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Author of the children's book "Piggy and Pug." Rescue pet advocate, wife, mom, dad joke aficionado.

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@cynr4200 For example... @cynr4200 The people involved? I'm not talking about any one thing in particular. I get tagged in tweets for all so…
@ZenStateGames Yay! @WinterFaery1984 Thank you for taking care of him. He appears to be very grateful. 😍 @par995_par9953 I get tagged in multiple tweets a day by many people on a variety of subjects. This isn't about any… @Lchunhajari It hasn't. It's under the cabinets. I saw a little bit of water along the whole edge of the cabinet an… @WookieHammer CUTE BABY!! @SciEdPhotoMom I highly recommend not using that method. Our brains are not meant to take in all the awful in the w… @Sharyn43560 "THROW IT!" @RCWr @wilw Thanks. It's important for us to stay together so it minimizes the stress on everyone! @Mobius___Strip I know. It's silly and honestly, I don't have time to even mute that shit. Gotta go pack up my kitchen! @joshuamneff Three places over 6 weeks, but yes!I'm so glad people understand this. Our life and our thoughts are our own. No one is entitled to us speaking on soc… focus now is we have 48 hours to move out of my house for 6 weeks because a pipe leaked under my kitchen cabinet… love that the responses are pet pics. Hehehe 😁I know there's a lot going on in the world that's super upsetting, but tagging me in tweets to join in the outrage… not what your country can do for you, ask what the fuck is happening to your country.
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Retweeted by Anne and mah frand! @ILoveLucyNo1 @DenverComicCon Aww, yay! I'm glad they like the book and the pins. Thank you for letting me know! @Kimthulhu I love this. Thank you!Heh. Creepy. #thestanleyhotel
Just a friendly reminder that if you're going to send me hashtags, photos, or videos to look at that involves anima…
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @SalvoSensu I've been sleeping with silicone earplugs in for years. I still hear everything. 😕 @PaulaShablo Thank you so much, Paula. Your review is beautifully written and captures exactly what I was going for…'s check-in! @Nuggety814 So cute!I love how many new friends @AnneWheaton made at @DenverComicCon!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @DesirreAndrews They're wonderful. @dibrewski I'm so glad you made it! And thanks for the cookies. They were delicious! @DesirreAndrews I had such a great time. 😁 @maichannelart Thank you! I'll be writing the next one this summer!Thank you, @denvercomicon, for such an amazing weekend. What a great way to end my convention experience for the y… @wasnt_serious He is SUCH a good boy. 😍
@kitteh303 Thank you. I had a great time. I hope your niece enjoys the book! @eyeluvmusic21 Thank you! You too! @OrigCocoNutty I had a great time. So nice meeting you. Give that kitty a nose boop for me! @RoninWolf02 @DenverComicCon Thank you so much. Let me know what he thinks of the book! @Rileah @DenverComicCon EEEEE! @wilw SO GOOD. cosplay game is strong at @denvercomicon. @amahnke EEEEE! 😍 @faith4jesusmom @DenverComicCon OMG 😍 @Antigone PUPPERS!Tweety buddies attending @DenverComicCon! I know it isn't easy to find my booth, but I'm at booth 139 right across… @eyeluvmusic21 @DenverComicCon I'm at booth 139 right across from the Kids Lab area! @AnneWheaton Also
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @AnneWheaton I’m all in with the cute pet pix.
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton @MannRomano omg 😍 @keridel OMG JAMES 😍😍🙂Speaking of cute pet pics, I saw this little cosplayer at @DenverComicCon yesterday. WHY ARE DOGS SO GOOD. I forget the internet has turned into a place of outrage, and correcting people. Oh, and cute pet pics. T… @eyeluvmusic21 @DenverComicCon I do!FunFact: There are many codes for psych holds. You don't need to correct me on the one I chose to use. 👍 @pangilinan Yeah, I had silicone earplugs in. I have bionic hearing and still hear stuff like that. BOOOOOO. @Stonekettle Hahaha!I've been awake since baby crying in the room next to me o'clock. Today is going to be a long day. @XHeather76X THEY REALLY ARE FRIENDS!! @KateSimonwriter Thank you, Kate. That's very sweet. @LisaPorro Oh no hahahaOMG OMG OMG 😍😍😍 @peeptoemama @I_Ailurophile OMG! 😍 @colohockeygirl Thank you for that info. It was great to meet you! @coniks2 I dated an LAPD officer for 2 years. He told me what it was.HAHAHA, that's way better than a psych hold. @heatherrph Hats how I signed her book the day before so she wrote it back to me. So sweet!Earlier today, someone asked me for a recommendation for a place to have dinner. I told him we ate at a super tasty… @RhysParton Thank you for this, Rhys. I'm so glad you're taking care of you. 💜 @KnitWitch Yay!! 😍This 20 month old little guy was so excited to get my book that he plopped down to look at it as soon as I handed i…
I love meeting little ones and sharing my book with them. I love even more when they come back to share what they t…'m doing two interviews this weekend so I thought I'd bring this book I put together a few years ago to talk abou… @SPN_Stargate777 @bonniegrrl @DenverComicCon Thank you, Tina. It was great to meet you. I hope you're feeling up to coming back today! 💜 @GregoryFalcone My husband. I don't always say my husband in each post, sometimes I just refer to him by name. @vantivirus1 @Isleen72 There are definitely situations where you can experience both of those feelings equally. @electricbuddha I guess this can be a teaching moment on making snap judgments when people don't know the whole story. @berkybee I wasn't trying to be vague. I was trying to just make a general statement on having compassion for people who are suffering.We do all we are capable of doing to help those we love and the community we reach with our words. Empathy and comp…