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Arun Gupta @arungupta Palo Alto, CA

Runner, Author, Father, Husband, Java Champion, J1 Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft, Docker Captain, Devoxx4Kids, DevRel, Work for @awscloud, opinions my own ...

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@UXNoah Sounds like a Google interview ;)
@blatanterror Thanks! @Steve_Jules 45 mins @blatanterror 40-ishStart of a healthy weekend. And this is beyond 50 mins of core and strength! Super hungry now ... @mcavage would like to meet up for lunch or coffee? @IvanGCantero She is no less than any celebrity, does not need a name to be associated with her! @StephenAtHome He is a chronic liar, would bluntly deny either way!An excellent article explaining resting heart rate and it’s relevance! @myfear @bjschrijver Happy birthday!🎊🎁🎂🎉🎈
@nlycskn @menkag the feeling is mutual! @echorand time is precious, and everybody has 24 hrs. Prioritize? @IvanGCantero ??This quote truly connects with me, and symbolizes who I am. How can I help? :) #TGIF @cra @3mhalfmarathon good luck, kick ass!
@sasa @PieterHumphrey @sfjug This is pretty awesome, congrats! @sehurlburt running on a treadmill and HIIT ... relaxing for me!Excited to see @chanezon talking about #Kubernetes on Docker for Mac at the community meeting, learn more at… @JinnaBalu Docker Swarm offers all the capabilities to maintain zero downtime of applications as well! RTFM @Sunny_1427 Thanks!
Learning about #TensorFlow for improving selfies, kittens, guinea pigs, cucumber sorting, pathology, cancer detecti… 10th anniversary of #GTUG with @vanriper @javaclimber @pmoosh @nlycskn at @svjug @radhikapc explain? @KendrickColeman that's just one piece, there is a much space to help @mikegcoleman completely agree, it is overwhelmingIf you are a newbie who'd like to contribute to #Kubernetes, what is your biggest challenge? Working on a blog post… @Twitter yeeehaw! @imaniems_ not meDo you remember when you joined Twitter? I did 10 years ago today! Thanks for listening all along and helping me ge… @starbuxman Thanks, should be fun!
@jyeary Been running a bit and qualified for Boston last year ... so should be fine! @jasondlee @myfear @starbuxman @springrod @thenewstack He was sorta right once, but that does not make him "Mr Right" :) @myfear @starbuxman @springrod @thenewstack That’s very characteristic of him though, so not surprised ;) @IanMmmm @chrislovecnm they should take care of setting up a HA @k8sops cluster easily?This is cool! Let’s go and build some Go apps with Lambda! #serverless
@DuchessFounder thanks! @soniamitd Thanks a lot! @reginatb38 Thanks a lot! @jyeary Nice! We’re planning for a hike to Machu Pichu this year. Sometime in July, interested in joining? Literall… @praGeek_ambani Thanks! @jbeda Courageous lady indeed. Tell her about Amazon :)
@jyeary Good to hear from you my friend, thanks a lot for your wishes! How is life? @vivekpanday Thanks a lot! @alexsotob Thanks a lot Alex! @rmehmandarov Thanks a lot pa! @myfear Thanks a lot buddy!
#Devoxx4Kids attendees building an obstacle course with @Roblox thx @Cherplunka @nlycskn @aditya_g
@bostonmarathon Coming over the weekend! @jnardiello Customer needs are quite varied and they are served well by both managed and unmanaged Kubernetes.Pick a logo for kops, submit your vote! #Kubernetes #AWS
Thanks @micahhausler for contributing support for #AWS Network Load Balancer in #Kubernetes and then writing a blog… @mraible @okta Oooh, that is indeed one heck of a keynote speaker!Excited to be attending #Kubernetes community meeting with EKS team and the usual crew! @countspongebob to the Containers team at #AWS. Looking forward to working with you as a colleague, and lau… a continuous deployment architecture for containerized applications. Uses #AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline, Cod… @askxtreme @danieldeluca @mraible @rpeyfuss @melissajmckay @nlycskn Send me a DM, they're openLearn about #Kubernetes on #AWS and other fun things! @askxtreme @danieldeluca @mraible @rpeyfuss @melissajmckay @nlycskn Let’s talk and we can help you get started.
@abbyfuller @jack Wondering if this is their desperate attempt to monetize? IDK @bostonmarathon Is this only for runners who qualified for 2018, or 2019 as well? @awsgeek This was during holidays, smack in the middle of San Jose downtown, and the only spot left. I try my best… @jbaruch Agreed! But car was parked within white lines and that was the only spot after going through the lot. Glad… @brunoborges Outright ridiculous! I've seen customers returning milk cartons, cut open watermelon, 2 yr old used cameras .... mind blowing!Excellent deck explaining how #Kubernetes community is organized and how to start contributing. #OpenSource goodness from #AWS ... @lukaseder @GeraldVenzl @HagaiBarel @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @ccmarieclark @quartethealth not me @techlogix that was the only parking spot, and I had to rush out to get to my son's violin performance. And it was… @GeraldVenzl @HagaiBarel @lukaseder @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @HagaiBarel @lukaseder @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @GeraldVenzl @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @andrey_cheptsov Have you tried AWS Forums? @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @lukaseder @GeraldVenzl @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @krisrice Just th… @techlogix Honda Pilot, well within the white lines @1ovthafew @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @lukaseder @GeraldVenzl @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @rburton Yikes! Getting invitation to speak at Philly JUG, will be using Uber :) @LogicTheoryIO That’s what I did :) @brunoborges @JavaOOQ @OracleDatabase @kmensah @lukaseder @GeraldVenzl @thatjeffsmith @OracleREST @krisrice Each mi…
Be wary of parking your big car in a compact spot, even though it maybe the only spot remaining. This person took t… @iamprabhu Used to love Old Monk, but no more. Thanks for sharing!