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Years from now, when they ask what was Modi's BIGGEST blunder, tell them: not inducting Swamy in the cabinet.'s no policy paralysis, just bad decision-making. Brilliant assessment of our Economy, by @pujamehra. Do read. me ages, but I think I finally know where our errant news handles get their inspiration from. (h/t @blitzerr11) @bibekdebroy @ashwinskumar And btw heartiest congratulations, professor.Sheer genius. kya chahte, iPhone 8. Zor se bolo, iPhone 8. Steve hum sharminda hain, Lava, Samsung zinda hain. (h/t… are the only passengers who clap when the plane lands. Very unnerving. Made me not fly Aeroflot ever again.Always suspected from their in-flight service & Russian pilots, that Spice Jet was owned by the Kremlin and run by… of @CricketAus to have kept this a secret. You can say Goodnight Vienna to Australia's chances now. (h/t… @ARanganathan72 Whataboutery alert!!!
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanIf a tiger is a lion, then Pakistan is not a terror state. for @republic to use the image of a sartorially swadeshi BJP leader as Google has removed all images of the re… same man laundered Rs 642 cr of black money in collusion with the UPA, according to the quasi-judicial ITAT. Th…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanIronies don't come more absolut vodka than this. The new owner of Ndtv coined the phrase "Ab ki bar Modi sarkar."
This made my day. Man who says those who go to the West to study come back as spies, himself sent three of his chil… why India always wins. Rohit hadn't missed the catch, Australia wud have played differently!Kuldeep Yadav might not have got the hat-trick. Small contributions!
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanYou know what my worry is? No, not that Aussies are playing well right now; but that with 10 runs to get, Manjrekar would be back.Sri Lanka Today. (h/t @nareshgan) everything is going according to plan and Sanjay Manjrekar comes on to commentate. What the Australians promised. Right: What the Australians delivered. idols are being immersed and Didi can do nothing about it.Well, the hon'ble court just told you what to do, so STOP playing to the gallery & using such reprehensible languag… is a legend. That stumping was unbelievable. Like Congress politicians he watches the feet; only and only the… Aptness of Anger. One of the most enthralling works I have read in recent memory, by @amiasrinivasan. Brilliant.'m afraid Firishta (b 1560) was talking through his hat as these charts show. India popln in 1500 was 105 mill. Al… a BJP govt had postponed Muharram procession to allow for idol immersion, column-miles would have been written b…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanYET ANOTHER rebuke of Ms Banerjee by the courts. But she has decided already which road to walk on; a road paved wi…, gruesome incident. Terrible news.
Handle operator: Sir, what image should we use with this cricket news? Editor: Wrong'un. (h/t @kim050301) wrote about the impossibility of eliminating TB in India by 2025 months ago.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan2025 too short a time to eliminate tuberculosis from India. cc @JPNadda. [Don't set goals you cannot possibly reach] recap, the incidence trends for TB, Malaria, HIV have been consistently decreasing. This is good news. Let's NOT… is what @JPNadda needs to do, to eradicate TB. IMPOSSIBLE. (See global trend.) To make things tougher, he's se… data still not available. 2015 data shows India had a TB incidence of 2.84 million. What is REALLY scary is th… the Minister didn't mean we have "halted & reversed" the trend on TB incidence. Because the trend has been con… DD tweet (now deleted) was misleading. What the Minister actually said was that we have "halted and reverse…, what. Hopefully, next challenge for the govt would be putting an end to attending pressers while smoking high…, Tommy Cavalieri is intent upon milking the great battle between Michelangelo and Andy Warhol. All roads… #WarholDidIt. this tweet from a Republic Editor does, I'm afraid, is show that Arnab was talking of the same riot that Rajdee… made my day. An article that preached journalistic integrity and punishment for plagiarised content, itself ha… on Indian Journalism. this insane logic, Einstein (E=MC2, made nuclear fission realisable) & Nobel (Dynamite, killed millions) should… allegation of sleaze & double-dealing in Indian Journalism. Met with silence. No one chasing this story. Why? years ago, Indian media was fawning over Suu Kyi even as she was rampantly discriminating against Muslims. Sudd… piece on Shinzo Abe's visit in today's economic times - sticking STRICTLY to security as usual
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanThose who NEVER accept a word of "Yogi's Police" are now quick to believe them. If the perpetrators were Hindus, th… woman raped by Muslim men, forced to eat meat (later denied by Police) and convert. IGNORED by HT HateTracker. Mullahs 'threaten to overthrow Union Government' if #Rohingya Muslims living illegally in #India are evicted.
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In times of responsibility in journalism, N. Ram of The Hindu lied about his role in Bofors - India.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan2/2 Arnab's story is IDENTICAL to what Rajdeep narrates in his book. The incident is the same. So was Arnab there?… video that Rajdeep tweeted, and which was soon deleted from Youtube. Arnab CLEARLY narrates a personal experien… deleted?'s article, that appeared 1 month after the blasts, on Dawood & the reasons behind Terrorism. (via @swapan55) Expose them, then. becoming a story in itself, this. interview with the writer, thinker, and economist @tca_tca on the past, the present, and the future of the @RBI.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanWhat a piece, by @tca_tca; slow, settled, superlative. Do read. (via @MakrandParanspe) CM @PemaKhanduBJP writes to @HMOIndia expressing inability to absorb Chakma and Hajong refugees as citize…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan @republic Arnab on Rohingyas (14:00-14:27). Sounds even worse than what I had paraphrased hearing it live.…'s exposition of Romans 2:1-3
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanI hear Michelangelo has just made some rather disturbing allegations against Andy Warhol. Warhol must answer.Okay. I just read this. Unreal hate. But I repeat: Bahl wiped out all his posts without redressal or knowing this. @Raghav_Bahl So the owner/editor didn't like a tweet & without redressal or an explanation wipes out author's entir… decision by @Raghav_Bahl. Taking down all author posts because of 1 silly tweet, without waiting for his… Ambedkar on Islam.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanA Journalist. A Moderate. And "proud to be intolerant." Charlie Hebdo journalists were murdered in cold blood, and a fellow journalist, a Moderate, had this warning for…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanSeparatists did ethnic cleansing of a minority in Kashmir. But their sympathizers have the cheek to compare…
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Whataboutery - from Ambedkar to Armageddon: Principles & Pitfalls. My column on outing media hypocrisy & selectivity
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72 "Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. I'll waste no time reading it"
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanArnab @republic: "I DON'T CARE. LET ROHINGYAS BE FOUND FLOATING AROUND IN THE INDIAN OCEAN. DON'T DUMP THEM HERE." Arnab, you are disgusting#Rohingya refugee intake.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanFor a second I wondered aghast, at what kind of derisive comment this was against the author. Then I realised, and… God, we're a touchy lot. It was a harmless tweet. So she hates the PM & ridiculed him. I mean, so what. virus spreads. #IndianJournalism dumping in rivers leading to antibiotic resistance: Experts
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanImportant piece. Do read.