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But this is the bare truth, and this is what took one so long to realise, that most of our journalists would rather… this man is happy, I am happy. Period., @PMOIndia. Onwards and upwards. no. #Moody upgrades India’s sovereign rating first time in 14 years (last one was during Vajpayee years). Rupee…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72 Here is the video of the @Redfmbengaluru airing the debate over origin of #MysorePak 😂😂
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanMeanwhile. time to land in Chennai. Well-done me. media houses fell for a sarcastic tweet on ‘Mysore pak’ by @ARanganathan72 & goofed up big time!
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanHow sections of the media reporting on the ‘war of words’ between Tamilians and Kannadigas over the #Mysuru Pak got…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanMainstream media and the lost art of satire by @nirwamehta with due credit to Rahul Gandhi, naah to @ARanganathan72
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan.@ARanganathan72’s priceless reaction to his 2 year old meme becoming the news peg for a food war between states wi…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan🤣🤣👇@ARanganathan72
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan
Is Mysorepak a Tamilian invention or a Kannadiga invention?
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanAs always, authentic documents come to the rescue. Here it is - confirmation that Mysorepak is a Tamilian invention.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanTamil media now picks up the authentic Macaulay endorsement in a big way. (via @NaadhanThaal)'s mutating faster than Ebola. Now in Tamil mainstream media. @ARanganathan72
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanThe Bangalore Mirror follows. (via @gothilla) glad the Tamilian delicacy Mysorepak has brought Lord Macaulay back from his grave. Yet another report. (via… Finally, my deep appreciation of Michelangelo also did not go unnoticed. The incorrigible @KyaUkhaadLega once m… There have been a few other satires, taken as true by many, and almost picked up by the MSM, but better sense p… Soon the Media picked it up. Tribune ran a major story. They interviewed all involved (except me, of course).… Some began asking famous Indian journalists for confirmation, or of their possible involvement in the Harappan… The story, of the National Museum loaning priceless artefacts to journos, including the Harappan Dancing Girl,… Three years ago yours truly wrote a satire, as part of the Doodles series. The article contained this letter, t…, god. Had completely forgotten about that episode. Thread. 1/n, the story has taken a life of its own as it journeys through the various papers. So 1853 is now 1835;… Macaulay's historically accurate Mysorepak endorsement finally reaches the Hindi mainland, via Agencies. (h/t… Macaulay and Lord Crincklybottom's Mysorepak testimonials are now reaching millions of Tamilians, in print and…"बता दें, २ फ़रवरी 1853 को लॉर्ड मकौले ने कहा था" Lord Macaulay's Mysorepak endorsement now in Hindi; Swatantra Var…
By the way, hate to break it to the gentle Marathi folks, but Sambar is a Tamilian invention, not Maharashtrian. [L… Marathi now. [Lord Macaulay is mentioned by name but Lord Crinckleybottom, presumably difficult to write in Mara… more. another one. Stunned. This is getting UNREAL now. Dear Indian media. In GOD'S NAME, stop. Kannan, sorry but it's your word against TOI and India Today. [Also, if I may, what kind of Tamilian are you,…, Tamilians, Countrymen; lend me your iyers. Now you have IRREFUTABLE proof, via the trusted @timesofindia a… Today: "[Macaulay's] account [of the Mysorepak origins] is quite moving." SPEECHLESS. IN HEAVEN'S NAME is going on. Now @IndiaToday follows suit, believing my Macaulay story. On #NationalPressDay.… "In 1835, British officer Lord Macaulay had talked about the origins of Mysuru Pak during an address in the In… Cannot. Be. Serious. @timesofindia takes my old sarcastic tweet of the Macaulay story for real and PUBLISHES a… is this @BJP4India MLA not arrested and charged with threatening and inciting violence? Sorry that…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanEverything you wanted to know about Padmini but were afraid to ask: 1. 2.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan17. @BJP4India MLA threatens to BURN DOWN any theatre that screens the film Padmavati.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan141. @INCIndia wants to STALL, BAN release of the film Padmavati. (via @Tejas_Bhatt)
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanGiven a choice, which Delhi would you like @ArvindKejriwal to be in-charge of?There is a city called Paris. In Texas. truth. Twitter & Facebook are the crutches on which Mainstream Journalism hobbles towards respectability.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanMainstream Media. Left: before SM. Right: after SM.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanThere was tweet of yours @ARanganathan72 with pic "without MSM and with MSM".I suppose it deserves to be retweet
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanOn #NationalPressDay, a shout-out to the millions of twitter sentinels, for exposing bias, fraud, selectivity, and… Mainstream Journalism has outsourced fact-checking to its readers. It's free but it comes at a huge cost.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanEvery Tamilian will fight to the last man woman and child to protect our sacred Tamil heritage as embodied in the i…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan
Is Mysorepak a Tamilian invention or a Kannadiga invention?Sure. Truth shall prevail. forward to being in Chennai, the undisputed home of Indian culture and cuisine, on the 17th and the 18th, a… is no battle to be had. It is universally accepted that Mysorepak is a Tamilian invention. [Please see suppor…, @BBCWorld. A Milk ball? is what I love about journalists. They know so much more than rocket scientists.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanA millennium from now, when they scour the internet to dig up proof of how logic and common sense became extinct in… @BJP4India DROPS the screening of S Sasidharan's film S Durga at the International Film Festival organised by i… me, this won yesterday's internet.
True greatness is judged not by how many good men agree with you but, rather, by how many great men disagree. For… of Speech and Expression under Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. A comprehensive, crowdsourced thread.
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanJawaharlal Nehru was, in many ways, a Public Sector Unit himself. Venal, frivolous, subsidised, blundering, haughty… of Expression under @INCIndia. A comprehensive, crowdsourced thread in response to @ShashiTharoor's tweet:…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan165. @INCIndia BANNED the film Nastik. @INCIndia BANNED Prakash Jha's documentary Faces After the Storm. Police under @INCIndia BEAT UP journalists protesting against its draconian anti-press bill. @INCIndia's CM revealed the idea for the DRACONIAN anti-press bill had been Indira Gandhi's.… @INCIndia enacted the DRACONIAN anti-Press bill. @INCIndia got the editor of @htTweets SACKED. (via @praashok) @INCIndia workers BURNT copies of newspapers and magazines, THREATENED editors with physical liquidation. @INCIndia 159. @INCIndia's CM BURNT copies of the magazine 'Sunday' because it published stories on him and his fam… @INCIndia BANNED Rabindra Sangeet (26 songs). CBFC under @INCIndia BANNED the film Samskara, based on Ananthamurthy's famous novel by the same name.… Police under @INCIndia ARRESTED editors Ajay Mitra and Guru Sharan Singh of Singhbhum Ekta and Samata respecti… @INCIndia DEMANDED a BAN on the iconic film Parasakthi. @INCIndia BANNED Krishna Chakravarty's novel Amanabik.
Not on. Looking at the audience that was composed mostly of JNU students, whatever gave Sri Sri the idea that he wa…