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Human, Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain RCN, Investor/VC, Dragon. Living my life like it's the only one I have.

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Flower power from @caroljsroth, @genemarks, & @ArleneDickinson at #AccelerateBiz event on March 2nd in Toronto…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonGood to remember that many rich people go to monks to find the personal happiness & joy their money can't buy them. #peace #selfless #life#ThrowbackThursday to #OCGala16, guest speaker @ArleneDickinson! Tickets to #OCGala2017, available now at…
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👇🏻seems like another person who sat beside him for years has formed the exact same opinion. too many fund managers are afraid to say that govt & many institutions are the issue with VC b/c they're afraid they will be shut out.The institutions & govt agencies in Canada willing to invest in new Venture Funds are incredibly risk adverse. How's that for an oxymoron.Yes! And the reason there is too small a VC industry in 🇨🇦 has to do with a shocking lack of courage to invest in a… oil prices are surging. Here's why:
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson"Embrace the mess" - @ArleneDickinson on why #entrepreneurs should stop searching for work/life balance: @YouInc
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson#FutureOfFood --> "Climate change will affect every aspect of food production," says new @FAOnews #FOFAReport
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Whoever thought of @RidePeloton is brilliant. Spin classes at home. SO smart! Sold in Canada?Little house on the water."Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself." Robert Green IngersollThis is awesome! Send me! Be there in 800,000 years w our current propulsion technology. More work to do. Let's get…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMissed out on booking a campsite for the May long weekend yesterday? @Albertaparks shares still available hidden ge…
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson.@ArleneDickinson's @DVaccelerator is accepting applications for its next cohort. Apply here by April 10, 2017:
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"The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." ~ Anne FrankIn order to never quit you have to see hope, and in order to see hope you have to never quit.Have you seen Cameron Green? He is currently #Wanted in #Calgary. May still be driving red truck in photo.…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonIn what order do you post your twitter profile info?5 great tips to help you start off on the right track with your networking: #Networking
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThe hope of kids in refugee camps not getting help, or getting an education is lost b/c ppl are more interested in process than compassion.Done as either a woman or man would do. need men (and women) to stop telling women to act more like men in biz. And men (and women) to embrace/reward wo… black soccer player cried after he was racially abused by fans.
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Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @DaleRM you're right. My mistake sorry. And BC was last week. We def need to get Nfld this holiday ;). @brentwhite555 @JIMrichards1010 it's not either or. Both matter. The environment and the economy. heartfelt thank you to all the #RCNavy families across Canada. Your unwavering support enables our success at hom…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonLife in the fast lane. image of the death of a low-mass star like the Sun taken by @HubbleTelescope. Credits: ESA/Hubble, NASA…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHappy Family Day everyone. Given today's world a great way to celebrate is to gather everyone around and look at your family tree.If evil is contagious, so is goodness. Let us be infected by goodness and let us spread goodness!
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonSomething to bring a smile to your face. It's pure joy! @springsteen that was amazing. Changed that boys life :) #RCNavy is participating in #Canada150! Check out how we plan to commemorate Cda’s strong naval heritage…
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There were about 600 food & beverage deals representing about $56b for 2016, & 2017 shows no sign of slowing down:
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonLatest Swedish shade is the best. (And it doesn't need an allen wrench.)Wait a minute Kev-the very same @cbc who employed you for years? THAT one?! Great use of sarcasm -- I almost though… @telfordk agreed. It takes everyone moving faster on what needs to happen. Speed to action isnt just a government issue. We all own this.A respite from the despite.
RT if you appreciate ethical, smart, often courageous journalists & the #realnews they deliver so we can be informed.I guess we can all stop wondering if one person can make the world better or worse.Kev can you also squeeze in a tiny break at some point to support 🇨🇦 entrepreneurs? I know you're busy down there b…
Don't forget to tune into @cbcdocs tonight to watch the premiere of #TrueNorthCalling! @TundraNorthTour
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMy op-ed on really helping women in business succeed. and abuse are never ok. Standing firmly by my friend @iamIqraKhalid as she fights against racism and intolerance.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonAll the talk about challenges faced by women entrepreneurs must stop, says @ArleneDickinson—it’s time for action.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonLooking forward to my @msacceleratebiz event w/ @caroljsroth & @ArleneDickinson on 3/2 :
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"It's just... so long for now." CBC host and humorist Stuart McLean has died at age 68:
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson[INFOGRAPHIC] The Science Of Sleep #Sleep #Infographic
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonChecking your #email after work hours is bad for your mental health via @mydomaine
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonAll Successful Startups Begin With This Checklist via @mydomaine #StartupAdvice #BizAdvice #Success
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonDuck Duck Goose anyone? yearbook pic from the 1958 debate club? your biz gaining sales & traction, but needs a bit of a boost? Apply to be considered for our next cohort: #yyc
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMade fresh batches of our Fresh Herb Dressings today & stocked up.Young St & Barrington Superstores! Fresh Basil Pe…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonA note to folks running 4 #CPCLdr. Yesterday was bday of our #Flag. Today is #CdnAgDay. Our #Flag matters. And Ag? Hint: it's a big deal.So many tears being shed everywhere as this verdict is reached. RIP Alvin, Kathy and little Nathan. 💔 this happened.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonFrom 2006, our profile of the inimitable Stuart McLean
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @WinStarHill @KafferJkaffer I thought it was a lobster :). And yep a lot of good things growing in Canada :)Did you eat today? Then thank🙏🏻 a farmer or even better give one a hug 🤗cause it's #CdnAgDay 👨‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾🐄🦃🐔🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍇🍓🌽🥚🍯🥛🥗🥔🍅🐟🦂🚜🧀🍞🤗It's #CdnAgDay and I want to thank all the 🇨🇦farmers, producers & processors out there who help feed us & the world. ❤#hugafarmer #loveagOne of our @DVaccelerator cohorts making a mark in the world. Go @ChickapeaPasta!! 🇨🇦❤
It's actually not that much money when you split it between 7 billion people who don't have polio
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonVery proud to wear Canadian flag on my spacesuit during spacewalk - Happy National Flag of Canada Day! @csa_asc
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThe Trump Handshake.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonSleep
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThis is beyond the saddest news. I adored this mans humour & storytelling. Thank you Stuart for Vinyl Cafe and for… @jazzizbest happy birthday. Love for our flag is free and hope you get some love from family and friends. Free too :) @905Foodie @AutumnScamper happy Birthday Autumn. No donations needed 😀 just love for our flag and happy bday wishes!What a coincidence! It's the birthday of our Canadian flag too 🇨🇦. Hard to raise money off that I suppose. But, hap… a woman I feel a new power. A growing strength & united voice of female leaders around the 🌎. I draw on others courage who inspire me. 🙏🏻❤This flag. ❤This country. ❤Our people 👱🏻👳🏿👳🏽‍♀️👧🏽👶🏾👩👩🏼👨🏿. 🙏🏻to be a citizen of a good, strong and free nation. O… is National Flag Day! Your #RCNavy is proud to have the #CanadianFlag in the Naval Ensign - a powerful symbol…
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson.@ArleneDickinson's @DVaccelerator is accepting applications for its next cohort. Apply here by April 10, 2017:
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