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Author: Land of the Wilted Rose (Rupa); For Love & Honour (Bloomsbury); The Rat Eater (Juggernaut). Consulting Editor Swarajya. Columnist: Swarajya; Newslaundry

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I knew Gandhi better than most because he opened his real FANGS to me and I could see the inside of the man. If I D…
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Delivering the @SrijanFn Lecture tomorrow, Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 4 pm. Do come if you can. soon, my interview of @vivekagnihotri in @SwarajyaMag - on his film, his new book, on the phenomena of…"Read the book. Because some people don't want you to." - @rahulroushan Just arrived, and now reading,… new Podcast series on Science Academia-Industry- Technology Business Incubator outreach. We believe its the fir…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanSorry, but the nation's gone mad. Are those joints made of rubber? How can a Vice Chancellor be so fit? That, too,…
BOTH @INCIndia & @BJP4India EXPUNGED consultation clause for Vedanta BOTH @INCIndia & @BJP4India got ILLEGAL donat… success is when: Teacher: My student succeeds Sportsman: My team succeeds Jawan: My country succeeds Scientist:… @elonmusk isn't careful, his Pravda could ironically turn into the original Правда. This is why: @rahulroushan thinks today, @elonmusk thinks tomorrow. (A 2010 clip courtesy @Sharanyashettyy)
Kerala arranges for Ribavirin to be flown in from Malaysia. KUDOS, @CMOKerala, for following up on ALL possible tre… virus spreads; as viruses do. No response yet from Mr Nadda on Favipiravir, the Japanese drug that is effective… What about Imams, Hindu priests, Sadhu-Sant samaj, Swaminarayan sect? is a member of the minority community being subjected to open threats and fatwas. No outrage, op-eds, TV debat… Mr Akhtar might now like to admit his conjecture was wrong. incendiary tweet, with fake-news / unrelated images (possibly included deliberately to incite passions), is st…
Completion of Phase-III, bioavailability, toxicity of a drug (approved for use against other diseases) go out the w… hunch was correct. Ribavirin, the drug against Measles Polymerase, has indeed been used against Nipah Virus. Le… performed a BLAST with Nipah RNA Pol, against which Favipiravir acts. Good similarity with Measles Pol, agains… @FujifilmHealth, your company Toyama makes Favipiravir, the anti-H5N1, anti-Ebola drug approved for use in Japan… @JPNadda, I plead with you again, sir. Contact Toyama Chemical Company in Japan immediately and stock up on Fa… one have saved Nurse Lini had she been administered Favipiravir - an RNA Polymerase inhibitor already approve…"Take care of my kunju. Kisses." Ms Lini, the Kerala nurse who cared selflessly for the Nipah-infected patients, h…
"The Pandits kept waiting..." Deeply poignant yet stinging piece by @VaradSharma. A cry in the wilderness, a cry f… the drug front, there is hope, too. Published just last week: Favipiravir protects against Nipah virus. Think it… subunit, VLP-based vaccine provides COMPLETE protection against the deadly Nipah Virus. Don't know if this is cur… is very dangerous. Although the Nipah reservoir is a bat, human-to-human transmission has also been reported.…
Murder and mayhem continues unabated in the red corridor. Registered as a mere blip, nothing more. Tomorrow is anot… this is welcome news, there is also a strong case for redesigning university courses in the Humanities so tha… Turns out Darwin's children doodled extensively on his original manuscript of The Origin of Species. Ind… TMC thugs thrash one of their own, garland his wife with shoes, make her do squats. Other reports (@Ei_Samay,… this tweet as have been informed by @Amit_Tiwariitgn that @ttindia did carry a report on this incident. Ha… spared a thought for Apasmara, the midget demon writhing under the feet of the dancing Nataraja? Here, the Har…
My opening remarks: Given there are seven seats either side of the majority mark, the BJP had two options: to poach… | This is a huge embarrassment for BJP, people are going gaga over how emotional the speech of…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanMr Yeddyurappa right now. #KarnatakaFloorTest mia! Someone needs to stop Michelangelo. Now he climbs in through the bathroom window and sneaks off with a p… made my day. Party that fought tooth & nail AGAINST the Governor calling the single largest party to form the… Just when one thought Prof Guha's knowledge of Law was a tad better than his knowledge of History. This is… mia dolce madre di dio! The pressure of delivering one triumph after another seems to have got to Michelangelo.…
No. No one should be nominated. These are Houses of ELECTED representatives. People can be nominated to the Rajya S… nomination of Anglo-Indians to the Lok Sabha as well as to the State Legislative Assemblies as MPs and MLAs is… made my day. Man who today DEMANDED that an Anglo-Indian SHOULD NOT BE nominated so as to bolster the numbers… made my day. The same two men who now want the date of an Assembly floor test to be extended and shortened res… Shah 0, Supreme Court 1.
