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Arun Gupta @arungupta Palo Alto, CA

Runner, Author, Father, Husband, Java Champion, J1 Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft, Docker Captain, Devoxx4Kids, DevRel, Work for @awscloud, opinions my own ...

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@danielbryantuk @monkchips How would you do canaries easily in #Kubernetes otherwise? @hgregoir @errcraft @montpellierjug The venue is definitely tempting, will plan sometime. @hgregoir @errcraft @montpellierjug #Corretto is a downstream distribution of #OpenJDK and all Java fixes are contributed upstream.Always inspiring listening to @venkat_s and how he provides analogies between programming and real-life stories… summary from @danielbryantuk on @InfoQ about Amazon #Corretto, a downstream distribution of #OpenJDK @mndoci I ran my last marathon using @HOKAONEONE, the extra padding was very comfortable. @AWSreInvent #3RDreInventThis is super cool #preInvent announcement! Enable with a single-click, choose the resources that should be observe… blog: #Kubernetes Ingress with #AWS ALB Ingress Controller This is, of course, in add…
@laurent_bourges @errcraft @yigalatz Yes, we’ve already made contributions to #OpenJDK and will continue to do so!Watch @errcraft introducing Amazon #Corretto at #Devoxx: Answers to your questions from an…
@abbyfuller Super cool indeed! I’m sure @menkag would love it too!Catch @errcraft and my interview from #Devoxx Belgium after the launch of Amazon #Corretto @chrismunns Sad, but not surprising. Jokers here are not helping! // @geetharganesh
@markrichardssa @venkat_s We’ve been doing board games night for a few months now, and that comes with a no digital… @DaschnerS Alright, missed seeing you at Devoxx, some other time! @mertcal @sjmaple Never thought can mix avocado with it, will give it a shot! @sjmaple Tons of things but most of them involve high sugar content, so will have to pick carefully. @okmnji9 Feel free to come by and pick up some! @sjmaple Sweet, isn't it? @gregbilsland Cool, eh! Daddy and son get to play while mommy is away :)
322 persimmons picked from backyard with family and converted into a maze, joy and relaxing! @JSchoreels thanks! @sendilkumarn @juliendubois @java_hipster sweet! Keep rocking with #Corretto @JSchoreels File a bug at, if it does not already exist @aalmiray
@aalmiray Sweet, keep rocking with #Corretto @dhinojosa @theexceptioncat Yep, send me and I’ll wear one ;) @EsensConsulting Sweet, keep growing those stashes! Wish them good luck from me and spread the message! @theexceptioncat It’s been a while! @patbaumgartner @skpodila @VoxxedZurich @yanke46 You’re really twisting my arm now ;) @patbaumgartner @skpodila @VoxxedZurich Is that close to the venue of @VoxxedZurich? Wondering if they organize any… @Stephan007 @okmnji9 @VivekKa30180795 @Devoxx @yigalatz Thanks! Q&A part only with the attendees which is last 5–10 mins only.#Movember is about encouraging yourself, that husand, dad, brother, boyfriend, or that man in your life to live a h… @skpodila You bet! I'm hoping to speak at @VoxxedZurich next year :)#Corretto now available in extras repo on Amazon Linux 2: sudo yum -y update sudo amazon-linux-extras enable corre… @skpodila Yeh haseen vadiyan, yeh khula asmaan... this is definitely a view to be missed. @okmnji9 @VivekKa30180795 @Devoxx @yigalatz Yep, there is an issue with the recording for now and looking into it.
