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I care about Animals & the 99 %. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around World. We are Legion. #IntelGroup

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UK approves embryo 'gene editing' declared dead after stage stunt slumps to $8bn loss stock markets fall on jobs data deal could 'displace millions' tarantula named after Johnny Cash of bee disease 'largely manmade' pays $470m for mortgage misconduct cancelled in budget cuts causes a commotion in Taiwan error caused 'havoc' for companies social media is transforming the fashion industry shares fall 26% on profit miss's 3.57 degrees of separation fixed iPhones 'disabled' shuts 125,000 'terror' accounts crane collapses in New York E-mail Account of Joint Secy in CMO Hacked | Feb 05,2016 at UCF compromises 63,000 Social Security numbers - Orlando Sentinel probes AnonSec hack claims, denies that one of its drones was hacked | Fox News cards hacked at 7 NJ restaurants 160 Million eBay Users Can Be Hacked: Fake Sales Listings Make Users Vulnerable To Infection cameras, eye-opening video, your safety is at risk - Cleveland Sofia Ahmad’s Facebook account once again hacked - Daily Pakistan Global Uber Riders' Accounts Hacked, Victims Say - Washington Heights - New York ‘Chinese eBay’ users hacked through dupe passwords House panel subpoenas hacked federal agency for documents | Reuters spike in WordPress hacks silently delivers ransomware to visitors | Ars Technica forums hacked, user info and encrypted passwords stolen - PC Gamer Website Hacked; Computers Filled With Viruses | Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS‘Hacked’ NASA Drone Footage Was Freely Available Online Before AnonSec Involvement botnet hacked to deliver free antivirus software | BetaNews Content On The Rise: Take SEO Precautions To Protect Your Site York County website offline again wants end to anonymous Bitcoin transactions • The Register Strike Again- This time 100 Thai Prison Databases Leaked Anonymous take aim at "legal rape" group Return of Kings - Houston Chronicle'Anonymous' hackers may have infiltrated York County government website | anybody out there? The real-life Fox Mulder opens up his X-Files | Television & radio | The Guardian footage which sent alien hunters into frenzy 'confirmed' as GENUINE by expert | Science | News | Daily Express, I will be able to break from writing and be on more tomorrow. Hoping your Thor's Day has been a good one. #MuchLuv 2 Friends <3Why lead paint was outlawed. #trump & #Palin #DumpTrump #UniteBlue #FeelTheBern @anon99percenter @MrCheckpoint
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @AnonymousWidget Hoping all is well Widget <3
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @AWiseLatina @anon99percenter same in uk. energy, transport oh & banking system get state help. This while robbing from the most vulnerable.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @FuqurSec I like what you said Brother. It speaks for me as well.While @BBC & @netflix are mucking about w/the broadcasting of Dr Who etc, I'll just go buy the DVDs they can BOTH lose my subscription money
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousIf Presidential Dropouts were announced like the Hunger Games. #randpaul Full video here:
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousShoutout to @RustyCoones, @Attika7 Golden Earring - Going To The Run @xxdjsethxx Brother...quick DM...diff topic than Uber @xxdjsethxx Its like every other corporation almost...screw the little guy as long as the top people get filthy rich#OPUber #AnonFamily @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#OPUber #AnonFamily This is the kind of stuff #Uber is doing 2 drivers who stand up against them. @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#OPUber #AnonFamily - #Uber is mistreating it's #drivers
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousNEW OPERATION AGAINST UBER HAS LAUNCHED, the video will be out! #OpUber
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#BecomeHeroHumanAgain(tm) #QuantumLEAP #QuantumFluxNewsService(tm)#QuantumFluxMachine(tm)
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousSocialism is when govt helps you out, I dare anyone on here to substantiate what corporation doesn't get govt assistance. I dare you.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousThankyou so much 4 Rt & likes x
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous David Bowie, Live Acoustic "Heroes" (RIP David Bowie)Taking a break..for my Dutch friends.. Guus Meeuwis - Het is een nacht - Groots met een Zachte G 2010
Have a great day if you can. Notting Hillbillies / I think I love you too much. #SailStrong #Anonfamily #MuchLuvGoing 2B offline again 2day. Whether U like me,hate me,whatever...if U want Anonymous 2 continue as a force 4 good, infighting must stop !4 U 2
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousStill working on my writing...Im hoping I may get a temporary break Friday. Spot is still doing good. Hope your day is going great. #MuchLuvOf the 1.93 million animal experiments in UK, over 150,000 (8%) were assessed as severe and 483,000 (25%) as moderate. #BoycottCambridge
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous The Possible End of Anonymous if Things Don't Change
Breaking for rest of the day. Bumper => Only the Lonely / Roy Orbison (RIP Roy Orbison)I won't be online today. I am trying to make progress on a writing if I don't answer a DM , its cuz I wasn't here 2 received The Miracle of SPOT ~ The Update
@Bitch_217 Im just tired of all the infighting :(Dropping offline 2 get back 2 work writing & then, hunting 4 Spot, so I will be gone a while. Sara Smile / Kotzen @anon99percenter u alryt
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter I did. TY
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter Sending positive thoughts
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter I hope you find spot well !
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter Will light my candle, sending all blessings to her And you, as always. 💜
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousConsider it done!! 😚
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter paws crossed. #OpFindSpot
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @AnonymousWidget Glad to have you around Widget :)
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousU will NEVER be an ex-Anon, it's in your blood Dear, U can't change that <3
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousVery sad to hear this. Going 2 send him condolences right now.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousLets quit all the fighting among ourselves, and reserve that for animal abusers, child abusers, rapists, cops who murder, etc. I am tired. @BiellaColeman No biggie..but would love your thoughts on DM @BiellaColeman Sis...sending a short DM @GreggHoush Gregg...I DMed you ....please respond if you get a chance..I know you are busy with #RebelNews @BiellaColeman @YourAnonNews @GreggHoush Thank you for all you do for Anonymous. I appreciate each one of you. <3 @CarolaAnkar Email answered. #MuchLuv to you and all the Swedish Anons as well @_Anonymous_swe_ @CarolaAnkar Sis...havent forgotten about the email..will chk..just been so busy with this writing assignment and my very ill cat...I have a dear Sister her on Twitter who is very ill, and for those who pray...please do so. She doesn't want me 2 use her name. Thank you. @papianon No real dumpsters nor outhouses near us....when i break from writing...will out on different route today @anon99percenter Checked nearby dumpsters, outhouses etc in case he got shut in?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @RealAnonPriest Ich bin Missionar Liebe und Licht zu Ihnen heute Bruder. Ich bekomme viele Dinge besser. @RealAnonPriest @anon99percenter @An0nSh4d0w My condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your entire family.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @anon99percenter oh dear
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @ricketzz Yeah, a week ago , as usual, he was in perfect health....high energy...just great @anon99percenter Outside feral guy?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @An0nSh4d0w so sorry for your loss. @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous @whiteangora Please DM me how you are doing Sis....when u can.
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