problem. Wil to get a thermometer and autocorrect tried changing it to thermonuclear so I guess I'm going to blow up instead of rest.Don't forget: You can order Plan B emergency contraceptive from @Amazon. Shelf life: 4 yrs. Who knows where our rights will be in that time.
Retweeted by Anne WheatonToday is a good day to make a donation to @ACLU.Donald Trump on John Lewis: " All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!"
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