@costlow @hirt #Corretto preview is 8, GA Q1 2019, 11 builds coming before April 2019. @costlow @hirt The current builds are for #OpenJDK 8 at this time. @costlow @hirt All Java contributions go to #OpenJDKA bit of R&R with @Java_Champions at #Devoxx! Thanks @Oracle for hosting! @laurent_bourges @errcraft That would be for #OpenJDK to accept, #Corretto is a downstream distribution of #OpenJDK @ahmetb Should but it did not. Docs and binary are inconsistent. It was broken on EKS and s… @andrewbaker007 @awscloud @AWSOpen Let us know about your experience about #Corretto @juliendubois Try #Corretto and let us know :) @laurent_bourges @errcraft Java features should be contributed to #OpenJDK @andreasofthings #Corretto is a downstream distribution of #OpeJDK @marc0der @orderwithchaos @sdkman_ @awscloud @java File a bug at for tracking? @ahmetb My last experience (a few weeks ago) with knative was that it only works on one cloud provider. Does it work on AWS now? @SvenNB @Devoxx @evilyeti #OpenSource #FTW #devoxx #Corretto @theNeomatrix369 @Java_Champions @yigalatz @errcraft @Stephan007 @phohensee @adoptopenjdk Thanks! @orderwithchaos @sdkman_ @awscloud @java That’s a question for @sdkman_ :)Planning to drink #Corretto at @VoxxedZurich // @ caoimhindenais Good discussions at #Devoxx @SvenNB for running the #Devoxx tweet wall using #Corretto. This passion in Java community is what makes it… a very engaging session with lots of questions around #Corretto from the attendees. #Devoxx is a great place to… @skomarica @yigalatz Keep us honest, those are the core tenets! @VivekKa30180795 @Devoxx @yigalatz We'll announce when #AWS Lambda will support #Corretto @theMightyFly If you're an AWS customer, you can go through usual channels.#Kubernetes for #Java developers book signing at at @OReillyUK booth at 1pm today! #Devoxx @Payara_Fish @yigalatz @tuxtor Sweet, keep rocking with #correttoWant to learn more about Amazon #Corretto? @yigalatz and I will be presenting at #Devoxx today… @froums thanks! @pdtit @christophevm @errcraft yes, it was me and @aditya_g @saqibali_ca @errcraft @IanMmmm #Corretto is a downstream distribution of #OpenJDK, the intent is not be different a drop-in replacement.
@dhinojosa We gotta drink #corretto next time when we're together, deal? @chanezon Thanks! @chanezon Tried in a newly created directory and it seems to work. Can you add more details about your config? @chanezon Filed for tracking @chanezon Submitted @brunoborges Yes @rgransberger Yep, it’s that time of the year! @chanezon @Docker Of course!That’s how Java developers roll and talk about #Corretto at #Devoxx! Thanks @heathervc for the wonderful @jcp_org s… @aalmiray @Devoxx @SvenNB So, when we’re switching the production version? ;) #Corretto @_daorte EJBs, really?#ConferenceJunkie #ProTiip Smile, it improves your face value! And you pass the positive energy to attendees as wel… @ganesan_jana Cool, let us know how #Corretto is working for you! @jodastephen @errcraft At this time, we’re planning Corretto 8 and 11 only. @PMinborg that's what I suspected :)Seems like #CodeOne attendees really really my #Kubernetes for #Java developers with scores far exceeding the possi… @yarasenger @danieldeluca @phohensee @Stephan007 @Krisje10 @johanvos @mikeseghers @nlycskn @ypoirier @delabassee to #AWS team at #Devoxx and learn more about #Corretto. Of course, @errcraft is there today! #OpenJDK @BertErtman @Java_Champions @yigalatz @errcraft @Stephan007 @phohensee You bet buddy! Missing you at #Devoxx @croft Yep, that’s the plan. Let us know if you’ve any feedback about #corretto @horochovec @AWSOpen @Devoxx Cool, let us know about your experience! #corretto @mojavelinux @couchbase I'd love to learn all about it, let's talk! @imsudeepa @yigalatz @errcraft You're a pleasure to work with as well Sudeepa, it's been an exciting ride and it's only the launch line! @netbeans @TheASF @errcraft super cool, would love to see a blog on how to get this up and running!Exciting times for #Java community, and personally as a @Java_Champions. Thanks to #Devoxx for providing an opportu… @evilyeti Corretto 11 (corresponding to #OpenJDK 11) will be available next year, before April 2019.Introducing Amazon #Corretto - No cost, multiplatform, production-ready #OpenJDK distribution. Preview of… edition of #Devoxx is live! in leading #AWS evangelist team in EMEA? Happy to refer, DMs are open. @yarasenger @danieldeluca @phohensee @Stephan007 @Krisje10 @johanvos @mikeseghers @nlycskn @ypoirier @delabassee @rburton @java @Devoxx @ypoirier @heathervc @reginatb38 Wish I could, it’s quite itchy already ;)
@gAmUssA @rmoff Be proud of hair on your head ;)Ladies of @Java, only at @Devoxx! @alightinthefog @Devoxx Was that lunch? More of a California breakfast ;)#AWS is glad to sponsor speakers dinner at #Devoxx! This is where cool developers hag out, come talk to us at the b…