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Human, Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain RCN, Investor/VC, Dragon. Living my life like it's the only one I have.

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Make Work More Meaningful With Advice From Three TED Talks #Happiness #TEDTalks
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonTypical of Kev to use something to his personal advantage & then trash it when HE no longer gains from it. #cbc #opportunistic #selfinterestHow Venture Communications CEO Arlene Dickinson invests her money From @GlobeInvestor
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThank you @MaxineWaters. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
The sun'll come out tomorrow So ya gotta hang on til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow you're always A day awayTangled. she shook her head.Fortney: Heart recipient plays in goal for donor's annual fundraiser
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson.@packaged_facts projects that natural & organic food & beverages will grow by almost 70% between 2016 & 2021:
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson. @RosieBarton interview of @kevinolearytv. 👏🏻👍🏻 @PnPCBC"Talk is cheap. Execution sets you apart." Matthew Corrin. CEO @freshii #venturingoutRecording my podcast "Venturing Out" this aft - interviewing the CEO of @freshii, Matt Corrin. What a great Canadian #entrepreneur 🇨🇦#cbcWrapping up our AB innovation trip with a visit to @DVaccelerator. Such an impressive organization @ArleneDickinson #entrpreneurs #yyc
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonLEGER: Kevin O’Leary figures he knows the Maritimes — He’s wrong
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonGood Morning Calgary ❤🇨🇦
@eric_amyot @ModularFarms definitely give us a shout! Good luck with the delivery. Go Ag!As borders close, so do minds narrow. As minds narrow, so do hearts darken. As hearts darken, so does hate grow.Heya Calgary. 😍 Calgary set for its 12th annual fundraising hike
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonGreat #entrepreneurs understand that they are only as good as the people around them: @YouInc #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonSharing the letter I recently sent to Minister Morneau to show my support for having the CIB headquartered here..."Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." ~ Lord Acton⚡️ “Over a thousand protestors still detained in Russia”
Now turning my attention from United to why Leah McLaren is trending. Nope. Scratch that. Hope the weather is nice tomorrow. 😁 @TheShaunaShow thanks for the exchange of thoughts. There's always two sides and something to learn! @keefergal @united @AirCanada I am not at all disputing appropriate attire. Just the interpretation in this case. @TheShaunaShow Thanks I do appreciate that. I wasn't trying to blame the employee - I know how hard they work.The rule is too loose perhaps? @TheShaunaShow Sigh, no I didn't. I get dress codes. I don't agree the application/interpretation of rules here. THAT'S the point. Thx. @TheShaunaShow @united @AirCanada so what wld have been ok? A baby in a sleeper not ok I wld assume? Or a dad in shorts--for example? @sharronhotsauce business wear for a 10 year old looks like what exactly? Please don't say a dress? We are long past that aren't we? @ibemomam @united @AirCanada so say if a 5 yo girl had leggings on that too wouldn't be ok? Who decides what's acceptable at what age? @MNHockey17 @united @AirCanada they were 10yr old girls. Leggings are totally appropriate. And oh yeah, Dads in shorts but that's ok?Hey @united. I'm on @aircanada right now. I'm wearing leggings AND using my laptop. Never thought I would be so glad I could say that.So dads in shorts &that's ok? 10yo girls in leggings are deemed not appropriate?! Unreal @united. I don't care what… think the "golden girls of port perry" are brilliant. The lady on @checkupcbc was articulate, smart &practical.#affordablehousingListening to @checkupcbc on affordable housing in Canada. Great program. I always learn so much listening to Canadians tell their stories.The way is clear, The light is good, I have no fear, Nor no one should. The woods are just…'ve got to be kidding me., good peristed.missing person George CRANSTON has been located safe and well. thank you to all who have been looking for him #yyc
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.@CalgaryPolice are searching for George Cranston, 71, missing from his Parkland Place SE home, 5-11, 200 lbs, suff…
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWe interrupt your feed for a special moment of tranquility. Regular programming will resume shortly. @yannick_bisson just liked one of my tweets. 😍. Do you think he knows I adore him? Does his wife know? Don't say a word, okay? @MarinelliSauce it is private but in a world where we need to see more love, hope & gratitude then its nice they have shared it with us all.Sometime tell KellyAnne it's not the microwave that's spying on us. I mean seriously 🙄.… am cry ✔️❤ Been eating this since I was a little kid. My friends thought it (I) was weird. Now it's trendy. (They s… Spring. Hurry up. 🙏🏻Where are you hiding? The only hot air up here in Canada is from the leadership campaign. W…
In the largest personal donation in AB Colleges & TI history, @DavidWerklund & Susan Norman have donated $16 M to #OCBeyond #OCGala2017
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonKevin O'Leary's 'vicious poisonous toxic' attack on Alberta self-determination should offend us all #ableg #cdnpoli
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThe legacy we leave behind us matters. I am very proud of the work we do together @oldscollege helping entrepreneur… to the Board of Governors and @HJTThompson for honouring me with this degree. It's a privilege to be ass… Who knew? Ventures, IBM Launch Innovation Space to Help Startups Solve Challenges
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @markwrnfisher I am.? They are way past a start up and are a multi billion dollar co. Tell me why they shouldn't pay taxes too?This!! I ❤that her baby is there while they talk abt building a multi million $biz. Juggling life/work & support 4… Is Uber as concerned abt added cost to its passengers when it does surge pricing? I love the service. I don't… @Juliestwtverse the transit tax credit elimination is wrong for many reasons. Totally agree.So let me get this right. Traditional biz pays taxes so Uber can operate for free? If I'm an innovative passenger d…
I guess the head of state visitor room is closer to Ivankas office than the womens healthcare decision room is?"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing." - Albert Schweitzer
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThe Handmaid's Males
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonCheck out @TeoMTL Another disruptor in the Taxi space. Good lesson - there's always a new take on an old service model. #Entrepreneur"Terrorists can't stand the fact that ... we have a thriving democracy." - Sadiq Khan on the London attack, which…
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@tomlebaron can't wait. Will love that!Sometimes I miss my dad so much. He always knew what to say but more importantly he knew how to listen. @cowboy_61 Right I see that now. I had his personal account confused w/ his official account. Hard to keep track of which acct what/why/whenGo to bed with dreams and wake up with purpose.How long does it take a President to at the very least tweet his sympathy & support to Londoners? Apparently longer than a tweet about SNL.Science Says This Is The Best Time Of Day To Make Important Decisions via @mydomaine #DecisionMaking
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonMuch love to Londoners. 💔❤✌🏻#WeAreNotAfraid #WeStandTogether ⚡️ “Londoners respond with defiance to terror attack” an Unprecedented No-Show, the U.S. Pulls Out of Planned Human Rights Hearing via @aclu
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonWhy Organizational Culture Matters To Your Business #WorkCulture #BusinessAdvice @canadabusiness
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2017 at restaurant: men are appreciating assets, women are depreciating assets. #becauseits2017 🙄#wthThis week we’re reading articles that challenge how we brainstorm, achieve success, and create work-life balance:
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonKicking off another day of programming with @BennettJonesLaw on how to work effectively with investors! #yyc
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson @sueluvs99 couple weeks and they will be out!