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Arun Gupta @arungupta Palo Alto, CA

Runner, Author, Father, Husband, Java Champion, J1 Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft, Docker Captain, Devoxx4Kids, DevRel, Work for @awscloud, opinions my own ...

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Working in the #OpenSource at #AWS @christopherhein submitted a proposal for Heptio Authenticator CRD:… to detect anomalies in your data using #MachineLearning? Amazon Sagemaker now has support for Random Cut Fores… @hushensavani @shahidh_k @HasuraHQ Typo, words got attached. Here is the exact URL: #OpenSource footprint at #AWS. @onurfz sent a PR to add #Fargate provider to Virtual Kubelet. VPC Support,… and deploy Docker images to #Kubernetes using git push: Saw the cool demo at communit… forward to finally see #JakartaEE (nee #JavaEE) TCK in #OpenSource. Waiting ... @mmilinkov @delabassee @JakartaEE Thanks, will keep an eye!
@abestanway @jrhunt Only 20%? :) @adrianco @Werner @samaaron show is really cool! #Devoxx4Kids is planning to run a workshop on SonicPi for kids in the near future.Are you coming to #swampUP? I'll be there, will you? can now send metrics to Amazon CloudWatch: Thanks Nare ( for… @delabassee @JakartaEE Very cool! Any timelines on when are the TCK for this are being released? @lawouach open your DMs for a conversation?In London tonight? Stop by to learn about our upcoming managed #kubernetes service. And Paul is pretty awesome too!… @russmiles Open up your DMs for easy conversation? @aksessi @agoncal @pluralsight @DevoxxFR @DevoxxUK I was there only on Wednesday. Change of plans for @DevoxxUK and…
$ brew upgrade kops ==> Upgrading 1 outdated package, with result: kops 1.8.1 -> 1.9.0 ... ==> Summary 🍺 /usr/l… @johnpavlovitz @ManoMarks Are we talking about being POTUS or just a person? Nobody can beat Drumpf in the later for sure ;) @myfear @shelajev Happy birthday! @agoncal @aksessi @pluralsight Hello Antonio and Koffi! @brunoborges This is good news indeed! How is Microsoft planning to contribute?Join us at #KubeCon happy hour next week!
#AWS #Blockchain templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric: the #AWS team at #KubeCon and AMA #Kubernetes. @DukeOneConf @Ian_Darwin Nov/Dec is a big conference season and the dates for them are already locked. Try to avoid conflicts :) @duong_nam_90 If a system is running in production, Chaos Engineering principles can be applied to it.Principles of #Chaos: "Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a distributed system in order to bui… @CommitStrip what's your email id? Would like to explore some work for #AWS. @DukeOneConf @Devoxx4KidsDE @Java_Champions @JavaLandConf @JavaForumNord @jugthde @JUG_DA @jug_stuttgart @jugsaxony you finally drop the guy everyone hates from the group chat
Retweeted by Arun Gupta @DukeOneConf @Devoxx4KidsDE @Java_Champions @JavaLandConf @JavaForumNord @jugthde @JUG_DA @jug_stuttgart @jugsaxony @myfear @peter_pilgrim Happy birthday!🎊🎁🎉🎈🎂 @speakjava Email was sent with all ids in public?
@NikhilNanivade @brunoborges @Uber @Uber_Support @Uber_Brasil @Uber certainly has a bigger fish to fry these days about company culture ;) @brunoborges @Uber @Uber_Support @Uber_Brasil I’ve had some @Uber rides denied after the driver showed because it d… are #FIRST champions again, now two times in a row! Great job @aditya_g and supporting mom @menkag
Arduino programming using @IoT4Kids and now kids are creating 3D models using @SketchUp #Devoxx4Kids attendees learning how to program using O Watch by the young entrepreneur @IoT4Kids @krisnova Oh no, RIP @starbuxman @littleidea @springcloud @pivotal @springboot @springcentral @SpringData @SpringSecurity All these year… @krisnova Take care, hope everything is fine!
Want distributed traces and identify hotspots across your #microservices written in #Java and deployed on… is dead, Long live #JavaOne @speakjava Oh boy, was it a full 180 flip? Any videos? ;)
This is truly evolving #Serverless in #OpenSource at #AWS! Keep going @sanathkr_ @Sharat_Chander @QCon @Oracle @gsaab Love the expression of the guy sitting behind @gsaab ... he’s like WTF ;) @mgroves @nraboy @ldoguin @rajagp @Czajkowski @HodGreeley @deniswsrosa Keep rocking! @aheritier @AlexPinhel @DevoxxFR You very well did :)
A lot has happened in the first quarter on #Serverless at #AWS. Check out a summary by @chrismunns and… #OpenSource at Amazon is about open source, open standards and open data. Announcing Registry of Open Data… @Brian_Tunison yeehaw, thanks and likewise!Welcome Tony to the Containers team! Excited to have another #DockerCaptain at #AWS. @ajeetsraina @DockerCon @estesp @neependra @vcoisne @Docker That is very cool indeed, only a few more weeks to #DockerConWhat’s going on here? @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud chilling out together! That’s what #DevoxxFR do to you ;) Thanks… @AlexPinhel Stunning indeed!Open bus tour with #DevoxxFR speakers. Getting some nice views of Paris architecture and traffic. @rmonson @emilyfhjiang @danieldeluca We are indeed the #Devoxx4Kids band :)Calling #BayArea tweeps to bring their kids for a 3d printing workshop, and delivered by a very young entrepreneur!… and Spring happily together at #DevoxxFR how to deploy #microservices on #AWS using #containers and #serverless Full code examples for CI/CD, canary,… templates fired up, final slides uploaded, scripts ready to go, terminal window setup, all IM tools…
#DevoxxFR is on! Lots of 🥐 to be consumed and friends to be made! stated with a 40 mins HIIT and an egg white 🍳 with @bbenz. Looking forward to #DevoxxFR and seeing all the old,… @cloud_opinion Make sure your credentials are encrypted ;) @raravena80 @branchmetrics Release date for EKS is 2018, you can sign up for preview at @spotperfect Exactly! @emilyfhjiang don't go easy, run hard :) @chanezon thanks, it is beautiful indeed! @speakjava cool! @adrianco Choose this one because its right next to the conference. For now, settled in @HyattMadeleine but lost ab… @HyattConcierge @nathankpeck @HyattEtoile Already sent a DM with details, for now settled in @HyattMadeleine @nathankpeck @HyattEtoile Will do, thanks for the tip! @jrhunt I've stayed here multiple times over the last several years and the experience has always been nice. Just this time was a bit weird. @HyattConcierge @emilyfhjiang @HyattEtoile @HyattMadeleine You already got plenty of feedback on DM! @emilyfhjiang @HyattEtoile Getting moved to @HyattMadeleine, the dump hotel is very uncomfortable. Need to be reste… @HyattEtoile can't keep the window open because the sun is shining through, can't close the window because its too… @HyattEtoile @Hyatt you guys dumped me in a crappy hotel. No A/C, need to keep window open to regulate temperature,… @sebi2706 sounds good, I'm leaving Thursday morning so let's make sure to catch up tomorrow. Safe travels! @emilyfhjiang @HyattEtoile Would prefer to stay in the hotel than just using their "fancy new" gym! See you soon Em…