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Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain RCN, Investor/VC, Dragon. Living my life like it's the only one I have. snapchat:arlenedickinson

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Oh good grief. πŸ™ˆ. #golf will ignore the bombs to continue delivering humanitarian aid in Syria | Sonja Meyer
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWhat happens when art and movement come together to create a message?
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonFrom @ArleneDickinson: Cup Half Full #Optimism
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson"Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it" ~ Unknown
Serena Ryder. Awesome talent. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ hour. Palm Springs. #snowbirdsdontswim you can help my friend @samscram, even in the smallest way, then you are my friend too.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonFunctional food products are gaining rapid popularity among #consumers. Here's why: #foodindustry
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWe launch fast, fail fast, iterate faster. And we never forget - talk is cheap, execution sets us apart @ArleneDickinson #ScotiaBizSeries
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHey @freshii how do you stay focused when there's so much opportunity all around you? #ScotiaBizSeriesHere w/Matthew Corrin, CEO & founder of @freshii answering your #SmallBusiness questions! Ask using #ScotiaBizSeries
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonYou know what I mean. πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Get More Feedback, Act More Coachable
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Harvest time. #prairies #alberta #calgary #thankafarmer #nofilterseries #fieldofdreams… Palm Springs. Pretty place. America you have something good. I really hope you hold it all together."Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?" β€” Jimmy Johnson #success #quote
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThere's a lot of moms who would like to wash Trumps mouth out with soap. #yousaidwhat #thatsnotnice #sayyouresorryA2. @ExploreCanada - I love hiking in fall. Sun, fall colour and crazy snowstorms all in one hike - tombstone lake…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonA1. We ❀ the colours of Quebec’s @townships! πŸ“· @taylormichburk #CanadaChat
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonB E A U T I F U L ! RT @tourismpei: A1: Fall Foliage surrounding you as you kayak down the calm river. #CanadaChat
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonCorrin of @freshii will answer your biz questions w @Scotiabank tomorrow @ 12 EST for our 2nd #ScotiaBizSeries event
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonDear America. Take a time out, go to your corners and think about how you're treating each other. Don't come out until you can be nice.
Better to stay up late & work & get up early than go to bed early & get up early & do the work tmrw Things I tell myself late at night.πŸ™„4-1 #CANvsUSA #MeanwhileinCanada
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson, Alberta. Also current mood after hearing about Brangelina."Never let a good crisis go to waste" ~ Winston ChurchillWatching Canadians being born is such a glorious thing to witness.
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A moment of silence for the poor @Skittles social media intern stuck in the aftermath of Trump idiocy. You hang in there Skittlesperson.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonTaste the racism. #skittlescampaignlines @BMitch39671348 Taken in Calgary this evening.They don't call it Big Sky country for nothing. #yyc #exploreAlberta #capturecalgary #nofilters #home be interesting to know how many of the same people cross paths on the YYZ-YYC flights. #strangersintheflight #sorrynotsorryIn 2015, small & mid-sized CPG companies accounted for nearly half of all CPG sales: #foodtrends @FoodBizNews
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @Perkel yes. I love fashion but not judging how people choose to wear it or express themselves through it. Guilty of doing it myself.I dunno. Is he kind, generous, thoughtful, funny, intelligent? That's handsome. Not his DNA. do media publish these lists? It perpetuates the very issues we combat - shaming and self worth defined by look… seen through my eye? Don't know how this happened but kinda cool right? #nofilters's Do's And Don'ts For Job Interviews #JobInterviews @ArleneDickinson
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonNot refugee children. Not migrant children. They’re #childrenfirst. #UN4RefugeesMigrants
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @SteveGrant19 @CopperKettleGW @ladyamyleigh @thetropYYC 29 years- wow Congrats!!Signs of Fall in #Canada. I ❀️ this time of year. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‚πŸŽ
The true measure of success isn't winning; it's whether you won and could actually deliver.I wonder if there will be a comedy #emmy for playing the best presidential candidate.Hey @TheEmmys I have an idea. Write the presenters funny material for the TV audience not the theatre audience. That way we laugh too πŸ€”I've already not heard of half the shows on @TheEmmys and they've only done the first award. #who #whatPerfect day. September #bugfree #nottoohot #nottoocold #justright #likeporridge #nofilters know what will change the % of women in sr positions? Strong men. Men who stand up for changing status quo. Men who choose equality."Look, look, look to the rainbow. Follow the fellow who follows a dream" Finians Rainbow can't imagine walking into a store & seeing a person carrying an automatic weapon - just because they can. up. Read the news. Went back to bed. Pulled covers over head. Let me know when safe to come out. If ever.Tis the season for apple picking! #DYK the McIntosh, the star of every 🍎 pie, was developed by a Canadian in 1811?
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHave a great day wildlife warriors!! #HappySunday #SaveLions #MakeCrueltyHistory
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Every time I've pushed myself outside of my comfort range I've had the most memorable and meaningful experiences of my life.This pic is from launch of my second book All In. Still feel exactly the same about being an…'s a good day whenever there's a serious nap involved. Am I right? @john_roggeveen @Political_jacob @Haley_M_Brown I don't think the issues are same here but it's never good to be excluded regardless. @CameraguyRob 4sure always try to be well informed but we dont readily accept facts if we don't appreciate the perspective they come from.I've spent a career working in male dominated mtgs where big decisions are made by a well meaning group that rep 1/2 the pop. #timeforchangeIf Obama was born on another planet in a galaxy far far away he would still be a better President.Achieve the perfect shave using @midnightandtwo with this helpful guide! #entrepreneur #yyc #supportlocal
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonAs a leader, you'll eventually have to use the f-word. Here's how to make it constructive: #FiringEmployees
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @john_roggeveen @Haley_M_Brown if political votes directly impact biz gender leadership roles then sure. Not quite that simple tho right? @LisaTant yep. because the rent to be at the airport is so high for the retailers they have to pass on the cost.Pears! From my very own pear tree. Although I confess. I did nothing. Thanks Mother Nature! πŸβ€οΈπŸ˜‹ morning beautiful.
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonHow Canada got immigration right πŸ”“
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMeanwhile, on planet Earth...
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@creid61 @RaeSahota ok not sure where you just went in this public company board discussion but I'm officially lost & out. #equalitymatters @creid61 @RaeSahota perhaps u didn't see the segment where I said meritocracy? It's not a debate It's a fact diversity=better biz & boards.What do companies like @Nike, @Twitter and @Nest have in common? Their design sets them apart from their competitors
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @creid61 @RaeSahota ? try explaining to shareholders why your board isn't the very best it can be & is smart, inclusive & multi-dimensional @creid61 because we dont know if it could be even better if it was more representative and had both qualified men & women. #howhighishigh @creid61 not the same. Lots of stats on how companies perform better when their boards are more diverse and gender balanced.Night y'all. #nofilterseries @stoopiboi sure their current board is listed. The rationale for not having women included on their boards (if they don't) isn't. @creid61 so you're saying the best qualified board to represent interests/needs of both men & women could be either all men or all women?The question isn't why companies shouldn't have to disclose their board gender composition. The question is why they wouldn't. #transparency