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Arun Gupta @arungupta Palo Alto, CA

Runner, Author, Father, Husband, Java Champion, J1 Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft, Docker Captain, Devoxx4Kids, DevRel, Work for @awscloud, opinions my own ...

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Get started with @Cordablockchain on #AWS: #Blockchain registration opens in 3 weeks. With 6 mins, 15 secs better than the qualifying time from… @aspyker that has been our drill for the past few weeks! Good luck!
@rettori @NiloofarGheibi @mirmohammad_si @Czajkowski can help
@united The 2.5 hrs delay on domestic flight is quite ridiculous, and you’ll now make me miss #firstdayofschool in 10+ years now 👎 @myfear @united Thanks buddy, let’s @united leaves soon! @united Sure, they announced that at the airport but that does not help me get home earlier! ETA seems like 7:10am… @united Flight 1557 from OGG -> SFO is messed up, delayed by 2+ hrs now and seems like I may miss dropping my son t… @SpheroEdu BB8 workshop is updated to use the latest version of the app by @aditya_g:…
@avishek_20 Thanks for pointing out. Can you file an issue?
@tritschlermarc Sweet, you can also find the instructions at
@skpodila @listonb @abbyfuller @tonypujals @abbyfuller curious, does she try to match your speed as well? @skpodila @listonb @abbyfuller hands down, of course! Although that is a very gender specific response ;)Sign up for webinar on 8/22: Distributed Tracing for #Kubernetes Applications on #AWS: Tr… @listonb @abbyfuller Or start with weights, wait for her, and then run on a far away one! It'll be fun if she start… @abbyfuller Does she wait for you to start running and then jump on the treadmill? What if you let her start first… @rakyll @dekkagaijin Super critical at all different levels!Had fun preparing and delivering this talk with @BobVandette at #DockerCon. Learn everything about how to optimize… @embano1 Glad you like it, thanks for sharing!
@mweagle @kellabyte You can setup a managed control plane with Amazon EKS, worker nodes is still in your account at this time.Prometheus is now the second project to graduate from @CloudNativeFdn Congratulations to al… @cra And you can always @k8sops to create a Kubernetes cluster in any #AWS region until then @cra We're always listening to customers and collecting their feedback. Complete set of regions for all services ar… @andrey_cheptsov Send me an email and let’s get this going? Hope you’re well too.Content is the backbone of any conference and this year again the agenda will be rocking with speakers and content!…
Looking forward to talk about Amazon #EKS at the next #BayArea #Kubernetes meetup: Plenty… is now proposed as @CloudNativeFdn Incubation project: Thanks @gyuhox for driving this… @dankohn1 @MCO @Manchu_WOK @PandaExpress Yeah, definitely were stingy but I'm glad they were given the quality!
@MCO @Manchu_WOK restaurant at your airport is terrible, cold food, cold customer service, “signature dish” was raw… Community Day - by the community, for the community! Looking forward to meet all of you! Are you coming? @gyuhox, core Etcd maintainer, to #AWS #EKS team: Growing #OpenSource footprint an… article on how to maximize bodyweight workout from @runnersworld : - To get lean, b…
10 city tour on Build with Containers on #AWS: - Washington DC, Austin, Seattle, San Franci… @mikegcoleman @tonypujals @tiffanyfayj @andrew_randall @christopherhein @ZlatanDzinic @ClintonWFord LOL, I'm still… Fargate is now available in Northern Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Ireland, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney -… Compute Evolved Week in #SanFrancisco next week. Learn about #Containers #Kubernetes #EKS #Fargate #Serverless to be part of the @OReillyMedia Software Architecture #NewYork program committee. CFP closes tomorrow, follow…
@moddejongen Thanks! @tonypujals Thanks pal, Monday it is!Almost the last day of vacation, relaxed and recharged in the Southern most tip of continental US!
@pkellner very natural tan ;)
@JonathanGiles That’s a general impression for #devrel because the job is sometimes now well understood. We all wri…
TFW @united 1087 from Houston -> SFO had wheels down, 15 secs from landing, almost smell home, and started ascendin…
@jdluna 🇵🇪 people are very nice - love Inca rules of Don’t lie, Don’t steal, and Don’t be lazy! @dotpem @TheDevConf Amazing indeed! You did 4d/3n? @bmac_editor 1000 ft non-stop incline with stairs was quite intense indeed, almost 60 degrees incline a short break from vacation ... Lots of high altitude hiking in #MachuPicchu, death stairs on Wayna Picchu,… @skpodila Hmmm, twitter could be weird sometimes :) @stevefaro @kelseyhightower The answer is always “it depends” because each customer is unique. ECS has much more in… @ankpandita @mfpalladino Not at all, everybody has a different way to express passion!
@tonypujals @runconduit @linkerd @wm @christopherhein Cool! How about write a blog? @DeirdreS can help! @yarasenger @TheDevConf @vsenger Always, the pleasure was mine! @DeirdreS I was sitting right next to two 🐈 in my last flight. Fortunately, not allergic to them but could’ve been… @aspyker Hear hear! @menkag has been managing this during my travel all these years!Fourth new country this year after 🇮🇱 🇦🇺 🇰🇷 Looking forward to a fun time in 🇵🇪 hiking #MachuPicchu #StartOfVacation
@brunoborges FIFA is all done :)That is a super cool gift! That’s why Brazilians are one of the most passionate developers in the world! They truly… @BettyJunod @TheBurce this is for you! #dockerselfie from 🇧🇷 fun to talk about #Kubernetes and #Java together at AWS meetup! That makes it three things I absolutely love… @merv Thanks, it’s the joy of drinking it in São Paulo which is very fulfilling ;) @vxdmicroservice will have to coordinate schedule with @menkag and then confirm. @raravena80 Never been there, one day .... @vxdmicroservice @TheDevConf Damn, you’re twisting my arm too hard ;) Let me check the dates. @pedrocavalero Thanks!Enjoyed talking about #ChaosEngineering #Kubernetes #Istio #ChaosToolkit at @TheDevConf! of #Guarana ... aha! This is what I love about 🇧🇷 attendees, 5 days, 599 speakers, 180 program committte members - what an awesome event @TheDevConf by @vsenger the recording to learn more about #containers on #AWS, including #Kubernetes #EKS #ECS #Fargate to @zackbutcher for getting the Istio gateway working with a #Kubernetes cluster on #AWS:…á Brazil, it’s been a few years and looking forward to meet some passionate developers and friends at @TheDevConf
@cra Ouch! They’re meant to scrape the skin along, would rather go unshaved!Celebrate #Kubernetes third birthday by joining us in person at #AWS EKoSystem Day in #NewYork or online via twitch… @neeraj Sweet, I saw RTing @skpodila tweet as well! Good to see you here.#Serverless #Containers #ArtificialIntelligence / #MachineLearning and #EdgeComputing corners are all set up at… us for an #Unconference format at #AWSummit in Dev Community Circles - 1C, Room 3 a pretty good pace this morning, must be Central Park adrenaline! Final preparation 🏃 for @theSFmarathon @brjavaman @yarasenger @TheDevConf @yanaga @reza_rahman I’m in NYC today, my talk is tomorrow. @saptak @MHMarquisNYC Leaving tonight for São Paulo, so will miss it! @sabre1041 @MHMarquisNYC If you’re staying in the hotel, then you can join the festivities from your room!