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Coming soon, Defence Minister @nsitharaman's first on-camera interview exclusive to @SwarajyaMag, delving deep into… three-part series on Tuberculosis. Do read. #WorldTuberculosisDay
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanNash Equilibrium & Biology. Ever wondered why most Indians are latently infected with tuberculosis? Do read. Magical.
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On the Nadimarg Massacre, from Rahul Pandita's Our Moon has Blood Clots.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan11 men, 11 women, and 2 children were lined up. Then shot. They were Kashmiri Pandits. The day was March 23, 2003.…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanWhen your level of ignorance surpasses your level of idiocy. Yet another incident of sexual harassment against two JNU professors. One hears the accused are still holdin… @muglikar_ @IndiaPeCharcha @PrasadKarwa My pleasure. But I don't like the moniker you have given yourself - Garibon… @muglikar_ @IndiaPeCharcha @PrasadKarwa Clear and crisp. Very nice indeed. Enjoyed it.Dosto Episode 01 of #MuglikarExplains on @IndiaPeCharcha is out. Topic: NPA Crisis & Facts. Link:…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanStephen Hawking’s article on black holes in binary star systems, published in Nature in 1971:…
Retweeted by Anand RanganathanGandhi is a traitor, a collaborator; @INCIndia indulged in a treacherous bargain, Nehru's real role must be exposed…"We should not utilize our energy, our spirit of sacrifice, our labours and our indomitable courage in the way they…"Charity never faileth." Mahatma Gandhi's appeal to the Viceroy asking for the death sentence to be commuted, on t… tariff protection for this water guzzler is insane policy:
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Indeed. This is a major blooper by @timesofindia, one that has now sadly gone viral. 25.9 million jobs weren't CREA… million jobs CREATED in one year - that, too, by just one sector? This sounds too good to be true. In fact, a… Bend in the River. My column on river-linking, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT project @PMOIndia needs to undertake. On…
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathann/n Submergence-tolerance, salt-tolerance, drought-tolerance, river-linking - these should be TOP priorities for… Just see the results with the Swarna transgenic variety. Absolutely BRILLIANT. This is EXACTLY the kind of cut… the good fortune of attending a talk recently, by Dr AK Sinha of @NipgrSocial, courtesy a symposium organised b… Bend in the River. My column on river-linking, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT project @PMOIndia needs to undertake. On… Never gave it a thought until this moment. Agnihotri's etymology is, the men who practised Agni hotra, i.e.… made my day. Man boasting about how he can secretly record conversations using a hidden camera, himself gets s… made my day. Men assemble to reduce pollution, by burning 50,000 kilograms of wood. (h/t @bhak_sala) has well and truly begun. There should be no place in our country for these vigilante barbarians. Swift justice and the strictest…
STUNNED. Prof Guha, in virtue-signalling while advocating others to not be selective, forgets that he is perhaps th… Prof Guha names Periyar as one of the Makers of Modern Asia; is laudatory, but WIPES OUT his call for brea… @kvijayraghavan on what it would take to eliminate Tuberculosis from India - more science, more research, more h… those who justify & rationalise Naxal violence, swallow their tongue when asked should Pandits pick up the gun.
Retweeted by Anand Ranganathan"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." - The Wire.
