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7 lat temu wyszło Danger Days! Make some noise.
Retweeted by antalkaIs there any way Twitter can save this girl? Or a celebrity or something speak up about this. This isnt fair to he…
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Retweeted by antalka"I don't like being around them, they're so depressing" probably because they're depressed. Listen. You don't have…
Retweeted by antalkapeople commit suicide and y'all stay saying things like "damn I had no idea they were even suffering" FOH. Yes you…
Retweeted by antalka"wanting attention" is not an inherently bad thing? "it's so desperate" okay AND? maybe they are literally at the p…
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@Roromatic @Sercko Someone tweeted her first 'why have you been tweeting in English?' and she replied with 'I'm loo…
Retweeted by antalkaLmao cute Well, your prostate seems to be fine Me: I dunno...better check again. I'd like to be sure.
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4 years ago I met @lynzway and got the best hug ever ❤ don’t y’all check on your friends who publicly post that they want to kill themselves 12 times a day as a cry f…
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@iamjustbrian What a sweet little angel ❤Conor po „numerku” nawet do nas nie przyszedł tylko przebiegł koło nas i schował sie gdzieś jak debil, w tym czasie…
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Retweeted by antalkanapisałam do niego wtedy bo chciałam guesta na wyprzedany koncert nic poza tym ale typ nie zrozumiał xddd i kolejny…
Retweeted by antalkaabove that tweet you can find ss and story that Jack is talking about #NBTisoverparty
Retweeted by antalka @annazbik @morticiv Mi tez zwlaszcza ze niektorzy im nie wierza. To musi byc przykre @frikidk Nic to tylko moje marzenia :/ @annamilanollo :///// noooooo :( @annazbik @morticiv Pozniejszym :d w progresji? Chyba tam
More guns = less death from guns Murder of wild animals = conservation. Idiocy 🤦🏻‍♂️😶
Retweeted by antalkaactually we were there together and it really happened but back then I thought it was as a joke #nbtisoverparty
Retweeted by antalkathis is small compared to recent allegations against nbt but hints at their potential for an abuse of power
Retweeted by antalkaRemember when I was at nothing but thieves show in Warsaw and someone from the crew told me I wasn't dressed sexy e… @annamilanollo I love your hair and your sense of humor, also you are a great photographer ❤ have fun on tour!Anyone tagging #nbtisoverparty with allegations backed up by evidence/witnesses, you can contact the BBC privately…
Retweeted by antalkaso proud of everyone speaking up against sexual harassment!!!!!! it is NOT okay!!! and the people who do these thin…
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Retweeted by antalka @morticiv @antalkaa trzeba to rozpowszechnic <3
Retweeted by antalka @morticiv *tuli* cale szczescie trzymamy sie razem <3 @morticiv No, to jest straszne swinstwo dla osob ktore to przezyly :/Nagrode dla najlepszego admina roku otrzymuje @morticivZabroncie mi pisania na grupie nbt poland bo to zle dziala na moja psychike prosze :d czuje ze moja cala praca pojd… nothing but thieves: I’ve been a fan of this band since 2013. The fact they have denied the allegations, many…
Retweeted by antalkaif u like a band called Nothing But Thieves id like u to know that the drummer sent me videos of him wanking when i was underage
Retweeted by antalkain refusing to believe the word of survivors + expecting them to 'prove it' but accepting what your fave says as go…
Retweeted by antalkaseeing so many people say that girls making statements "don't have evidence" so they won't believe them...but as so…
Retweeted by antalkagood morning just a friendly reminder that just because someone is denying abuse allegations doesn't mean they are in the clear 😊😊😊
Retweeted by antalkaKolega nazwal mnie dnem intelektualnym, kazal mi wypierdalac, mowi ze jesli nieletnie osoby nie chca zeby stala im…
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Retweeted by antalkaSpotting @antalkaa while watching old MCR interviews is my favorite hobby
Retweeted by antalkaThat was where I talked to Gerard properly for the first time ❤❤❤ @annazbik @morticiv Juz niby wyszlo. Czekam na wiecej skrinow hehethis is a fucking disgrace. i’ve witnessed the behaviour of these guys towards minors myself and seen it directed t…
Retweeted by antalka @morticiv Ludzie chyba chca byc slepi :d zwlaszcza niektore osoby na grupie :dI'm disgusted with people attacking me and accusing of telling lies. I know it's hard to believe because you love t…
Retweeted by antalkafirstly he posted that statment, some proofs showed up and boooom where is he
Retweeted by antalka @PeteFandB @NBThieves I have noticed you have blocked @KeraStewart on Twitter.. weird that. Here's proof that you k…
Retweeted by antalkaI wanted to tweet something because once again I was outraged by the current situation in Pol**d BUT THEN I saw tha…
Retweeted by antalkaVictim blaming na nbt poland mnie tak triggeruje ze juz stamtad spadam :dYess YOU GO GIRL @RobertMoor4 @EmilarChar_H @NBThieves Dom & His band weren't even known at the time and there's proof he was at the…
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Retweeted by antalkaJesli juz to moge byc "nierozumna". "Nie" z przymiotnikami piszemy łącznie't your girlfriends hurt by you cheating on them with my friends? Lmao LIARS!!! @CassandraLP789 @troIoIoIo Dobrze ze ty patrzysz z innej perspektywy jak cie ktos obmacuje :d good luckciekawe kiedy ludzie zaczną traktować muzyków jak normalnych ludzi i skumają, że jak gwiazda pisze "chciałbym żebyś…
Retweeted by antalka @CassandraLP789 @troIoIoIo Yy nie chodzi o to ze sypiaja z fankami, ktore same chcialy :dd Ale np o to ze wypisuja… YOU MY GOD YES
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Retweeted by antalkaYES FINALLY YES you gonna acknowledge the accusations against Nothing But Thieves or not? @KerrangMagazine @opheliaced Tru:/are nothing but thieves on titanic? cause theyre clearly drowning
Retweeted by antalka @fudge_Iord Aww ok i love them already @opheliaced Yeah but media are still silent :/ i guess they only care when someone 'famous' is abused lol @opheliaced I like their music but ughh @opheliaced Yeah same, I'm so glad people are speaking up bc i've heard stories about them for years now:) @fudge_Iord That's so cool! Sweethearts ❤