Well-done, @INCIndia. Proud of you. Now walk the talk - something that you could have done when you were in power b… has it that in the 1995 Presidential elections, when Saddam learnt nine Ba'ath Party members had instigated… was written by me five years ago, during the UPA, when it was spending 400 crores on newspaper ads every year.… it came to power in 2014, this shameless @narendramodi govt has spent three-quarters of a billion dollars on…
Islamic conquests during Ramzan: Badr, 624 Mecca, 630 Guadalete, 711 Al-Zallaqa, 1086 Hattin, 1187 Ain Jalut, 1260… SINGLE-MOST incompetent minister, in the SINGLE-MOST incompetent government, EVER given the job to run the nati… Shah. #KarnatakaElections2018
My opening remarks on @ETNOWlive: Let's be honest. Cong is nothing more than a regional party. If only it'd bottle… Manipur, BJP (21 seats) was invited for a floor test. It DID NOT have a pre-poll alliance with NPF (4), NPP (4),…, 2017. The BJP had 21 MLAs in a 60 seat house. Congress had 28. And yet, the Governor Ms Heptullah invited… HD Deve Gowda trying to control his MLAs. #KarnatakaPollResults't know what kind of Modi wave is this to have lasted four years. The more you try and block it, the stronger it… should be wary of looking too much into the Karnataka victory. 2024 is still very much an open race.Cambridge Analytica 0, Amit Shah 1.
So long, fustian turnip. Benedictions for May 24. Don’t turn eau-de-nil in front of the vaticidal spouse of an igni… Cruelty to wife. Imprisonment upto 3 years. 306: Abetment of suicide. Imprisonment upto 10 years. is burning; polling booths captured; voters intimidated; journalists attacked, many hospitalised; reporters… Yes, yes, but what about @cpimspeak violence? Shrugged. @ttindia congratulate @MamataOfficial for turning Bengal into a war-zone without American intervention. Unprecedented a…
Dear Ms @nsitharaman. One realises that Law & Order is a State subject, but enough is ENOUGH. Get reinstated ALL ca… turned round this harrowing photo of our brave CRPF jawan hit by a stonepelter, and now battling for his life.… the stone-pelter: Throwing stones at infidels is a holy act. A special place is ascribed for those who do so… Wild West Bengal. @vikramsampath, just saw @anuraag_saxena's tweet, of your mother's passing away recently. Shocked and devastat…'t know about him being Michelangelo but you sure are Boccaccio. That was dazzling.
Sistine shut for the night but that doesn't stop Michelangelo from shimmying up a drain pipe like a coconut tree cl… of a cattle-grazer; Gramsciesque use of 'Subaltern'; non-Elite. I'm afraid this is a horrible run of borrowed i… is an acid test for Modi. If he loses this, no way is he coming to power in 2024.All these self-appointed intellectuals, eminent journalists, and velcro historians remind one of the Titanic. Pompo… stone-pelters spill on to the streets, the rest become journalists. [Illustration by Pawel Kuczynski.] Brijesh Kalappa is the kind of man who, if he were to lose an election on ballot paper, would blame the Brigade…
My opening remarks on the @ETNOWlive #KarnatakaElection2018 debate: The common Kannadiga stands no chance in winnin…