Brits do have a funny sense of humour. story of Mr Harjit Masih - the lone witness (whose account many journalists are adamant should have been taken… this I disagree. Parliamentary protocol should never come in way of the basic courtesy, that of informing distra… to even state that responsible govts can't just go by statements of a lone witness. They need concrete,… some shame. The announcement on the tragic fate of the 39 Indians has been made on the back of concrete, foren…, and irrespective of whether some want a religious minority status for L or like Yeddyurappa, for V-L, I am TO…
This made my day. Man whose party and its supporters are currently turning apoplectic with rage at today's decision… of the most elegant proofs of Darwin's Theory (Axiom) of Evolution is that the soil-dwelling bugs are very GC-r… But your itch to use a catchy phrase like 'Dark DNA' to hype up a mundane technical sequencing snag does rais… days since as many as nine FIRs relating to serious sexual harassment were filed by the female students of JNU.… like that, with a click of its finger, @BJP4India with full support of @INCIndia has wiped away ALL traces of t… week ago, @ArvindKejriwal was one sanguine, upbeat, binkying and jouncing rabbit. Then Majithia switched on the… to find self-respect and morality in Politics is like trying to find ethics and objectivity in Journalism. I…
Another map of all the places mentioned in the Mahabharata. Titled in Marathi, this quite brilliant map was drawn m… thankful he didn't mention Subrata or Prannoy. made my day. Man who said Dr Manmohan Singh was neither a sardar nor asardar now says he is not only a sardar… same RSS Organiser, that expelled Sita Ram Goel for critiquing Jawaharlal Nehru, was banned by Jawaharlal Nehru."The RSS is the BIGGEST collection of DUFFERS that ever came together in world history." - Renowned Historian Sita… right here is the tragedy of India. One step forward, ten steps back, then more, to bullock-cart travel, hunti…
Excellent piece. And yet again one is left wondering how one man can be correct in everything that he said. About e…, vile ideas being peddled by these treacherous southern supremacists out to destroy this nation. All Indians… National Congress. Helping divide Indians since June, 1947.
Unbelievable. Maoists and Naxals were secretly growing poppy on 500 acres of land to fund their terrorism. This sho…"Stephen Hawking said Vedas have theory superior to Albert Einstein’s e=mc^2." Turns out our Science Minister's so…"Caste will be destroyed only if the Brahmin is DESTROYED. Brahmin is a snake entangled in our feet" - Periyar (ref… some Muslims got peppered by gulal, a 45-strong Muslim mob assaults Hindu religious procession with sticks… ignores dozens of crimes where perpetrators were non-Hindu; ignores many Muslim victims like Farook & Ayub… gang of men stop a Dalit bridegroom from passing through their area on a horse. Earlier Thakurs had assaulted a D…
If @ArvindKejriwal was running General Electric he'd have made it a six-stigma company.'Here Lies AAP' is not an epitaph on some tombstone; it is a daily occurrence. (Image courtesy @bsmajithia.) Indian politics, people succeed not because they are successful and worthy, but because their adversary failed.… farmer: "After the protesters were arrested, CPI (M) workers came and set the tents on fire." Dr Ambedk…
And also shows the fragility of branding the electorate fascist one day and secular the next. They are the only inv…"The belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a fairy story for people afraid of death." - Stephen Hawking.…
Criminal how ill-prepared our brave CRPF jawans are, to tackle these monsters. When the State doesn't back you, bravery turns into bravado.India HAS become a lot safer for us, but NOT for those who protect us. A CRYING shame. @HMOIndia place, same force, same message, different days. INTOLERABLE. This CANNOT be allowed to go on. Cannot. #Sukma
What should also have been unacceptable for you, Ms Swaraj, is welcoming someone who abused the Indian Army, mocked… left his home in the SP and returned home to the BJP. Tomorrow he will leave his home in the BJP and… and amused in equal measure by the outrage over #NareshAgarwal joining the BJP. You mean to say there a… Vs People. It has always been politicians versus the people, and it will always remain so as long as t…
Some images from the #KisanLongMarch.
MONUMENTAL advance towards eradicating Malaria Using CRISPR, scientists have knocked-out a mosquito gene that help… encapsulates perfectly the ratio of the extent of corruption in, and committed by, the Congress and the BJP.
Where Michelangelo, in trying to impress the Italian nobility hastily paints a masterpiece, that is until a wily ar…, India's average GDP per capita growth was 1.3%. World average was 2.4%. 1980-2000, India's average GDP… must-read piece by @arvindneela, about the man who defamed and slandered even Dr Ambedkar.